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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 29 (2013)

29x75 29 29x75 Tuesday 7th May, 2013
Alfie discovers Kat knows he and Roxy are trying for a baby; Kat claims she’s happy for him. That evening, Alfie’s out at a landlords’ do. Ian’s fired Jozef, Roxy rejects his ...
May. 07, 2013
29x76 29 29x76 Thursday 9th May, 2013
No-one will babysit Scarlett. When Janine lets Michael hold Scarlett she instantly settles. Michael and Janine have a drink. Michael insists he doesn’t want to get back together with ...
May. 09, 2013
29x77 29 29x77 Friday 10th May, 2013
Ian’s builders leave when he’s unable to pay them an extra £3000. Ian hides his troubles from Lucy. Janine refuses to lend Ian more money and threatens to withdraw her investment ...
May. 10, 2013
29x78 29 29x78 Monday 13th May, 2013
Michael’s furious to find a nonchalant Janine has hired a nanny to look after Scarlett. Poppy’s worried when she overhears Michael calling Alice ‘amazing’, who’s offered ...
May. 13, 2013
29x79 29 29x79 Tuesday 14th May, 2013
Billy’s ironing in preparation for his date with Ava. Lola’s putting on the pressure for him to come to Sharon’s dinner for an hour so she can find the pills – she’s worried ...
May. 14, 2013
29x80 29 29x80 Thursday 16th May, 2013
Ava tells Sam to wait outside and sends Dexter on an errand. Dexter sees Sam looking at him as he leaves. Sam explains to Ava his dad has died and it’s made him want to get to ...
May. 16, 2013
29x81 29 29x81 Friday 17th May, 2013
Sam has stayed the night in the B&B, and it's clear Kim is very taken with him. With no food in the B&B, Kim takes him along to the café, but Sam is surprised to see Dexter. Still ...
May. 17, 2013
29x82 29 29x82 Monday 20th May, 2013
Sharon is surprised when she notices that Jack has returned, and decides to pay him a visit. Fired up, Sharon tells Jack it doesn't have to be awkward between them, because everything ...
May. 20, 2013
29x83 29 29x83 Tuesday 21st May, 2013
After gently taking the unopened bottle of pills from Lexi, a panicked Phil frantically tries to wake Sharon. When she eventually comes round, Phil makes her count the tablets demanding ...
May. 21, 2013
29x84 29 29x84 Thursday 23rd May, 2013
It's the day of Lexi's court hearing and Phil makes the most of what could be his last few hours as Lexi's guardian. Lola is apprehensive when Phil tells her Sharon won't be coming ...
May. 23, 2013
29x85 29 29x85 Friday 24th May, 2013
Tanya suspects Lauren of sneaking in alcohol but it turns out to be surprise breakfast ingredients. Lauren snaps when Tanya mentions Joey. After a lecture from Cora, Lauren tries to ...
May. 24, 2013
29x86 29 29x86 May 28, 2013
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May. 28, 2013
29x87 29 29x87 Wednesday 29th May 2013
Kirsty attempts to talk Max out of the private scan. Seeing Kirsty looking distressed, Tanya’s genuinely concerned and asks if everything’s alright. Kirsty cancels the scan, claiming ...
May. 29, 2013
29x87 29 29x87 Tuesday 28th May, 2013
Denise’s dubious about Kim’s imminent move to Essex with Ray. Ray gives Kim a black dress to wear at her birthday party. Kim’s delighted with the birthday cocktail Fatboy buys ...
May. 28, 2013
29x88 29 29x88 Thursday 30th May, 2013
Proud of Lauren, Tanya gives her some cash to go to the cafe. Meeting Cora, Lauren denies all knowledge of her missing money. Lauren sees Lucy flirting with Joey. Cora tells Tanya ...
May. 30, 2013
29x89 29 29x89 Friday 31st May, 2013
Lauren’s arrested for assault and criminal damage. Abi and Tanya head to the police station, Kirsty and Max follow. Max’s angry with Tanya for not telling him about Lauren herself; ...
May. 31, 2013
29x90 29 29x90 Monday 3rd June, 2013
Ian’s stressed about tomorrow’s restaurant opening. Denise speaks to Sam, who confirms there’s no hope of being finished in time. Denise rounds up Patrick and Kim to help. ...
Jun. 03, 2013
29x91 29 29x91 Tuesday 4th June, 2013
Poppy tentatively tells Bobby Monty’s dead. Bobby’s upset he’s lost the money. Poppy goes to reimburse him but Bobby says that’s not enough for a snake. Poppy and Dot are ...
Jun. 04, 2013
29x92 29 29x92 Thursday 6th June, 2013
‘The Snake, the Vicar and the Brothel’ is front page news. A journalist from the East London Star arrives at the B&B, mistaking Shirley for a prostitute. He tells Kim he’ll ...
Jun. 06, 2013
29x93 29 29x93 Friday 7th June, 2013
Lucy receives a letter saying that a cheque has bounced, and is confused. She argues with Ian about his extravagance at the launch. Lucy confused when Janine denies having given Ian ...
Jun. 07, 2013
29x94 29 29x94 Monday 10th June, 2013
Peter learns Lucy’s taken over Ian’s businesses; she hints Ian is still ill. Peter takes an instant dislike to Joey when Lucy lets him help himself to a donut without paying. In ...
Jun. 10, 2013
29x95 29 29x95 Tuesday 11th June, 2013
Poppy tells Alice that Michael’s not right for her, but Alice disagrees. Michael reports Janine to the police but when Alice finds Janine’s passport in the house, Michael’s solicitor’s ...
Jun. 11, 2013
29x96 29 29x96 Thursday 13th June, 2013
Tanya finds a vodka bottle of Lauren’s in Oscar’s toys then catches Lauren trying to escape. Tanya refuses Lauren’s request to move in with Max and Kirsty. Desperate for a drink, ...
Jun. 13, 2013
29x97 29 29x97 Friday 14th June, 2013
Max’s keen for Lauren to move in with him and Kirsty but Tanya isn’t. Abi escapes to revise at Dot’s but seeing Tanya’s distress offers to spend a girly day with her and Lauren. ...
Jun. 14, 2013
29x98 29 29x98 Monday 17th June, 2013
Alice’s angry with Joey for hitting Michael. When Poppy attempts to spend the day with her, Alice realises Joey’s behind it. Bianca notices Alice stealing a key ring and tells ...
Jun. 17, 2013
29x99 29 29x99 Tueday 18th June, 2013
Ava sits with Sam in the busy café then moves to join Tanya. Tanya thinks Ava should do what she wants regarding Sam. Dexter’s gutted to learn a part for Sam’s car will take two ...
Jun. 18, 2013
29x100 29 29x100 Thursday 20th June, 2013
The kitchen sink’s overflowing and Morgan’s sheepish. A man, who Bianca assumes is the plumber, arrives and unblocks the sink. When the real plumber turns up the man admits he’s ...
Jun. 20, 2013
29x101 29 29x101 Friday 21st June, 2013
After discussing it with Tanya, Lauren texts Peter asking him to pick her up at 8pm then, in earshot of Joey, says she has a date. Max’s suspicious of Peter and instructs him not ...
Jun. 21, 2013
29x102 29 29x102 Monday 24th June, 2013
Abi excitedly prepares for her 17th birthday party. On discovering Lauren’s bed empty, Max and Tanya assume she’s spent the night with Peter. Joey asks after Lauren, Tanya insists ...
Jun. 24, 2013
29x103 29 29x103 Tuesday 25th June, 2013
After a night in A&E, Lauren’s moved to the liver ward. Liz the hepatologist reports Lauren has acute alcoholic hepatitis. Max and Tanya discuss their chaotic past with Liz who questions ...
Jun. 25, 2013
29x104 29 29x104 Thursday 27th June, 2013
Lauren returns home and Max and Tanya are determined to keep her from harm but it only takes something small to send Lauren spiralling again. Can Max and Tanya save Lauren from herself? ...
Jun. 27, 2013
29x105 29 29x105 June 28, 2013
Abi is stunned when she discovers her mum's plan and she is determined that Max knows the truth. However, when Max finally learns how far Tanya is going for the sake of their children, ...
Jun. 28, 2013
29x106 29 29x106 Monday 1st July, 2013
A heartbroken Max makes a big decision when torn between the women in his life. Cora is shocked when she discovers a close-guarded secret. Joey is angry with Lucy for lying to Lauren, ...
Jul. 01, 2013
29x107 29 29x107 Tuesday 2nd July, 2013
Michael knows he is being played by Janine, but can he stop her leaving the country with his daughter? After reading her horoscope Jean is sure that Ian is trying to seduce her, but ...
Jul. 02, 2013
29x108 29 29x108 Thursday 4th July, 2013
Jean, Shirley and Bianca's antics take a terrible turn for the worse and Bianca is terrified she will go back to prison. After upsetting Denise, Ian arrives at the B&B with a bottle ...
Jul. 04, 2013
29x109 29 29x109 Friday 5th July, 2013
Faced with a dilemma, Ava is forced to lie to Dexter, knowing that she could lose everything as a result. Bianca and Shirley desperately search for Jean in an attempt to persuade ...
Jul. 05, 2013
29x110 29 29x110 Monday 8th July, 2013
Dexter gives Ava an ultimatum that leaves her with an extremely difficult decision to make. Bianca is feeling the pressure, but will she let someone who is innocent take the blame ...
Jul. 08, 2013
29x111 29 29x111 Tuesday 9th July, 2013
Sam tries to talk Dexter round before it is too late, but will Dexter change his mind or stick to his instincts? Kat falls out with Bianca after her actions put Jean in danger, but ...
Jul. 09, 2013
29x112 29 29x112 Thursday 11th July, 2013
Ian overhears some interesting information that could prove useful to him, but will he decide to use it knowing the consequences could be dangerous? Michael sets himself a mission ...
Jul. 11, 2013
29x113 29 29x113 Friday 12th July, 2013
Lucy is put in a predicament when Ian asks for her help; will she be willing to assist him after everything that has happened in their troubled past? Bianca is left out of her mind ...
Jul. 12, 2013
29x114 29 29x114 Monday 15th July, 2013
Ian is forced to choose between the business and family, but which way will he go? Kat helps Jean finds some tranquillity when the pressure of her secret gets too much for her; it ...
Jul. 15, 2013
29x115 29 29x115 Tuesday 16th July, 2013
The speed dating night turns out to be a success for some of the residents of Albert Square but a nightmare for others. The guilt weighs heavily on Ian's shoulders, but will he crack ...
Jul. 16, 2013
29x116 29 29x116 Thursday 18th July, 2013
Alfie seeks out Jean's date to check he is up to scratch. Will he pass the test? Roxy can't believe her luck when Alfie gives her an offer that she cannot refuse. After Denise's plan ...
Jul. 18, 2013
29x117 29 29x117 Friday 19th July, 2013
Michael is delighted when he realises he has the upper hand on Janine, but how long will it last? Ian uses Bobby's birthday as a way of building bridges with his family, but it is ...
Jul. 19, 2013
29x118 29 29x118 Monday 22nd July, 2013
Ian's overwhelmed with the businesses, Lucy's refusing to help and Jean won't return to Scarlett's. Ian promises Carl another instalment. Jean's guilt-ridden and Kat distracts her ...
Jul. 22, 2013
29x119 29 29x119 Tuesday 23rd July, 2013
Rocked by Jean’s admission, Ian threatens her with the police. Panicked, Jean lets slip others were involved. Ian pursues Jean to the Vic and Kat, Bianca, Shirley, Kim and Denise ...
Jul. 23, 2013
29x120 29 29x120 Thursday 25th July, 2013
A man, Pogo, waits for Whitney outside the Butchers’ with a letter from Tony; Whitney claims she’s not interested. At work, Ava sends Whitney to buy tea bags. Pogo follows and Whitney ...
Jul. 25, 2013
29x121 29 29x121 Friday 26th July, 2013
Whitney decides to confront her demons, but what will Bianca do when she finds out? Sharon allows Dennis some freedom, but she soon regrets it when her precious son gets himself in ...
Jul. 26, 2013
29x122 29 29x122 Monday 29th July, 2013
Feeling the pressure, Whitney ends up making a decision that could change her life forever. Michael and Danny go head-to-head in the battle for Janine, but who will come out on top? ...
Jul. 29, 2013
29x123 29 29x123 Tuesday 30th July, 2013
Whitney is relieved when she manages to keep her actions a secret, but can she deal with the guilt? Ian is ecstatic and surprised when he receives a call from Lucy to arrange a meeting; ...
Jul. 30, 2013
29x124 29 29x124 Thursday 1st August, 2013
Bianca tells Whitney to put on her war paint and fight for Tyler. Meanwhile, Alfie advises Tyler to be the bigger man and forgive Whitney if it was a one off. Kat, come with Tommy, ...
Aug. 01, 2013
29x125 29 29x125 Friday 2nd August, 2013
Bianca tries to stop Whitney leaving. Whitney blames Bianca for what Tony did and says he was the only one who ever understood her. Whitney leaves – with Tiffany at home alone, ...
Aug. 02, 2013
29x126 29 29x126 Monday 5th August, 2013
Max returns to Walford and is thrown straight back into the drama when Kirsty gives him an ultimatum. Poppy is in for a shock when she sees Booty is being gutted, but who is its new ...
Aug. 05, 2013
29x127 29 29x127 Tuesday 6th August, 2013
Max is in for the surprise of his life when he is found in a compromising situation. Michael continues to try and ruin Danny's reputation in front of Janine, and he ropes Tyler into ...
Aug. 06, 2013
29x128 29 29x128 Thursday 8th August, 2013
Max is convinced he knows what's best for his family, but he is soon put in his place by his daughter. Kirsty is left heartbroken when she is forced to sacrifice the thing she cares ...
Aug. 08, 2013
29x129 29 29x129 Friday 9th August, 2013
Janine and Michael are forced to unite for the sake of Scarlett, but will this end up bringing them closer together romantically? Kirsty is desperate to try and salvage her relationship ...
Aug. 09, 2013
29x130 29 29x130 Monday 12th August, 2013
Tensions mount in the Branning household when Lauren decides to throw a party in honour of Jim's 80th birthday. Is she up to it? Dot's revelation shocks the family and they are determined ...
Aug. 12, 2013
29x131 29 29x131 Tuesday 13th August, 2013
Lauren is pushed to breaking point when she discovers that two people she trusted have stabbed her in the back. Will she manage to stay strong or turn to drink? Joey discovers that ...
Aug. 13, 2013
29x132 29 29x132 Thursday 15th August, 2013
Kirsty is shocked when she is attacked but will anyone come to her rescue? Phil and Max join forces to eradicate a person from their lives but who will come up trumps? Lauren nervously ...
Aug. 15, 2013
29x133 29 29x133 Friday 16th August, 2013
Carl decides enough is enough and it is time to get his own back. Kat forces Bianca to accompany her to a singles night in the pursuit of love but will either of them find the man ...
Aug. 16, 2013
29x134 29 29x134 Monday 19th August, 2013
Ian pushes Denise to breaking point, leaving her to question their relationship. Michael is furious when he finds out that Jack has sold his share of the gym, and he tries his best ...
Aug. 19, 2013
29x135 29 29x135 Tuesday 20th August, 2013
Ian tries to save his and Denise's relationship, but has he gone too far this time? Peter is in for a shock when an unwanted face from his past turns up in Walford. Carls winds ...
Aug. 20, 2013
29x136 29 29x136 Thursday 22nd August, 2013
Shirley is livid when she finds out Phil has been paying her rent and sets about getting her own back. Lauren is worried about Abi so she decides to throw her a surprise party to cheer ...
Aug. 22, 2013
29x137 29 29x137 Friday 23rd August, 2013
Shirley puts pressure on Phil, but will he be able to meet her demands? Dexter is annoyed when he is forced to work, meaning he will have to forfeit his holiday - but just when things ...
Aug. 23, 2013
29x138 29 29x138 Monday 26th August, 2013
When Abi is cold towards Jay he confronts her on her attitude, and Abi drops a bombshell that could change their lives forever. The youngsters are surprised when they arrive at the ...
Aug. 26, 2013
29x139 29 29x139 Tuesday 27th August, 2013
The group are left in a state of shock when they make a discovery in the caravan which could leave them in a lot of trouble. Peter is worried that his dark secret will be exposed so ...
Aug. 27, 2013
29x140 29 29x140 Thursday 29th August, 2013
When Abi confirms the £10,000 has been stolen, Dexter’s beside himself. Cindy returns from her swim. Abi reminds the gang that only they knew there was money in the caravan and they ...
Aug. 29, 2013
29x141 29 29x141 August 30, 2013
The group fail to agree on a plan of action and are surprised when Abi comes up with a brilliant idea. However, Abi's plan is met with dangerous setbacks so will the gang make it back ...
Aug. 30, 2013
29x142 29 29x142 September 2, 2013
Determined to get Kirsty back and Max out of the picture, Carl steps up his campaign and does everything within his power to rile Max. Carl makes Phil an irresistible business offer ...
Sep. 02, 2013
29x143 29 29x143 September 3, 2013
Carl continues with his quest to bring Max down but Max refuses to let Carl get to him. Instead, Max focusses his attention on Jack who is struggling to deal with the news about Ronnie's ...
Sep. 03, 2013
29x144 29 29x144 September 5, 2013
As Carl is slumped over the wheel, Phil is left fighting for his life as he has been thrown through the car window. An air ambulance is called but will Phil make it? Following the ...
Sep. 05, 2013
29x145 29 29x145 Friday 6th September, 2013
As news of the arrest reverberates around Albert Square, it appears all is not as it seems when it transpires a key witness has come forward. Taking advantage of Phil's absence, Shirley ...
Sep. 06, 2013
29x146 29 29x146 Monday 9th September, 2013
Ronnie is released from prison, but will anyone be at the prison gates to meet her? Alfie explodes into a fit of rage when he finds out what Roxy has planned for Ronnie. Has Roxy ...
Sep. 09, 2013
29x147 29 29x147 Tuesday 10th September, 2013
Ronnie is in disbelief when finds out what Roxy has been up to while she has been in prison, and she quickly realises that they will not be moving away together like they had planned. ...
Sep. 10, 2013
29x148 29 29x148 Wednesday 11th September, 2013
Roxy is torn. She is desperate to protect her relationship with Alfie, but can she stay away from Ronnie? Alfie believes life to be rosy, but a quiet word from Michael sends him spiralling/ ...
Sep. 11, 2013

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