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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 29 (2013)

29x01 29 29x01 Tuesday 1st January, 2013
It’s the day of Lexi’s christening. Phil has prepared everything, including changing Lexi’s name to ‘Lexi Billie Mitchell’ on the orders of service. Lola, unaware, has a bracelet ...
Jan. 01, 2013
29x02 29 29x02 Thursday 3rd January, 2013
Kim and Zainab set up a surprise dinner-date party for Denise as a bid to cheer her up, but will AJ or Ian be able to impress? Denise is not amused by the gesture and leaves the dinner ...
Jan. 03, 2013
29x03 29 29x03 Friday 4th January, 2013
It’s the day of Derek’s funeral and the Brannings are in sombre mood. A stalwart Tanya lectures Lauren about standing by your man. Jack and Max visit Joey and inform him he will ...
Jan. 04, 2013
29x04 29 29x04 Friday 4th January, 2013 [Episode 2]
Tanya and Abi find Max in the alleyway, smoking. He admits he was with Kirsty, but insists she’s gone. Outside the police station, Lauren desperately attempts to talk Lucy round. ...
Jan. 04, 2013
29x05 29 29x05 Monday 7th January, 2013
Ray gives Kim a gold heart necklace - she‘s disappointed it’s not an engagement ring. Denise wants to tell Kim about the kiss, reiterating it was a mistake; Ray and Patrick persuade ...
Jan. 07, 2013
29x06 29 29x06 Tuesday 8th January, 2013
Jack plans a party in R&R to announce his engagement to Sharon; she insists she has to tell Phil first. Sharon tries to but gets involved in an argument between Phil and Lola when Lola ...
Jan. 08, 2013
29x07 29 29x07 Thursday 10th January, 2013
Kat doesn’t turn up for work, Alfie lies to Roxy and goes to check on Kat. Kat explains it was too hard to go into the Vic, insisting Roxy has usurped her. Alfie reassures Kat - he ...
Jan. 10, 2013
29x08 29 29x08 Friday 11th January, 2013
Zainab’s shocked when she stumbles upon a racy letter Ayesha’s written. She shows it to Masood. It’s obvious Ayesha’s got a crush and not on Rashid; Zainab suspects Tamwar or ...
Jan. 11, 2013
29x09 29 29x09 Monday 14th January, 2013
Irate Zainab still worries Ayesha has a crush on AJ, and sets Tamwar and Ayesha cleaning the Minute Mart to display her initiative for the regional manager’s job. Masood probes Ayesha ...
Jan. 14, 2013
29x10 29 29x10 Tuesday 15th January, 2013
Whilst cleaning, Dot finds boxer shorts down the sofa and chastises Cora for the mess. Having promised Jim to look after his family, Dot announces to Max and Tanya she wants a family ...
Jan. 15, 2013
29x11 29 29x11 Thursday 17th January, 2013
With Ayesha’s help, Masood writes the wedding invitations and discovers Ayesha’s written ‘the wedding of Ayesha to Masood’ on one. Masood rips it up. When Rashid arrives for ...
Jan. 17, 2013
29x12 29 29x12 Friday 18th January, 2013
Checking Max’s phone, Tanya discovers Kirsty rang the night before. After questioning Max and Lauren, Tanya isn’t convinced of their story. Lauren returns Max’s credit card. ...
Jan. 18, 2013
29x13 29 29x13 Monday 21st January, 2013
Kirsty demands to know what Tanya’s doing in her room. Tanya starts throwing Kirsty’s belongings out the window. Tanya produces the key she found in Max’s pocket. Kirsty mentions ...
Jan. 21, 2013
29x14 29 29x14 Tuesday 22nd January, 2013
Max’s sceptical about the signed divorce papers – what’s the catch? Kirsty tells him about Lauren’s visit and calls a cab to prove she’s leaving tonight. They hug goodbye, ...
Jan. 22, 2013
29x15 29 29x15 Thursday 24th January, 2013
Abi and Lauren are thrown by Tanya’s chirpiness. Tanya bumps into Ava, who reveals she’s starting a new job at Oscar’s school. Tanya rejects Max’s attempts to talk. Fed up ...
Jan. 24, 2013
29x16 29 29x16 Friday 25th January, 2013
Max’s optimistic that Tanya will take him back. Cora rearranges Tanya hospital appointment and insists on accompanying her. Whilst they wait, Cora reminds Tanya of what she’s got. ...
Jan. 25, 2013
29x17 29 29x17 Monday 28th January, 2013
When Zainab complains to Carol about her broken gate, Carol says the council will pay. Zainab’s outraged – they’ll improve their home and show everyone they’re not council tenants! ...
Jan. 28, 2013
29x18 29 29x18 Tuesday 29th January, 2013
Ayesha receives flowers from Rasheed, inspiring Zainab to invite him round. Knowing Ayesha won’t want that, Masood suggests they install the water feature first, to buy her time. ...
Jan. 29, 2013
29x19 29 29x19 Thursday 31st January, 2013
It’s awkward between Ayesha and Masood, and worsens when he tells her to see Rasheed. Zainab says it’s obvious Ayesha’s in love. Masood tells AJ Ayesha’s fallen for him, but ...
Jan. 31, 2013
29x20 29 29x20 Friday 1st February, 2013
Attempting to avoid Ayesha, Masood busies himself installing Zainab’s water feature. Zainab demands it be complete by the time the imam arrives to discuss their wedding. Ayesha tells ...
Feb. 01, 2013
29x21 29 29x21 Monday 4th February, 2013
After a weekend of the silent treatment from Zainab for missing the Imam’s visit, Masood promises to finish the water feature for a grand unveiling followed by a family dinner. He ...
Feb. 04, 2013
29x22 29 29x22 Tuesday 5th February, 2013
Zainab reels from Masood’s destruction of the water feature but tries to cover, insisting they’ll have their family meal as planned. Ayesha snaps Zainab doesn’t know how lucky ...
Feb. 05, 2013
29x23 29 29x23 Thursday 7th February, 2013
After a sleepless night, Masood repeats that nothing happened with Ayesha but can’t deny considering it. Zainab sets into cleaning mode, determined to de-clutter their lives. Masood ...
Feb. 07, 2013
29x24 29 29x24 Friday 8th February, 2013
Zainab’s stricken by Masood’s declaration and kisses him desperately. Masood passionately responds then abruptly pushes her away. Hurt, Zainab runs upstairs and starts to pack. ...
Feb. 08, 2013
29x25 29 29x25 Monday 11th February, 2013
Bianca’s stressed - Tiffany’s whinging about her schoolbag, Morgan’s written on the walls and ruined Whitney’s top. Bianca lends Whitney a top from the stall for her interview. ...
Feb. 11, 2013
29x26 29 29x26 Tuesday 12th February, 2013
Whitney’s nervous about her play scheme interview. Bianca’s anxious about getting Liam to school. Ray offers to have a word but Liam rebuffs his attempts at a man-to-man talk. ...
Feb. 12, 2013
29x27 29 29x27 Thursday 14th February, 2013
Bianca escorts Liam home from school and grounds him. Bianca panics when she learns the dresses she bought were stolen goods; Kat takes charge of getting rid of them. At R&R, Bianca ...
Feb. 14, 2013
29x28 29 29x28 Friday 15th February, 2013
Max discovers flowers aren’t enough to atone for leaving Kirsty on Valentine’s night. Jack’s angry with Sharon and wants her to talk to Kirsty. Sharon does and the women agree ...
Feb. 15, 2013
29x29 29 29x29 Monday 18th February, 2013
Roxy presses Alfie to tell Kat he’s divorcing her. Jean’s upset by the news. When Alfie’s keen to talk to Kat later, Bianca’s convinced he’s missing her. Roxy lets slip to ...
Feb. 18, 2013
29x30 29 29x30 Tuesday 19th February, 2013
Kat hides under her duvet and refuses to go to work until Bianca guilt trips her, insisting she focus on the positives. Kat returns to her stall, but is still upset with Michael and ...
Feb. 19, 2013
29x31 29 29x31 Thursday 21st February, 2013
At Cora’s insistence, Abi brings a bill to the B&B for Max and is intercepted by Kirsty. Having been splashed by a lorry, Kirsty hurriedly changes, keen for a chat with Abi about ...
Feb. 21, 2013
29x32 29 29x32 Friday 22nd February, 2013
While AJ drags Tamwar to the Vic, Ayesha tells Masood she’s learnt of Zainab’s departure. Surprised, Masood attempts to cancel his date with Carol but she arrives, put out, when ...
Feb. 22, 2013
29x33 29 29x33 Monday 25th February, 2013
Dennis helps Jack prepare breakfast for Sharon. Relieved when she cancels a call from Phil, Jack points out Sharon could be earning a fortune working elsewhere. Phil rejects Sharon’s ...
Feb. 25, 2013
29x34 29 29x34 Tuesday 26th February, 2013
Jack slips out of the Arches, bumping into first Michael then Joey, Sharon and Kirsty. He’s distracted when he sees Dexter heading for the Arches, but Dexter doesn’t see Phil lying ...
Feb. 26, 2013
29x35 29 29x35 Thursday 28th February, 2013
Jack’s released on bail. Sharon’s looking after Lexi, she furious when Jack claims the incident was self-defence, he didn’t meant to hurt Phil. She storms off to visit Phil in ...
Feb. 28, 2013
29x36 29 29x36 Friday 1st March, 2013
Jack’s sure Phil’s plotting but Sharon’s certain it’s all in Jack’s head. The partnership agreement for R&R arrives; Sharon will need her passport when signing it that evening. ...
Mar. 01, 2013
29x37 29 29x37 Monday 4th March, 2013
Anxious for the court hearing, Lola snaps and storms out as Billy’s frets and Trish lectures. In Booty, Poppy gives her a child’s bowl and cutlery set for Lexi. At court, with ...
Mar. 04, 2013
29x38 29 29x38 Tuesday 5th March, 2013
As Lola screeches at Phil, the Judge warns her she’ll be removed and rules that Lola’s existing contact continue and Phil will remain Lexi’s carer. Lola flees, in tears, and shouts ...
Mar. 05, 2013
29x39 29 29x39 Wednesday 6th March, 2013
Phil and Billy race off in search of Lola who hides with Lexi round the corner. Sharon rushes to help, to Jack’s fury. At the tube station, Lola realises she’s no money, begs change ...
Mar. 06, 2013
29x40 29 29x40 Thursday 7th March, 2013
Phil, Sharon and Billy discover Lola’s phone in the Arches along with the empty petty cash tin. Lola’s last number dialled leads them to Alexa’s house. Alexa demands money and ...
Mar. 07, 2013
29x41 29 29x41 Friday 8th March, 2013
Billy’s worried that Phil will grass on Lola. Phil calls a meeting with them and Trish Barnes and promises there’ll be stricter rules surrounding Lola’s visits, claiming he’s ...
Mar. 08, 2013
29x42 29 29x42 Monday 11th March, 2013
There’s hostile tension between Masood and Tamwar. Market boss Mr Garner tells Tamwar he needs to stop accepting the traders’ outlandish excuses for not paying their pitch fees. ...
Mar. 11, 2013
29x43 29 29x43 Tuesday 12th March, 2013
Tamwar’s received lots of get well cards and everyone’s asking after him. A bouquet of flowers arrives for Masood; Tamwar and AJ read the card, it’s from Ayesha suggesting Masood ...
Mar. 12, 2013
29x44 29 29x44 Wednesday 13th March, 2013
Kirsty spots Jay walking Abi home at 3am. Tanya isn’t fooled by Abi’s lie that she was at Bernadette’s. Abi admits she was at Jay’s and they’re having sex. Tanya confides ...
Mar. 13, 2013
29x45 29 29x45 Thursday 14th March, 2013
When Kirsty and Max argue about Tanya, Kirsty gloats - did Tanya tell him Abi was in her boyfriend’s bedroom until 3am? Max’s initially sceptical then storms over to confront Abi. ...
Mar. 14, 2013
29x45 29 TV Special: Comic Relief 2013
Bianca confronts the gang. Can she stand her ground and persuade Liam to come home?
Mar. 15, 2013
29x46 29 29x46 Monday 18th March, 2013
Alfie’s worried that Kat’s not coping with Tommy when he sees No 23 is a mess and wants to discuss the contact order, to her irritation. Kat loses her market pitch when she’s ...
Mar. 18, 2013
29x47 29 29x47 Tuesday 19th March, 2013
Phil comes to Tanya’s rescue when Oscar locks her out, keeping watch for her while she fetches Max’s key. Later, Max is annoyed when Tanya won’t return his key, pointing out she ...
Mar. 19, 2013
29x48 29 29x48 Thursday 21st March, 2013
Sharon probes Tanya about her date with Phil. Phil arranges a second date and asks Sharon to look after Lexi. Kirsty learns of Tanya’s date from Billy and informs Max who storms ...
Mar. 21, 2013
29x49 29 29x49 Friday 22nd March, 2013
Hung-over Tanya wakes in bed with Phil. She attempts to shoo everyone out of the house but is mortified when Phil comes downstairs. Sharon calls round, shocked to see Phil. Cora harasses ...
Mar. 22, 2013
29x50 29 29x50 Monday 25th March, 2013
Liam’s spent the night at Kane’s flat with the rest of the gang. Kane sees the list of missed calls from Bianca on Liam’s phone. Bianca rejects Jack’s suggestion of involving ...
Mar. 25, 2013
29x51 29 29x51 Tuesday 26th March, 2013
Liam’s made to prove himself to the gang. Asked to choose between walking along a high concrete ledge or smashing a car window, he opts to do both. Bianca talks to the police but ...
Mar. 26, 2013
29x52 29 29x52 Thursday 28th March, 2013
A girl from the Byron Estate, Ashleigh, recognises Liam from King Edwards. Kane instructs her to bring some girls to his party that night. Liam’s anxious when he spots a police car; ...
Mar. 28, 2013
29x53 29 29x53 Friday 29th March, 2013
Liam’s interviewed by DS Bain and DC Booth; Bianca protests that he was acting under duress. At Liam’s request Bianca’s asked to leave. Bain tells Liam he’s really after Kane ...
Mar. 29, 2013
29x54 29 29x54 Monday 1st April, 2013
Trish Barnes calls a meeting. Phil neglects to tell Lola and Billy it’s about getting Lexi back. Billy’s worried. Phil and Billy argue over an old baby walker for Lexi which Phil’s ...
Apr. 01, 2013
29x55 29 29x55 Tuesday 2nd April, 2013
Taking charge, Lola sends Phil and Billy for paracetemol and a thermometer and rings NHS Direct. Lexi won’t drink, throws up again and has a rash on her stomach. Billy tells Lola ...
Apr. 02, 2013
29x56 29 29x56 Thursday 4th April, 2013
Poppy and Fatboy make Dot breakfast for her day in court. She refuses to have anyone accompany her and rejects support from Jack and Max too. Cora drags the truth from Fatboy and Poppy. ...
Apr. 04, 2013
29x57 29 29x57 Friday 5th April, 2013
Kirsty demands Max place a deposit on No 47A today and buys curtains and bedding, crowing to Tanya they’ll soon be neighbours. At the car lot, Tanya confronts Max. She’s defensive, ...
Apr. 05, 2013
29x58 29 29x58 Monday 8th April, 2013
It’s the eve of Sharon and Jack’s wedding and Phil’s in a foul mood. Jack’s glum and Sharon’s suspicious when he claims he spent the afternoon with Max. Jack won’t tell ...
Apr. 08, 2013
29x59 29 29x59 Tuesday 9th April, 2013
As the stags regroup in the Vic, the hens head for R&R. Music blares and no-one can hear Phil banging on the office door. Phil and Jack phone for help but no-one answers, not even Sharon ...
Apr. 09, 2013
29x60 29 29x60 Thursday 11th April, 2013
Sharon asks Phil if he told Jack about their kiss; insisting she’ll never forgive him if he ruins the day. Dennis gives Sharon a bracelet. Sharon heads to No.5 to get ready for the ...
Apr. 11, 2013
29x61 29 29x61 Friday 12th April, 2013
A stunned Sharon takes Jack into the office. He admits Ronnie’s being released; it’s made him realise what he and Sharon have isn’t enough. Sharon wonders if it matters if they’re ...
Apr. 12, 2013
29x62 29 29x62 Monday 15th April, 2013
The morning after he jilted Sharon, Jack’s desperate. He longs to see her but Max tells him to let the dust settle. Has he made a mistake? Things aren’t easy when there are kids. ...
Apr. 15, 2013
29x63 29 29x63 Tuesday 16th April, 2013
Jack and Dennis miss each other but Sharon keeps them firmly apart. When Phil collects Sharon and Dennis’s things, Jack threatens Phil not to take advantage of Sharon. Phil berates ...
Apr. 16, 2013
29x64 29 29x64 Thursday 18th April, 2013
Sharon moves back into Jack’s flat. But Dennis is unhappy, in spite of Sharon’s efforts. He asks her why no one ever stays. Shirley taunts Phil about Sharon leaving. Left alone ...
Apr. 18, 2013
29x65 29 29x65 Friday 19th April, 2013
At Michael’s, Janine finds Kat with Scarlett. Kat stakes her claim as Michael’s friend but Janine is suspicious. Kat warns Janine that she can’t just walk back into their lives. ...
Apr. 19, 2013
29x66 29 29x66 Monday 22nd April, 2013
Liam offers to take Tiff and Morgan to school. Liam’s angry when he spots Ray shadowing him, but agrees to help him at the gym. Liam lets off steam into a punch bag. Bianca, back ...
Apr. 22, 2013
29x67 29 29x67 Tuesday 23rd April, 2013
Liam escapes Bianca’s stall when he sees Tiff with an MP3 player he suspects is stolen. Tiff admits it was given her by Ali from the gang. Furious, Liam calls Bianca, revealing the ...
Apr. 23, 2013
29x68 29 29x68 Thursday 25th April, 2013
Bianca’s bustling about Liam as they get ready to meet his Head of Year. Screams come from the kitchen as a brick flies through the window, narrowly missing Carol, Morgan and Tiffany. ...
Apr. 25, 2013
29x69 29 29x69 Friday 26th April, 2013
Kane’s at the kitchen table. As Liam runs for the door, Kane presses Liam with thoughts of loyalty to the gang… In the café, Bianca comforts Carol she’s seen Liam with Masood. ...
Apr. 26, 2013
29x70 29 29x70 Monday 29th April, 2013
Michael dumps Scarlett on Janine, unannounced. Janine struggles and experiments with controlled crying. Michael listens via a concealed baby monitor in Scarlett’s pushchair, pleased ...
Apr. 29, 2013
29x71 29 29x71 Tuesday 30th April, 2013
With Janine’s deadline looming, Michael packs a bag for Spain, convinced he’s no other option. Alice offers to go too. Michael’s flattered, but insists she’ll get over him. ...
Apr. 30, 2013
29x72 29 29x72 Thursday 2nd May, 2013
Lola buys Billy some offensively strong cologne for his birthday. He’s keen to celebrate, but after everyone seems to have forgotten, he’s depressed. Lola soothes he’s better ...
May. 02, 2013
29x73 29 29x73 Friday 3rd May, 2013
Sharon comes to on the bathroom floor and won’t let Lola ring an ambulance. Discovering Sharon’s painkillers, Lola demands to know what’s wrong. Sharon admits she used to have ...
May. 03, 2013
29x74 29 29x74 Monday 6th May, 2013
When Janine doesn’t bring Scarlett over as planned, Michael retaliates, sweeping everything off her Butcher’s Joints desk. Michael’s frustrated when Janine threatens him with ...
May. 06, 2013

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