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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 25 (2009)

25x01 25 25x01 January 1, 2009 (1)
Sean is betrayed by Stacey as she returns to the square with his daughter.
Jan. 01, 2009
25x02 25 25x02 January 1, 2009 (2)
Sean is determined to make sure that he and Roxy and their baby are never seperated again. Whitney has a hard time fitting in.
Jan. 01, 2009
25x03 25 25x03 January 2, 2009
Max discoers something about what happened on the night of the accident. When Tanya sees her children in the courtroom she says she is guilty.
Jan. 02, 2009
25x04 25 25x04 January 5, 2009
Lauren talks to the police about what really happened. Whitney manages to track down her real mother. Jean finds it hard to forgive Stacey.
Jan. 05, 2009
25x05 25 25x05 January 6, 2009
Dot discovers what Nick is up to. When Tanya finds out what has happened to her daughter she is upset. Janine is up to no good again.
Jan. 06, 2009
25x06 25 25x06 January 8, 2009
Dot faces up to having to make a difficult decision. Max goes to see Lauren. Janine continues to cause trouble and she finds a use for Jay.
Jan. 08, 2009
25x07 25 25x07 January 9, 2009
Aftwer Janine attempts to get Jay to leave her flat he finds something he was not expecting. Max turns to Ian and Dot for help. Danielle's hopes of getting a job in the Queen Vic are ...
Jan. 09, 2009
25x08 25 25x08 January 12, 2009
Libby and Chelsea are worried about what is going to happen to the family. Lucas and Denise discuss their relationship. When Jean is unresponsive is brings back childhood memories for ...
Jan. 12, 2009
25x09 25 25x09 January 13, 2009
The residents aren't happy when a massage parlour opens for business in the square. Denise begins to think she made a mistake in turning down Lucas' marriage proposal as he decides ...
Jan. 13, 2009
25x10 25 25x10 January 15, 2009
Jay finds himself in trouble. Stacey asks Danielle to leave her family's home. When she has nowhere to stay she finds herself sharing her problems with Ronnie. Jean thinks thats Charlie ...
Jan. 15, 2009
25x11 25 25x11 January 16, 2009
Jean agrees to get the help she needs. Lucas is confronted by Denise.
Jan. 16, 2009
25x12 25 25x12 January 19, 2009
Tanya is not happy when she returns home and finds out that Max has allowed their daughter to be taken away by social services. Peggy discovers that her purse is missing.
Jan. 19, 2009
25x13 25 25x13 January 20, 2009
Tanya is determined to get her daughter back home. Jane has an idea which could solve Christian and Ian’s business problems. Billy is fed up with the way Janine is behaving. Dot tries ...
Jan. 20, 2009
25x14 25 25x14 January 22, 2009
Dot is worried about how Jim will react to meeting his grandaughter. Tanya is determined to get hold of her daughter's phone number. Cristian feels frustrated when Ian does not share ...
Jan. 22, 2009
25x15 25 25x15 January 23, 2009
After finally getting to see Lauren, Tanya is upset when she refuses to return home. Janine plays Ronnie and Jack off against one another. Dotty works with her father to try and get ...
Jan. 23, 2009
25x16 25 25x16 January 26, 2009
Janine is determined to make sure she has the best job at R&R and shares her plan with Billy. Jane and Denise see a drunken Linda kissing Patrick. Denise finds out about Lucas' new ...
Jan. 26, 2009
25x17 25 25x17 January 27, 2009
Janine finds out that Jackie and Ronnie are working together to humilate her. Denise goes to Birmingham hoping that Yolande with get back together with Patrick. Zainab is not happy ...
Jan. 27, 2009
25x18 25 25x18 January 29, 2009
Both Jack and Janine are determined to come out on top and out do one another. Marissa finds that she has to change her mind about leaving with Jay.
Jan. 29, 2009
25x19 25 25x19 January 30, 2009
Jack wakes up and discovers that he has been handcuffed to a radiator. Jack is determined to get back the file that Janine has taken. Patrick finds it hard to move on with his life ...
Jan. 30, 2009
25x20 25 25x20 February 2, 2009
Darren's new business opportunity is ruined by Janine. Jane finds her day just getting worse and worse.
Feb. 02, 2009
25x21 25 25x21 February 3, 2009
Stacey learns Danielle's secret as she prepares to go to the clinic with Ronnie. Ricky and Darren attempt to save the car lot.
Feb. 03, 2009
25x22 25 25x22 February 5, 2009
Stacey learns of Danielle's connection with Ronnie. Ricky is determined to make sure that Tiffany has the perfect birthday party. Christian receives a surprise visitor.
Feb. 05, 2009
25x23 25 25x23 February 6, 2009
Ronnie breaks Danielle's heart as she tries to tell her the truth. A shocking discovery is made by Bianca on her daughter's birthday.
Feb. 06, 2009
25x24 25 25x24 February 9, 2009
So that he can pursue a future with Dawn, Gary turns down a job offer. Gary asks Dawn to marry him. Ricky finds out what Bianca is hiding.
Feb. 09, 2009
25x25 25 25x25 February 10, 2009
Heather and Shirley try to find George Michael's home. Garry is upset that Dawn has turned down his marriage proposal. Ricky wants Bianca to be honest with him. Whitney has a disasterous ...
Feb. 10, 2009
25x26 25 25x26 February 12, 2009
Shirley hires an escort to chat Heather up in the club. Ricky tries to find Whitney and when he does he discovers that she is drunk. When Garry disappears Dawn is worried.
Feb. 12, 2009
25x27 25 25x27 February 13, 2009
Minty is worried when he finds out from the police that Garry's abandoned car has been found near a cliff's edge. Bianca and Ricky make an important decision.
Feb. 13, 2009
25x28 25 25x28 February 16, 2009
Dawn refuses to believe that Garry would of taken his own life. Ian comes up with an idea.
Feb. 16, 2009
25x29 25 25x29 February 17, 2009
Garry's memorial service has a surprise visitor. Ricky and Bianca wait to find out the DNA results.
Feb. 17, 2009
25x30 25 25x30 February 19, 2009
Dawn receives an ultimatum from Garry. Libby thinks she could be losing Darren.
Feb. 19, 2009
25x31 25 25x31 February 20, 2009
Tanya is sentenced in court. Ricky and Bianca find themselves having to deal with the DNA results.
Feb. 20, 2009
25x32 25 25x32 February 23, 2009
Lucas is surprised when his wife shows up in the square wanting to give their marriage another go. Zainab is shocked when she finds out that all the money from her business account ...
Feb. 23, 2009
25x33 25 25x33 February 24, 2009
Theo makes sure that Chelsea finds an old pressing cutting about the part Patrick played in the 1958 Notting Hill riots. Patrick remembers the riots and makes a pact with Lucas.
Feb. 24, 2009
25x34 25 25x34 February 26, 2009
Tamwar admits to his parents that he took the money to help his brother. Pat and Janine clash at the car lot. Ian decides to get a tattoo.
Feb. 26, 2009
25x35 25 25x35 February 27, 2009
Ian is embarressed when the guests at his birthday party want to see his tattoo. Lucas is confronted by Patrick about his secret marriage.
Feb. 27, 2009
25x36 25 25x36 March 2, 2009
Danielle thinks that Stacey has let her down and betrayed her. Charlie talks to Patrick about his and Brenda's relationship.
Mar. 02, 2009
25x37 25 25x37 March 3, 2009
Janine attempts to humilate Peggy infront of the local press. Mo and Charlie are both worried about Stacey.
Mar. 03, 2009
25x38 25 25x38 March 5, 2009
Callum tries to find out why Jean has returned. Peggy's wedding dress does not impress Archie. Roxy is determined to get by without Jack's money.
Mar. 05, 2009
25x39 25 25x39 March 6, 2009
Roxy tries to put things right with her sister.
Mar. 06, 2009
25x40 25 25x40 March 9, 2009
Stacey attempts to convince Danielle to be honest with Ronnie about her being her mother.
Mar. 09, 2009
25x41 25 25x41 March 10, 2009
The truth about Roxy's spending habits on Jack's credit card are exposed by her sister. Minty tries to avoid Heather when he goes out on a date with Manda. Billy finds himself becoming ...
Mar. 10, 2009
25x42 25 25x42 March 12, 2009
Jay attempts to make Billy see that Honey will probably never return to Albert Square. Masood grows closer to Jane.
Mar. 12, 2009
25x43 25 25x43 March 16, 2009
Peggy decides to take charge of her election campaign. Jack's help is refused by Roxy. Minty is honest with Heather and she is upset by what he tells her.
Mar. 16, 2009
25x44 25 25x44 March 17, 2009
Archie delivers an ultimatum as Peggy recovers in hospital. Billy is determined to find Jay.
Mar. 17, 2009
25x45 25 25x45 March 19, 2009
Ronne becomes closer to her father after he tells her how he really feels about Peggy. Danielle decides to leave Walford but has one last thing to do before she says her final good ...
Mar. 19, 2009
25x46 25 25x46 March 20, 2009
Danielle manages to shock Archie. Max's date does not go as planned. Ronnie thinks there is more to her sister and Jack's relationship than just the baby.
Mar. 20, 2009
25x47 25 25x47 March 23, 2009
Archie does not want Danielle spreading her news. Peggy comes to a decision about the election campaign. Roxy is surprised by her sister.
Mar. 23, 2009
25x48 25 25x48 March 24, 2009
Janine sets her sights on a new man. Patrick finally begins to open up a little with Tommy.
Mar. 24, 2009
25x49 25 25x49 March 26, 2009
Ricky and Bianca's secret is found out by Janine. Ronnie is able to make her father's day.
Mar. 26, 2009
25x50 25 25x50 March 27, 2009
Danielle makes Archie see that she is not somebody to be messed with. Ian's idea to help the family business does not go the way he hoped. Janine realises that some secrets are meant ...
Mar. 27, 2009
25x51 25 25x51 March 30, 2009
Danielle attempts to put the pressure on Archie. Janine attempts to sort out the problems she has been having with Peggy.
Mar. 30, 2009
25x52 25 25x52 March 31, 2009
Archie leaves his own stag party to stop Danielle from revealing the truth. Peggy's hen party surprises her.
Mar. 31, 2009
25x53 25 25x53 April 2, 2009
Peggy tries to get over the doubts she is having about Archie. Danielle's revelations rock the wedding. Roxy is confronted by her sister about her feelings towards Jack.
Apr. 02, 2009
25x54 25 25x54 April 3, 2009
The Mitchell family try and deal with what has happened. Archie is determined to get his family back. Janine finds a new friend.
Apr. 03, 2009
25x55 25 25x55 April 6, 2009
Peggy decides to take matters into her own hands. Stacy clashes with Ronnie. Max receives some news from Tanya.
Apr. 06, 2009
25x56 25 25x56 April 7, 2009
Max tries to persuade the jury his daughter is innocent as her trial gets under way. Mo finds out that Brenda is hiding a secret.
Apr. 07, 2009
25x57 25 25x57 April 9, 2009
Max is able to persuade Stacey to testify on Lauren's behalf. The truth about Tommy's past is revealed. As Archie prepared to leave Albert Square forever Phil plots revenge.
Apr. 09, 2009
25x58 25 25x58 April 10, 2009
Archie is scared as Phil gets even with him. Lauren's trial verdict is announced. Theo is dumped by Chelsea.
Apr. 10, 2009
25x59 25 25x59 April 13, 2009
When Dotty argues with Bianca's children, Dot takes her side. Phil makes his presence felt at the Queen Vic.
Apr. 13, 2009
25x60 25 25x60 April 14, 2009
Shirley is worried that Phil might be drinking again. Dot makes a discovery.
Apr. 14, 2009
25x61 25 25x61 April 16, 2009
Shirley finds a drunken Phil. Tanya tells a shocked Max that he needs to move on.
Apr. 16, 2009
25x62 25 25x62 April 17, 2009
Ronnie and Roxy attempt to sort out their problems but with Jack on the scene it looks like it might not happen. Shirley decides not to tell anyone about discovering Phil drunk.
Apr. 17, 2009
25x63 25 25x63 April 20, 2009
When Zainab wonders what is going on between Masood and Jane he panics. Ronnie continues to find it hard to cope.
Apr. 20, 2009
25x64 25 25x64 April 21, 2009
Zainab gets ready for for her mystery date. Jack and Roxy go out.
Apr. 21, 2009
25x65 25 25x65 April 23, 2009
Zainab is reunited with Syed. Roxy finds herself having to face up to how she feels about Jack. Heather finds out what is really going on between Shirley and Phil.
Apr. 23, 2009
25x66 25 25x66 April 24, 2009
Masood comes face to face with his son. Max finds out what Jack has planned for Roxy.
Apr. 24, 2009
25x67 25 25x67 April 27, 2009
Heather decides to take action to help Shirley. Tamwar receives a visitor. Todd's plans shock Whitney.
Apr. 27, 2009
25x68 25 25x68 April 28, 2009
After Heather takes action against Phil it causes problems. Zainab is happy to be reunited with Syed but Masood isn't so pleased. Whitney meets a handsome stranger after managing to ...
Apr. 28, 2009
25x69 25 25x69 April 30, 2009
Heather finds out some surprising news. Roxy discovers that Phil is drinking again.
Apr. 30, 2009
25x70 25 25x70 May 1, 2009
A surprise birthday party is organised by Jay for Billy. Heather talks to the new doctor.
May. 01, 2009
25x71 25 25x71 May 4, 2009
Heather decides to tell the father of the baby the truth. Phil gets a change of image.
May. 04, 2009
25x72 25 25x72 May 5, 2009
The Mitchell family get ready to have baby Amy christened. It's Max's 40th birthday.
May. 05, 2009
25x73 25 25x73 May 7, 2009
At the christening Dot finds herself coming to the rescue. Jack and Ronnie have some important decisions to make.
May. 07, 2009
25x74 25 25x74 May 8, 2009
Peggy returns to Walford to find the whole family in tatters. Nick backs Billy into a corner.
May. 08, 2009
25x75 25 25x75 May 11, 2009
Phil's drinking continues to cause problems. Whilst out with Dr Jenkins, Tanya has to deal with an uninvited guest. Bradley attempts to work out why Syd is ignoring him.
May. 11, 2009

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