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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 21 (2005)

21x01 21 21x01 January 3, 2005
Jake and Danny continue to get themselves into trouble and after picking up Spencer from the police station, try their best to convince him that they have got rid of the bag and claim ...
Jan. 03, 2005
21x02 21 21x02 January 4, 2005
Andy is still furious at the fact that Jake and Danny stole his car and wants then sorted out. When it becomes obvious that they are not frightened by Andy's threats, he asks Eddie ...
Jan. 04, 2005
21x03 21 21x03 January 6, 2005
Preparing for fatherhood, Dennis shows a prospective buyer around the club and, realising that he could soon be out of a job, he turns to Andy. He makes a deal with Andy so that h would ...
Jan. 06, 2005
21x04 21 21x04 January 7, 2005
After finding Den awake early in the morning, Chrissie talks to him about everything that's happened but her concern is soon tested when Den tells her that she doesn't have any idea ...
Jan. 07, 2005
21x05 21 21x05 January 10, 2005
Zoë, still shocked by Den's proposition, tells Den there is no way she will sleep with him. Zoë suggests to Dennis that they move away from Walford. Shocked at the prospect of ...
Jan. 10, 2005
21x06 21 21x06 January 11, 2005
In the Queen Vic, Jake and Danny notice some animosity between Andy and Alfie, and wonder what has happened between them in the past. Den is continuing to persuade Zoë to sleep with ...
Jan. 11, 2005
21x07 21 21x07 January 13, 2005
Looking to the future, Alfie tries to make the most of his situation and puts his name down to get a stall; however the market inspector tells him he's in for a long wait. After the ...
Jan. 13, 2005
21x08 21 21x08 January 14, 2005
Zoë wakes up, disgusted with what happened the night before. She immediately showers and then goes about changing the bed sheets. Dennis tries to apologies for his recent actions ...
Jan. 14, 2005
21x09 21 21x09 January 17, 2005
It's a day to celebrate in Albert Square as everyone prepares for Freddie's christening. The Vic is a hive of activity, with Little Mo finding the top tier of her wedding cake and telling ...
Jan. 17, 2005
21x10 21 21x10 January 18, 2005
Furious at how Billy behaved at the christening, Little Mo refuses to let Billy have Freddie for the day. Alfie is still struggling on the stall with only Christmas leftovers to see. ...
Jan. 18, 2005
21x11 21 21x11 January 20, 2005
Zoë's day gets off to a bad start when Den reminds her about her doctors appointment. She realizes that he was the one he told Dennis to make her an appointment. Stacey arrives late ...
Jan. 20, 2005
21x12 21 21x12 January 21, 2005
Dennis is shocked at the sight of Zoë in bed with Den. He tells Zoë to go and clean herself and then tells Den that he made leaving a lot easier for him. Zoë with her life ...
Jan. 21, 2005
21x13 21 21x13 January 24, 2005
Alfie, Jake and Danny are shocked to find the bruises on Nana's arms. It doesn't take them too long to realize that Andy was involved. Danny wants to teach him a lesson but Jake has ...
Jan. 24, 2005
21x14 21 21x14 January 25, 2005
Little Mo panics when she wakes up in an empty bed. She questions Garry and forces him to reveal where Billy has been. When he finally comes home, Little Mo warns him that he has invited ...
Jan. 25, 2005
21x15 21 21x15 January 27, 2005
Patrick is desperate to find out what happened to Paul. Minty tells him that Andy is capable of arranging a contract killing but Alfie warns Patrick to drop it. Yolande keeps trying ...
Jan. 27, 2005
21x16 21 21x16 January 28, 2005
Garry tries to convince Billy that Alfie and Little Mo are not having an affair. Billy heads off to win Little Mo back but snaps and punches Alfie when he sees the pair together. That ...
Jan. 28, 2005
21x17 21 21x17 January 31, 2005
Someone has scrawled the word ""murderer"" on the wall of Andy's house. He assumes that it was Patrick and questions him about it. Patrick denies it – but he does ask Andy if ...
Jan. 31, 2005
21x18 21 21x18 February 1, 2005
It is Zoë's 21st birthday and whilst everyone is celebrating she's not feeling well and worries that she could really be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test kit and her worst fears ...
Feb. 01, 2005
21x19 21 21x19 February 3, 2005
It's the day of Paul's funeral and Patrick is intent on getting justice for his son. Patrick is quick to tell Andy about his conversation with the police and it 's not long before Andy ...
Feb. 03, 2005
21x20 21 21x20 February 4, 2005
Alfie is still mad at Jake and Danny for deceiving him about the house. He is left in a bind when he sees their flat has been let out to another family. Jake tells Nana just enough ...
Feb. 04, 2005
21x21 21 21x21 February 7, 2005
As Chrissie and Den plan to renew their marriage vows, Chrissie reveals all to her friend Amanda about Den and how he has ruined Sam's life too. Amanda gives Chrissie some advice about ...
Feb. 07, 2005
21x22 21 21x22 February 8, 2005
Zoë is shocked to find Den in the kitchen cuddling Freddie and is furious when she discovers that he has money to help tide her over. Not wanting his involvement with the baby, Zoë ...
Feb. 08, 2005
21x23 21 21x23 February 10, 2005
Den and Chrissie are due to renew their marriage vows and Chrissie is all set up ready to humiliate Den and Zoë. With Amanda's help she gets Den to sign over half of everything to ...
Feb. 10, 2005
21x24 21 21x24 February 11, 2005
With her work done, Amanda leaves, reminding Chrissie that if she wants to take Den for everything she will have to get Zoë's baby out of the picture. Darren tries to prove himself ...
Feb. 11, 2005
21x25 21 21x25 February 14, 2005
A suspicious Den quizzes Chrissie about Zoë not being pregnant any more asking her every detail about how the miscarriage happened. Not satisfied with what he's being told, Den heads ...
Feb. 14, 2005
21x26 21 21x26 February 15, 2005
It's not a good day in Albert Square for Andy. Alfie finds his stall trashed in the market and he knows that Andy is behind it but doesn't give him the satisfaction of seeing that he's ...
Feb. 15, 2005
21x27 21 21x27 February 17, 2005
Sam gives Zoë an ultimatum and she agrees to go and see Chrissie. Between them, Chrissie and Sam convince Zoë that it was the pressure of Den that forced her to get rid of the ...
Feb. 17, 2005
21x28 21 21x28 February 18, 2005
It's the opening night of Scarlet, Johnny's club, and he is making sure everything will be ready. Johnny meets with Andy to check everything is set up for the client meeting. When Andy ...
Feb. 18, 2005
21x29 21 21x29 February 21, 2005
It's the day after the night before and Chrissie, Sam and Zoë are struggling to maintain normality. The girls hide their bloodstained clothes whilst Sam hides the murder weapon. ...
Feb. 21, 2005
21x30 21 21x30 February 22, 2005
Chrissie is still in a state and is very snappy with the staff at the Vic. When Little Mo asks Pat to help at the bar, Chrissie takes a dislike to her asking about Den. Chrissie panics ...
Feb. 22, 2005
21x31 21 21x31 February 24, 2005
Chrissie, furious that Zoë is not back on the stall, rings her and tells her to get out there and act normal. As she leaves, Mo corners her demanding that they sort out her mood. ...
Feb. 24, 2005
21x32 21 21x32 February 25, 2005
Zoë wakes up at Sam's and confides in her that she wants to go to the police and tell them everything, but Sam manages to talk her out of it. When Zoë arrives home, she panics ...
Feb. 25, 2005
21x33 21 21x33 February 28, 2005
Sam shows Chrissie new license plate saying the Mitchell's own the pub. Chrissie threatens she will go down with her but Sam says she and Zoë will come up with a story to hide their ...
Feb. 28, 2005
21x34 21 21x34 March 1, 2005
Jake chases after Danny after he again insulted Johnny. When he finds him he takes him in the car to the place where Andy was killed. Danny realizes how much trouble he could have been ...
Mar. 01, 2005
21x35 21 21x35 March 3, 2005
Stacy tries desperately to get noticed at home but the Slater's are too busy with Zoë. Yolande tries to keep her occupied with work but she is insulted constantly by her family. ...
Mar. 03, 2005
21x36 21 21x36 March 4, 2005
The news of Stacey's mugging spreads across the Square. Mo suspects Stacey of lying but Charlie gives her his full support. When Johnny hears about it he suspects it is connected with ...
Mar. 04, 2005
21x37 21 21x37 March 7, 2005
Little Mo is concerned that Billy seems to have disappeared. She gets Minty, Garry and Alfie to help look for him. Later, when he finally answers the door, he tells Little Mo that he's ...
Mar. 07, 2005
21x38 21 21x38 March 8, 2005
Johnny and Pat attended Andy's funeral and Pat is distraught that no one else turned up. As they toast a drink to Andy, the two talk about the past and during an argument, Johnny mentions ...
Mar. 08, 2005
21x39 21 21x39 March 10, 2005
[add summary]
Mar. 09, 2005
21x40 21 21x40 March 14, 2005
Still angry about not receiving the house in Andy's will, Sam gives Pat a hard time about moving into No. 31. And it's not only Sam who's envious of Pat's good fortune: Mo verbally ...
Mar. 14, 2005
21x41 21 21x41 March 15, 2005
Dot's new alarm wakes up the whole square leaving Pauline fuming when Dot is too tired to work her shift. Johnny goes to fix it for her but Pauline is still unsure over if he can be ...
Mar. 15, 2005
21x42 21 21x42 March 17, 2005
Tina's arrival causes a stir in the Square, and when Garry catches a glimpse of her, he accidentally runs over Minty's foot. Danny also decides to try his luck. It's not only the men ...
Mar. 17, 2005
21x43 21 21x43 March 18, 2005
Chrissie is shocked when she receives a necklace through the post that Den ordered before he died. It leads her to be irritable and even push Jake away. Later, tired of fighting, she ...
Mar. 18, 2005
21x44 21 21x44 March 21, 2005
Sonia is determined to attend the funeral to make sure that it was Chloe's adoptive parents who were killed. Martin tries to talk her out of going but she insists that she needs to ...
Mar. 21, 2005
21x45 21 21x45 March 22, 2005
Johnny is furious when he discovers Ruby ran away from school. He takes ages talking to her that he forgets to meet Tina for lunch. Angry at being stood up, Tina arrives at Johnny's. ...
Mar. 22, 2005
21x46 21 21x46 March 24, 2005
Sonia frets that Chloe's Gran is too old to care for her but Jim advises her that she could lose Martin if she doesn't let Chloe go. She agrees, but looks up Chloe's address on a map ...
Mar. 24, 2005
21x47 21 21x47 March 25, 2005
Stacey tries her best to persuade Johnny not to send Ruby back to school. Johnny later tells Charlie that Stacey should still be attending school. Stacey feels that she's been overlooked ...
Mar. 25, 2005
21x48 21 21x48 March 28, 2005
Money in the Miller house is tighter than ever and Rosie is forced to ask Chrissie for extra work. Rosie snaps at Pat in the Vic when she makes a flying comment. But Pat sees what a ...
Mar. 28, 2005
21x49 21 21x49 March 29, 2005
Keith's good intentions soon turn into mayhem when he ends up making a mess of his chores. Unable to read Demi's list of instructions, he doesn't realise that Aleesha is teething and ...
Mar. 29, 2005
21x50 21 21x50 March 31, 2005
Martin's and Sonia's marriage reaches breaking point as Martin points out the selfishness of Sonia's actions. She is adamant she is seeing Chloe again. Dot is becoming suspicious of ...
Mar. 31, 2005
21x51 21 21x51 April 1, 2005
Sonia tells Martin that she'll never forgive him if he prevents her from seeing Chloe. Insisting that Sonia tells the truth, Martin accompanies her when she visits Chloe. He is shocked ...
Apr. 01, 2005
21x52 21 21x52 April 4, 2005
Still desperate for money, Rosie asks Keith to cover her shift at the Vic whilst she gets work elsewhere. Rosie is cross with Darren for calling Keith stupid and wants him to apologise ...
Apr. 04, 2005
21x53 21 21x53 April 5, 2005
Desperate to make up with Darren, Keith sells an old vase to raise money to send him bowling. Rosie brings home some extra money after Chrissie offer her more shifts at the Vic. Ruby ...
Apr. 05, 2005
21x54 21 21x54 April 7, 2005
It's Tina's birthday and Johnny showers her with gifts. Later, she overhears Billy telling Pat about a diamond he's been sent to pick up, and presumes that Johnny is going to propose ...
Apr. 07, 2005
21x55 21 21x55 April 8, 2005
Johnny apologies to Tina for no being there on her birthday and offers Tina a posh weekend away. However she tells him she would rather he took her for a drink in the Vic and publicly ...
Apr. 08, 2005
21x56 21 21x56 April 11, 2005
Johnny resists the temptation to call Tina, while she waits at home for the phone to ring. Its Ruby's first day of college and Johnny promises to drive her there. Tina eventually rings ...
Apr. 11, 2005
21x57 21 21x57 April 12, 2005
Stacey finds Ruby locked out in the Square after she has been sleepwalking. Unable to get in contact with her dad, Ruby goes to the Slaters' with Stacey. The girls start talking and ...
Apr. 12, 2005
21x58 21 21x58 April 14, 2005
Johnny is furious with Pat for renting a room to Tina, and clears out Tina's flat. Demanding to talk to Tina, he tells her about Ruby and her sleepwalking and how he can't have his ...
Apr. 14, 2005
21x59 21 21x59 April 15, 2005
Johnny rushes off to see Tina as he wants her back but she tells him if they can't have an open relationship they can't have one at all. Tina leaves for a job interview, and returns ...
Apr. 15, 2005
21x60 21 21x60 April 18, 2005
Pauline has a crisis about her age and role in life. Trying to cheer her up; Dot throws a surprise birthday party for the two of them. Jim warns Dot against telling Pauline about Chloe ...
Apr. 18, 2005
21x61 21 21x61 April 19, 2005
Phil tells a shocked Billy that he needs £3,000 so he can get out of the country. With Sam away, he asks Billy to collect the money from the businesses. Trying to reassure Phil that ...
Apr. 19, 2005
21x62 21 21x62 April 21, 2005
There's tension at the Fowlers' when Pauline makes barbed comments towards Martin and Sonia about keeping secrets. When Ian finds Pauline at the allotments she tells him about Chloe ...
Apr. 21, 2005
21x63 21 21x63 April 22, 2005
It's the day of Chrissie's St George's Day fancy dress party, and Mo has arranged to get hold of some outfits through one of her contacts. However, the 007 costumes she was expecting ...
Apr. 22, 2005
21x64 21 21x64 April 25, 2005
Ruby's gutted when Danny is unable to drive her to school after getting a puncture in his tyre. Trying to help her friend, Stacey encourages Ruby to pretend she's ill so that she can ...
Apr. 25, 2005
21x65 21 21x65 April 26, 2005
Pauline expresses her anger to Dot about Martin and Sonia going to see Chloe and keeping it a secret. Dot tries to reassure Pauline that the last thing Martin and Sonia wanted to do ...
Apr. 26, 2005
21x66 21 21x66 April 28, 2005
As Johnny prepares a meal for Tina and Ruby, he keeps telling Ruby they are just friends as she tries to find out what the relationship is about. Tina arrives feeling nervous. Ruby ...
Apr. 28, 2005
21x67 21 21x67 April 29, 2005
Pauline's annoyed when Sonia and Martin head for the chippy after she has prepared lunch. Sonia realises that Pauline's annoyance doesn't stem from the lunch arrangements and Pauline ...
Apr. 29, 2005
21x68 21 21x68 May 2, 2005
Tension is in the air at the Fowlers', as Martin leaves for Asif's stag party in Edinburgh. Dot apologises to Sonia for telling Pauline about Chloë, but Dot and Pauline fail to resolve ...
May. 02, 2005
21x69 21 21x69 May 3, 2005
Ian and Pauline struggle to find Chloe's grandmother's address and even Jane tells then it's wrong. Pauline thinks Sonia might have it and searches through her belongings but is nearly ...
May. 03, 2005
21x70 21 21x70 May 5, 2005
Ian gives Pauline Margaret's phone number and she calls to try and arrange a date to see Chloe. Pauline is worried that she'll e see as common while Ian tries to assure her everything ...
May. 05, 2005
21x71 21 21x71 May 6, 2005
It's Sonia's 20th birthday and she is surprised by Pauline and Derek's gift. Pauline apologises to Sonia for her recent behavior about Chloe and the two get stuck into some cleaning. ...
May. 06, 2005
21x72 21 21x72 May 9, 2005
When Zoë gives Little Mo a make-over, it's not only Alfie's eye she catches. Danny realises how good she looks and asks Alfie to put in a good word for him. Before she can say anything, ...
May. 09, 2005
21x73 21 21x73 May 10, 2005
Rosie gives Keith a leaflet about a literacy lesson but he is far from happy about having to go. He backs out when he sees Derek there. He hides in another room which turns out to be ...
May. 10, 2005
21x74 21 21x74 May 12, 2005
Ruby, still shocked at the photo, leaves and waits for Tina to return. She then goes to the house and pretends everything is normal. Ruby quizzes Tina about her and her Dad, and Tina ...
May. 12, 2005
21x75 21 21x75 May 13, 2005
Ruby confronts her dad about how long he and Tina have been seeing each other. She is furious with him for cheating on her mum but Johnny tells her that her mum knew about Tina and ...
May. 13, 2005

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