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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 20 (2004)

20x01 20 20x01 January 1, 2004
Janine and Barry take a walk in the hills and, unable to hold back any longer, she confesses all. Barry is stunned and pleads with Janine but as he tries to hold her she pushes him ...
Jan. 01, 2004
20x02 20 20x02 January 2, 2004
At the crash site, Tariq begs Mickey not to betray his confidence, but Mickey finds it hard to contain his feelings on the issue that Tariq is Dan's son and breaks up with Katrina. ...
Jan. 02, 2004
20x03 20 20x03 January 5, 2004
Billy and Little Mo's relationship is struggling under the weight of her recent ordeal and events take a further turn for the worse when she hears from the doctor's clinic and it is ...
Jan. 05, 2004
20x04 20 20x04 January 6, 2004
Despite his best intentions, Billy is unsympathetic to Little Mo's plight and the Slater family are quick to pick up on the rift. All assume that Billy is at fault and, unable to cope ...
Jan. 06, 2004
20x05 20 20x05 January 8, 2004
Billy pushes Little Mo to make a decision and moves out to allow her to get some perspective. The family is confused yet distracted by Zoë's return. And Little Mo tries her best ...
Jan. 08, 2004
20x06 20 20x06 January 9, 2004
Little Mo has revealed the truth to her family and, though shocked, everyone except Zoë agrees with Billy about what she should do. Meanwhile, Charlie pays Billy a visit and discovers ...
Jan. 09, 2004
20x07 20 20x07 January 12, 2004
The Slater family sits down to dinner but there is an unwelcome interruption and it looks like Charlie will have to face the consequences of his actions.Sam is unhappy that the bosses ...
Jan. 12, 2004
20x08 20 20x08 January 13, 2004
Sharon and Kate discover that the nail bar has been trashed and have a good idea of who is responsible. Kate calls Sam and Minty's bluff, forcing them to admit causing the damage. Furious ...
Jan. 13, 2004
20x09 20 20x09 January 15, 2004
Vicki is eager to prove herself to Sharon but seems to be going about it the wrong way when Dennis catches her with the cheap cigarettes and alcohol she has bought from Mickey. She ...
Jan. 15, 2004
20x10 20 20x10 January 16, 2004
Billy begins to have second thoughts but knows that he cannot back out of his arson attempt on the Den.But Vicki is downstairs in the stockroom unpacking her loot of cigarettes and ...
Jan. 16, 2004
20x11 20 20x11 January 19, 2004
Sharon is devastated to have lost the club and suspects that Vicki was behind the fire. When the police confirm that the fire was arson, her suspicions are further heightened and she ...
Jan. 19, 2004
20x12 20 20x12 January 20, 2004
The police question Sam and Billy about the fire but they keep their cool and suspicion turns towards Sharon. Tensions are raised and things come to a head in a very public way in the ...
Jan. 20, 2004
20x13 20 20x13 January 22, 2004
Kat tells Little Mo that she needs to put her ordeal behind her. Devastated, Little Mo runs in tears from the Vic, watched by a stunned Zoe.A call from her insurance company brings ...
Jan. 22, 2004
20x14 20 20x14 January 23, 2004
Dennis is determined to teach Sam a lesson but it's not going to be easy. Vicki thinks that the best course of action is to get Den involved and the feud between the Watts family and ...
Jan. 23, 2004
20x15 20 20x15 January 26, 2004
Janine is thrilled when Ricky decides that they can become a proper family again and that he is moving in with her. However, Pat is suspicious when she sees Dot with Barry's record ...
Jan. 26, 2004
20x16 20 20x16 January 27, 2004
Pat's suspicions are heightened when Patrick tells her that Janine and Paul have fallen out. She thinks that Paul is hiding something and tells Ricky that perhaps it is time to have ...
Jan. 27, 2004
20x17 20 20x17 January 29, 2004
An insistent Pat forces Ricky to question Janine, but he is far from keen, worried about what he might hear.Mickey tries to persuade Tariq to tell Kareena the truth. When Tariq meets ...
Jan. 29, 2004
20x18 20 20x18 January 30, 2004
A panicked Tariq runs to find Ash and Adi and tells them that Ronny is being attacked. But by the time they get back to him, he is in a serious condition. As they wait for the ambulance, ...
Jan. 30, 2004
20x19 20 20x19 February 2, 2004
Ricky is determined to avoid Janine and convinces Gus to let him hide out at his flat. Janine begs him to see her and is desperate for him to keep her secret. Derek prepares for an ...
Feb. 02, 2004
20x20 20 20x20 February 3, 2004
Ricky confides in Gus about his problems and makes a decision about his future. Mickey urges Tariq to tell the truth and help the Ferreiras, realising that he may be Ronny's last chance. ...
Feb. 03, 2004
20x21 20 20x21 February 5, 2004
Kareena tells Ash and Adi that Mickey has upset her and, when the boys confront Mickey, they suspect that it is all a lie. Meanwhile, Mickey must confess to Tariq that his secret has ...
Feb. 05, 2004
20x22 20 20x22 February 6, 2004
It is Charlie's day in court and he gets a suitcase ready, preparing for the worst. Kat and Mo attempt to make him change his plea to not guilty but he remains defiant.The solicitor ...
Feb. 06, 2004
20x23 20 20x23 February 9, 2004
Ash tells Tariq that everyone is grateful to him for agreeing to help Ronny, but Adi is far from happy about Tariq being involved.Ian's divorce comes through and he wastes no time in ...
Feb. 09, 2004
20x24 20 20x24 February 10, 2004
Ash is concerned when Tariq misses an appointment with the donation counsellor. Meanwhile, Kareena is finding it difficult to come to terms with Tariq's secret and urges him to tell ...
Feb. 10, 2004
20x25 20 20x25 February 12, 2004
Tariq makes preparations to go to hospital for his operation and Kareena is eager for her brothers to support him. However, Ronny refuses to listen and is unsympathetic to Tariq.Meanwhile, ...
Feb. 12, 2004
20x26 20 20x26 February 13, 2004
Natalie is delighted to receive an invitation to the Valentine's ball from Paul. But when Martin tells Sonia that the Ball isn't important and that he would much rather spend time with ...
Feb. 13, 2004
20x27 20 20x27 February 16, 2004
Sharon is embarrassed when she sees a photograph of her dancing with Dennis at the ball and is concerned that the chemistry between them is obvious. However, when the police arrive ...
Feb. 16, 2004
20x28 20 20x28 February 17, 2004
Having decided that she needs a rest from Walford, Sharon plans a family break and is touched when Dennis reveals that it will be his first proper holiday. However, Pauline and Kate ...
Feb. 17, 2004
20x29 20 20x29 February 19, 2004
With their differences sorted, Dennis and Sharon, closer than ever, pack for their holiday but their plans take a turn for the worse when Vicki tells them that she can come after all.Yolande ...
Feb. 19, 2004
20x30 20 20x30 February 20, 2004
JJ endears himself to Patrick and Yolande by preparing breakfast, but Paul is suspicious of their new lodger and makes his feelings known.Feeling upset, Vicki heads to the Vic and ends ...
Feb. 20, 2004
20x31 20 20x31 February 23, 2004
Laura tries to negotiate a pay rise with Sam but, with the café not doing well, it's up to Laura to increase the profits and prove her worth. A Cockney grub night is a roaring success ...
Feb. 23, 2004
20x32 20 20x32 February 24, 2004
Adi struggles to control his feelings towards Tariq while Kareena and Ash try their best to keep the peace. Convinced that Tariq is taking advantage of the family, his fears appear ...
Feb. 24, 2004
20x33 20 20x33 February 26, 2004
Ronny nervously waits for his operation but is concerned about the hold this will give Tariq over him. Meanwhile,Tariq is back at his bed-sit, packing, having made the decision not ...
Feb. 26, 2004
20x34 20 20x34 February 27, 2004
Kat discovers that Alfie is about to turn 40 and plans a surprise party, without realising that he is feeling down about the milestone birthday. Natalie returns and Paul prepares to ...
Feb. 27, 2004
20x35 20 20x35 March 1, 2004
Ronny is doing well but he still can't face speaking to Tariq. Eventually, his hatred boils over and he tells Tariq that he's expecting to find an ulterior motive for his generosity.Ian ...
Mar. 01, 2004
20x36 20 20x36 March 2, 2004
Spencer overhears Zoe and Kelly saying that he's a soft touch and gets his revenge in a typically teenage fashion. Juley, Mickey and Gus help with a delivery of helium balloons in the ...
Mar. 02, 2004
20x37 20 20x37 March 4, 2004
Ash tries to persuade Adi not to blame Tariq for Dan's mistakes but Adi isn't prepared to welcome him into the family so easily. Elsewhere, Ian gets a bee in his bonnet about drainage ...
Mar. 04, 2004
20x38 20 20x38 March 5, 2004
Nana Moon returns from her mini-break in Eastbourne with a shocking announcement for everyone - she is getting married, and Alfie is especially taken aback. Ian offers Kate a shoulder ...
Mar. 05, 2004
20x39 20 20x39 March 8, 2004
Love is in the air in Walford as Paul and Natalie realise that their relationship is developing into something more than a casual fling. However, their happiness seems destined to be ...
Mar. 08, 2004
20x40 20 20x40 March 9, 2004
Janine receives a letter from Natalie's solicitor, demanding maintenance for Jack. Furious, she issues Paul with an ultimatum: call the lawyers off or face the consequences.The Slaters ...
Mar. 09, 2004
20x41 20 20x41 March 11, 2004
After a big win at the bookies, an elated Vicki shyly invites Ash back to her place. Aware that Dennis and Sharon could return at any moment, Vicki kisses Ash and leads him towards ...
Mar. 11, 2004
20x42 20 20x42 March 12, 2004
Vicki succeeds in Sharon and Dennis a shock that leaves them reeling. Triumphant that she has hurt them as much as their relationship has hurt her, Vicki plans her ultimate revenge; ...
Mar. 12, 2004
20x43 20 20x43 March 15, 2004
Vicki continues to live up to her reputation of causing trouble wherever she goes, and on this occasion it is at the Ferreira household. Adi is unhappy about her staying, thinking that ...
Mar. 15, 2004
20x44 20 20x44 March 16, 2004
An uncertain Natalie shelves her plans to move in with Paul because she cannot trust him. Hurt and confused, Paul pays Pat a visit. She leaves him with some alarming advice: tell Natalie ...
Mar. 16, 2004
20x45 20 20x45 March 18, 2004
Having heard the truth about Barry's death, a devastated Natalie cannot bear to be near Paul. After a night walking the streets, a desperate Paul returns, begging Natalie to let him ...
Mar. 18, 2004
20x46 20 20x46 March 19, 2004
Janine faces her worst nightmare when she answers the door to two policemen. She is forced to accompany them to the station for questioning, and it seems that the Square's ultimate ...
Mar. 19, 2004
20x47 20 20x47 March 22, 2004
Juley settles into the Square with Gus, but they are set for trouble when Gus makes a shocking discovery in one of Juley's bags.Paul begs Natalie for forgiveness, but she can't bear ...
Mar. 22, 2004
20x48 20 20x48 March 23, 2004
Kat pays Charlie a visit in prison to ask him to sign paperwork that will free them from Graham's threats. However, when she arrives, she loses her resolve; there is no way that Charlie ...
Mar. 23, 2004
20x49 20 20x49 March 25, 2004
Mo is on a mission to organise Charlie's homecoming party but Kat is worried that someone will let slip about the pay-off. As the celebration gets under way in The Vic, Ian begins to ...
Mar. 25, 2004
20x50 20 20x50 March 26, 2004
Adi feels that the responsibility for the family's future lies squarely on his shoulders. As they struggle to come to terms with the seriousness of the financial situation they are ...
Mar. 26, 2004
20x51 20 20x51 March 29, 2004
Against her better judgement, Vicki decides to move in with the Fowlers. Pauline is thrilled and sets about retrieving Vicki's belongings from Dennis and Sharon. Furious at the way ...
Mar. 29, 2004
20x52 20 20x52 March 30, 2004
Pauline is thrilled to be the bearer of bad news when she runs into Den, fresh off the plane from sunny Spain. He can't believe what he hears about his precious princess and seeks confirmation ...
Mar. 30, 2004
20x53 20 20x53 April 1, 2004
Drinks are forgotten and conversations abandoned when Den and Dennis enter the Vic. With all eyes upon them, they head for a quiet table and a remarkably calm Den asks his son for an ...
Apr. 01, 2004
20x54 20 20x54 April 2, 2004
The Watts family attempts to deal with the morning after the night before and Dennis finds himself an unlikely ally. Elsewhere, Patrick and Yolande return and Tariq and Adi attempt ...
Apr. 02, 2004
20x55 20 20x55 April 5, 2004
Though Den warns the girls to stay away from Dennis, claiming that he is dangerous, Vicki ignores his dad and pays him a visit. But, determined to put a stop to the situation once and ...
Apr. 05, 2004
20x56 20 20x56 April 6, 2004
Den is relieved to have finally split Dennis and Sharon. However, Sharon needs to hear the truth for herself and pays Dennis a visit. She finds him at Dot's, exhausted after a night ...
Apr. 06, 2004
20x57 20 20x57 April 8, 2004
Sharon confides in Vicki, who is unsure about the choice that her sister is making. Meanwhile, Den has a plan to rid Walford of Dennis forever.As the Ferreiras worry about their money ...
Apr. 08, 2004
20x58 20 20x58 April 9, 2004
Dot steps into the middle of the Watts' feud with some words of wisdom for Den, and a furious Vicki also confronts her dad over whether he really wants a fight. With their words ringing ...
Apr. 09, 2004
20x59 20 20x59 April 12, 2004
A nervous Patrick shows Paul the ring that he's bought for Yolande. However, unbeknown to him, Yolande overhears his conversation and excitedly confides in Dot. However, she is soon ...
Apr. 12, 2004
20x60 20 20x60 April 13, 2004
Pauline learns the truth about Derek's friend and is left alone when the two men go out to dinner to catch up. Meanwhile, Patrick and Jim drown their sorrows at the local pub as they ...
Apr. 13, 2004
20x61 20 20x61 April 15, 2004
Shocked and numb, Martin tells Sonia that Mark is dead. He can't bring himself to believe it's true and forces Sonia to ring Mark's care worker for confirmation.As they both struggle ...
Apr. 15, 2004
20x62 20 20x62 April 16, 2004
As Pauline comes to terms with her loss, Martin lashes out at her and Derek. He can't believe that Pauline kept Mark's illness from him and his cutting comments leave his distraught ...
Apr. 16, 2004
20x63 20 20x63 April 19, 2004
Den assures Sharon that family life is back to normal, but Dennis is convinced that he has blown things with Sharon and will never really be accepted into the family. Andy returns to ...
Apr. 19, 2004
20x64 20 20x64 April 20, 2004
Kat is distraught to find Alfie battered and bruised and does not believe his story about how it happened. Increasingly concerned about his debt repayment, Alfie calls Andy to the pub. ...
Apr. 20, 2004
20x65 20 20x65 April 22, 2004
The Square's residents join together to say their last goodbye to Mark as the day of his funeral dawns. Martin is defiant in refusing to speak at the service, bitter because Mark did ...
Apr. 22, 2004
20x66 20 20x66 April 23, 2004
Pauline and Martin attend the reading of Mark's will and find that he has taken care of friends and family alike. Both are touched by his gestures and it brings them closer together. ...
Apr. 23, 2004
20x67 20 20x67 April 26, 2004
Laura receives a visit from the benefits agency and is forced to confess that she worked a shift at the Queen Vic. Furious that she has been accused of fraud, she suspects that Janine ...
Apr. 26, 2004
20x68 20 20x68 April 27, 2004
Pat lifts Laura's spirits by finding her work at the MinuteMart. However, Janine is reluctant to see Laura succeed and, by the end of the day, vicious rumours leave Laura out of work ...
Apr. 27, 2004
20x69 20 20x69 April 29, 2004
When Janine flaunts her date - a handsome businessman - at Angie's Den's opening night, Laura takes the opportunity to tell him about Janine's sordid past. On the receiving end for ...
Apr. 29, 2004
20x70 20 20x70 April 30, 2004
Pat rushes home to find Laura sobbing and hysterical. She soothes her as much as she can and then pays Janine a visit, pleading with her to leave Laura alone. However, Janine turns ...
Apr. 30, 2004
20x71 20 20x71 May 3, 2004
The Police pay Walford's residents a visit following Laura's suspicious death. Ian and Garry are both asked to help with their enquiries. Janine seems to enjoy revelling in others' ...
May. 03, 2004
20x72 20 20x72 May 4, 2004
Stunned at her predicament, Janine allows herself to be led to Walford Police Station. The officers waste no time in charging her on suspicion of murder and a shocked Janine realises ...
May. 04, 2004
20x73 20 20x73 May 6, 2004
Janine swaggers back into the Square, confident that she can talk Pat round. She announces to all in the Vic that she is out on bail and is frankly surprised at everyone's sudden concern ...
May. 06, 2004
20x74 20 20x74 May 7, 2004
Desperate to save her skin, Janine pleads first with Pat and then with Paul to help her. Both are unsympathetic to her plight and determined that justice will finally be done. Janine ...
May. 07, 2004
20x75 20 20x75 May 10, 2004
As Andy's threats to Alfie and Kat escalate, both, separately, consider selling valued items in a bid to pay him off. However, it seems money is not the only thing Andy is interested ...
May. 10, 2004

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