Feb. 19, 1985
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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 14 (1998)

14x01 14 14x01 January 1, 1998
Cindy pleads with Ian to help her stay out of jail but he is determined to stay on top and reminds her of where she stands. Phil and Annie plot their new business venture without George. ...
Jan. 01, 1998
14x02 14 14x02 January 5, 1998
With only a few days until Cindy's trial, Ian is confident that nothing can go wrong and Nick decides there is no room for legal ethics in Cindy's defence. Mary is shocked to discover ...
Jan. 05, 1998
14x03 14 14x03 January 6, 1998
Simon and Tiffany exchange harsh words when he tries to find out the truth about her and Grant. Kathy celebrates twelfth night with Alex. After a disastrous town hall meeting, Ian has ...
Jan. 06, 1998
14x04 14 14x04 January 7, 1998
The stress of the trial starts to wear Ian down but Conor sees no reason to be understanding. Tiffany is surprised by Grant's support for her new ideas about managing a pub.
Jan. 07, 1998
14x05 14 14x05 January 8, 1998
At Cindy's trial, Ian's paranoia takes control. Kathy finds it hard to cope with conflicting loyalties. Phil and Annie embark on a dangerous new venture. Matthew makes a surprise announcement ...
Jan. 08, 1998
14x06 14 14x06 January 9, 1998
There's tension in the courtroom as the judge decides Cindy's fate. As the tension mounts, Ian is determined to make sure that his opinion is heard. Annie is surprised when Phil enlists ...
Jan. 09, 1998
14x07 14 14x07 January 12, 1998
Love is blossoming in the Bates household. Ian learns that the Walford grapevine is working overtime when he becomes the topic and his mum finds a soft-spot for the hostel builders. ...
Jan. 12, 1998
14x08 14 14x08 January 13, 1998
Nigel misreads Clare's feelings when he realises she intends to go ahead with her date. Phil takes Conor on his first money-making mission and Conor is impressed. "I wish I'd thought ...
Jan. 13, 1998
14x09 14 14x09 January 15, 1998
Nigel is shocked when Julie lets slip a secret. Sanjay's plans for a good night out with Michael backfire. Irene has a confession to make to Sarah and Tony. Ian is headlines news in ...
Jan. 15, 1998
14x10 14 14x10 January 19, 1998
It is a trying time for the Roses as Susan is readmitted to hospital and receives devastating news. Sanjay can't resist a deal with his mate but the consequences could be disastrous. ...
Jan. 19, 1998
14x11 14 14x11 January 20, 1998
The police investigate Gita's disappearance and start by interviewing a nervous Sanjay, who is still puzzled by her failure to return to Albert Square. Michael and Matthew are still ...
Jan. 20, 1998
14x12 14 14x12 January 22, 1998
Sanjay is taken in for questioning as the hunt for Gita intensifies and is faced with some difficult questions about his personal affairs. Nigel's dinner party is a success in more ...
Jan. 22, 1998
14x13 14 14x13 January 26, 1998
Kathy has reached a major domestic decision. Ian and Cindy come face to face in court. Julie holds auditions for the Walford community play. Michael is impressed by Susan's determination ...
Jan. 26, 1998
14x14 14 14x14 January 27, 1998
Nick and Cindy's relationship is put to the test in their battle for Cindy's children. Kathy and Alex have a difficult heart-to-heart. Dot seeks penance by cleaning the church and gets ...
Jan. 27, 1998
14x15 14 14x15 January 29, 1998
Kathy is furious with Ian. Dot is in a dilemma. And a funeral brings together some old friends. This week's Walford Gazette causes a few ructions with the publicationof a letter from ...
Jan. 29, 1998
14x16 14 14x16 February 2, 1998
After learning of Kathy's affair with the vicar, Dot backs Ian in his public campaign against Alex. Phil is having second thoughts about divorce but shines to dealing with a reluctant ...
Feb. 02, 1998
14x17 14 14x17 February 3, 1998
Jessie gets a birthday surprise. Despite second thoughts, Alex is spurred to defend the hostel. Kathy is in a state of emotional confusion, wondering whether she is going down the right ...
Feb. 03, 1998
14x18 14 14x18 February 5, 1998
Dot's tasty gossip causes Kathy to make a decision about her love-life and Alex to wonder about their future. Meanwhile, George tries to convince Beppe that he is whiter than white ...
Feb. 05, 1998
14x19 14 14x19 February 9, 1998
Peggy and Pat turn play rehearsals into a battle ground. Ian's suspicions lead to a confrontation with Annie and threats to report her activities to the police. Mark and Mary dismay ...
Feb. 09, 1998
14x20 14 14x20 February 10, 1998
Terry makes an announcement which stuns the Hills household and leaves Irene gushing, while Alex makes a heartfelt admission to his father which leaves him speechless. Over at the Vic, ...
Feb. 10, 1998
14x21 14 14x21 February 12, 1998
A wild party leads to a confrontation between Grant and a new neighbour until George and Beppe ride to the rescue. Love is in the air as everyone in Albert Square is sending Valentine's ...
Feb. 12, 1998
14x22 14 14x22 February 16, 1998
A new family moves into the Square and is met with a hostile reception. A startled Alex receives a visit from the bishop, who wants to know why he's been having an affair with a married ...
Feb. 16, 1998
14x23 14 14x23 February 17, 1998
Chaos rules in George Street when Sarah brings a project home and DSS reviews Irene's claim. A new lodger is installed at the Queen Vic. Meanwhile Mark smells treachery at 55 Victoria ...
Feb. 17, 1998
14x24 14 14x24 February 19, 1998
Kathy faces a demon from the past when she is called to help a woman in distress. Ruth worries that Mark is ill-suited for fostering. Preparations for Ethel's 82nd birthday don't turn ...
Feb. 19, 1998
14x25 14 14x25 February 23, 1998
Huw is convinced his luck is in. For Alex it looks like his has just run out, as Phil's frustrations reach boiling point with Annie stoking his fire. New tenants for Number 25 prepare ...
Feb. 23, 1998
14x26 14 14x26 February 24, 1998
Kathy makes a bold move which leads to a very public showdown. Meanwhile, it's the day of the party in the squat and Lenny and Robbie are worried by Huw's strange behaviour.
Feb. 24, 1998
14x27 14 14x27 February 26, 1998
Ian's fortunes take an upturn, while Huw is finding it hard to deal with his past.
Feb. 26, 1998
14x28 14 14x28 March 2, 1998
Matthew, Michael and Susan play happy families again when they move into Number 25. It doesn't take too long for the strain to show, especially when Michael's mother turns up. Annie ...
Mar. 02, 1998
14x29 14 14x29 March 3, 1998
Phil, Annie and Conor confront their rivals in an attempt to gain control of their patch. Matthew and Mary grow close before an untimely intervention by Pauline. Ian decides to 'phone ...
Mar. 03, 1998
14x30 14 14x30 March 5, 1998
Conor plants doubt in Phil's mind - have they really solved all their problems or simply created new ones? Gianni hides from a girlfriend. Ian is a hero of the day when he protests ...
Mar. 05, 1998
14x31 14 14x31 March 9, 1998
Mary's 18th birthday poses a romantic dilemma. Conor is suspicious of Mark's intentions. The strain of the car lot is beginning to show on Pat and Roy. Roy is working all hours determined ...
Mar. 09, 1998
14x32 14 14x32 March 10, 1998
A visitor from his Soho past catches up with Gianni. Mark and Ruth are forced to rethink their future with Jessie and decide they cannot stop Nicole from getting her back. There's good ...
Mar. 10, 1998
14x33 14 14x33 March 12, 1998
The di Marcos celebrate Luisa's birthday. The celebration is interrupted when Gianni's ex-girlfriend decides to take her revenge. Kathy decides to visit Lorna again, but she is shocked ...
Mar. 12, 1998
14x34 14 14x34 March 16, 1998
It is a sad day for Mark and Ruth when Jessie leaves to live with her mum. Robbie's bet bungling bodes well. Roy finally makes a difficult decision about the car lot, telling Barry ...
Mar. 16, 1998
14x35 14 14x35 March 17, 1998
Barry's depressed, Mick's in a quandary, Ian's in a panic and domestic bliss returns to 87 George Street, but not everybody agrees it is good news. Lola decides to come clean with Mick ...
Mar. 17, 1998
14x36 14 14x36 March 19, 1998
Josh and Clare celebrate his Bar Mitzvah while his mum and her Nigel explore their feelings for each other. Peggy and Ben's birthday forces Phil and Kathy to face the realities of divorce ...
Mar. 19, 1998
14x37 14 14x37 March 23, 1998
A family lunch at Pauline's proves too much for Ruth while Dot dampens Nigel's joy. Kathy warns Ian that he will have to buck up his ideas if he wants to keep custody of the children. ...
Mar. 23, 1998
14x38 14 14x38 March 24, 1998
Ian decides to make some decisions of his own. Sarah and Kathy receive a tempting invitation putting Irene in a panic. Lorna lets Phil know that she wants to give it another go. Mark ...
Mar. 24, 1998
14x39 14 14x39 March 26, 1998
Barry plays nursemaid to an unwilling Pat with unexpected results. Julie is baffled over Nigel's sudden change of heart and Dot rethinks her opinion of the hostel.
Mar. 26, 1998
14x40 14 14x40 March 30, 1998
Ros has some breakthrough news for Ian but making use is another matter. Barry only finds depression in his desperate job quest. Kathy wrestles with a hard decision.
Mar. 30, 1998
14x41 14 14x41 March 31, 1998
Nigel is forced into a dangerous confrontation with an unwelcome face from Dot's past. Confusion leads Alex to confront some hard decisions while Kathy is having difficulties deciding ...
Mar. 31, 1998
14x42 14 14x42 April 2, 1998
Kathy springs a surprise on Pat and Grant. Huw and Lenny's plan to wind up Bianca backfires when she calls in the Police. Terry smells opportunity in Irene's new job. Ros brings Ian ...
Apr. 02, 1998
14x43 14 14x43 April 6, 1998
Cindy gets off to a flying start as the custody battle opens in High Court but behind the scenes Ros is gathering evidence. When Lorna learns that Phil is unaware of Kathy plans to ...
Apr. 06, 1998
14x44 14 14x44 April 7, 1998
Phil is upset after learning that Kathy is taking their son to South Africa, and angry with Grant for not telling him. Sarah finds out the truth about Kathy and Alex. Ian and Cindy ...
Apr. 07, 1998
14x45 14 14x45 April 9, 1998
The judge decides who will have custody as pressure builds for Kathy's departure, Phil is anxious when he hears George's house has burned down, and Alex helps Lorna to settle into the ...
Apr. 09, 1998
14x46 14 14x46 April 10, 1998
As Kathy departs for South Africa, Cindy is arrested for having Ian shot. Source: www.TVRage.com
Apr. 10, 1998
14x47 14 14x47 April 13, 1998
It's the week after Kathy's departure and some are still coming to terms with the event. Grant and Phil confide in each other, while Alex is forced to discuss the situation with his ...
Apr. 13, 1998
14x48 14 14x48 April 14, 1998
Nigel tries a last-minute attempt to patch up his love life. George takes drastic action at the Market Cellar. With only two days to go before the Walford community play, there's last ...
Apr. 14, 1998
14x49 14 14x49 April 16, 1998
The community play brings excitement to the Square and Nigel makes a hard decision. Phil decides to speak to Peggy about George's business and the truth behind the fire in his flat ...
Apr. 16, 1998
14x50 14 14x50 April 20, 1998
The di Marco family are busy with the last-minute plans for the opening night of Guiseppe's. It proves to be a frantic day for Rosa when Gianni fuses the lights and Teresa decides there ...
Apr. 20, 1998
14x51 14 14x51 April 21, 1998
The past catches up with Dot. Family squabbles leave Annie distraught and Phil picking up the pieces. Italian passions look tame compared to Grant's temper, but Tiffany's more than ...
Apr. 21, 1998
14x52 14 14x52 April 23, 1998
Tensions in the Vic build to a violent climax while a marriage crumbles in Victoria Road. Dot finds her loyalties divided and Ian takes some good advice from George deciding politics ...
Apr. 23, 1998
14x53 14 14x53 April 27, 1998
As Nigel prepares to join his Julie in Scotland, he faces concern for those he'll leave behind.. Dot's mysterious behaviour and Grant's violent side draw his attention and Nick is up ...
Apr. 27, 1998
14x54 14 14x54 April 28, 1998
Bi has second thoughts about family plans and Dot makes a monumental decision. Peggy takes on an unlikely bar staff when she suddenly finds a vacancy. Ruth comes to terms with her true ...
Apr. 28, 1998
14x55 14 14x55 April 30, 1998
Nigel is in for some last minute surprises before waving goodbye to Albert Square. Sarah makes a decision to hold onto her man and Tony reveals his true feelings about his mum's ma ...
Apr. 30, 1998
14x56 14 14x56 May 4, 1998
Lenny gets a scare from an old friend, while Bianca is delighted about new career prospects. Pauline gets to the bottom of Mark's domestic strife. Ricky finds his family plans stal ...
May. 04, 1998
14x57 14 14x57 May 5, 1998
Robbie overhears a shocking revelation about Lenny and Annie gives Phil an ultimatum when he turns up empty-handed. Ruth welcomes a visitor and Matthew joins in Sarah's game.
May. 05, 1998
14x58 14 14x58 May 7, 1998
Bianca's plan to make a clean breast with Ricky is interrupted by a surprise visitor. Phil and Conor agree they are in the wrong business drawing the ire of Queenpin Annie. Sarah and ...
May. 07, 1998
14x59 14 14x59 May 11, 1998
Irene has second thoughts about her motives for getting married. Frustrations continue for Lenny and Bianca as they wait for the test results. Frank overhears a bit of interesting gossip. ...
May. 11, 1998
14x60 14 14x60 May 12, 1998
Irene and Terry finally walk up the aisle and the wedding goes as planned until a last minute interruption.
May. 12, 1998
14x61 14 14x61 May 14, 1998
Hysteria prevails at the church. Beppe tries his luck with Tiffany, Sarah can't resist spilling the beans, and Ricky is overwhelmed by suspicions.
May. 14, 1998
14x62 14 14x62 May 18, 1998
Louise makes a long overdue visit to see her grandchild and Michael wonders why he's celebrating. Bianca turns to Tiffany for advice as she tries to cope with a breaking-down marriage. ...
May. 18, 1998
14x63 14 14x63 May 19, 1998
There is a stand-off at the café as Ricky confronts Lenny with some home truths. Louise tries to get to know her children, but forgiveness eludes Tiffany and Simon's boyfriend says ...
May. 19, 1998
14x64 14 14x64 May 21, 1998
Ricky and Bianca's marriage seems to be on the rocks, but Frank is determined to knock some sense into them. It is a tense day for Lenny and Bianca as they await the results of his ...
May. 21, 1998
14x65 14 14x65 May 25, 1998
Michael finds the course of love is a rough ride while Ruth is looking for fun and Conor just looks. Rosa's attempts to drum up trade cause family friction.
May. 25, 1998
14x66 14 14x66 May 26, 1998
Susan discovers the downside to living in a small community when some gossip sends her boiling and Phil's attempt to teach Annie a blackjack lesson backfires. Roy finds he needs money ...
May. 26, 1998
14x67 14 14x67 May 28, 1998
Susan suffers a serious setback. Annie has more than she can chew but wants one more bite of the Carters. Roy's plans for revival of the business are scotched by Mr Philips.
May. 28, 1998
14x68 14 14x68 June 1, 1998
Peggy is shocked by after hours intruders while Mick's band celebrate after "the gig". Michael wonders if he can honour a commitment. Barry steers Robbie into troublesome waters.
Jun. 01, 1998
14x69 14 14x69 June 2, 1998
The Vic's out-of-hours visitors do not take kindly to Frank's interference but are forced to move on leaving a terrified Peggy in their wake.
Jun. 02, 1998
14x70 14 14x70 June 4, 1998
Annie reveals her vulnerable side as she begins to feel the consequences of her actions with the protection racket. Peggy lavishly treats her shining-armoured hero to food and drink. ...
Jun. 04, 1998
14x71 14 14x71 June 8, 1998
Terry is in Irene's bad books over news from Louise. Pat decides a surprise 63d birthday party is just what Roy needs but he wonders if he's up to another birthday. Huw and Lenny agree ...
Jun. 08, 1998
14x72 14 14x72 June 9, 1998
Friendship blossoms at Peggy and Frank's non-date dinner. Barry has a change of heart about a possible promotion after Robbie brings bad news. Roy makes a secret visit and Irene turns ...
Jun. 09, 1998
14x73 14 14x73 June 12, 1998
An old pal causes havoc at Roy's 63rd birthday. Pat wants to know the score and Roy gets a shock in the gents.
Jun. 12, 1998
14x74 14 14x74 June 15, 1998
The wanderer returns, but there is hardly a warm welcome at the Mitchell household and homeless Louise turns up on her sons doorstep. Tony finds a golden opportunity and Robbie prepares ...
Jun. 15, 1998
14x75 14 14x75 June 16, 1998
Tony is the hero of the day... at least in George Street. Meanwhile, wires are crossed and tempers fly at the Evans household but Barry shows a cold calculating side to Robbie.
Jun. 16, 1998

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