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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 13 (1997)

13x01 13 13x01 January 2, 1997
Lorraine can't stand the deception any longer and decides it's time to spill the beans on recent events - much to Tiffany and Nigel's horror. Grant's famous temper finally gets the ...
Jan. 02, 1997
13x02 13 13x02 January 6, 1997
Dan finds himself having to come up with an explanation when he's caught red-handed. Peggy is determined to get the truth as her constant interrogation begins to get Tiffany down.. ...
Jan. 06, 1997
13x03 13 13x03 January 7, 1997
Alan attempts to woo Frankie who makes it clear she isn't interested - or is she just playing hard to get? Meanwhile, Lorraine opens her heart to Nigel. Tony drowns his sorrows and ...
Jan. 07, 1997
13x04 13 13x04 January 9, 1997
Alan demands answers from Frankie - but doesn't like what he hears. Meanwhile Tony is overjoyed to see Simon again, but is he ready to tell him the truth?
Jan. 09, 1997
13x05 13 13x05 January 13, 1997
Tony finds himself in a compromising position. Tiffany tries to patch things up with Grant. Mick tells Alan about Frankie's past. Nigel takes up a new hobby.
Jan. 13, 1997
13x06 13 13x06 January 14, 1997
The residents of Albert Square remember the late lamented Arthur and Frankie's best-laid plans are thwarted. Elsewhere, Bianca regrets putting her trust in Tiffany and Kathy becomes ...
Jan. 14, 1997
13x07 13 13x07 January 16, 1997
Phil is left well and truly out on a limb and Bianca becomes the bearer of bad tidings for Tiffany - will she manage to deliver the news with compassion? Lorraine finds herself in a ...
Jan. 16, 1997
13x08 13 13x08 January 20, 1997
Peggy is surprised when Aunt Sal comes to stay. Phil's nowhere to be found and poor harassed Kathy is tearing her hair out. Tiffany has come to a decision.
Jan. 20, 1997
13x09 13 13x09 January 21, 1997
A stranger calls at Kathy's house with startling news of Phil. Gita has been given the all-clear leaving Sanjay as her only obstacle. Frankie has her eye on new prey.
Jan. 21, 1997
13x10 13 13x10 January 23, 1997
Kathy can't make up her mind whether she and Phil have a future together, while Peggy finally confronts Grant over their differences. Gita finds herself having to tread carefully as ...
Jan. 23, 1997
13x11 13 13x11 January 27, 1997
Ruth's temper is tested when Ian takes a step too far. Gita is annoyed when Sanjay refuses to co-operate. Phil gives Peggy cause for concern.
Jan. 27, 1997
13x12 13 13x12 January 28, 1997
The playground opens and local residents turn up in force. George talks to Peggy about her dilemma providing her with a welcome shoulder to cry on. Phil's efforts to be a better father ...
Jan. 28, 1997
13x13 13 13x13 January 30, 1997
Sanjay has a big surprise for Gita, Carol and Alan unite to confront Sonia and Kathy considers giving in to Phil's desperate plea.
Jan. 30, 1997
13x14 13 13x14 February 3, 1997
Ricky takes on extra responsibility as Kathy gives wayward husband Phil an ultimatum. Joe decides it's about time he spoke his mind, while Barry attempts to talk Pat around to his way ...
Feb. 03, 1997
13x15 13 13x15 February 4, 1997
Lorraine tries to figure out a way of breaking some disappointing news to Grant, while Sanjay finds it hard to come to terms with a shocking discovery of his own. Ricky finds his hard ...
Feb. 04, 1997
13x16 13 13x16 February 6, 1997
Sanjay has a big surprise in store for Gita, while Carol and Alan unite to help Sonia overcome her worries. Kathy has to decide whether to give in to Phil's desperate plea as he begins ...
Feb. 06, 1997
13x17 13 13x17 February 10, 1997
Pauline leaves the launderette in the wrong hands, while Blossom's favour for Carol lands her in trouble. Phil shows signs of recovery.
Feb. 10, 1997
13x18 13 13x18 February 11, 1997
Peggy and Kathy work out a misunderstanding. Sarah finds a new convert, while Gita faces an uncertain future.
Feb. 11, 1997
13x19 13 13x19 February 13, 1997
The truth finally dawns on Alan, whose love life has been somewhat turbulent of late. Frankie makes some unlikely new friends, the Kapoors' problems go from bad to worse and Phil decides ...
Feb. 13, 1997
13x20 13 13x20 February 17, 1997
Kathy cries on Pat's shoulder as the pair reminisce about the old days. Kathy stands by Phil as he sets out for the rehabilitation clinic, and is determined to make sure he sticks it ...
Feb. 17, 1997
13x21 13 13x21 February 18, 1997
Phil is finally forced to face some difficult truths, while a rare chance to reminisce sends sparks flying with Kathy and Pat.
Feb. 18, 1997
13x22 13 13x22 February 20, 1997
Events take a dramatic turn in the Square when Billy's latest adventure turns into a nightmare for Carol. Peggy hopes to mark the end of her long struggle with a family get-together, ...
Feb. 20, 1997
13x23 13 13x23 February 24, 1997
Carol needs to speak to Alan while he has some news for her. Phil asks a favour of Ricky. Grant returns to a warm reception from Lorraine, but Peggy isn't so pleased to see him, giving ...
Feb. 24, 1997
13x24 13 13x24 February 25, 1997
The tension increases behind the bar of the Vic. Sarah confides in Sue and is confused by her response. Ricky has some unwelcome visitors.
Feb. 25, 1997
13x25 13 13x25 February 27, 1997
Ricky finds himself in a spot of bother, and only Phil is in any position to help him out - but surely he has enough problems of his own? Grant's day is ruined by an unexpected visitor, ...
Feb. 27, 1997
13x26 13 13x26 March 3, 1997
For once in her life Tiffany realises it might be a good idea to keep a low profile on her return to Walford, while two-timing husband Grant decides to totally ignore her.
Mar. 03, 1997
13x27 13 13x27 March 4, 1997
Peggy makes life awkward for Lorraine. Gita demands some answers from Sanjay. Nigel breaks some bad news to Pauline.
Mar. 04, 1997
13x28 13 13x28 March 6, 1997
The Fowler family are forced to confront some unpalatable home truths and Joe's flirtation with Walford's resident religious cult begins to take an unexpected turn.
Mar. 06, 1997
13x29 13 13x29 March 10, 1997
As Bianca returns from Spain, Ricky has some fast talking to do when he's forced to explain his recent actions. Grant attempts to sort out his relationship with Tiffany as her pregnancy ...
Mar. 10, 1997
13x30 13 13x30 March 11, 1997
Grant is forced into a corner. Walford market's supervisor Michael gets Carol to face some difficult home truths in an attempt to conclude an ongoing problem.
Mar. 11, 1997
13x31 13 13x31 March 13, 1997
Word of the new arrival spreads round the Square, but though some people are celebrating, there are others for whom life will never be the same again.
Mar. 13, 1997
13x32 13 13x32 March 17, 1997
Sarah attempts to come to terms with the shocking truth about Alistair, while Tiffany adjusts to the pressures of motherhood - only to be thrown into turmoil when Grant reveals his ...
Mar. 17, 1997
13x33 13 13x33 March 18, 1997
Sarah seeks comfort in an unsuspecting soul. Ricky is faced with a major setback to his marriage plans.
Mar. 18, 1997
13x34 13 13x34 March 20, 1997
Bianca hears some shocking gossip about husband-to-be Ricky, while Huw and Lenny's party is brought to a somewhat abrupt end - but it's clear the two hosts had a good time nonethel ...
Mar. 20, 1997
13x35 13 13x35 March 24, 1997
Ricky has to break the habit of a lifetime and do some quick thinking to save his skin, Carol persuades Bianca a change is as good as a rest and Ted goes on the warpath.
Mar. 24, 1997
13x36 13 13x36 March 25, 1997
Robbie's day off work proves anything but relaxing. Frankie is forced to hear some home truths. Carol and Bianca find they can't escape their troubles.
Mar. 25, 1997
13x37 13 13x37 March 27, 1997
Family troubles in the Jackson household hit crisis point just as Grant and Lorraine seem incapable of reaching any sort of compromise. However, Ricky and Bianca make a concerted effort ...
Mar. 27, 1997
13x38 13 13x38 March 31, 1997 (Episode 1)
Sarah grapples with a crisis of faith, while Ted and Tony lock horns. Alan and Carol get some good news about Robbie's condition.
Mar. 31, 1997
13x39 13 13x39 March 31, 1997 (Episode 2)
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Mar. 31, 1997
13x40 13 13x40 April 1, 1997
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Apr. 01, 1997
13x41 13 13x41 April 3, 1997
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Apr. 03, 1997
13x42 13 13x42 April 7, 1997
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Apr. 07, 1997
13x43 13 13x43 April 8, 1997
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Apr. 08, 1997
13x44 13 13x44 April 10, 1997
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Apr. 10, 1997
13x45 13 13x45 April 14, 1997
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Apr. 14, 1997
13x46 13 13x46 April 15, 1997
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Apr. 15, 1997
13x47 13 13x47 April 17, 1997
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Apr. 17, 1997
13x48 13 13x48 April 21, 1997
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Apr. 21, 1997
13x49 13 13x49 April 22, 1997
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Apr. 22, 1997
13x50 13 13x50 April 24, 1997
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Apr. 24, 1997
13x51 13 13x51 April 28, 1997
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Apr. 28, 1997
13x52 13 13x52 April 29, 1997
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Apr. 29, 1997
13x53 13 13x53 May 1, 1997
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May. 01, 1997
13x54 13 13x54 May 5, 1997
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May. 05, 1997
13x55 13 13x55 May 6, 1997
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May. 06, 1997
13x56 13 13x56 May 8, 1997
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May. 08, 1997
13x57 13 13x57 May 12, 1997
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May. 12, 1997
13x58 13 13x58 May 13, 1997
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May. 13, 1997
13x59 13 13x59 May 15, 1997
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May. 15, 1997
13x60 13 13x60 May 19, 1997
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May. 19, 1997
13x61 13 13x61 May 20, 1997
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May. 20, 1997
13x62 13 13x62 May 22, 1997
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May. 22, 1997
13x63 13 13x63 May 26, 1997
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May. 26, 1997
13x64 13 13x64 May 27, 1997
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May. 27, 1997
13x65 13 13x65 May 29, 1997
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May. 29, 1997
13x66 13 13x66 June 2, 1997
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Jun. 02, 1997
13x67 13 13x67 June 3, 1997
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Jun. 03, 1997
13x68 13 13x68 June 5, 1997
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Jun. 05, 1997
13x69 13 13x69 June 9, 1997
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Jun. 09, 1997
13x70 13 13x70 June 10, 1997
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Jun. 10, 1997
13x71 13 13x71 June 12, 1997
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Jun. 12, 1997
13x72 13 13x72 June 16, 1997
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Jun. 16, 1997
13x73 13 13x73 June 17, 1997
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Jun. 17, 1997
13x74 13 13x74 June 19, 1997
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Jun. 19, 1997
13x75 13 13x75 June 23, 1997
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Jun. 23, 1997

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