Feb. 19, 1985
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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 12 (1996)

12x76 12 12x76 June 24, 1996
Kathy gets a well deserved night out with Pat, while Phil goes out with the boys. David's quick thinking saves Joe's date with Sarah and Robbie's pizza deliveries attract unwanted ...
Jun. 24, 1996
12x77 12 12x77 June 25, 1996
A family crisis makes it a long night for the Mitchells. Ian's plans for patching things up with Cindy are not appreciated. And Tony has to deal with some new information about Simon ...
Jun. 25, 1996
12x78 12 12x78 June 27, 1996
Gita discovers that Sanjay has another scheme up his sleeve. The Cobra club stirs enthusiasm in Alan and anger in Peggy. Grant's revelation is not the last of Phil and Kathy's shoc ...
Jun. 27, 1996
12x79 12 12x79 July 1, 1996
While the family discusses his future, Joe tries to lie low. Peggy is filled with the campaigning spirit and Robbie is unusually helpful in the café.
Jul. 01, 1996
12x80 12 12x80 July 2, 1996
There's something in the post for Bianca and unexpected news reaches the Fowlers when Pauline returns from her trip to the USA. Ruth worries that Kathy and Phil behave awkwardly when ...
Jul. 02, 1996
12x81 12 12x81 July 4, 1996
There are some big surprises for Peggy as she continues her campaign to clean up the Square. Nigel and Sanjay take a gamble on their new scheme to get rich, and Bianca's feeling rather ...
Jul. 04, 1996
12x82 12 12x82 July 8, 1996
Grant is in no mood to celebrate his birthday. Peggy has something on her mind concerning Mark. And Nigel and Sanjay are making plans for 70s night.
Jul. 08, 1996
12x83 12 12x83 July 9, 1996
While everyone is talking about Mark, he isn't saying a word. Ruth and Pauline confront Peggy but she doesn't give an inch. Bianca learns a few home truths about Simon. Nigel fancies ...
Jul. 09, 1996
12x84 12 12x84 July 11, 1996
It's a bit of a facade when Ian and Cindy chat with their counsellor. Peggy has a hot date and Mark is about to finally set things straight.
Jul. 11, 1996
12x85 12 12x85 July 15, 1996
After his announcement Mark is the talk of the square, while Pat and Pauline face their own dilemmas. Lorraine has a proposal for David, and Carol is on the war path.
Jul. 15, 1996
12x86 12 12x86 July 16, 1996
It's a big day for Pat, but David and Lorraine face an unexpected problem of their own. Alan has an interesting night at the café.
Jul. 16, 1996
12x87 12 12x87 July 18, 1996
There's a shock for Tiffany, and Bianca's party ends in tears. David gets set to move, but Phil doesn't seen to want to go home.
Jul. 18, 1996
12x88 12 12x88 July 22, 1996
Tiffany confides in Simon and Bianca, while April is in a dilemma over Alan and Frankie. The Fowlers prepare for Arthur's inquest.
Jul. 22, 1996
12x89 12 12x89 July 23, 1996
A difficult day for Pauline and Mark as Arthur's inquest begins today. Tiffany and Carol try to put their worries behind them and join the rest of the square at the funky 70s night ...
Jul. 23, 1996
12x90 12 12x90 July 25, 1996
The end of Arthur's inquest is a very emotional time for Mark, with his own intimations of mortality. Alan, who gets an angry visit from Phil, is desperate to tell Carol the truth, ...
Jul. 25, 1996
12x91 12 12x91 July 26, 1996
A riot breaks out after the council close the playground and Steven is run over by the site boss. Source: www.TVRage.com
Jul. 26, 1996
12x92 12 12x92 July 29, 1996
The aftermath of the riot leads to six arrests by the police including Cindy for smashing up the site boss's car. Source: www.TVRage.com
Jul. 29, 1996
12x93 12 12x93 July 30, 1996
The residents of Albert Square take arms against the council sooner than expected. Lorraine is given an ear- bashing by Joe. Phil and Kathy face up to some bad news.
Jul. 30, 1996
12x94 12 12x94 August 1, 1996
Blossom comes a cropper (endures a tough time) during her lunch break, while Sanjay discovers he has an admirer. Ruth takes Kathy into her confidence, and Phil has a tough day at c ...
Aug. 01, 1996
12x95 12 12x95 August 2, 1996
Nellie has a surprise for Mark and Ruth. Peggy tries to reassure Kathy about Phil's behaviour. David is pressured into making promises. And Pauline wants to take the council to task ...
Aug. 02, 1996
12x96 12 12x96 August 5, 1996
Sarah makes a discovery which angers Tony. Cindy learns that David's on the move, and Gita's got some competition.
Aug. 05, 1996
12x97 12 12x97 August 6, 1996
Joe drops David in at the deep end, just as he and Lorraine agree to look to the future. Nigel gets a nasty warning when he attempts to publicise the 70s disco.
Aug. 06, 1996
12x98 12 12x98 August 8, 1996
Sonia's behaviour perplexes Carol and Alan while Joe gives Lorraine and David even more reason to be worried.
Aug. 08, 1996
12x99 12 12x99 August 12, 1996
Lorraine moves into the Square for good. Alan has a surprise visit at the night café. And Sanjay is the subject of special attention.
Aug. 12, 1996
12x100 12 12x100 August 13, 1996
David faces some tough questioning from Joe. Felix takes Sonia's little problem to heart. And Ruth faces a terrible dilemma at the nursery.
Aug. 13, 1996
12x101 12 12x101 August 15, 1996
There's a special promotion at the Cobra Club, while Nigel and Sanjay run a disco for the kids. Cindy and David find time for a chat about the future.
Aug. 15, 1996
12x102 12 12x102 August 19, 1996
Felix has an unusual gift for Robbie. Mark realises he's been acting selfishly, and Simon has an unexpected visitor.
Aug. 19, 1996
12x103 12 12x103 August 20, 1996
Matters take a unexpected turn for the Walford Six. Ian and Ted have nasty surprises to look forward to. Carol is alarmed to find Frankie back in the Square. Tiffany receives some good ...
Aug. 20, 1996
12x104 12 12x104 August 22, 1996
Mark must put some fears to rest and Sarah is nervous about her big day. Meanwhile Ian knows that the truth is out there and goes searching for it.
Aug. 22, 1996
12x105 12 12x105 August 26, 1996
A trip to Blackpool turns out to be more than just a holiday for Tony and Dan, while Tiffany is forced into making a difficult decision.
Aug. 26, 1996
12x106 12 12x106 August 27, 1996
Tony is still in the doghouse, while Dan tries to get Sarah in the holiday spirit by playing a dangerous joke on her. Bianca decides that a girls' day out will cheer up Tiffany, but ...
Aug. 27, 1996
12x107 12 12x107 August 29, 1996
Tiffany's future looks bright while Simon's loyalties are tested when Tony decides to confide in him.
Aug. 29, 1996
12x108 12 12x108 September 2, 1996
Back from Blackpool, Simon and Tiffany have questions for Tony. Lorraine finds a solution to Grant's problem and Cindy seeks advice, while Ian pursues his suspicions.
Sep. 02, 1996
12x109 12 12x109 September 3, 1996
A face from the past turns up to surprise David and Cindy. Frankie talks herself into a job, and there's an unwanted guest at Tiffany's birthday party.
Sep. 03, 1996
12x110 12 12x110 September 5, 1996
Nigel offers to help Lorraine, and Pauline has some good news for the community. Robbie finds some buried treasure, and there's a shock in store for Ian.
Sep. 05, 1996
12x111 12 12x111 September 9, 1996
Cindy is desperate to talk to Ian, but he is avoiding her. Tiffany's world falls apart as Tony and Simon finally communicate. And Ricky arrives home to an enthusiastic welcome from ...
Sep. 09, 1996
12x112 12 12x112 September 10, 1996
Ian is slapped in the face by harsh reality as Cindy reveals her plans. But is she telling him the whole story? David confides in Carol. Grant questions an angry and hurt Tiffany. Alan ...
Sep. 10, 1996
12x113 12 12x113 September 12, 1996
Carol tells Frankie exactly where she stands, David plays it cool but Ian has wised up while Tiffany and Grant meet Peggy in full maternal flow. And is Ian wising up?
Sep. 12, 1996
12x114 12 12x114 September 16, 1996
Ian is determined to find out the truth about Cindy and David at whatever cost. While Tony is convinced of his feelings for Simon, he is less certain how to face the rest of Albert ...
Sep. 16, 1996
12x115 12 12x115 September 17, 1996
It's the day of reckoning in the Beale household, but Ian has a shock in store for Cindy. Alan and Carol have reached stalemate so Frankie takes the opportunity to launch a new attack. ...
Sep. 17, 1996
12x116 12 12x116 September 19, 1996
Cindy is unprepared when Ian takes her on over the children. A guilty secret preys on Alan's mind.
Sep. 19, 1996
12x117 12 12x117 September 23, 1996
Phil returns from Scotland, but the welcome is not as warm as he would have liked. Cindy has a frustrating day without David, while Ted has a battle with some home truths.
Sep. 23, 1996
12x118 12 12x118 September 24, 1996
Phil is having trouble remembering what he did last night. Kathy is shocked by the developments in her son's marriage. Gita and Sanjay plan a night to be remembered. Alan has a secret ...
Sep. 24, 1996
12x119 12 12x119 September 26, 1996
As Roy plans his marriage to Pat, he recognises someone from the past. Cindy has an uncomfortable encounter, and George and Grant find themselves getting closer.
Sep. 26, 1996
12x120 12 12x120 September 30, 1996
Alan feels his luck has changed - until Frankie refuses to take no for an answer. Kathy finally acknowledges the cause of Phil's odd behaviour in Scotland. And Cindy keeps a dangerous ...
Sep. 30, 1996
12x121 12 12x121 October 1, 1996
Cindy, feeling like a prisoner, appeals to David to provide an escape route. Carol makes a shocking discovery. Kathy is driven to find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when matters ...
Oct. 01, 1996
12x122 12 12x122 October 3, 1996
Desperate Cindy makes a fateful decision which she could live to regret. Kathy tries to avoid Phil and Carol confronts Alan.
Oct. 03, 1996
12x123 12 12x123 October 7, 1996
Ian is shot by a masked man in a black Volvo. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 07, 1996
12x124 12 12x124 October 8, 1996
Cindy finds herself in the spotlight in the aftermath of Ian's shooting as the police begin their investigations. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 08, 1996
12x125 12 12x125 October 10, 1996
David confronts Cindy about the shooting. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 10, 1996
12x126 12 12x126 October 14, 1996
Pat finds out about David's affair and the possibility of him being involved in Ian's shooting. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 14, 1996
12x127 12 12x127 October 15, 1996
Pat and Roy share wedding day nerves, Barry is questioned by Phil and Grant, and Cindy plans her future.
Oct. 15, 1996
12x128 12 12x128 October 17, 1996
Cindy makes a break for freedom in the only way she can. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 17, 1996
12x129 12 12x129 October 21, 1996
David gets a dressing down from Gita. The police have disturbing news for Ian, and there's trouble at home for Simon and Tony.
Oct. 21, 1996
12x130 12 12x130 October 22, 1996
Pat has bad news for Kathy, and Gita is in trouble. Lorraine has to ask Grant a difficult question. Tiffany faces up to her past, and April gets an offer.
Oct. 22, 1996
12x131 12 12x131 October 24, 1996
David helps an enemy of Grant's. Simon makes a stand, and Tiffany makes Grant an offer he can't refuse.
Oct. 24, 1996
12x132 12 12x132 October 28, 1996
Kathy is distraught about Ian's emotional state. David is pushed to the limit by Joe's strange behaviour, and Grant becomes obstinately single-minded in his search for answers.
Oct. 28, 1996
12x133 12 12x133 October 29, 1996
Alan presses Frankie for an answer. Lorraine is finding it difficult to cope with David's shortcomings as a parent. Joe makes a dramatic announcement and Grant attempts a showdown with ...
Oct. 29, 1996
12x134 12 12x134 October 31, 1996
Carol's declaration puts Alan's attempts to save their marriage on hold, Frankie starts playing dangerous games and someone causes a lot of damage.
Oct. 31, 1996
12x135 12 12x135 November 4, 1996
Alan is more determined than ever that Carol should come to Spain - but something is holding her back. David starts to repair the damage to his flat, Lorraine confronts Grant, and Ruth ...
Nov. 04, 1996
12x136 12 12x136 November 5, 1996
Lorraine and David face a crisis with Joe. Phil and Grant decide it's time they paid Barry another visit. And Bianca wants to talk to Carol - but no one knows where she is.
Nov. 05, 1996
12x137 12 12x137 November 7, 1996
Carol returns, Tiffany prepares to go to Paris and Mark tells Martin the truth.
Nov. 07, 1996
12x138 12 12x138 November 11, 1996
Lorraine is frightened by Joe's behaviour and has to turn to David for help. Carol tries to keep a distance from David while Ian finds he is too close for comfort.
Nov. 11, 1996
12x139 12 12x139 November 12, 1996
A nightmare comes true for Lorraine and David. Carol takes a difficult call and has to face up to reality. Phil gives David a word of warning.
Nov. 12, 1996
12x140 12 12x140 November 14, 1996
Bianca forces Carol into making an important decision, Joe gives David another shock and Phil has some important news for Ian. Roy has a proposition for David and Barry.
Nov. 14, 1996
12x141 12 12x141 November 18, 1996
Problems in the Vic prevent Peggy from keeping her appointment. Felix heads off on holiday, and Lorraine is shocked when she discovers the truth.
Nov. 18, 1996
12x142 12 12x142 November 19, 1996
Some market mayhem causes nutty Joe some distress, while David's good deed is not appreciated and Pat and Roy's wedding preparations are again put in jeopardy.
Nov. 19, 1996
12x143 12 12x143 November 21, 1996
As Pat and Roy celebrate their wedding in style,David makes a tearful departure. Source: www.TVRage.com
Nov. 21, 1996
12x144 12 12x144 November 25, 1996
Lorraine is concerned when an unwanted visitor threatens to send troubled Joe over the edge. Alan returns to troubled waters, and Grant and Tiffany return with some unexpected news ...
Nov. 25, 1996
12x145 12 12x145 November 26, 1996
Peggy looks forward to having fun on her big night out with the unwilling George, who plans on keeping a low profile. Joe misses an appointment and goes missing after Nigel's good intentions ...
Nov. 26, 1996
12x146 12 12x146 November 28, 1996
Bianca hears from David, and Lorraine finally hears word from Joe. There's a shock in store for Peggy while she's alone at the Vic.
Nov. 28, 1996
12x147 12 12x147 December 2, 1996
Lorraine visits Joe in hospital. Tiffany wants more commitment from Grant, while George gets some disturbing news.
Dec. 02, 1996
12x148 12 12x148 December 3, 1996
The Vic is under surveillance, while Peggy and Tiffany embark on a secret trip. Grant, Phil and Tiffany play snooker, and Carol gets a frosty welcome home.
Dec. 03, 1996
12x149 12 12x149 December 5, 1996
Huw and Lenny hit the airwaves, while Alan suffers more problems at home. Joe (turning his back on his mum) is on the move, and Peggy pays another visit to hospital.
Dec. 05, 1996
12x150 12 12x150 December 9, 1996
Peggy has another hospital appointment. Phil and Grant learn some unpleasant facts about George. Alan is unhappy as Joe settles in.
Dec. 09, 1996

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