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EastEnders (UK)

Set in the East End of London, the show focuses on the tensions between love and family with stories ranging from hard-hitting social issues, to personal, human tragedies. And there's plenty of funny moments too. Classic characters old and new across thousands of episodes have shared a drink in The Queen Vic, shed tears of despair or joy, sat on Arthur's bench in the Square... and at some point or other they probably crossed paths with Ian Beale.

EastEnders (UK) Season 11 (1995)

11x01 11 11x01 January 2, 1995
Grant makes himself useless at the Vic, Pat juggles her responsibilities, and Steve's New Year optimism plummets when Della starts getting up to her old tricks. Bianca starts a new ...
Jan. 02, 1995
11x02 11 11x02 January 3, 1995
Pat is busy juggling work and family commitments and she is forced to entrust a responsible task to David. Della's behaviour drives Steve to the end of his tether. Della gets a shock ...
Jan. 03, 1995
11x03 11 11x03 January 5, 1995
An invitation to a wedding causes a ripple of excitement and confusion at the Jacksons', but Carol appears to be less enthusiastic about it than the rest of her family. Ricky gives ...
Jan. 05, 1995
11x04 11 11x04 January 9, 1995
Secrets have always been a large part of the Square, and letting the cat out of the bag is an EastEnders tradition. Ever since Grant spilled the beans on Sharon and Phil to the whole ...
Jan. 09, 1995
11x05 11 11x05 January 10, 1995
David wants to be a sugar daddy and Gita admits she can't be a supermum. Steve pretends to be an agony aunt: The relationship between Della and Binnie has hit a bit of a rough patch ...
Jan. 10, 1995
11x06 11 11x06 January 12, 1995
Steve takes Della out and makes a serious error of judgement. David tells Pat that the deal with Barry Evans at Manor Wood Motors is about to go through. Natalie develops an interest ...
Jan. 12, 1995
11x07 11 11x07 January 16, 1995
Nellie has a visit from the council, David tries to put Pat under pressure, and Della tries to put Steve straight.
Jan. 16, 1995
11x08 11 11x08 January 17, 1995
Carol calls a family conference and decides that honesty is the best policy, Della comes clean to Binnie about her relationship with Steve, Debbie gets involved with Sanjay's gambling ...
Jan. 17, 1995
11x09 11 11x09 January 19, 1995
Celebrations are in order for the Fowler clan when Michelle has some good news to share. Kathy has a bad day in the café when everyone offers her help and advice. Ricky is furious ...
Jan. 19, 1995
11x10 11 11x10 January 23, 1995
Pat finally succumbs to the attentions of car dealer Roy Evans. (but not completely) She takes with her a chaperone, and quite right too, you can't trust a car dealer as far as you ...
Jan. 23, 1995
11x11 11 11x11 January 24, 1995
With Alan and Carol out of the way at Carol's cousin's wedding, Bianca, Ricky and Natalie get ready to party, but wish they had been more selective with their guest list. Pat is still ...
Jan. 24, 1995
11x12 11 11x12 January 26, 1995
Robbie and trusty hound Well'ard face up to the morning after, with news of the Jacksons' party doing the rounds of the Albert Square gossips. Steve gets a futuristic vision involving ...
Jan. 26, 1995
11x13 11 11x13 January 30, 1995
At last Michelle has a job, and deservedly so, after all her hard work. She's working for the council and boy, is she excited about her first day. And to round it all off, Geoff plans ...
Jan. 30, 1995
11x14 11 11x14 January 31, 1995
Natalie is left out in the cold by Bianca's new friend, whilst Ricky gets taken for a ride. Arthur thinks Geoff is taking advantage and Steve is promoting the all-night café.
Jan. 31, 1995
11x15 11 11x15 February 2, 1995
Bianca and Tiffany cause a stir, while Natalie and Ricky have a night to remember when they share their feelings about how Bianca's been treating them. Binnie finds it hard to cope ...
Feb. 02, 1995
11x16 11 11x16 February 6, 1995
Natalie's walking on air, Bianca's nursing a hangover and Ricky doesn't know where to turn. Steve hopes to impress Tiffany with his glamorous new venture.
Feb. 06, 1995
11x17 11 11x17 February 7, 1995
Ricky gets in deeper than ever when he tries to get his love life in order. Pauline is feeling guilty about Nellie, so Arthur decides to take drastic measures, while Robbie's new career ...
Feb. 07, 1995
11x18 11 11x18 February 9, 1995
Nellie and Ethel eschew their bus passes and head to the Vic for a girls' night out. Geoff drinks Arthur under the table, and Pauline wonders why. Roy admires Pat's famous hot-pot. ...
Feb. 09, 1995
11x19 11 11x19 February 13, 1995
Ricky finds himself caught between two women and agrees to make a choice between them, while Nigel prepares for Valentine's Day with a bulk purchase and a cast-iron idea for making ...
Feb. 13, 1995
11x20 11 11x20 February 14, 1995
It may be Valentine's Day, but Carol is annoyed with Alan, Ricky spreads his love too thin and Geoff's romantic dinner gets out of hand.
Feb. 14, 1995
11x21 11 11x21 February 16, 1995
Ethel's 80th birthday celebrations at the Queen Vic cause some confusion but Pauline and Arthur use the occasion to make peace with Nellie. Pauline is mixed up about Michelle and Bianca ...
Feb. 16, 1995
11x22 11 11x22 February 20, 1995
Kathy and Phil are keen to spend more time with each other, but when she pays him a visit pushy Peggy is there, which is hardly likely to do wonders for anybody's love-life. Ricky is ...
Feb. 20, 1995
11x23 11 11x23 February 21, 1995
Ricky gives Natalie a nasty surprise, Grant advises Nigel on how to be a man and Pat gets a taste of the real Roy.
Feb. 21, 1995
11x24 11 11x24 February 23, 1995
Natalie says goodbye to the Square, Arthur finds he must drive Nellie to her home, and Nigel stares violence in the face.
Feb. 23, 1995
11x25 11 11x25 February 27, 1995
Kathy and Phil are making plans for their reunion on his return to Walford but Peggy's intervention doesn't help. Michelle reveals some more of her past to Geoff. Poor Ricky gets laughed ...
Feb. 27, 1995
11x26 11 11x26 February 28, 1995
Michelle wonders if honesty is the best policy, while Kathy decides to show everyone that she's prepared to stand by her man.
Feb. 28, 1995
11x27 11 11x27 March 2, 1995
A night on the town with Tiffany proves to be memorable for Bianca, although her hopes of finding someone tall, dark and handsome don't turn out quite as she expected. Geoff turns up ...
Mar. 02, 1995
11x28 11 11x28 March 6, 1995
Bianca is told a few home truths and Michelle thinks about life north of Walford.
Mar. 06, 1995
11x29 11 11x29 March 7, 1995
When Michelle tells Pauline and Arthur her news she finds her parents' reactions are very different. Peggy decides to make the effort to get to know Kathy better, while Gita wrestles ...
Mar. 07, 1995
11x30 11 11x30 March 9, 1995
Michelle and Arthur don't see eye to eye over Geoff's proposal. Michelle's news has hit Arthur hard, but his strong opposition only serves to push her in the other direction with her ...
Mar. 09, 1995
11x31 11 11x31 March 13, 1995
Steve comes under financial pressure from an unexpected quarter, while Nigel and Robbie have bunny trouble.
Mar. 13, 1995
11x32 11 11x32 March 14, 1995
Peggy gives Kathy a makeover, while Phil tests his catering skills. Bianca is feeling decidedly anti-social and Robbie tries to cheer her up by leaving Well'ard with her for company ...
Mar. 14, 1995
11x33 11 11x33 March 16, 1995
Ian gets some unwanted business advice from Steve, while Mark confronts his fears about Michelle. Alan tries to get Bianca to bury the hatchet with Carol. Peggy is getting in Pat's ...
Mar. 16, 1995
11x34 11 11x34 March 20, 1995
The arrival of a familiar face in the Square surprises the residents, while Carol and Bianca finally face the truth. Michelle is avoiding the issue.
Mar. 20, 1995
11x35 11 11x35 March 21, 1995
Kathy has a close encounter on the square, Gita makes Sanjay an offer he can't refuse and David tries to set the record straight.
Mar. 21, 1995
11x36 11 11x36 March 23, 1995
Peggy tries her hand at marriage guidance and Michelle has an answer for Geoff. Gita lays down the law.
Mar. 23, 1995
11x37 11 11x37 March 27, 1995
While Geoff and Michelle celebrate their engagement, Peggy is determined to get Grant to talk to Sharon, and Bianca has a proposal for David.
Mar. 27, 1995
11x38 11 11x38 March 28, 1995
Grant faces up to a future without Sharon, while Ruth decides she doesn't want a life without Mark. Nigel gets physical, with disastrous consequences.
Mar. 28, 1995
11x39 11 11x39 March 30, 1995
Steve's dreams of a business empire begin to crumble. Sanjay finds himself with a score to settle, Della gets itchy feet and Peggy finds out a few family secrets.
Mar. 30, 1995
11x40 11 11x40 April 3, 1995
Phil gets a late night summons from Peggy, Mark awaits a phone call from Scotland and there's a nasty surprise for Sharon.
Apr. 03, 1995
11x41 11 11x41 April 4, 1995
Ruth returns with some news for Mark, while Sharon pays some surprise visits. Ricky tries to get Bianca a job.
Apr. 04, 1995
11x42 11 11x42 April 6, 1995
The bedsits get a new owner and Robbie is delighted with Kathy's new assistant. Michelle is taken aback by her parents' reaction to a family announcement. Alan decides it's time to ...
Apr. 06, 1995
11x43 11 11x43 April 10, 1995
Alan finds himself doing women's work, while Mark lets the women work things out for themselves. Della and Binnie decide to get away from it all.
Apr. 10, 1995
11x44 11 11x44 April 11, 1995
Nigel gets promotion, Roy pushes the boat out, and Peggy turns on the charm.
Apr. 11, 1995
11x45 11 11x45 April 13, 1995
"Stag night" for Mark in the Vic and Ruth in the Café. Ruth and Pauline find they have something in common, while Tiffany and Bianca find it's a man's world. Sharon is left out in ...
Apr. 13, 1995
11x46 11 11x46 April 17, 1995
Arthur's hopes of a warm Scottish welcome are somewhat dashed, while tempers run high when Mark meets Ruth's family.
Apr. 17, 1995
11x47 11 11x47 April 18, 1995
The Aitkens are left shell-shocked after the night's revelations, and Mark and Ruth try to pick up the pieces.
Apr. 18, 1995
11x48 11 11x48 April 20, 1995
It is Michelle, not the bride, who has difficulties in making it to Ruth and Mark's wedding on time. Arthur, the proud father of the groom, makes his speech at the reception with Pauline ...
Apr. 20, 1995
11x49 11 11x49 April 24, 1995
Nigel has bad news for Arthur. Michelle finds life with a honeymoon couple isn't all roses. Grant and Sharon sort things out at the Vic, and Phil pays Ian a surprise visit.
Apr. 24, 1995
11x50 11 11x50 April 25, 1995
Peggy causes trouble for Della, while Sharon and Michelle's night out takes a nasty turn. Ricky finds himself with housing problems, and Bianca goes up in the world.
Apr. 25, 1995
11x51 11 11x51 April 27, 1995
Binnie and Della make Mediterranean travel plans. Ian is made an offer he can't refuse. Roy tries to say it with flowers, but Pat's reaction takes him by surprise. Michelle decides ...
Apr. 27, 1995
11x52 11 11x52 May 1, 1995
Grant and Sharon have a brief encounter, Peggy's plans for the Vic suffer a major setback and Alan's pride takes a knock.
May. 01, 1995
11x53 11 11x53 May 2, 1995
Nigel unveils his secret weapon, while Sharon gives the Mitchell's more than they bargained for.
May. 02, 1995
11x54 11 11x54 May 4, 1995
Ricky gets a surprise when Roy comes to see him at the Arches. Della and Binnie celebrate a deal they have just struck but it is brought to an abrupt halt when Steve finds out, while ...
May. 04, 1995
11x55 11 11x55 May 8, 1995
The residents of Albert Square celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE Day on Bank Holiday. Arthur intends to make sure it is a day for everybody, young and old alike, to remember. The ...
May. 08, 1995
11x56 11 11x56 May 9, 1995
The new landlord at the bedsits starts to throw his weight around, and Ricky finds he could be homeless. Ian gets Cindy just what he's always wanted, and a win for Nigel's football ...
May. 09, 1995
11x57 11 11x57 May 11, 1995
Lydia gets a shock when Della and Binnie write her a reference and Robbie gets a dose of reality when Carol examines his job prospects. Kathy's birthday dinner takes an unexpected turn ...
May. 11, 1995
11x58 11 11x58 May 15, 1995
Steve promises Della and Binnie a night to remember which turns out to be not quite what they had in mind. Sharon decides to live it up in the Vic. Nigel realises football can be a ...
May. 15, 1995
11x59 11 11x59 May 16, 1995
Della and Binnie bid farewell to Albert Square. Peggy makes Sharon an offer she can refuse. Arthur's day of glory arrives at last, but can he come up to scratch.
May. 16, 1995
11x60 11 11x60 May 18, 1995
David and Bianca go for another driving lesson but their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they don't return to the square until 5am the following day. Source: www.TVRag ...
May. 18, 1995
11x61 11 11x61 May 22, 1995
While Nigel is busy making last minute preparations for the final, Debbie gets unwanted attention at work. Cindy finds herself in a state of shock.
May. 22, 1995
11x62 11 11x62 May 23, 1995
Debbie has work worries, Arthur gets his big chance and Grant has a suggestion for Sharon.
May. 23, 1995
11x63 11 11x63 May 25, 1995
Peggy makes plans for the Vic, Grant revives an old acquaintance, and Nigel thinks Debbie is acting strangely. Mark is forced to make some painful admissions.
May. 25, 1995
11x64 11 11x64 May 29, 1995
Kathy plans a family get-together at the Vic, saving Cindy from a close shave with David. Peggy wants to know who Grant's date was.
May. 29, 1995
11x65 11 11x65 May 30, 1995
Debbie gets more than she bargained for when she works late again, while Alan finds it hard to be patient with Bianca.
May. 30, 1995
11x66 11 11x66 June 1, 1995
Sharon and Grant plan another meeting - but Grant has more than business on his mind. Debbie thinks that she might be over-reacting to recent events. Cindy finds her past catching up ...
Jun. 01, 1995
11x67 11 11x67 June 5, 1995
Arthur enters the political arena, Dougan surprises Debbie, and Bianca and Alan still don't see eye to eye.
Jun. 05, 1995
11x68 11 11x68 June 6, 1995
Grant and Sharon find themselves having to lie. Ian has a surprise for Cindy and David is hard-pressed to keep up with Bianca's demands.
Jun. 06, 1995
11x69 11 11x69 June 8, 1995
[add summary]
Jun. 07, 1995
11x70 11 11x70 June 12, 1995
Nigel punches Dougan. Source: www.TVRage.com
Jun. 12, 1995
11x71 11 11x71 June 13, 1995
Michelle catches Sharon in a compromising position. Ian discovers Phil's dark secret. Grant finds that love involves having to say sorry. Kathy advises Debbie and Arthur hears disturbing ...
Jun. 13, 1995
11x72 11 11x72 June 15, 1995
Peggy gets suspicious about Grant's nocturnal behaviour. Ruth and Mark get their wires crossed. Debbie and Nigel visit the bookies' head office to make their claims. Ian finds himself ...
Jun. 15, 1995
11x73 11 11x73 June 19, 1995
Ian faces up to an angry Phil, while Cindy is flustered by a late-night call. Debbie receives an unwelcome visit from Dougan and Ruth tries to make up with Mark.
Jun. 19, 1995
11x74 11 11x74 June 20, 1995
Sharon and Peggy tie up their business deal, and Grant wants to know where that leaves him. Mark and Ruth are forced to do some straight talking.
Jun. 20, 1995
11x75 11 11x75 June 22, 1995
Nigel receives some devastating news from the police. Source: www.TVRage.com
Jun. 22, 1995

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