Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.


Doctors (UK) Season 22 (2021)

22x01 22 22x01 Sleeping With Ghosts
Al gets spooked, Jimmi and Rob look into the Robson case, and Sid gets caught between a father and daughter who are at odds over what’s best for his patient.
Feb. 16, 2021
22x02 22 22x02 Of Mice and Women
After Lily lets herself into his home, Al takes matters into his own hands. Karen and Rob struggle to deal with Tom’s behavior, and Emma meets a medical student whose secret experiments ...
Feb. 17, 2021
22x03 22 22x03 Impressions
Al receives a disconcerting phone call from his mother. Daniel is unimpressed when Zara spreads an intimate secret around the Mill. Al gives relationship advice to a painter and her ...
Feb. 18, 2021
22x04 22 22x04 Pulling The Wool
Al worries that Lily’s latest move may have put his mother in danger, while Sid and Bear worry that Daniel is having a mid-life crisis. Jimmi helps with the death of a young woman ...
Feb. 22, 2021
22x05 22 22x05 The Garden
Karen, Jimmi and Daniel finally get some answers as the truth about who really killed Tom and Ella’s mother comes as a shocking revelation. But where will it leave Tom, Ella and ...
Feb. 23, 2021
22x06 22 22x06 Trouble
Young nurse Luca battles to help his patients while dealing with ghosts from the past. But what is his connection to The Mill?
Feb. 24, 2021
22x07 22 22x07 Loss or Absence
Karen and Rob are devastated as the consequences for Tom, Ella and Simon become evident. Ruhma tries to help a hopeful father-to-be and his partner when the reality of their situation ...
Feb. 25, 2021
22x08 22 22x08 Helping Hands
Nurse Luca ruffles some feathers during his first day at the Mill, Daniel is called to campus to help two protesters out of a sticky situation, and a charming woman has an enticing ...
Mar. 01, 2021
22x09 22 22x09 Close Encounters
Bear’s team-building day takes the staff on an exciting scavenger hunt, with some strange encounters and a thrilling race to the finish.
Mar. 02, 2021
22x10 22 22x10 A History of Violence
After some cajoling by Bear, Sid finally gets back in the game. Karen and Luca patch things up, but his day sours after an unpleasant surprise. Jimmi helps an ex-offender with a violent ...
Mar. 03, 2021
22x11 22 22x11 Sweet Child o' Mine
Luca is backed into a corner when his past comes back to haunt him. Bear and Sid go on a double date, and Karen meets a mother who is desperate to save her sick daughter.
Mar. 04, 2021
22x12 22 22x12 Cold Reading
Daniel tries to stop a dangerous hunger strike. Ruhma offers a listening ear as pressure builds on Luca, and Zara worries for a grieving friend who believes in communing with the ...
Mar. 08, 2021
22x13 22 22x13 Midwife Crisis
Rob tries to get away from it all with a day of fishing, but an unexpected arrival gives him something to think about. Daniel is invited to meet the pro vice chancellor of the university, ...
Mar. 09, 2021
22x14 22 22x14 Imposter
Daniel becomes increasingly embroiled in the university hunger strike, despite Zara warning him to stay away. When her mother starts treating her like a stranger, teenager Rosie realizes ...
Mar. 10, 2021
22x15 22 22x15 Sugar Sugar
Daniel’s fears for Anita intensify, while Zara is miffed by Emma and Luca’s newfound spark. Colin is intent on declaring his love to his sugar baby, but Karen fears he’s making ...
Mar. 11, 2021
22x16 22 22x16 Sammy
Luca’s past creates trouble for him when Jonno tells all to Zara. Bear is alarmed to realize a care service for a teenage boy is just a front for something more sinister.
Mar. 15, 2021
22x17 22 22x17 Food For Thought
Daniel tries his best to end the hunger strike once and for all as Anita wakes from her coma. A young woman in Ruhma’s care is warned not to eat during labor, but her overbearing ...
Mar. 16, 2021
22x18 22 22x18 Daddy's Girl
Valerie embarks on a magnet-fishing adventure, while Daniel is challenged by Maisie to put his money where his mouth is. A work experience student tries to hide her ethnic background, ...
Mar. 17, 2021
22x19 22 22x19 Fifty-Fifty
Daniel has a final chance to persuade Maisie to end the hunger strike, as Jimmi finds out some disturbing news about the university. Luca tries to help two sisters who are at odds ...
Mar. 18, 2021
22x20 22 22x20 Menpause
Emma and Zara host a menopausal support group, where they learn as much about their own experiences and friendship as the other women.
Mar. 22, 2021
22x21 22 22x21 Game On
Daniel is in a race against time to get to the bottom of the dodgy dealings at the university. Al discovers the real-life identity of his online chess opponent, and Rob is caught ...
Mar. 23, 2021
22x22 22 22x22 You Win Some
Sid is given a challenge by an old friend. Valerie gets a mysterious letter, and Bear learns about the new head of the Patient Participation Group. Luca deals ...
Mar. 24, 2021
22x23 22 22x23 Mad Eye Mandy
Bear meets the infamous Miranda Evans, and Sid puzzles over his first labor. Emma has to get a fractured family to come together when a graduation day becomes too much.
Mar. 25, 2021
22x24 22 22x24 Snakes and Ladders
Miranda arrives at the Mill, impressing everyone. Valerie has her suspicions - do leopards ever change their spots? Rob has to solve the mystery behind a violent attack on a pens ...
Mar. 29, 2021
22x25 22 22x25 The Truth, The Whole Truth...
Al is keen to try out his new game app on the team, and Karen proves especially enthusiastic. Emma is challenged when a stabbing leads to an internal police investigation.
Mar. 30, 2021
22x26 22 22x26 Push
Ruhma supports one couple from the start to the end of their pregnancy journey, but can she admit that she needs help herself?
Mar. 31, 2021
22x27 22 22x27 The Good, The Bad and The Blood Pressurey
Al reluctantly leads a shared patient consultation, and Bear may be out of his depth. What do a radio host, a graphic novelist and a timid man have in common?
Apr. 01, 2021
22x28 22 22x28 Bad Things, Good People
Valerie sees omens everywhere, and Bear can’t see what’s in front of him. Zara has to step in when a one-night stand has disastrous consequences.
Apr. 19, 2021
22x29 22 22x29 Schrodinger's Dog
A dog’s death leads Rob to uncover a dark secret. Meanwhile, flirting is in the air - Daniel is flattered, but Bear is horrified.
Apr. 20, 2021
22x30 22 22x30 Over The Waters
It’s the day of the charity car wash. Will they clean up, or will it be a total washout? Luca, Ruhma and Karen have to go the extra mile for their customers.
Apr. 21, 2021
22x31 22 22x31 Ex Marks The Spot
Workplace crushes hot up for Daniel and Bear, but only Daniel is enjoying the attention. Karen intervenes when a bitterly divorced couple arrive for appointments at the same time ...
Apr. 22, 2021
22x32 22 22x32 The Lost Boy
It’s a big day for Valerie, but Karen has forgotten something important. Will she be able to save the day? When a documentary film-maker visits the prison, Daniel helps a young ...
Apr. 26, 2021
22x33 22 22x33 One Too Many
It’s Valerie’s 50th birthday and a celebrity is in town, but will she get to meet them? When their plans go awry, Emma and Luca find themselves sharing more than they expect. ...
Apr. 27, 2021
22x34 22 22x34 Tongue-Tied
Valerie tries to track down the baby from the photo in the mystery box. A new sergeant joins the station, but Rob isn’t too happy about it. Jimmi tries to help a young lad with ...
Apr. 28, 2021
22x35 22 22x35 Day of Reckoning
Valerie is delighted when Ricky Delaine propositions her, while Rob and Harriet start to bond. When a proud mother faces her own mortality, she opens up a can of worms that threatens ...
Apr. 29, 2021
22x36 22 22x36 You Promised Me a Feeling
Jimmi helps a family struggling with the long-term physical and emotional effects of cancer over the course of a decade.
May. 04, 2021
22x37 22 22x37 Brown Boots
Valerie faces a choice – does she want a medical career or a life of glitz and glamour in show business? A young carer struggles to cope when his nan’s obsession with a Stanley ...
May. 05, 2021
22x38 22 22x38 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Valerie continues on her quest, but a surprise awaits as she follows her next lead. Tensions run high when the team from The Mill face formidable competition on the sports pitch. ...
May. 06, 2021
22x39 22 22x39 Brother Love
Valerie gets excited by her first day of HCA training and is then surprised when Nathan turns up at the Mill. Jimmi gets drawn into a dispute between a brother and sister.
May. 10, 2021
22x40 22 22x40 Who Decides
Valerie helps Nathan out when he struggles to go through with meeting his birth mother. Ruhma is somewhat baffled by a young couple's approach to choosing their baby’s defining ...
May. 11, 2021
22x41 22 22x41 This Is Not a Pipe
Al unwillingly finds himself on a blind date but makes an unexpected connection. Is his companion everything she seems?
May. 12, 2021
22x42 22 22x42 The Seg
Sid needs help to come up with a final Labor of Hercules to raise money, and Emma tries to organize a Sunday lunch with Luca. Daniel gets embroiled in a prison dispute and has to ...
May. 13, 2021
22x43 22 22x43 Crossing The Line
It is Valerie’s first day of full training as HCA with Luca, but what can possibly go wrong? Luca gives her some dating advice. Rob and Harriet attend an unusual crime scene, and ...
May. 17, 2021
22x44 22 22x44 Comic Book Hero
Sid makes preparations for the big apple sale, while Karen is excited by the prospect of another foster child. Luca is intrigued when he gets involved with a patient who is undergoing ...
May. 18, 2021
22x45 22 22x45 Love Is in The Air
It’s the day of the big apple sale, but Valerie can’t seem to concentrate on it. Lewis is excited to attend the final labour, though Sid isn’t so sure he should come. Sid has ...
May. 19, 2021
22x46 22 22x46 Into The Woods
Sid’s colleagues try to support him after his tragic loss. Luca struggles with a dilemma. Valerie and Nathan’s day in the woods gives her food for thought.
May. 20, 2021
22x47 22 22x47 Three Consultations and a Funeral
Over the course of a month, Emma tries to help Jan Fisher - but what is Jan hiding?
May. 24, 2021
22x48 22 22x48 Only Connect
Luca’s on the hunt for Jonno, but will he able to handle what he finds? Al’s IT know-how is needed by an old friend, but can he troubleshoot the difficult relationship between ...
May. 25, 2021
22x49 22 22x49 Trapped
A detoxing Jonno turns on Luca. Valerie organizes team appreciation gifts, while Ruhma tries to get Sid to unwrap his feelings. Zara Carmichael can handle almost anything, but a locked ...
May. 26, 2021
22x50 22 22x50 The Gift Horse's Mouth
Valerie’s team appreciation gift exchange leads to some big decisions. Ruhma supports Sid on the day of Lewis’s wake. Jimmi helps a struggling student to mend his relationship with ...
May. 27, 2021
22x51 22 22x51 Seize The Day
Rob and Harriet get close at a work party, while Valerie reassesses her decisions in life. Ruhma meets a teenager who hasn’t told anyone in her life about her pregnancy.
Jun. 01, 2021
22x52 22 22x52 Quality Time
Al helps a local councilor try to reconnect with his estranged, grieving son.
Jun. 02, 2021
22x53 22 22x53 Make You Feel My Love
Rob goes blank, Jimmi gets suspicious, and Zara and Daniel aren’t sure what they’ve let themselves in for. Emma finds herself caught up in Barry’s personal life.
Jun. 03, 2021
22x54 22 22x54 And It's a No From Me
Sid makes a connection. Daniel and Zara struggle as Al masterminds the last labor. Bear misses the treasure hunt to try to help a patient in need.
Jun. 04, 2021
22x55 22 22x55 Enough
Sid and Valerie struggle coming down from the high of yesterday, while Ruhma takes Karen out. Daniel tries to help a nurse who spends too much time helping everyone else.
Jun. 07, 2021
22x56 22 22x56 A Grave Affair
Karen talks to the dead, Sid thinks drinking is the answer, and Emma and Harriet encounter two women battling with grief.
Jun. 08, 2021
22x57 22 22x57 A Touch of Class
As Sid finds himself in trouble with the rapid response team, Emma and Jimmi worry about Rob. A young female student turns to Al for help when she falls victim to bullying.
Jun. 09, 2021
22x58 22 22x58 Bindweed
Sid plans an ambitious initiative for the Mill, and Al is less than helpful in Bear’s audit meeting. Zara is forced to intervene between a mother and her stroppy teenage daught ...
Jun. 10, 2021
22x59 22 22x59 Sub 25
Luca tries to help a patient who is suffering in silence.
Jun. 11, 2021
22x60 22 22x60 In Case of Emergency
Al and Bear are at loggerheads, while Karen hopes for a relaxing day out with Rob. Ruhma finds a mother has disturbing symptoms following the birth of her baby.
Jun. 15, 2021
22x61 22 22x61 The Slipped-Fishy-Click-Flip
Sid is nervous about his presentation to Daniel and Zara, and Valerie comes to a startling decision. Luca treats a teenager whose attempts to help her brother disastrously backfi ...
Jun. 17, 2021
22x62 22 22x62 Call of Judy
As Jimmi tries to make Valerie change her mind, it’s Karen’s turn to make a rash move. Daniel finds himself in the middle of a complex family situation.
Jun. 21, 2021
22x63 22 22x63 Starting Over
It’s Valerie’s last day at the Mill, and she’s planning to go out in style. Thanks to Ruhma, the Mill is alive with the sound of music.
Jun. 22, 2021
22x64 22 22x64 Wonderland
Looking for adventure, Valerie finds herself in a magical place called Wonderland, but will she like what she finds?
Jun. 23, 2021
22x65 22 22x65 Waste of Space
While Daniel and Bear’s concern grows for Sid, Jimmi is delighted to welcome a traveling friend who has come to spread some joy. Local bad boys Aaron and Lenny have big plans for ...
Jun. 24, 2021
22x66 22 22x66 Friendly Fire
Aaron lies lifeless. Rob struggles to deal with the enormity of the situation, but will he open up to Jimmi? Emma nips out of the surgery to buy something second-hand. What could ...
Sep. 06, 2021
22x67 22 22x67 Shouting in a Storm
Rob and Karen are at odds, and Emma visits to try and help. Aaron remains unconscious. Daniel deals with a medical student who struggles to keep their opinions to themselves.
Sep. 07, 2021
22x68 22 22x68 Geraldus The Hero
Al battles with two of his least favorite people as he tries to assist a new student whose accommodation seems to be exacerbating her asthma.
Sep. 08, 2021
22x69 22 22x69 The Missing Piece
Rob visits Daniel to try to find any answers, and Inspector Okoro acts when potential new evidence becomes available. Valerie has to attend to a young mother who is struggling to ...
Sep. 09, 2021
22x70 22 22x70 Beautiful Day
Valerie tries to enact a significant event protocol because of a mystery parcel. Ruhma examines some of Al’s old antiques, and Sid supervises a younger rapid response paramedic, ...
Sep. 13, 2021
22x71 22 22x71 The Inspector
Emma thinks a potential witness could be of benefit to Rob, and Al winds Ruhma up. Bear visits another GP surgery and gets stuck there longer than he anticipated.
Sep. 14, 2021
22x72 22 22x72 Rest in Peace
Harriet visits Rob with some news, and Ruhma gets herself into a bit of a tangle. Luca deals with a young couple with a tragic recent past that is manifesting itself in an unusual ...
Sep. 15, 2021
22x73 22 22x73 A Great Day For The Race
Emma decides to get everyone together to teach them a lesson in diversity, while Ruhma is somewhat taken aback by discussion of her background. Jimmi has to deal with a very sensitive ...
Sep. 16, 2021
22x74 22 22x74 Booty or Bust - Part 1
When a key witness returns to the surgery, Emma jumps at the chance to get his statement about the night at the warehouse to help Rob. She enlists Valerie’s help to try to keep ...
Sep. 20, 2021
22x75 22 22x75 Booty or Bust - Part 2
Valerie tracks down her missing witness, but both of them are scared off by Harriet’s threatening behavior.
Sep. 21, 2021

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