Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 19 (2017-2018)

19x01 19 19x01 Something Whiskered This Way Comes
Mrs Tembe and JJ return from holiday only to discover the police on their doorstep. Ayesha's anger at Karl soon turns to concern. Jimmi's meticulous plans are ruined when a Buddhist ...
Apr. 17, 2017
19x02 19 19x02 Freak
Tensions are high at the Mill, as Mrs Tembe returns and Valerie enjoys her invalid status a little too much. Ayesha reports Karl missing. Al suffers from foot in mouth disease, when ...
Apr. 18, 2017
19x03 19 19x03 The Terminator
When an unpopular doctor at St Phil's has a streak of bad luck Ruhma is drawn in, finding there may be a guiding hand at work...
Apr. 19, 2017
19x04 19 19x04 Love and Duty
Rob has an explosive start to the day while Jimmi and Mrs Tembe have a clash of opinions after meeting with a psychiatrist. Heston helps a carer who is torn between moving in with ...
Apr. 20, 2017
19x05 19 19x05 The Loneliness of The Long-Distance Swimmer
It's a day full of surprises when Mrs Tembe discovers a man wearing only a towel in her kitchen and Jimmi finds a hungover teenager in his hotel room. Meanwhile Ayesha tries to get ...
Apr. 21, 2017
19x06 19 19x06 Shutdown
Rob has a lead in the cashpoint robbery case, but can he convince some evasive witnesses to cooperate? Meanwhile, Ayesha and Karl have a breakthrough of their own, while Heston struggles ...
Apr. 24, 2017
19x07 19 19x07 Come Hither
Ayesha has to say a tough goodbye but is also pleased to welcome back a familiar face. There is also a warm welcome for Megan on her first day but not from everyone. Valerie stumbles ...
Apr. 25, 2017
19x08 19 19x08 Safe
Sid is after a new challenge, but Mrs Tembe's plan fails to impress. Ayesha suggests an alternative idea, but Emma has doubts. Meanwhile, Ruhma's new plan frustrates Heston. Ayesha ...
Apr. 26, 2017
19x09 19 19x09 Box of Delights
Sid is still reluctantly going along with Mrs Tembe's new initiative but is surprised when things take an unexpected turn. Elsewhere, Heston is filled with dread. Megan suspects ...
Apr. 27, 2017
19x10 19 19x10 Netherworld
Heston is determined to prove his doubts about JJ are justified but is in for a big surprise. Emma meets a troubled student who actually believes he is dead - can she find a medical ...
Apr. 28, 2017
19x11 19 19x11 Head First
Mrs Tembe tries her hospital food recipes out on a chef, but will he think they're good enough? Elsewhere, Ruhma and Karen get competitive but one of them is cheating. Al learns a ...
May. 02, 2017
19x12 19 19x12 The 17th Floor
Valerie shocks Ayesha with her latest plan for the future but is left devastated when Ayesha explains it might not be possible. Elsewhere, Rob also has some unwelcome words for Emma. ...
May. 03, 2017
19x13 19 19x13 It's Strange
It's the day of Mrs Tembe and JJ's hospital food presentation, but will an old feud of JJ's scupper their plan? Valerie worries about joining the VPAS scheme helping vulnerable patients, ...
May. 04, 2017
19x14 19 19x14 Mummy's Boy
Mrs Tembe realizes that JJ is hiding something and demands the truth. Jimmi presses Al for details about his emotional state, but Al susses he's using him as a test case and sees ...
May. 05, 2017
19x15 19 19x15 Lizzie's Last Stand
Seeing JJ is dispirited about not being able to find more work, Mrs Tembe makes a surprising proposal. Valerie decides she wants a baby and looks to the Mill's men for a donor.
May. 08, 2017
19x16 19 19x16 Boundaries
It is Sid's first shift as a rapid responder, but when he fails to alert the emergency team to danger, Rob questions his fitness for the job. Megan mentors Jimmi on becoming a therapist ...
May. 09, 2017
19x17 19 19x17 Mimic
With Valerie still determined to have IVF, Ayesha feels obliged to set her straight on a few basic facts on anatomy. Karen's treatment of JJ undermines his confidence and incurs harsh ...
May. 10, 2017
19x18 19 19x18 Red Moms' Club
Al's headaches are getting worse, and he is worried about what his upcoming brain scan might uncover. JJ moves in with Mrs Tembe, and they get off to a rocky start - has she made ...
May. 11, 2017
19x19 19 19x19 iCARE
Al tries to get to the bottom of his headaches, while Zara and Daniel return to find Valerie in a very odd mood. Heston is put in a difficult position when a patient's son asks him ...
May. 12, 2017
19x20 19 19x20 Won't Get Fooled Again
Daniel pushes Valerie on what she wants to ask him, while Sid gets a call out to deal with two trapped girls. Karen visits a potentially vulnerable pregnant woman, only to find she ...
May. 15, 2017
19x21 19 19x21 The Second Best Man
Zara thinks that Mrs Tembe is hiding something and goes on the offensive. Daniel goes to lunch with Al and Jimmi. Ayesha gets tangled up in a bizarre wedding day escapade.
May. 16, 2017
19x22 19 19x22 Whatever We've Got We Share
Mrs Tembe reluctantly hosts a dinner party, while Jimmi finds himself alone with Megan working late.
May. 17, 2017
19x23 19 19x23 Intervention
Does Mrs Tembe have anything more to worry about? She visits a clinic to find out. Jimmi and Megan come to realize that their differing branches of medicine are not mutually excl ...
May. 18, 2017
19x24 19 19x24 Collision
In the aftermath of a terrible accident, the clock is ticking for Rob and Sid to help the people involved. Ruhma meets a pregnant woman who wants to date.
May. 19, 2017
19x25 19 19x25 Oh Brother!
News of the accident filters back to the Mill, but Sid's reaction surprises them all. Elsewhere, Rob insists he is fine, and Zara tries a bit too hard to be Emma's friend. Karen mixes ...
May. 22, 2017
19x26 19 19x26 Running With The Pack
Valerie gets support from her colleagues, but all is not as it seems. Rob is called in to discuss the accident and faces further pressure at work when trying to solve a series of ...
May. 23, 2017
19x27 19 19x27 Gambling's For Fools
Mrs Tembe and JJ's celebrations hit the right note, while Sid shrinks when he faces Megan in a therapy session. Ayesha encounters more than one familiar face when meeting up with ...
May. 24, 2017
19x28 19 19x28 Next Door
JJ has a life-changing offer for Mrs Tembe - will she follow her head or her heart? Zara takes Emma shoe shopping and tries teaching her to put fashion before comfort.
May. 25, 2017
19x29 19 19x29 To Walk in Her Shoes
A hard decision is put in front of Rob and Karen, while Mrs Tembe and JJ try to work out the future. Al treats a patient with diabetes, but something isn't right. Can he work out ...
May. 26, 2017
19x30 19 19x30 Milk
Rob and Karen struggle to cope with baby Marnie. Have they taken on too much this time? Elsewhere, JJ still hopes Mrs Tembe might change her mind and move abroad with him. Daniel ...
May. 30, 2017
19x31 19 19x31 The Deal
Rob continues to bottle up his emotions despite things heating up at the Hollins house. Sid considers if he needs to see Megan again. Zara is troubled by a locum GP who has made ...
May. 31, 2017
19x32 19 19x32 Taxi For Carter
Daniel offers Jimmi some dating advice, but will the object of his affections reciprocate? Mrs Tembe visits Karen, but can they finally put their differences behind them? Heston encounters ...
Jun. 01, 2017
19x33 19 19x33 Separation
What should be a walk in the park turns into a living nightmare for Rob, while Sid reveals a dirty little secret to Emma. When a vulnerable patient is faced with eviction, Megan has ...
Jun. 02, 2017
19x34 19 19x34 Is It a Bird?
Mrs Tembe proposes that she undertake a secret mission for the good of Heston's relationship, while Rob seeks out company, scared to be alone with Marnie. Ayesha has to weave her ...
Jun. 05, 2017
19x35 19 19x35 Devotion
Rob crosses a line when he does his utmost to get Marnie removed from their care, but will Karen find out what he's up to? Emma reaches out to a vulnerable woman who has just made ...
Jun. 06, 2017
19x36 19 19x36 Hands On
Mrs Tembe is on a mission to discover the secrets of Ruhma's heart, but will she get Heston the answer he longs for? Daniel gets a reputation for having magic hands.
Jun. 07, 2017
19x37 19 19x37 What Men Want
Ruhma and Heston make secret plans with help from their friends. Emma is curious to know how Zara would respond if Daniel ever proposed. Elsewhere, Rob's guilty secret weighs him ...
Jun. 08, 2017
19x38 19 19x38 To Have and To Hold
Ayesha gets a shock visitor. Elsewhere, Emma and Zara try to be helpful but make things worse. Meanwhile, Ruhma and Heston wonder if they are a making a big song and dance over nothing. ...
Jun. 09, 2017
19x39 19 19x39 A Curate's Egg
Ayesha cooks something up to take her mind off recent events. Elsewhere, Ruhma and Heston get the silent treatment, but Sid has a bit too much to say during his session with Megan. ...
Jun. 12, 2017
19x40 19 19x40 Dynamics
Sid and Megan discuss their recent mistake, but can they put the matter to bed? Ayesha finally talks to Bren, but is she there to rebuild bridges or burn them once and for all? Jimmi ...
Jun. 13, 2017
19x41 19 19x41 Factor of One
Ruhma makes wedding plans, but is Shak ready to support her yet? Elsewhere, Megan plans to come clean about what she has done, but Sid thinks she is making a huge mistake. Al has ...
Jun. 14, 2017
19x42 19 19x42 White Noise
Rob struggles with his inner feelings and jeopardizes a court case. Can he pull himself together? Elsewhere, Sid also feels the pressure and a decision is made about Megan's future. ...
Jun. 15, 2017
19x43 19 19x43 Legless
Sid and Megan's first date doesn't go well. Could this be the end of their affair? Rob misses a dinner with Ruhma and Heston, unable to face human interaction. Just what is going on ...
Jun. 16, 2017
19x44 19 19x44 Doctor Shopping
Emma has a run-in with a supposedly reformed Bren, but when Ayesha discovers Emma's hidden this from her, she's furious with her meddling and moves out. Ruhma bonds with Mrs Tembe ...
Jun. 19, 2017
19x45 19 19x45 Monsters
As Megan sets a boundary in her relationship with Sid, Karen deals with an outbreak of vomiting at Campus. Ayesha receives a surprising offer of a place to stay and Ruhma worries she ...
Jun. 20, 2017
19x46 19 19x46 The Longest Day
Rob hopes a fishing trip will help him relax, while Sid doesn't get the help he hoped for from Al. Mrs Tembe meets a druid who is about to initiate his son, but does the son really ...
Jun. 21, 2017
19x47 19 19x47 Field Fever
Sid acts on his jealousy over Megan, but ends up making things awkward. Meanwhile, Ayesha's visit to Bren brings to light not one but two worrying discoveries. Heston helps a young ...
Jun. 22, 2017
19x48 19 19x48 Distractions
Rob experiences life in front of the camera, while Sid's therapy sessions have resulted in a newfound optimism - but will it last? Daniel intervenes to help a couple forced apart ...
Jun. 23, 2017
19x49 19 19x49 Butterflies
Mrs Tembe has a job on her hands to pin down Ruhma for important wedding business, while Ayesha and her mother bond at a demonstration. Zara has a patient who doesn't seem to be able ...
Jun. 26, 2017
19x50 19 19x50 Betrothed
Rob has a night in while Ruhma's hen night gets into full swing, but will Ayesha spoil the party? Al finds himself in a moral dilemma - will he tell the truth or not?
Jun. 27, 2017
19x51 19 19x51 Swansong
Ayesha takes Bren on a surprise trip, while Rob tries to get to the bottom of a house burglary. When a patient who is a ventriloquist comes to the Mill, Valerie is convinced to go ...
Jun. 28, 2017
19x52 19 19x52 Manoeuvres
Ayesha gets frustrated when she isn't allowed to leave work to see her mother, while Ruhma worries about Shak. Heston isn't allowed to see Ruhma before they get married, and Rob asks ...
Jun. 29, 2017
19x53 19 19x53 Stop All The Clocks
It's the day of the wedding, but will Shak turn up? Rob has to deal with the arrest of Bren.
Jun. 30, 2017
19x54 19 19x54 Time of Death
The investigation into Bren's death begins, while Heston goes to the police station to find out what is going on with Ruhma after her arrest. Ayesha visits the morgue to see her mother ...
Sep. 04, 2017
19x55 19 19x55 Piece by Piece
Ayesha's anger at who she blames for Bren's death shocks Al. Rob tries to convince Karen that he is okay. Heston stands up for Ruhma as she faces her police interview.
Sep. 05, 2017
19x56 19 19x56 Breaking The Cycle
Daniel treats a cyclist who is trying to stop the wheels falling off his marriage. Emma seeks professional support from Jimmi as she faces questioning from the IPCC. Heston tries ...
Sep. 06, 2017
19x57 19 19x57 Name and Blame
Karen attempts to heal the rift between a family and a carer. Sid tries to support Ayesha, and Ruhma and Mrs Tembe play the name game.
Sep. 07, 2017
19x58 19 19x58 The Silence
When an elderly lady reacts unexpectedly to some bad news, Zara is left stunned when she finds out why. Valerie supports Ayesha at the funeral parlor but is in for a shock when she ...
Sep. 08, 2017
19x59 19 19x59 Breathless
A routine appointment with a boy and his mum takes a surprising turn for Heston. Ruhma finally makes a decision about her married name, while Sid makes a decision about Megan.
Sep. 11, 2017
19x60 19 19x60 Bounce
Ruhma has an up-and-down day on the maternity ward at St Phil's. On the day of Bren's funeral, Ayesha shuts everyone out, while Sid leaves Mrs Tembe with a big and unexpected dil ...
Sep. 12, 2017
19x61 19 19x61 Legacy
Jimmi doesn't know who to believe when a patient claims his abusive ex-wife hit him, but his ex is protesting her innocence. It's Ayesha's first day back at work, but she is not in ...
Sep. 13, 2017
19x62 19 19x62 Theseus and The Matinee
Al has the perfect afternoon off planned - a classic movie at his favorite cinema - but the other patrons seem set on ruining it. Sid is worried about his future at the Mill, while ...
Sep. 14, 2017
19x63 19 19x63 Parallel Worlds
Valerie trusts her instincts and discovers a VPAS patient is hiding a disturbing truth. Tensions run high as Bren's post-mortem result is issued, and Emma tries to get Zara to break ...
Sep. 15, 2017
19x64 19 19x64 Something Beginning with L...
Heston has a surprising diagnosis for a man who is terrified he is seriously ill. Ayesha and Emma clash over treatment of a patient, and the Mill team are astonished by a flood of ...
Sep. 18, 2017
19x65 19 19x65 Tipping Point
Sid tries to convince a woman to find alternative care arrangements for her young son. Rob is questioned about the day he lost Marnie in the park, and Valerie decides to take a humorous ...
Sep. 19, 2017
19x66 19 19x66 Deferred
It is the day of the coroner's inquest, and Rob struggles to hold himself together.
Sep. 20, 2017
19x67 19 19x67 When The Wheels Come Off
Al's dismissal of a patient with toothache has grim consequences. Meanwhile, Zara has a confession to make through gritted teeth, and Ayesha is determined to get justice at any cost. ...
Sep. 21, 2017
19x68 19 19x68 Whet The Appetite
Zara licks her wounds after failing to rise to Daniel's challenge, Heston welcomes the chance to perform minor surgery on a patient, and Emma awaits a decision about her future. Jimmi ...
Sep. 22, 2017
19x69 19 19x69 Daysleeper
Zara finds herself dealing with more than one pain in the neck. Elsewhere, Ayesha is still struggling with her own pain and is presented with a new opportunity to make life difficult ...
Sep. 25, 2017
19x70 19 19x70 Fearless
Zara is determined to prove Daniel wrong with Sid's help, but she needs to overcome her fear first. Ruhma also has a point to prove after Heston makes an observation about Shak. Rob ...
Sep. 26, 2017
19x71 19 19x71 Sticky Butterfly
Daniel gets caught up in a bittersweet situation involving a dying beekeeper, his conflicted daughter and a bath full of honey. Valerie is presented with an opportunity to tell her ...
Sep. 27, 2017
19x72 19 19x72 Listen Hear
Valerie gets a delivery of flowers, but who are they from? Rob's day is no bed of roses as he is faced with the prospect of losing Karen or finally telling her the truth. Al uses ...
Sep. 28, 2017
19x73 19 19x73 The B Team
A returning patient causes tension between Al and Ayesha. An angry Karen tries to come to terms with yesterday's news. Mrs Tembe makes friends on Botswana Day.
Sep. 29, 2017
19x74 19 19x74 Devices & Desires
Ayesha's challenging behavior causes ructions at the Mill. Karen's worry turns to concern. Sid deals with a case of hyper-sexuality.
Oct. 02, 2017
19x75 19 19x75 Nine Lives
Karen steps up the search. Jimmi challenges Al with kindness. Geoffrey the cat gives Valerie paws for thought.
Oct. 03, 2017

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