Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 18 (2016-2017)

18x01 18 18x01 The Night Children
Jimmi tries to persuade Heston to return to the Mill. Ayesha acts as peacemaker in a battle between an old blind woman and a harassed handyman.
Apr. 04, 2016
18x02 18 18x02 Should I Stay or Should I Go
Jimmi and Emma attend a training course, while Zara attempts to organize a housewarming party.
Apr. 05, 2016
18x03 18 18x03 I'll Cry if I Want To
Zara's party gets off to a bad start when a nasty message goes viral. But will things improve with the arrival of the guests?
Apr. 06, 2016
18x04 18 18x04 A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit
Emma's first day as a force medical examiner is complicated by a new DS. When he tries to use her to hide a mistake, she makes a stand.
Apr. 07, 2016
18x05 18 18x05 What About Me?
Anthony has a new plan for expansion, but Daniel and Zara aren't so sure it's a good idea.
Apr. 08, 2016
18x06 18 18x06 Log Out
Rob tries to help a couple with infidelity issues, only to discover that the alleged adultery didn't occur in real life.
Apr. 11, 2016
18x07 18 18x07 The Gooseberry
Ruhma makes a home visit to a heavily pregnant woman with an unusual living arrangement.
Apr. 12, 2016
18x08 18 18x08 Bitten
Sid visits an elderly patient, but gets caught in the middle when the man's dog savages a TV engineer.
Apr. 13, 2016
18x09 18 18x09 Only Connect
Mrs Tembe struggles to break the negative atmosphere at King's Green. Ayesha takes a reluctant Sid house-hunting.
Apr. 14, 2016
18x10 18 18x10 In Questa Reggia
Heston catches up with an old friend over dinner, but their evening is curtailed by an unexpected guest.
Apr. 15, 2016
18x11 18 18x11 My Outcast State
Al tries to help a patient who is down on his luck. Jimmi is outvoted when the partners discuss the King's Green merger. Emma visits Rhiannon to find out more about her past.
Apr. 18, 2016
18x12 18 18x12 No Quiet Find
Zara treats a man addicted to sleeping. Heston, Emma and Jimmi appeal to Daniel about the King's Green merger, but he seems determined to go ahead. Rob is thrown when Karen mentions ...
Apr. 19, 2016
18x13 18 18x13 Waste of Shame
Rob is called to a hotel to deal with a drunk and disorderly salesman, who is nursing an embarrassing secret. Anthony calls a partner's meeting to finalize plans for the King's Green ...
Apr. 20, 2016
18x14 18 18x14 I Know She Lies
Daniel meets an old friend who has found happiness with a much younger woman, but the news that she is pregnant threatens to derail their relationship. The staff are in shock as ...
Apr. 21, 2016
18x15 18 18x15 That Time of Year
Emma becomes convinced that now that Niamh has gone, Ayesha will want to move out, but are her fears justified?
Apr. 22, 2016
18x16 18 18x16 Shirley
Valerie's day gets off to a bad start, but an unexpected visitor offers her a fresh perspective on life. The staff are overjoyed to hear that Mrs T is coming in to discuss her fu ...
Apr. 25, 2016
18x17 18 18x17 A Conscious Uncoupling
Sid helps a teenage girl who is struggling to come to terms with her parents' divorce. Daniel announces that Mrs T is coming back, and she's insistent that they move to a paperless ...
Apr. 26, 2016
18x18 18 18x18 Family
Jimmi treats Mick, a foster carer who has been assaulted by his teenage foster child, but when Jimmi finds bruises on the teenager, he realizes the situation isn't as straightforward ...
Apr. 27, 2016
18x19 18 18x19 Home Help
Karen goes above and beyond to reunite a family. Emma takes the lead when it comes to a pregnant patient's welfare. And on her first day back, Mrs Tembe means business.
Apr. 28, 2016
18x20 18 18x20 What Goes Around
Will Rhiannon and Paul get to keep their child? Everything rests on today's assessment at the case conference.
Apr. 29, 2016
18x21 18 18x21 Fur Elise
Ayesha fights fashion. Mrs Tembe cracks the whip. Emma is taken aback by the latest development in Rhiannon's case.
May. 03, 2016
18x22 18 18x22 In The Loop
Mrs Tembe helps uncover illegal activities when two technology companies vie for her business. Rhiannon goes into early labor. Al's secret is uncovered.
May. 04, 2016
18x23 18 18x23 A Good Start in Life
Rob continues to defend the survivors of Treehouse. Emma worries that Rhiannon has taken drastic action. Heston can see a friend in need.
May. 05, 2016
18x24 18 18x24 Mean Streets
Heston takes part in a honey trap. The family court makes a final decision regarding baby Nicolas. Al accepts an unusual challenge.
May. 06, 2016
18x25 18 18x25 Objects of Desire
A confident Al sets out for his great walking adventure from Letherbridge to Lichfield and ends up dealing with a medical crisis. Elsewhere, Jimmi sees a face from his past as a hostel ...
May. 09, 2016
18x26 18 18x26 A House is Not a Home
Tempers fray when one of the homeless people is exposed as an undercover journalist. But he's desperate for a story and makes a beeline for someone vulnerable. Can he convince her ...
May. 10, 2016
18x27 18 18x27 Home Truths
A body is fished out of the local canal. Jimmi reels when CCTV footage shows a familiar face carrying out a crime. Meanwhile, Daniel takes desperate measures to protect his past and ...
May. 11, 2016
18x28 18 18x28 Coats and Alms
Jimmi is forced to tell the police what he knows. It seems a cut-and-dry case, but new evidence proves they have the wrong man. Meanwhile, concerns grow for Al when nobody can reach ...
May. 12, 2016
18x29 18 18x29 There Is No Place
Daniel lies to Zara and Jimmi regrets a recent decision. Al finally makes it to Lichfield but surprises himself by behaving out of character. Back on the streets, has our murderer found ...
May. 13, 2016
18x30 18 18x30 Shut Up
Karen and Valerie are roped into working on a Saturday, but why is Daniel there? Meanwhile, Sid is the victim of a cruel prank, and lays himself bare to Valerie. Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe ...
May. 16, 2016
18x31 18 18x31 Living Together
Mrs Tembe introduces her new plan for reception, while Heston has to deal with the arrival of his new family. Jimmi gets caught in the middle of a friend's relationship issues.
May. 17, 2016
18x32 18 18x32 Feed The Beast
Karen gets frustrated by Mrs Tembe's new regime, before receiving an urgent call. Emma gets a visit from Paul, who is anxious about being a new parent. Ayesha deals with a student ...
May. 18, 2016
18x33 18 18x33 Lady De Vere's Desire
Karen and Mrs Tembe continue to struggle with the machine, while Daniel winds Zara up over the publication of Letherbridge Life. Valerie tries to assist a professor with an unusual ...
May. 19, 2016
18x34 18 18x34 A Uniformed Presence
The self-service machine continues to cause Mrs Tembe problems, but how long will it last? Rob is tangled up in an operation at the hospital, which turns out to be in relation to ...
May. 20, 2016
18x35 18 18x35 The Collector
Jimmi visits Mrs Tembe and uncovers her issues, while Karen is stressed by the home visit of the social worker. Emma has to deal with a policeman after he is accused of theft.
May. 23, 2016
18x36 18 18x36 Just Say No
Al reluctantly gives a lecture on his app, and Heston has to consider the practical effects of Ruhma's religious beliefs. Sid tries to persuade a university lecturer to stop taking ...
May. 24, 2016
18x37 18 18x37 Blood of a Poet
Heston is a character witness for his accused friend at a murder trial, but will his testimony do more harm than good? Ruhma and Daniel lock horns over new mums and cosmetic surgery. ...
May. 25, 2016
18x38 18 18x38 The Burden
Ayesha grows concerned for patient Jenna, who seems to fall victim to a lot of mishaps which can't easily be explained. Just who is trying to harm her? Ruhma and Daniel lock horns ...
May. 26, 2016
18x39 18 18x39 Hand Me Downs
Sid has to give a couple some life-changing and unfair news regarding their fertility treatment. However, it is Mrs Tembe who bears the brunt of their fury. Ruhma gives Daniel a business ...
May. 27, 2016
18x40 18 18x40 Miss Bates
Emma dreads her appointment with boring patient Martha, but after she reacts badly to some test results, Emma must chase after her, whether she likes it or not! Jimmi recruits Zara ...
May. 31, 2016
18x41 18 18x41 Bearing Gifts
Mrs Tembe hears a rumor concerning a man she knew in her past. Troubled by this, she decides to confront him and unwittingly walks into an explosive situation as others take more ...
Jun. 01, 2016
18x42 18 18x42 Slings and Arrows
Al is thrilled to be playing in a local darts final, but his bubble is soon burst when he has to decide between his reputation or the chance to impress Bobby George. Shak and Alia ...
Jun. 02, 2016
18x43 18 18x43 In Dark Corners
Daniel encounters an agoraphobic young woman who has been left alone by her father, despite the fact she heavily relies on him. Can Daniel give her the help she so clearly needs? ...
Jun. 03, 2016
18x44 18 18x44 In Every Home a Heartache - Part One
Emma suspects that a probationer is being picked on by a senior colleague. Should she intervene or keep quiet and encourage the probationer to stand up for herself? Mrs Tembe is ...
Jun. 06, 2016
18x45 18 18x45 In Every Home a Heartache - Part Two
Emma struggles to maintain her equilibrium as the police investigation into Nicholas's death gathers pace.
Jun. 07, 2016
18x46 18 18x46 Wild Wood
Emma feels helpless as the police investigation ramps up and Rhiannon comes under the spotlight.
Jun. 08, 2016
18x47 18 18x47 Ask Alice
Valerie is on a mission - she wants to say thank you to a very special person. Can Al help track her down? Meanwhile, the police investigation takes an unexpected turn and Emma does ...
Jun. 09, 2016
18x48 18 18x48 Hollow
Emma is sick with nerves as she awaits the results of the post-mortem on Rhiannon and Paul's baby.
Jun. 10, 2016
18x49 18 18x49 Field Day
It is the day of the annual summer fair, and Mrs T has everything carefully planned. Nothing can go wrong... can it?
Aug. 30, 2016
18x50 18 18x50 Come into My Parlour
Zara is losing patience with Marion. Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe has bad news for Valerie, and Emma takes her troubles out on Jimmi. Meanwhile, Rob is baffled when a man is found dead - ...
Aug. 31, 2016
18x51 18 18x51 Summit Fever
Zara tries her best to get on with a critical Marion but is later in for a shock when she snoops in her bag. Elsewhere, Rob seems to have new doubts about fostering, and Emma finds ...
Sep. 01, 2016
18x52 18 18x52 Mirror Touch
Feelings are running high. Emma feels unsupported, while Zara struggles to ignore Marion, and Mrs Tembe faces more hostility from Valerie. Elsewhere, Jimmi sees a patient with an ...
Sep. 02, 2016
18x53 18 18x53 Water Babies
Ruhma delivers devastating news to a couple expecting twins, leaving them with a difficult decision to make. Elsewhere, Zara opens up about her real worries, and Mrs Tembe is at breaking ...
Sep. 05, 2016
18x54 18 18x54 Skydayze
Heston sees a schoolgirl who is playing a deadly game. He races to save her, but will he get there in time? Zara's attempt to bury the hatchet with Marion leads to a confession, and ...
Sep. 06, 2016
18x55 18 18x55 Duncan Day
Al learns something about getting his priorities right when he helps a young girl displaying symptoms of iron poisoning. Meanwhile, Daniel has some bad news for Valerie and Marion, ...
Sep. 07, 2016
18x56 18 18x56 The Best of Intentions
An under-pressure charity worker requires Mrs Tembe's help to save a children's center, otherwise his life's work could go to ruin. Valerie looks set to flunk her job interview, while ...
Sep. 08, 2016
18x57 18 18x57 Blood Line
A man with a rare degenerative condition fears that his son may have inherited it too, but when his ex-wife comes back into his life, she drops a bombshell. Shak and Alia discuss ...
Sep. 09, 2016
18x58 18 18x58 Ladies of The Day
When a middle-aged prostitute is beaten up, Ayesha helps her realize that it is time to tell her son the truth about how she earns a living. Heston falls for Shak's ploy when they ...
Sep. 12, 2016
18x59 18 18x59 Rock-a-Bye Baby
Ruhma's interest in a patient's relationship makes her slow to pick up that the patient is suffering from an acute phobia of childbirth. Alia and Shak find what they are looking for, ...
Sep. 13, 2016
18x60 18 18x60 Art for Art's Sake
Valerie and Sid embark on an artistic "experience" where they navigate the seven sins in a big brother-style project to expose corruption in the art world.
Sep. 14, 2016
18x61 18 18x61 A History of Violence
When an elderly couple's home is petrol bombed, Rob discovers that their neighbor's teenage daughter has links to an extremist group. But can he prove she caused the fire? Valerie ...
Sep. 15, 2016
18x62 18 18x62 Leave and Cleave
Jimmi has to deal with a fraught marriage and discovers that the problem might be closer to home than the couple think. Shak has new information for Alia, but will she convince him ...
Sep. 16, 2016
18x63 18 18x63 Sins of The Father
Zara meets a school friend for lunch, but events take a nasty turn when her friend is knocked down by a car. Shak and Alia meet their uncle, but will they find out what they want ...
Sep. 19, 2016
18x64 18 18x64 Professor Pickering
An actor aspires to more challenging roles, but is trapped by a children's TV series and an overpowering wife. Ruhma corners Alia to see what's going on, but will she like the answer? ...
Sep. 20, 2016
18x65 18 18x65 What You Don't Know
Sid ends up at the hospital with a patient after hours, and finds himself at odds with a consultant. Ruhma has to finally tell the children the truth, but how will they take it? Emma ...
Sep. 21, 2016
18x66 18 18x66 Mrs Butterworth
Rob has to unravel a confusing situation when a foreign woman arrives at the police station and is unable to give any details about what happened to her. Ruhma continues to rail against ...
Sep. 22, 2016
18x67 18 18x67 Not Educating Rita
Karen gets involved when a university cleaner comes into conflict with a tutor. Shak and Alia go out to meet their father together, but Ruhma has a plan to keep a close eye on them. ...
Sep. 23, 2016
18x68 18 18x68 Beginnings
Ruhma is forced to meet Zaroon, for the good of Shak and Alia. But can she convince him to leave them all alone? Valerie's first day could turn out to be her last when she puts an ...
Sep. 26, 2016
18x69 18 18x69 The Meteor
Al receives some unexpected test results at his GP surgery, while Emma tells Jimmi to get a life. Ayesha grows concerned about a pregnant woman's mental health when she believes a ...
Sep. 27, 2016
18x70 18 18x70 Recalculating
Karen and Rob's future as foster parents hangs in the balance as they face heavy questioning by the fostering panel. Jimmi finally lets loose at the casino with Ayesha and Emma. When ...
Sep. 28, 2016
18x71 18 18x71 The Fiddle
Sid causes confusion when he assumes Jimmi and Ayesha have spent a night of passion together. Al's day is brightened by the discovery of a collection of rare comic books, but could ...
Sep. 29, 2016
18x72 18 18x72 Sparks
After the near death of a patient at St Phil's, Valerie starts to investigate the agency in earnest. But will she go too far? Sparks fly when Zara locks horns with an angry electrician ...
Sep. 30, 2016
18x73 18 18x73 Losing The Plot
Valerie crumbles under pressure when questioned by DI Addison, digging herself into even more trouble. Meanwhile, Al and Jimmi swap diets - what could possibly go wrong? Heston encounters ...
Oct. 03, 2016
18x74 18 18x74 Clean
Daniel comes to the aid of a patient who has been sacked for bringing drugs into the workplace. Daniel believes he is clean and sets out to help him prove it. Jimmi challenges Al ...
Oct. 04, 2016
18x75 18 18x75 Below The Belt
Zara is consulted by a student whose boyfriend has lost interest in sex. It looks like he is having an affair, but is there more to this case than meets the eye? A triumphant Valerie ...
Oct. 05, 2016

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