Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 17 (2015-2016)

17x01 17 17x01 Boom Banger
Taking his car to be repaired by widowed mechanic Ian Raven Heston is perturbed that Ian allows his selfish step-son J.P. to dictate to him and sets out to uncover the personal tragedy ...
Apr. 13, 2015
17x02 17 17x02 Out of Control
Al is shocked when 15 year old persistent truant Lottie O'Connell excitedly demands that she be taken into care as she hates her home life with her single parent mother and autistic ...
Apr. 14, 2015
17x03 17 17x03 The Dark Net
Depressive Ryan Harker is accused of downloading obscene images of minors by partner Kerry Boswell's daughter Sarah but swears his innocence. Emma and Rob believe she is lying and set ...
Apr. 15, 2015
17x04 17 17x04 Fusion Food
Whilst Ayesha is visiting young cancer patient Molly Elridge, celebrity chef Alphonse Greco comes to visit at the request of Molly's mother Alice. In fact Alice has staged the visit ...
Apr. 16, 2015
17x05 17 17x05 Toy Story
Single mother Lauren Bowles and her boyfriend Denny Jarvis burgle local houses - including Zara's - but Denny is appalled when Lauren runs over one of their victims and shows no remorse. ...
Apr. 17, 2015
17x06 17 17x06 Touched by an Angel
Mrs Tembe is perturbed by a meeting with Seraphina, a strange girl who claims to be an angel and has escaped from a convent where she is being held prisoner. She persuades Rob to investigate ...
Apr. 20, 2015
17x07 17 17x07 What Love Means
Niamh is appalled when old friend Kate, a teacher, arrives with her boyfriend, 15 year old pupil Troy, by whom she is pregnant, and announces that they are on the run from the authorities. ...
Apr. 21, 2015
17x08 17 17x08 Xander Harrison
The appearance of the surgery's first ever patients is a reminder that the Mill is exactly ten years old. Howard, who has forgotten, brings cake but is trumped by the lavish presents ...
Apr. 22, 2015
17x09 17 17x09 Afternoon Delight
Howard is delighted when old army pal Ewan comes to stay - until he discovers that Ewan is using his house to meet his Internet date behind his wife's back. Heston also gets a visit ...
Apr. 23, 2015
17x10 17 17x10 Idolatory
Karen has a terrible day, which she attributes to the presence of a Sumatran fertility idol left at the surgery by a university lecturer impregnated by her post graduate boyfriend though, ...
Apr. 24, 2015
17x11 17 17x11 The Hope
New young doctor Sid Vere arrives to work at the surgery, and impresses and irritates in equal measure with his enthusiasm. Zara especially is not happy when Howard insists she mentors ...
Apr. 27, 2015
17x12 17 17x12 Listen to Me
Abrasive ex-patient Barbara Wilson comes to the surgery yet again, demanding an apology for a years old grievance . Howard calls for her liaison officer Jake and Sid reluctantly sees ...
Apr. 28, 2015
17x13 17 17x13 The Route of All Good
Niamh is amazed to learn that sharp-tongued Sylvia Blim, who dresses like a bag lady, is actually a wealthy property owner who has alienated her daughter Penny with her desire to make ...
Apr. 29, 2015
17x14 17 17x14 Give Us This Day
Mrs Tembe attends a therapy group for political refugees where her kindly nature and listening powers afford some comfort to a young African whose family was wiped out by terrorists. ...
Apr. 30, 2015
17x15 17 17x15 Someone to Watch Over Me
Karen takes Rob for a 'mystery' day out, which turns out to be a property auction but is amazed when he actually buys a house. Jimmi is concerned when Heather disappears and even more ...
May. 01, 2015
17x16 17 17x16 L'Amore e la Morte
Heston is amazed when carer David Moss begs him not to tell his visiting girlfriend Sue that his mother has just died upstairs as he fears Sue will abort her trip to an Italian cookery ...
May. 05, 2015
17x17 17 17x17 Aftermath
Ayesha is perturbed to find single mother Claire Rattigan is having trouble coping with her baby, Simon, putting demands on her teen-aged son Nathan. Then she discovers that Claire ...
May. 06, 2015
17x18 17 17x18 Rescuing Silver
Karen catches her friend June in a compromising position with Len, a man she picked up at her evening class, and is unwittingly involved when June's bullying husband Neville returns ...
May. 07, 2015
17x19 17 17x19 Haunted
Howard exposes a bogus charity collector whilst Sid is reassured by his female colleagues that all health practitioners are nervous when they first start work at a surgery. In Wales ...
May. 08, 2015
17x20 17 17x20 Cold City
Following a call from Bryn Al drives to Alun's house and finds Alun unconscious and locked in a cupboard after a beating from Jimmi, who explains to Al that this is revenge for the ...
May. 11, 2015
17x21 17 17x21 Shining Light
Asked to present the Letherbridge Young Carer of the Year award Ayesha feels an empathy with the candidates given her own situation and steps in to help young Tom Enders, who have been ...
May. 12, 2015
17x22 17 17x22 Finish Line
Jimmi returns to work but he is surly and uncommunicative about where he has been. In his absence Sid sees his patient Roxy Ripley, a terminally ill housewife, with whom he initially ...
May. 13, 2015
17x23 17 17x23 Norman Is Upstairs
Emma tends to Norman, an injured young man who claims that he is a psychopath and should be locked up. Having heard his story of unrequited love and a bullying neighbour keeping him ...
May. 14, 2015
17x24 17 17x24 Bumble Bee
Al is taken hostage in his local off-licence along with shopkeeper Renton and fellow customer Andy by an embittered, knife-wielding ex-drug addict Ellie who soon makes it clear that ...
May. 15, 2015
17x25 17 17x25 A Spade A Spade
Daniel returns from Australia and is soon arguing with Zara over her decision to take Joe to see Michael without consulting him whilst Karen and Rob also row about his decision to 'downsize' ...
May. 18, 2015
17x26 17 17x26 Mods and Rockers
Niamh's patient, arthritic Rod Buckwell, annoys his wife by refusing to ditch his old Lambretta scooter to the extent that she threatens to leave him. But when old rocker Derek Newton ...
May. 19, 2015
17x27 17 17x27 By the Lake
After a another row with Karen regarding their move Rob goes fishing and meets fellow angler Evan Frost, who is initially friendly. Then he attacks rob and tries to stab himself and ...
May. 20, 2015
17x28 17 17x28 Flying Carpets
Daniel is approached by Iain Carney, who has heard that his ten year old son Freddie has cancer but his ex-partner Sandra refuses him contact or to give him her address. Daniel investigates ...
May. 21, 2015
17x29 17 17x29 Mystic Madge
Rob and probationer Kylie investigate when elderly Madge and Arthur Barrett are robbed by a con-man, though they cannot agree on his description. After an early mishap Kylie is instrumental ...
May. 22, 2015
17x30 17 17x30 Deeper
Zara returns home to an accusing Daniel. Though she did not have sex with Michael but only talk she is in a bad mood and falls foul of Karen at work before confiding in Emma, who urges ...
May. 26, 2015
17x31 17 17x31 Plus One
Niamh and Al attend the wedding of her old friend jack where they are mistaken for a couple. Jack's spiteful 15 year old daughter Lucy attempts to sabotage proceedings by getting Rachel's ...
May. 27, 2015
17x32 17 17x32 Joint Lock
Apprehensive about returning to work after being beaten up three months earlier Patrick Jennings derives confidence from his jujitsu class and Sid is tempted to join, proving himself ...
May. 28, 2015
17x33 17 17x33 Little Brother
Karen visits her old friend Susan Dell, whose brother Peter has returned from Australia after fifty five years. Susan understands that he is prosperous but Karen discovers otherwise ...
May. 29, 2015
17x34 17 17x34 Subsidence
Niamh's patient Becky Harmiston believes her hysterectomy is why her husband Dean no longer wants sex with her - until she finds there is another reason, in which Emma gets involved. ...
Jun. 01, 2015
17x35 17 17x35 Strike a Pose
Model Jade Ryland collapses during a photo shoot and Ayesha agrees to help cover the fact that she has a drink problem. With the shoot on a deadline Ayesha replaces Jade and does very ...
Jun. 02, 2015
17x36 17 17x36 Father Figure
Attention-seeking student Amy Bowden alarms her mother and stepfather by telling them that she is in love with an older man and they assume it is Heston, whom she sees as the only person ...
Jun. 03, 2015
17x37 17 17x37 Down and Up
After a row with her demanding invalid mother Margie Herne sees a man in a shopping mall whom she pursues but who eludes her. She bumps into Sid and tells him she believes the man, ...
Jun. 04, 2015
17x38 17 17x38 Fair Game
Rob and young constable Rupesh go after missing burglar Mark Slattery whose wife tells them he has probably gone to rob a large property called the Birdhouse. On entry to the house ...
Jun. 05, 2015
17x39 17 17x39 C Pass
Did he or didn't he? One of Dr Haskey's old university friends, now a lecturer, is accused of sexual harassment. Are Haskey's assumptions that his friend is innocent right, or is the ...
Jun. 08, 2015
17x40 17 17x40 The Other Foot
As Howard struggles to keep the peace between Zara and Daniel and Mrs Tembe extols the merits of Mr Kit Daniel sees little Kyle Robertson, who has stopped breathing after swallowing ...
Jun. 09, 2015
17x41 17 17x41 The Doctor
Jimmi sees teen-aged autistic Alex Carson, who has burns on his hands but all the boy will tell him is that he wants to see 'The Doctor'. Jimmi deduces that this is the television character ...
Jun. 10, 2015
17x42 17 17x42 Sensitive Skin
Daniel sees ex-convict Ray Wilkins and his girlfriend Laura and is surprised that it is Ray who wants Botox and Laura who pays for it. After the couple argue Laura confides in Daniel ...
Jun. 11, 2015
17x43 17 17x43 The Neighbours From Hull
Now in her new home Karen finds the couple next door, Lily and Matt, extremely irritating with their over-friendliness and double entendres - not to mention Lily's penchant for policemen ...
Jun. 12, 2015
17x44 17 17x44 Ghost
At a conference Niamh meets old student friend Maria, who is about to get married and move away but who gets an unwelcome visitor who calls her Jackie. She tells Niamh that she was ...
Jun. 15, 2015
17x45 17 17x45 Truth or Dare
When students Jenny and Matthew find their housemate Adam dead Jenny believes she may have killed him whilst sleep-walking so Matthew agrees to dispose of the body but when Jimmi and ...
Jun. 16, 2015
17x46 17 17x46 Everybody Needs Somebody
When another special turns up at the police station Howard is surprised to find it is his sister Saskia, whom he has not seen in a while following a row with his mother. The entertainment ...
Jun. 17, 2015
17x47 17 17x47 Waiting for Gordon
Howard meets old colleague Mark Anderson, whose life has improved since a move to the States and who offers Howard a job, which he turns down. He also explains that he married his wife ...
Jun. 18, 2015
17x48 17 17x48 Touch and Go
Al is touched to find that engaged couple Lola and Dylan have decided against sex until they are married though when Dylan admits to an ulterior motive beyond morality and takes drastic ...
Jun. 19, 2015
17x49 17 17x49 A Fine Romance
Niamh is visited by family friend Molly who has resumed her relationship with old flame Tom after forty years apart and marriages to other partners. Molly is concerned that Tom is not ...
Jun. 22, 2015
17x50 17 17x50 Climb Every Mountain
Whilst attempting to stop the council from chopping down a tree in his garden disabled former mountaineer Edward Rourke is injured and Sid called in to treat him. Intrigued by his stories ...
Jun. 23, 2015
17x51 17 17x51 Indefensible
Ayesha is concerned for pregnant single mother Sandra Benton, whose recalcitrant son Wade is causing a feud with the grumpy old man next door and finally steps in to put forward a peace ...
Jun. 24, 2015
17x52 17 17x52 In the Line of Duty
When policewoman Anna Brady arrests aggressive footballer Danny Holland for drink driving he pushes her to the ground and soon afterwards she is rushed to hospital, paralyzed from the ...
Jun. 25, 2015
17x53 17 17x53 Mean Girls
Whilst in church Mrs Tembe witnesses bride to be Amy Taylor being dominated by her bossy sister Zoe over Amy's impending wedding and helps Amy to stand up to her, making the happy event ...
Jun. 26, 2015
17x54 17 17x54 A Quiet Life
Karen is concerned for elderly Eileen Wilkie, just out of hospital, whose husband Don seems to be allowing her to do all the housework and shopping. However Eileen has a reason for ...
Jul. 20, 2015
17x55 17 17x55 End of Episode
Heston consoles Kim Markham after her terminally ill husband Neil, a well-known author, has killed himself but is unhappy when Jack Goodall, a former student of the dead man, arrives ...
Jul. 21, 2015
17x56 17 17x56 IT
Jean McGinty is horrified when a strange man bursts into her boyfriend Roy Hammond's house, giving him an angina attack. In fact Roy and the intruder, Pete, have been playing a game ...
Jul. 22, 2015
17x57 17 17x57 Trust Me I'm A Doctor
Al's old college friend Fi is anxious to have a child but fears that her boyfriend Greg is infertile and hiding the fact from her. Al is torn between professional ethics and old friendship ...
Jul. 23, 2015
17x58 17 17x58 Chef's Special
Emma and Howard arrive at the same restaurant as Zara and Daniel though they decline the invitation to sit together. Both couples however make positive progress with one of them breaching ...
Jul. 24, 2015
17x59 17 17x59 The Laughing Gnome
Having shown prospective buyer Angie Rudd around her house widow Pam Winters is shocked to find that the garden gnome in which she kept her late husband's ashes has been stolen. She ...
Jul. 27, 2015
17x60 17 17x60 Blind Spot
Whilst assisting medical student Darby Knowles run a sunburn awareness stall Ayesha and Sid notice that Darby is perturbed that her girl-friend Lisa may have a melanoma. Together they ...
Jul. 28, 2015
17x61 17 17x61 Insignificant
Mrs Tembe receives threatening phone calls from the disturbed Kyle Cleaver, who bears a grudge for a previous slight but is helped to unmask him by Niamh's young brother Sean, who has ...
Jul. 29, 2015
17x62 17 17x62 Zero Tolerence
Daniel is involved in a road rage incident with irate Don Prentiss, who has just been sacked but when they go to the police the two act together when the station officer collapses. ...
Jul. 30, 2015
17x63 17 17x63 Slipping Through the Cracks
Rob arrests Leon Bevell for selling drugs to Emily Cruz but is puzzled that elderly Doris Whiting also appears involved. In fact Doris is Emily's grandmother and a long term user for ...
Jul. 31, 2015
17x64 17 17x64 Spandex and Secrets
Young student Ben Priest finds that his irresponsible grandfather Ted Hicks staying with him is putting a strain on his relationship with his boyfriend Marco and asks Ted's old friend ...
Aug. 03, 2015
17x65 17 17x65 Lady Brenda
After depressed housewife Brenda Chappell has told Karen that she is leaving her selfish husband George George goes to great lengths to prove that he cares, despite the efforts of his ...
Aug. 04, 2015
17x66 17 17x66 Housemates
Sid is shocked at the lengths to which house-mate Alex will go to drive out unassuming Rachel so that he can install his girlfriend and steps in to save the situation. Niamh is irritated ...
Aug. 05, 2015
17x67 17 17x67 Sticks and Stones
At Howard's Respect At Work meeting Jimmi immediately starts a confrontation with Zara, accusing her of being a bully and inviting the others to support him with the result that Zara ...
Aug. 06, 2015
17x68 17 17x68 Someone Like You
Howard's weekend starts badly when he takes a dislike to Sean's mural and gets worse when, at the hotel with Emma, he gets groin strain and the mix of alcohol and pain-killers produces ...
Aug. 07, 2015
17x69 17 17x69 Seen and Not Heard
Rob reunites with Lynn Driver to stake out a house believed to be the focus of a paedophile ring and discover it is a brothel run by money-laundering gangster Yuri Baranov, whom they ...
Aug. 10, 2015
17x70 17 17x70 The Ring
When elderly Grace Highsmith loses a ring in the park council cleaner Craig Maddern finds it and gives it to his girlfriend. Karen is suspicious and forces him to return it but is surprised ...
Aug. 11, 2015
17x71 17 17x71 Noli Me Tangere
Mrs Tembe faces a dilemma when Professor Barwick explains that he has kept his daughter Sarah locked up to wean her off heroin whilst Sarah claims he is abusing her and wants help to ...
Aug. 12, 2015
17x72 17 17x72 Treehouse
Andy Weston and Toby Gregson are on their way to meet Lynn Driver with evidence to incriminate a paedophile organization known as Treehouse when they are ambushed on a country road ...
Aug. 13, 2015
17x73 17 17x73 Manhunt
In severe pain Weston forces elderly Len Houghton to shelter him but Lynn is able to identify him from CCTV footage, which is put out in a television appeal and when he sees it Weston ...
Aug. 14, 2015
17x74 17 17x74 Bad Samaritan
Al is perturbed by a strange young man, Thomas Marsh, who claims that a woman called Lara has health problems but since Lara and Thomas do not know each other Al deduces that he is ...
Aug. 17, 2015
17x75 17 17x75 Injecting a Little Spice
Daniel sees a widowed couple Eileen and Ron, who are hoping to rekindle their old affair and request Botox. However Daniel suspects that Ron's motives are only sexual and he is proved ...
Aug. 18, 2015

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