Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 16 (2014-2015)

16x01 16 16x01 The Inheritance
Daniel uncovers a shocking secret whilst helping a patient overcome his suicidal impulses. Emma tries to help as Chris's cycle of self-destruction continues, and Karen is not happy ...
Apr. 01, 2014
16x02 16 16x02 Finding Alfie
Mandy's professional reputation is brought into question when a protective father discovers a shocking secret about his son. Kevin discovers an impostor is using his identity online ...
Apr. 02, 2014
16x03 16 16x03 The Face in the Mirror
A reluctant Zara gets caught up in an unusual love triangle. Jimmi is shocked to find Chris in prison, while Karen has a challenging session with Anna.
Apr. 03, 2014
16x04 16 16x04 Angelo's Ashes
Emma knows that Chris's guilt is becoming overwhelming. She begs him to stay away from work, but Chris is having none of it. Paranoid that Jimmi is getting too close to Chris, Emma ...
Apr. 04, 2014
16x05 16 16x05 Golden Girl
Emma is petrified that Jimmi will report Chris to the authorities. She begs him not to, pointing out that losing both her husband and her son in such quick succession would be too much ...
Apr. 07, 2014
16x06 16 16x06 The Good Neighbour
Chris has one last meal with his mother before turning himself over to the police. Emma implores him one last time to reconsider, but Chris's mind is made up. Later at the police station, ...
Apr. 08, 2014
16x07 16 16x07 Two Roads
When Daniel visits his old mentor Tom he is dismayed to find that Tom is considering leaving his disabled wife Sally for his first love with whom he has recently reconnected. Fortunately ...
Apr. 09, 2014
16x08 16 16x08 Banana Bite
When widower Andy Kay brings his young son Liam to the surgery Andy has a bite on his neck, caused by a spider from the greengrocers where he was working. Andy is taken to hospital ...
Apr. 10, 2014
16x09 16 16x09 Crikey!
Mandy sees new mother Rachel Fuller, who feels inadequate and in the shadow of her mother-in-law as she cannot satisfy her baby since breast-feeding hurts her. Mandy suggests she attend ...
Apr. 11, 2014
16x10 16 16x10 Sometimes It Snows in April
Kevin goes to the aid of Michael Faulks, injured when ice falls from a plane in the sky onto his car and takes him to hospital where Michael confesses his fear that his wife Emily is ...
Apr. 28, 2014
16x11 16 16x11 The Crazy World of Vegetables
Rachel returns to the surgery, still experiencing problems with breast-feeding. Emma spots and rectifies the trouble, incurring the wrath of Zara, who accuses her of trying to steal ...
Apr. 29, 2014
16x12 16 16x12 Less Than Meets the Eye
Jimmi attends to Sam Purnell, a boy who has been assaulted by teenage siblings Davie and Ellen Rigbey but gets a shock when he finds that Sam is a girl who identifies as being male ...
Apr. 30, 2014
16x13 16 16x13 Land of Sunshine
Still angry about the lingerie party Mrs Tembe goes to the church, where she has a run-in with Josh, the man Jimmi saw at the police station, though later she dissuades him from killing ...
May. 01, 2014
16x14 16 16x14 Faith
Karen plans a sexy evening with Rob but is disappointed when he does his back in and, when he starts to talk about early retirement, she storms out. Mrs Tembe learns that Josh is a ...
May. 02, 2014
16x15 16 16x15 Viral
Spoilt brat Bethany Craig annoys her mother Judith by dating loutish Dion but is herself angry when he films them having sex with a view to posting it on the Internet. Mandy rallies ...
May. 06, 2014
16x16 16 16x16 Hitting Home
Emma feels sorry for single mother Lucy Coombs, who has lost her benefits as the agency do not believe she is looking for work, and been arrested for refusing to leave the benefits ...
May. 07, 2014
16x17 16 16x17 A Blind Eye
Thomas Hazikimana's wife Brenda makes him see Daniel after he suffers nightmares and hallucinations. Thomas has told Brenda he is from Uganda but is actually from Rwanda and his nightmares ...
May. 08, 2014
16x18 16 16x18 Reliable Witness
When elderly dementia sufferer Charlie Doyle has a fall his carer brings in Al, who is shocked when the old man confesses to killing his wife thirty years earlier. Charlie wanders off ...
May. 09, 2014
16x19 16 16x19 Old Scores
Kevin returns to his old school to give a careers talk, meeting two other ex-pupils, abrasive pilot Nicola Smithson and decent but nervous lawyer Adam Batty. Adam's talk begins badly ...
May. 12, 2014
16x20 16 16x20 The Larry Wrigglesworth Affair
Special constable Howard pursues an intruder into a darkened art gallery and joins incompetent security guard Jett in catching him, only to find that he is less interested in stealing ...
May. 13, 2014
16x21 16 16x21 Just Deserts
Heston gets a visit from sales rep Angelica Harley, an old flame who married his school friend Bennie, though she tells Heston that they are now separated and she is concerned about ...
May. 14, 2014
16x22 16 16x22 Electric Dreams
Following their spat Rob cancels his date with Karen so she spends a pleasant evening with Mrs Tembe, who advises her to tell Rob about her reticence over accepting her children. Emma, ...
May. 15, 2014
16x23 16 16x23 The Call of Duty
Kevin makes a home visit to the elderly Websters but needs their son Gary to let him in and finds the old man dead and his wife at death's door though she is revived in hospital. Suffering ...
May. 16, 2014
16x24 16 16x24 Snowbabies
Mandy consoles middle-aged Ruby and Ivan Slade whose only child has recently died but is surprised when Ruby announces a desire to get pregnant again, using her 'snow babies', embryos ...
May. 19, 2014
16x25 16 16x25 The Apprentice
Bombastic gas engineer Gary Matthews comes to work at the surgery with his put-upon apprentice Kate but when Gary has a stroke Heston is impressed by Kate's ability to spot the symptoms ...
May. 20, 2014
16x26 16 16x26 Dorian Blue
Student Penny fears that her new boyfriend Dorian may be gay as he refuses to have sex with her. In fact he is terrified of being seen nude as he developed man-boobs in puberty though ...
May. 21, 2014
16x27 16 16x27 A Rock and a Hard Place
Stevie Shields calls into Kevin's drop-in centre complaining of back-ache which she attributes to slipping on spilt tea at her mother's retirement home. Mandy and Kevin, however, rightly ...
May. 22, 2014
16x28 16 16x28 Modern Family
Daniel finds himself being asked for advice by Connor Cranson, a talented art student unsure as to whether to take up a design post in Leeds or stay in Letherbridge with his pregnant ...
May. 23, 2014
16x29 16 16x29 To Catch a Thief
Rob arrests Anita, a cheeky eleven year old, for bag-snatching but he and Jimmi are perturbed by bruising on her arms. Both Anita and her mother Mel blame Mel's ex-boyfriend until Anita ...
May. 27, 2014
16x30 16 16x30 Lonely Hearts
Mandy's patient, wealthy widow Mary Donaldson, has taken unemployed Tony as her lodger and prospective lover and Mandy is concerned that he is after Mary's money, However when an old ...
May. 28, 2014
16x31 16 16x31 Cold Fusion
Al sees a strange young man lighting a fire by the surgery and he tells Al that he has been chosen to help him save the world. The boy disappears but two policemen turn up to say that ...
May. 29, 2014
16x32 16 16x32 The Kiss
Zara's old flame Edwin Caloux approaches her, desperate to borrow money as his drug addicted son Toby owes huge debts and is being held to ransom by his gangster dealers. However Zara ...
May. 30, 2014
16x33 16 16x33 Sacrifice
Having identified Edwin's body Zara tracks down Toby to make him name the killers. Toby is hostile and selfishly unconcerned about his father's fate, lashing out at Zara. Fortunately ...
Jun. 02, 2014
16x34 16 16x34 A Thousand Words
Self-absorbed teenager Ryan Jones spends all his time in his room on his computer, to the dismay of his single parent mother Sue. Then Niamh discovers that he has set up a blog purporting ...
Jun. 03, 2014
16x35 16 16x35 Responsible Adult
Daniel's patient Victoria Franks is being harassed by violent neighbour Callum Matthias, who believes she is harbouring her paedophile son David though she threw him out when she discovered ...
Jun. 04, 2014
16x36 16 16x36 A Day in the Life
Ryan Jones lies to his mother when he claims that two friends are coming round to revise but they are Ed Walker, who stole his grandmother's pills, and a boy from another school Max. ...
Jun. 05, 2014
16x37 16 16x37 And So To Bed
Mrs Tembe helps Dougie McClurgy decorate his mother's bedroom while she is in hospital but unfortunately they throw out her old mattress, containing her £50,000 life savings and have ...
Jun. 05, 2014
16x38 16 16x38 Judge and Jury
When widowed patient Margaret Plumber accuses Al of groping her he assumes she is wanting to sue for compensation but a conversation with Daniel leads to his learning the truth behind ...
Jun. 09, 2014
16x39 16 16x39 Breaking the Silence
Formerly deaf Iona Wyatt is suffering from side effects following an operation to restore her hearing but she also feels guilty that she has not told her best friend Brooke, who is ...
Jun. 10, 2014
16x40 16 16x40 Not Coming Out
Kevin's widowed cousin Shelley wants him to help her sixteen year old son Connor admit to being gay after he rejects girlfriend Leanne's advances. In fact Kevin deduces that the boy ...
Jun. 11, 2014
16x41 16 16x41 Try a Little Tenderness
Security guard Barry is amazed to get a visit from the heavily pregnant Agnieszka, a dancer at a club he visited, who claims that he is the baby's father. Mandy is suspicious, especially ...
Jun. 12, 2014
16x42 16 16x42 Baby Chain
After five miscarriages Niamh's patient Kara Meredith has persuaded her 50 year old mother Diane Larkin to be her surrogate. But trouble arises when Diane, who lost her son in an accident ...
Jun. 13, 2014
16x43 16 16x43 Boiling Point
Elderly Alice Swanson suffers from Alzheimers. Her carer Lauren goes to buy her fish and chips but is mugged and the police are called but Alice has no idea what has happened and starts ...
Jun. 16, 2014
16x44 16 16x44 In the Blood
Pregnant history student Anna Muller is delighted to find a diary belonging to her grandmother, Ilse, who was known in the family for being a concentration camp survivor, but when it ...
Jun. 17, 2014
16x45 16 16x45 Small Deaths
Heston comforts Jodie and Liam, a young couple whose baby, Kyle, has just died. When a policewoman suggests that Jodie's drinking is responsible Heston defends her but when Liam supplies ...
Jun. 18, 2014
16x46 16 16x46 Better Off Alone
Mandy befriends injured Kim Wells and they hit it off, having similar music tastes and the same sexual orientation. But Kim has a useless ex-husband, Damian, with a gambling habit, ...
Jun. 19, 2014
16x47 16 16x47 The Wicca Man
Kevin's patients, white witch Geoff Smith and wheelchair-bound Celia Birks live next door to each other and used to be friends but since Celia's accident they have fallen out and are ...
Jun. 20, 2014
16x48 16 16x48 Leper
Zara visits Jade in hospital after the successful birth of her baby, Shontavia, and is delighted to find that Jade is successfully breast-feeding her. Josh comes to the surgery and ...
Jul. 07, 2014
16x49 16 16x49 Author, Author
Would-be author Sophie has two idols - Daniel, on whom she has modelled her romantic leading man and Emily Bronte, with whom she has imaginary conversations, though neither have stopped ...
Jul. 08, 2014
16x50 16 16x50 Just the Ticket
Noel Rooney tells Jimmi that he fears his aunt, dementia sufferer Pauline Dempster, is getting worse and that her gardener, ex-offender Tom Cullum is stealing her medication. In the ...
Jul. 09, 2014
16x51 16 16x51 What Lies Beneath
Howard is shocked by the extreme reaction from medical rep Andy Couldry when he declines to buy an ultrasound machine from him and, after speaking to Andy's wife, realizes that he lives ...
Jul. 10, 2014
16x52 16 16x52 Turn in the Road
Rob is called to a road accident and discovers that the learner driver, Hollie Marlow, is involved in a scam organized by her grandma in which she takes other people's tests for them ...
Jul. 11, 2014
16x53 16 16x53 Baked
When elderly charity collector Elsie Potter collapses her grandson Ben calls in Zara and innocently gives her one of Elsie's home-made buns, unaware that they are hash cakes Elsie has ...
Jul. 14, 2014
16x54 16 16x54 The Good Doctor
Cancer patient Pete Stanfield tells Al that he no longer needs to see him as he has been cured thanks to the homeopathic remedies of Dr David Clarkwell but Al believes Clarkwell is ...
Jul. 15, 2014
16x55 16 16x55 The Gordian Knot
Daniel is horrified to find that little Kelly Towell has scurvy, caused by malnutrition after her single mother Susan's benefits have been cut. Daniel offers to help but Susan is wary ...
Jul. 16, 2014
16x56 16 16x56 Fast and Furious
Hasan Haruna is perturbed by the eating habits of his diabetic mother Khadija and anorexic sister Yesemi and takes them to the surgery. Both women claim that they have to fast for Ramadan ...
Jul. 17, 2014
16x57 16 16x57 Foreign Fields
Intrigued as to the fate of his great grandfather Hugh, who disappeared in World War 1, Howard enlists the services of archaeologist Matt Jukes. They find a diary belonging to lieutenant ...
Jul. 18, 2014
16x58 16 16x58 Redirect the Heart
Muslim teenager Aasim Masood tells his devout mother that he has been fasting and engaging in charity work during Ramadan whereas he has been partying and taking recreational drugs ...
Jul. 21, 2014
16x59 16 16x59 Unsolved Mysteries
Karen sees Lois Wren, a young girl who lives in a fantasy world, climbing out of a window and wrongly assumes that she is being ill-treated by her foster mother Nettie. However this ...
Jul. 22, 2014
16x60 16 16x60 Pieces of String Too Short for Use
Hoarder Jane Richards accidentally tips her late husband's ashes over herself and, although agoraphobic, is nowhere to be found when Heston makes his house call. After her daughter ...
Jul. 23, 2014
16x61 16 16x61 Kill or Cure
Zara is giving a talk at a girls' school when pupil Jenna Cole is suddenly sick and vomits part of a tape-worm. As other students also start to fall ill Zara is appalled to be told ...
Aug. 04, 2014
16x62 16 16x62 Free
Rob arrests persistent thief and drunk Lizzie McWhinnie and asks Jimmi to see her when she claims to be asthmatic. She is intelligent and Jimmi is shocked that she is resigned to habitual ...
Aug. 05, 2014
16x63 16 16x63 Starting Over
Kevin's patient Marcus Kennedy, depressive after his wife's death, surprises him by announcing that he has sold all his possessions, his house and his job to Ray Withers and plans to ...
Aug. 06, 2014
16x64 16 16x64 Eppur Si Muove
Heston engages private detective, ex-policeman Phil Hardwick, to follow Alex Bolton to prove that he is the intruder but when Alex is shown to be innocent and Phil still wants paying ...
Aug. 07, 2014
16x65 16 16x65 A Kind of Magic
In a shop Karen meets Susie Vine, formerly a successful television magician whose career ended abruptly following an accident on a live broadcast after she discovered the infidelity ...
Aug. 08, 2014
16x66 16 16x66 Buttoned Up
Al's patient Eddie Havelock, who has a fear of leaving his house, asks Al to visit Hazel, a fellow agoraphobic with whom he chats on the Internet after she fails to answer his calls. ...
Aug. 11, 2014
16x67 16 16x67 Flashpoint
Toni tends to the latest victim to have been beaten up and robbed by local thug Kyle Felton after his accomplice Callum Bennett - a youngster heavily in debt to a loan shark - has passed ...
Aug. 12, 2014
16x68 16 16x68 For Those About to Rock
Mandy's car is in a prang with would-be rocker Tommy Paxman. When Tommy's girlfriend Niki leaves him because she claims he has more interest in rock music than in her Mandy reluctantly ...
Aug. 13, 2014
16x69 16 16x69 Green Eyed Monsters
Kevin brags that he pulled two women in a club the night before but is stunned when both arrive at the surgery for a date - and turn out to be a mother and daughter who are always competing ...
Aug. 14, 2014
16x70 16 16x70 Payback
Jimmi treats elderly, befuddled Clive Atmore, arrested for drunk driving, and suspects that the scratches on his neck are the result of domestic abuse. However the real reason is far ...
Aug. 15, 2014
16x71 16 16x71 While the Cat's Away
Josh leaves Letherbridge for a rehabilitation hostel. He thanks Mrs Tembe for her support but again stresses that she should not intrude in people's lives. Niamh has an enjoyable date ...
Aug. 18, 2014
16x72 16 16x72 Special
Al is perturbed when normally sensible patients suffering from long term illnesses claim to have been cured by teen-aged faith healer Toby Guilmore. When Al investigates he discovers ...
Aug. 19, 2014
16x73 16 16x73 Flipping Cats
Special constable Howard looks for elderly Grace's missing cat, only to find she was never really missing but he has an eager helper in Archie, a resourceful little local boy with tons ...
Aug. 20, 2014
16x74 16 16x74 The Moon Girl Chronicles: Part One
Jimmi's god-daughter Isla arrives from Wales to start at the local university. She was born with a hole in the heart and Jimmi books her in to see a specialist but when he calls at ...
Aug. 21, 2014
16x75 16 16x75 The Moon Girl Chronicles: Part Two
Rob learns that Georgiana, Isla's flatmate, also uses the Moongirl site, which is how they met. She was one of several girls groomed for sex by Frances and Cole, whose girlfriend she ...
Aug. 22, 2014

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