Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 14 (2012-2013)

14x01 14 14x01 Full Time
A young carer celebrates her sixteenth birthday but Jimmi realises that for her father, the date marks a bigger occasion that could have devastating consequences. Heston returns to ...
Apr. 02, 2012
14x02 14 14x02 Deal or No Deal
A mother resorts to desperate measures in order to repay her debts but can Elaine stop her from making a big mistake? Julia is knocked for six by a new man who gets under her skin and ...
Apr. 03, 2012
14x03 14 14x03 A Suburban Affair
Daniel becomes embroiled in affairs of the heart when a wife exacts revenge on her cheating husband but who can he trust? Zara struggles to cut the cord from Joe and Heston fears his ...
Apr. 04, 2012
14x04 14 14x04 Bursting Balloons
A young girl tries to hide her social life from an overprotective brother but Jack has to intervene when her health is compromised. Heston is back on form but there is a shock in store ...
Apr. 05, 2012
14x05 14 14x05 Reality Check
After a run-in with the law, Rob tries to convince a teenager to put his past behind him - but is it too late? Julia prepares to divulge her past indiscretions on her first date with ...
Apr. 10, 2012
14x06 14 14x06 A Little on the Side
Cherry's principles are put to the test when she discovers her cousin has been doing the dirty, but can she bite her tongue? Heston takes the law into his own hands, and Julia starts ...
Apr. 11, 2012
14x07 14 14x07 Dancing Queen
Freya tries to help a junkie who is so desperate for a fix that she risks stealing her sister's dream of winning a dancing competition. Julia waits anxiously to find out if Martin will ...
Apr. 12, 2012
14x08 14 14x08 Upper Crust
Can Mrs Tembe help a member of her church realise her pride has allowed her children to develop an unusual illness? Will Daniel agree with Zara's unorthodox method of keeping an eye ...
Apr. 13, 2012
14x09 14 14x09 Short Changed
Mandy plays peace maker when her cousin makes a shock announcement at his 16th birthday party. Julia gets the truth from Martin but he shocks her with a new revelation. Heston and Kevin ...
Apr. 16, 2012
14x10 14 14x10 Pass Notes
It's Zara's first day back at work so she throws herself into helping a successful young lecturer whose lifestyle is jeopardising her career. Heston struggles to cope with a day ...
Apr. 17, 2012
14x11 14 14x11 A Good Boy
When a patient refuses treatment, Kevin is drawn into a family torn apart by gang culture. Freya experiences the dark side of fame when the Letherbridge Life article hits the shelves. ...
Apr. 18, 2012
14x12 14 14x12 Friend and Neighbour
Rob has to decide who to believe aftern he ends up getting involved in a dispute between a dead man's neighbour and his long lost relatives. Daniel finds it hard to meet Zara's expectations ...
Apr. 19, 2012
14x13 14 14x13 Echo Chamber
Jimmi ends up being asked to step in to cover a colleague's tracks after an accusation over their professionalism is made. Heston has to face the consequences of his actions in defending ...
Apr. 20, 2012
14x14 14 14x14 Fall of a Sparrow
Rob witnesses a tragedy unfold as young Dane refuses to accept his mother has moved on so soon after his father's death. Whilst Curtis lies critically ill in hospital, news breaks about ...
Apr. 23, 2012
14x15 14 14x15 If Music Be the Food of Love
A burgeoning relationship is threatened by a shocking revelation, but can Mandy help new love prosper? Meanwhile, hell hath no fury like a man scorned, as Barry realises he has been ...
Apr. 24, 2012
14x16 14 14x16 Being Your Slave
Zara likes the idea of having her own personal slave sexy until a neighbour's tragic experiences ends up changing her mind. Martin is forced by Julia to reveal details of his past relationships, ...
Apr. 25, 2012
14x17 14 14x17 Genius
Freya manages to have the worst birthday ever as she finds herself involved in her friend's strained relationship with a volatile playwright. Heston has to make a difficult choice after ...
Apr. 26, 2012
14x18 14 14x18 The Lunatics, the Lover and the Poet
After Kevin accidentally manages to book a hypnotist for Freya's birthday party, a strange dream-like day follows. Cherry and Mrs Tembe battle it out for for Heston's last ticket.
Apr. 27, 2012
14x19 14 14x19 Just the Way You Are
Cherry channels her inner Bridezilla when she meets an excited bride-to-be, but her suspicions are aroused as her patient's behaviour becomes more erratic. Heston is brought down to ...
Apr. 30, 2012
14x20 14 14x20 Wind Up
Kevin has to use every ounce of his self-control when he encounters a patient who cannot help winding people up. Buoyed by popular support, Heston resumes seeing patients, but he ...
May. 01, 2012
14x21 14 14x21 Responsibilities
After Imogen babysits a teenage neighbour, she is shocked after his girlfriend shows up claiming to be pregnant. Cherry is determined to get support for Heston. Julia manages to get ...
May. 02, 2012
14x22 14 14x22 A Bracing Walk
When Mandy determines to help a childhood hero with a terminal illness, she discovers that life choices are not always clear cut. Karen ropes Elaine into taking Jack and Imogen on ...
May. 03, 2012
14x23 14 14x23 Blackeyes
After Karen meets a vulnerable student, her decision to play Good Samaritan ends up putting Jack at risk from a femme fatale. Mrs Tembe naively tries to appeal to Curtis's good nature ...
May. 04, 2012
14x24 14 14x24 Fragile Strength
Desperate to help her patient confront a debilitating illness, Elaine discovers that the cause might be very close to home. Heston and Godfrey have one last chance to go over their ...
May. 08, 2012
14x25 14 14x25 High-Flyer
Jack is desperate to impress and get work experience at a swanky law firm, and as a result he ends up helping a lawyer deal with her problem daughter. Elaine has an unusual method for ...
May. 09, 2012
14x26 14 14x26 Black Bag
Freya buys a cheap DVD at the market, but gets into deep water when she discovers that there is more to the stall than meets the eye. The trial gets off to a bad start, with Heston ...
May. 10, 2012
14x27 14 14x27 Secrets of the Heart
A patient called Victoria attempts to hide her stress-related symptoms from Zara, butshe soon becomes wise to it and learns another secret she has buried very deep. Security guard Barry ...
May. 11, 2012
14x28 14 14x28 Acting Strangely
After an encounter with some medical students, Daniel realises that he needs to practice what he preaches when it comes to bedside manners. Mrs Tembe gets a little too involved at ...
May. 14, 2012
14x29 14 14x29 The Morning After the Night of the Living Dead
Has one of the recently-deceased risen from his coffin, or has Rob got a more down-to-earth crime to investigate? Meanwhile, Zara is furious when she catches Daniel and Karen in the ...
May. 15, 2012
14x30 14 14x30 Testament
Mrs Tembe has to decide how far she will cross the line to help a friend, and her faith is well and truly tested in the process. Meanwhile, Jimmi is annoyed that Cherry has a list ...
May. 16, 2012
14x31 14 14x31 My Cherie Amour
Trying to do the right thing, Cherry betrays a vulnerable patient's trust. Meanwhile, Daniel is feeling inferior, whilst Julia makes a life-changing decision.
May. 17, 2012
14x32 14 14x32 Legacy
After Julia announces that she intends to leave the Mill to start a new life in Wales, Heston manages to throw a spanner in the works.
May. 18, 2012
14x33 14 14x33 Carry On Cruising
Imogen has to make a difficult decision after she is asked to cover for a friend. Mrs Tembe shows off her skills after she goes to another self-defence class. Heston and Daniel end ...
May. 21, 2012
14x34 14 14x34 Venom
Kevin has to treat a backpacker who has returned from his travels with a souvenir he wasn't expecting. Zara asserts her authority with the other partners at the surgery.
May. 22, 2012
14x35 14 14x35 Sticky Fingers
Rob learns that family problems are at the root of a tearaway's constant offences. Karen's biographical short story gets her into trouble after she is shortlisted for a magazine co ...
May. 23, 2012
14x36 14 14x36 myperfectm8.com
Freya helps old friends to see there is still a spark between them. Zara interviews the girls for the temporary practice manager job, while Jimmi and Daniel long to drop their fac ...
May. 24, 2012
14x37 14 14x37 Divine Intervention
An overprotective mum blames Mrs Tembe when her son goes AWOL, but Mrs Tembe soon discovers a dark side to their relationship. Heston fears for the Mill's future when Mrs Tembe takes ...
May. 25, 2012
14x38 14 14x38 The Player
Jimmi tries to help a young girl who puts her life in danger when she becomes embroiled with a local dealer. Interviews for the practice manager position go awry, but a surprise candidate ...
May. 28, 2012
14x39 14 14x39 Smash the System
A student protest causes a rift between Mandy and Freya but Mandy puts herself in danger when she tries to prove a point. A new dawn begins as Julia's replacement Howard Bellamy starts ...
May. 29, 2012
14x40 14 14x40 Redemption
A priest reconsiders his faith when his past is called into question, and Zara becomes a pawn in a game of revenge. Howard has doubts about Elaine's commitment to the surgery in the ...
May. 30, 2012
14x41 14 14x41 Dia De Los Muertos
A dying man begs Elaine to lie for him, but will she break the rules to make his last wish come true? Howard prepares the troops for battle ahead of the re-accreditation, but a loose ...
May. 31, 2012
14x42 14 14x42 Jerusalem
Preparations for the diamond jubilee weekend are well underway and Jack is enlisted to help out, but things do not quite go to plan when a grieving Ukranian, a double decker bus and ...
Jun. 01, 2012
14x43 14 14x43 Contact
Can Mrs Tembe overcome her disgust to help a fellow church-goer who is driven to the edge by leading a double life? Kevin and Freya meet two potential candidates for the drug trial, ...
Jun. 06, 2012
14x44 14 14x44 Never Found
Can Heston help a desperate patient who is convinced he knows who abducted his son five years earlier? As the deadline for the drugs trial approaches, Freya must decide if she is going ...
Jun. 07, 2012
14x45 14 14x45 Those Were the Days
Rob is on the case when a fading rock star is sent a nail bomb just as he is about to embark on a comeback tour. Karen has to deal with an interloper at her Botox party. Kevin and Freya ...
Jun. 08, 2012
14x46 14 14x46 Knock, Knock
Mandy confronts a money lender when she gets drawn in by a young mother struggling to keep her head above water. Will Patti be able to keep Freya's secret as she attends the first day ...
Jun. 11, 2012
14x47 14 14x47 Matthew and Son
Whilst trying to save some money for The Mill, Howard gets caught up in a father-son dispute. Helping Imogen to revise gives Jack a brilliant idea for a new business, as Howard threatens ...
Jun. 12, 2012
14x48 14 14x48 Life's Too Short
Karen gets caught up in a web of deceit as she helps her friend organise a surprise birthday party for her husband who has cancer. Will Cherry's plans for Jimmi's birthday be able to ...
Jun. 13, 2012
14x49 14 14x49 Back Inside
Jimmi meets two patients desperate to help a young man see that life on the outside is a better alternative than prison. Jack finds his first concierge service client, while Kevin is ...
Jun. 14, 2012
14x50 14 14x50 The Stranger
When a complete stranger suffering from dementia turns up in a patient's garden she believes it is her long lost father. However, Elaine discovers it may not be that straightforward. ...
Jun. 15, 2012
14x51 14 14x51 Something on the Air
Troubled by a bad omen, Mrs Tembe is convinced she has to warn a patient who is refusing medical treatment. Freya finds the courage to make a full confession to Howard, prompting a ...
Jun. 18, 2012
14x52 14 14x52 Survivors
When Howard helps an injured, young soldier make the transition to civvy street, will it open up old wounds of his own? As The Mill's staff return to business after the fire, they ...
Jul. 09, 2012
14x53 14 14x53 Start Up
Can Imogen prove herself as a businesswoman despite her ditzy college friend and her eccentric father? Cherry tries to persuade Mandy that it is time to come back to work.
Jul. 10, 2012
14x54 14 14x54 Sweet Surrender
Daniel and Zara argue over his plans to buy a new car, but after they meet a surrendered wife and her husband they learn the art of compromise. Jimmi's obsession with running infuriates ...
Jul. 11, 2012
14x55 14 14x55 Embers
Elaine is back at school to hold a careers seminar, but the teacher is more in need of her help than the students. Kevin is happy to be getting his head down, but he is forced out of ...
Jul. 12, 2012
14x56 14 14x56 Head Screwed On
Zara isn't looking forward to having lunch with her aunt and uncle but is surprised to find out that they are not as dull as she thought. Mandy returns to work and Howard informs the ...
Jul. 13, 2012
14x57 14 14x57 Outlaws and Angels
When the mother of a dead criminal involves Karen in a seance, her scepticism may be a matter of life and death. Heston faces Curtis for the first time since the trial, and is surprised ...
Jul. 16, 2012
14x58 14 14x58 A River in Egypt
Mandy's concern for a desperate weight-watching patient drives her to the point where she starts to follow him... Meanwhile, Cherry starts to crack under the pressure of Jimmi's very ...
Jul. 17, 2012
14x59 14 14x59 Now They'll Sleep
The boyfriend of a rape victim starts to doubt his girlfriend's story. Rob not only has to reassure him, but also consider if the boyfriend is as innocent as he claims. Meanwhile, Cherry ...
Jul. 18, 2012
14x60 14 14x60 If a Tree Falls
After a dreadful storm, Daniel finds himself trapped in the future and facing a terrible relationship with his son, whose resentment seems rooted in the present.
Jul. 19, 2012
14x61 14 14x61 Catflap
Kevin confronts his feelings of grief and survivor guilt when he receives an unexpected gift on his drive. Daniel feels left out, whilst Jack worries about his impending degree res ...
Jul. 20, 2012
14x62 14 14x62 Sentence
Jimmi attempts to deal with a man who has taken the law into his own hands to avenge a hit-and-run accident that his wife was involved in. Mandy manages to coax Kevin into facing Patti ...
Jul. 23, 2012
14x63 14 14x63 Indian Smyth
Howard attempts to help an eccentric friend in his keep a day centre for ex-servicemen open. Zara's efforts to cheer up Daniel go awry. Jack is forced to question his own attitude. ...
Jul. 24, 2012
14x64 14 14x64 The Bespectacled Bounder
Heston attempts to help an old lady obsessed with a 1930s film to separate reality from fiction. Mandy and Kevin finally find some catharsis.
Jul. 25, 2012
14x65 14 14x65 Nice Packet
Imogen's attempts to impress go awry when she gets involved with a teenage boy. Daniel and Cherry's frosty relationship begins to thaw.
Jul. 26, 2012
14x66 14 14x66 A Broad Church
Daniel and Cherry feel really bad about their infidelity. Mrs Tembe's enthusiasm for roleplay sees a misunderstanding. Karen decides to try and find a new hobby.
Aug. 13, 2012
14x67 14 14x67 Judging Books
Kevin convinces a patient to face the truth or risk both his health and the future of his business. Cherry is determined to prove her love for Jimmi, and Karen insists on proving her ...
Aug. 14, 2012
14x68 14 14x68 Art and Soul
Immie fears that her friend Chris is being pressured into abandoning art school to work for his father, but she is shocked when she learns what Chris really wants. Karen tries to hide ...
Aug. 15, 2012
14x69 14 14x69 Car Wars
After two arguing taxi companies fight for The Mill's business, Howard finds himself being caught in the crossfire. Imogen's exam results arrive but will she finally get the grades ...
Aug. 16, 2012
14x70 14 14x70 Good Citizens
Jimmi treats a pensioner who is having doubts about her evidence before a big court case, but can he convince her to tell the truth? Meanwhile, Daniel realises that Cherry has confided ...
Aug. 17, 2012
14x71 14 14x71 The Great Unwashed
It is Jack's first day at the Citizen's Advice Bureau, but his ego gets in the way of success. Zara pushes Cherry to the limit, but can Cherry maintain a dignified silence or will she ...
Aug. 20, 2012
14x72 14 14x72 Walter
Elaine's patient is convinced that her husband has been reincarnated, but can Elaine get to the root of the problem and convince her otherwise? Zara threatens to spill the beans to ...
Aug. 21, 2012
14x73 14 14x73 The Frighteners
The battle lines are firmly drawn as Mrs Tembe and Karen compete in the first round of SupaChef. Cooking doesn't get better than this! Meanwhile, Imogen helps a fledgling tour guide ...
Aug. 22, 2012
14x74 14 14x74 Here
It is a hectic first day for the new doctor at the Mill as she deals with the fallout from two lonely women fighting for attention, whilst dealing with a personal dilemma of her own. ...
Aug. 23, 2012
14x75 14 14x75 Blue Eyed Boy
A student with a heart problem attempts to convince Heston to help him break free from his over-protective mother. Jas's money problems continue as she looks for a second job. A family ...
Aug. 24, 2012

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