Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 13 (2011-2012)

13x01 13 13x01 Every Heart That Beats
Elaine becomes concerned about a man's obsession with "giving back" thirty minutes of his life. When he tries to help a woman dealing with a devastating loss, it puts them both in a ...
Mar. 31, 2011
13x02 13 13x02 Prestige
Heston's ego puts the Mill's reputation at risk when he does a favour for an old acquaintance. Will the daily grind of living together spell the end of the honeymoon period for Zara ...
Apr. 04, 2011
13x03 13 13x03 Thanks for the Memories
Mrs Tembe helps an old man whose unrequited love for his friend puts her in danger. How will Zara cope when Daniel's belongings start to take over her house? And will Rob's over-confidence ...
Apr. 05, 2011
13x04 13 13x04 Smoke and Mirrors
Julia smells a rat when her old friend claims she is being haunted by her dead husband. Rob finds out if he has got the job or not, but more importantly, will Karen get her conservatory? ...
Apr. 06, 2011
13x05 13 13x05 Brothers
Jack sets out to uncover the reason why his friend has dumped him, but can he handle the truth? Horrified at the prospect of a double date, will Cherry and Zara be able to find a way ...
Apr. 07, 2011
13x06 13 13x06 Friday I'm In Love
Zara and Cherry attempt to get through date night without killing one another. Imogen is nervous about her date with Ryan but he ends up managing to surprise her.
Apr. 08, 2011
13x07 13 13x07 Bad Heston - Part 1
Whilst investigating a cuckooing gang, Rob comes across a schizophrenic old acquaintance, Ed, who is in urgent need of medical assistance. Heston is drafted in to help, but Ed is a ...
Apr. 11, 2011
13x08 13 13x08 Bad Heston - Part 2
As Ed's vision, 'Bad Heston', continues to urge him to kill, Heston and Rob attempt to find him and get him the help he needs. But will they get to him before it is too late? Ryan tells ...
Apr. 12, 2011
13x09 13 13x09 Liar, Liar
Cherry helps a patient deal with the consequences of sleeping with her sister's husband. And when Karen and Rob bump into Immie out shopping, can Ryan make a good impression? Heston ...
Apr. 13, 2011
13x10 13 13x10 Just Like a Woman
Karen ends up agreeing to go to her friend Angie's lingerie party, and she ends up finding out that Angie's new best friend has a shocking secret. Elaine fights for Ed's care at the ...
Apr. 14, 2011
13x11 13 13x11 Truth Or Dare
Cherry hopes that she will make a good impression at the dinner party. Zara is still trying to avoid having to go. As the drinks begin to flow, some truths are revealed.
Apr. 15, 2011
13x12 13 13x12 Doric's Column
After Mrs Tembe meets a man who has been spouting his objectionable views for many years, she eds up teaching him to say what is really on his mind. Imogen attempts to find Ryan an ...
Apr. 18, 2011
13x13 13 13x13 Men and Motors
Jimmi attempts to help with a man who is risking his health to get his hands on his dream car. Elaine is worried about Ed's future and tries to think of a way she can help him.
Apr. 19, 2011
13x14 13 13x14 Spite Club
Heston finds himself embroiled with best friends Sue and Joanne, who constantly clash over an attractive assistant they both want to sleep with. Imogen attempts to find Ryan a new job ...
Apr. 20, 2011
13x15 13 13x15 Wrong Identity
Jack attempts to help a former school friend and her sister who are in trouble but his efforts to play the hero are not as straightforward as it seems. After Elaine welcomes Ed into ...
Apr. 21, 2011
13x16 13 13x16 Charade
A private detective and the woman he is supposed to be investigating end up in the practice and Julia thinks thet there is some romace going on between the two of them. Karen is looking ...
Apr. 26, 2011
13x17 13 13x17 Labyrinth
When after Jill, an old friend of Zara's shows up claiming to have forgotten to plan her best friend's wedding, Zara ends up being forced to confront the way she feels about Daniel ...
Apr. 27, 2011
13x18 13 13x18 Light Blue Touch Paper
A well-known prostitute in the area is caught by Rob attempting to break into her own home. Cherry celebrates her birthday. Jimmi is not too keen when she wants to go househunting. ...
Apr. 28, 2011
13x19 13 13x19 The Silence
Ed ends up discovering that an expose of his time in Afghanistan is missing some very important details about what went on there. Elaine thinks about her friendship with Ed.
Apr. 28, 2011
13x20 13 13x20 Elaine
Ed reveals he is off his medication, so Elaine instigates an emergency therapy session. She is making progress when Ed's father appears, wanting to take him back to Glasgow.
May. 03, 2011
13x21 13 13x21 Lord Letherbridge
Jimmi ends up becoming worried after a sleepwalking patient announces that he is the Lord of Letherbridge. Julia and Heston face up to Ed.
May. 04, 2011
13x22 13 13x22 The Other Side of the Wall
A former girlfriend of Jack's becomes disturbed with the activities of her next-door neighbor. Ed has a really bad day at Elaine's house.
May. 05, 2011
13x23 13 13x23 Gods and Gurus
Julia ends up loosing her patience with the others over a new trainee position at the practice. Imogen's new relationship is now official.
May. 06, 2011
13x24 13 13x24 Once Upon a Time
A dark secret ends up being revealed after a teenage girl who is obsessed with fairy tales gets Daniel involved in her family issues. Elaine begins to feel restless in her relationship ...
May. 09, 2011
13x25 13 13x25 The Path to Life
Karen finds it hard to deal with her doubts about Imogen. Elaine's nerves ends up threatening to get the better of her as she gets ready to host the book group.
May. 10, 2011
13x26 13 13x26 The Asian and the Lesbian
Battle lines end up being drawn when two new doctors vie for a trainee position at the surgery.
May. 11, 2011
13x27 13 13x27 The Finishing Touch
Jackends up defending the underdog after he visits his old school and a student there accuses a teacher of abuse. Imogen talks to Ryan. The partners at the surgery argue over trainee ...
May. 12, 2011
13x28 13 13x28 Out in the Cold
Heston ends up taking part in a homeless charity sleep-out. Karen's suspicions increase. Elaine comes to a decision about her relationship with Ed.
May. 13, 2011
13x29 13 13x29 The Lonely Woman
Cherry becomes worried when a new mother is struggling to cope and has become obsessed with a elderly woman. An urgent appointment is made by Elaine with her therapist.
May. 16, 2011
13x30 13 13x30 Covers
Kevin and Freya both end ip making an impression on their first day as they find it hard to remain impartial. Imogen has to deal with a dilemma after Jack's kindness leads to a rev ...
May. 17, 2011
13x31 13 13x31 Mr Right
Julia ends up being asked for help by her financial adviser with her complicated love life. Imogen learns when her trial will take place and she is urged by Jack to face up to Karen ...
May. 18, 2011
13x32 13 13x32 Payback
Elaine attempt tp helps a man on community payback realise that, by giving into a bully, he has put his dad's life at risk. Jack ends up deciding to help Imogen with her trial after ...
May. 19, 2011
13x33 13 13x33 Because You're Mine
Karen finds herself being disturbed in the early hours by an intruder and she is concerned that they are after Rob. Her new neighbours Hilary and Graham end up being the real targets ...
May. 20, 2011
13x34 13 13x34 Fruity
Mrs Tembe ends up becoming involved in the lives of her fellow allotment owners which ruins the chances of her having a stress free day. Imogen is scared that Rob will discover the ...
May. 23, 2011
13x35 13 13x35 Over the Rainbow
An immigrant girl runs into Rob and he finds out just how desperate she is to stay in England. Daniel attempts to prove his feminist credentials to Zara and Freya.
May. 24, 2011
13x36 13 13x36 Blind
Freya attempts to expose the horrible secret behind a girl's blindness. She also has to shadow Cherry after Zara's hormones end up playing havoc with the ways she feels.
May. 25, 2011
13x37 13 13x37 Moot Point
Jack is certain that he can help Imogen prepare for her upcoming trial. Mrs Tembe's new hairdo ends up causing mass confusion. Jimmi finally gets some good news but his worries are ...
May. 26, 2011
13x38 13 13x38 Awake
Following a routine operation a young girl is left feeling traumatised. Karen is wound up by Mrs Trembe. Freya and Kevin find the gloves coming off.
May. 27, 2011
13x39 13 13x39 Seize the Day
A decisive moment is recahed between Daniel and Zara, Daniel also treats an elderly patient who is determined to seize each day but it is compromising her health. Karen has doubts that ...
May. 31, 2011
13x40 13 13x40 Like Father
Heston attempts to help a deaf cartoonist who is finding it hard to communicate with his son. Rob attempts to get Imogen ready for her court date.
Jun. 01, 2011
13x41 13 13x41 Resistant to Arrest
With Imogen's court date looming, Rob is delighted to be partnered with enthusiastic WPC Jackie, but is concerned when she appears to have been injured in the line of duty. Meanwhile, ...
Jun. 02, 2011
13x42 13 13x42 You Gotta Have Faith
Julia is concerned that she could have given herfriend Helen the wrong advice after she finds out her toyboy has asked her to move to Australia with him. Imogen's day in court finally ...
Jun. 03, 2011
13x43 13 13x43 Daddy's Girl
Rob ends up getting drunk and Imogen ends up on the streets after he throws her out for good. Karen attempts to find her daughter before anything bad happens to her.
Jun. 06, 2011
13x44 13 13x44 Family Matters
Zara ends up getting the wrong impression when she deals with an furious patient who refuses to donate a kidney to his seriously sick mother. Imogen finds it hard to focus on her exam ...
Jun. 07, 2011
13x45 13 13x45 The Killing of Sean Noble
Jimmy has to deal with an ethical dilemma after he finds out a criminal's true identity. Elaine ends up meeting a chimney sweep who has a fear of soot.
Jun. 08, 2011
13x46 13 13x46 Like Mother Like Daughter
Freya is worried about a patient's motivation for having a gastric bypass and wants her to think about it a little more before comeing to a final decision. Imogen has a successful day ...
Jun. 09, 2011
13x47 13 13x47 Smoke and Flames
Kevin is tactless when dealing with a fireman suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Cherry attempts to please everyone but ends up over stretching herself.
Jun. 10, 2011
13x48 13 13x48 The Last Waltz
Heston attempts to help a man whose wife is dying of cancer. Jimmi ends up discovering Cherri's agenda.
Jun. 13, 2011
13x49 13 13x49 Cassandra
Kevin meets a woman who wants to end the recurring nightmares she is suffering with and he attempts to work out what the dreams mean. There is tension for the Hollins family after a ...
Jul. 04, 2011
13x50 13 13x50 Defying Gravity
Elaine finds herself in the middle of an abusive man's quest to find his ex-wife. Julia ends up taking matters into her own hands after Imogen refuses to attend her final exam.
Jul. 05, 2011
13x51 13 13x51 Poison Ivy
Daniel ends up getting more than he bargained for afterhe treats a patient at a lap-dancing club. Jack is forced to face up to his responsibilities as a reporter.
Jul. 06, 2011
13x52 13 13x52 Coming of Age
Heston tries help a dying man who is trying to protect his daughter by taking away her independence. Mrs Tembe thinks that Daniel and Zara's relationship could to bad for the practice. ...
Jul. 07, 2011
13x53 13 13x53 Pink and Blue
Zara finds it hard to give objective advice to a young couple at who are facing one of the biggest moment of their lives. Freya gives Cherry a makeover to help her to get Jimmi to take ...
Jul. 08, 2011
13x54 13 13x54 Last Christmas
When see a person dressed as Santa Claus on a patient's roof during a home visit she is surprised. Jimmi realises that he is loosing Cherry.
Jul. 11, 2011
13x55 13 13x55 Protection
A right-wing leader's presence in town ends up causing consternation for Mrs Tembe after the Mill's cleaner ends up revealing a connection. Cherry attempts to help a girl. Jimmi makes ...
Jul. 12, 2011
13x56 13 13x56 Carpe Diem
Jack finds himself with an opportunity to make some easy money. Karen is determined to sort out all of the family problems. Jimmi gets ready to make the most important proposal of his ...
Jul. 13, 2011
13x57 13 13x57 Now or Never
Heston becomes involved with the murky underworld after he turns to a patient for help. Jimmi attempts to deal with his fear of spontaneity.
Jul. 14, 2011
13x58 13 13x58 Someone to Love
Freya ends up coming to blows with Zara after she attempts to help a patient who has a secret. Elaine attempts to help Mrs Tembe. There is a big announcement made by Jimmi and Cher ...
Jul. 15, 2011
13x59 13 13x59 Pride and Prejudice
Imogen starts her community service and ends up having a very eventful day. Freya becomes more determined than ever after being confronted by Lynette's husband
Jul. 18, 2011
13x60 13 13x60 Welcome to My World
Rob finds it hard to keep a sense of humour after an imposter steals his identity and goes on a crime spree. Mrs Tembe attempts to help her neighbour. Freya's efforts to helpt Lynette ...
Jul. 19, 2011
13x61 13 13x61 Sorting Nana Mo
Jack believes that he has a fool proof plan to help a friend's grandmother until Rob ends up giving him a reality check. Mrs Tembe has a day off in which she and Cameron are brought ...
Jul. 20, 2011
13x62 13 13x62 Tail to Tow
Barry turns to Julia for help to free a trapped dog and she ends up taking an unusual stand. Zara and Mrs Tembe both have things on their minds.
Jul. 21, 2011
13x63 13 13x63 Glad Rags
Freya believes that an unhappy goth could be the victim of some domestic abuse but the truth ends up being much more strange. Daniel and Zara attempt to sneak off to the fertility clinic. ...
Jul. 22, 2011
13x64 13 13x64 Born and Bred
Imogen ends up risking breaking her community service order to help a fellow offender. After Trevor attends a British Pride Party meeting, he feels empowered.
Jul. 25, 2011
13x65 13 13x65 Best Laid Plans
Cherry attempts to make sure that the engagement party is a success. The family therapy sessions end up proving too much for Rob to deal with.
Jul. 26, 2011
13x66 13 13x66 Sweet Child of Mine
Rob ends up allowing his feelings for his daughter cloud his judgement when he attempts to help with a woman and her troublesome daughter. Mrs Tembe makes Trevor an appointment to see ...
Jul. 27, 2011
13x67 13 13x67 Decent People
Jimmi finds himself being caught in the middle after a father's plan to save his son from a local bully ends up backfiring. Mrs Tembe finds it hard to keep her composure at the surgery. ...
Jul. 28, 2011
13x68 13 13x68 Sunday Sunday
The Hollins family end up being invited to Rob's cousin's for lunch and they soon find out that the once-perfect family unit could even them look functional.
Jul. 29, 2011
13x69 13 13x69 Storm in a Teacup
After a patient tells him about going on a date, Hest feels jealous and thinks about arranging one for himself. Freya attempts to find out what Kevin knows about a person she treated ...
Aug. 01, 2011
13x70 13 13x70 Safe Home
After Cameron is taken ill, Trevor turns to Mrs Tembe for help when. Freya admits everything to Zara.
Aug. 02, 2011
13x71 13 13x71 You People
Trevor's intimidation of Mrs Tembe grows. Daniel offers Zara his support as she waits for news about her pregnancy
Aug. 03, 2011
13x72 13 13x72 Lasso the Moon
Cherry attempts to to play matchmaker and ends up bumping into an old adversary. Heston takes Mrs Tembe back to her house. Karen gets a few issues off her chest during the latest family ...
Aug. 04, 2011
13x73 13 13x73 Footsteps
A homeless man who has been caught washing his feet in the staff toilets is offered help from Freya. Lauren, the new receptionist manages to make a good impression on the whole team, ...
Aug. 05, 2011
13x74 13 13x74 The Pale Cast of Thought
Adam increases his training regime in an effort to impress his father who is a colonel in the ammy. Adam's ex-girlfriend shares her fears with Kevin. Karen is not impressed by Imogen's ...
Aug. 08, 2011
13x75 13 13x75 Charming
Zara ends up becoming suspicious after her old friend declares that she is planning on getting married. An attractive woman manages to affect Heston's better judgement.
Aug. 09, 2011

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