Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 12 (2010-2011)

12x01 12 12x01 Catching
Luke is struggling to find a childminder for his daughter while he interviews for an important job. Michelle tries to help, but is shocked by Luke's desperate behavior. Smithy's plans ...
Apr. 01, 2010
12x02 12 12x02 Happy Ending
Cherry is called to the side of a dying man's bed. Left alone, she struggles to come to terms with his beliefs, which strongly challenge her own. Smithy has a surprise for Ruth, ...
Apr. 06, 2010
12x03 12 12x03 One More Scrum
A wheelchair-bound former rugby player takes all of his frustrations out on his wife, while boozing with his mate. Heston is an unwilling witness to all this, and is shocked to discover ...
Apr. 07, 2010
12x04 12 12x04 Mirror
Rob finds it hard to to work out the cause of a car accident. Smithy is confronted by Ruth. Simon is worried that Will is going off him.
Apr. 08, 2010
12x05 12 12x05 Home to Roost
As Smithy's erratic behavior pushes Ruth to the edge, she has to struggle with a big decision; does she call for help or let Smithy finally be free? Cherry's cynicism provokes Simon ...
Apr. 09, 2010
12x06 12 12x06 Neighbourhood Watch
Zara and Daniel argue over the well-being of a meddling OAP, whose stress levels rise as he tries to incriminate his drug-dealing neighbor. Henry tries to help Ruth come to terms ...
Apr. 12, 2010
12x07 12 12x07 Mystery Tour
Michelle intervenes when the parents of a missing teenager are led on a mystery tour around Letherbridge. Simon has the day from hell, while Julia takes action against Daniel and ...
Apr. 13, 2010
12x08 12 12x08 Love Me, Hate Me
When Charlie dines out with Heston he ends up being the victim of prejudice. Jimmi has some disturbing memories of his kidnap when he makes a home visit.
Apr. 14, 2010
12x09 12 12x09 Synergy
Daniel and Zara are on their very worst behavior at a team building course. Karen makes a depressing financial realization, while Simon's birthday party doesn't go to plan.
Apr. 15, 2010
12x10 12 12x10 Two's Company
When Heston has a lunch date with an IT rep it ends up taking a surreal turn. Will is confronted by Simon. The news Zara has been waiting for finally arrives.
Apr. 16, 2010
12x11 12 12x11 Digging for Gold
A friend of Imogen's gets more than she bargained for when she makes a play for a rich elderly man. Karen is shocked to find out what everyone else earns, and Julia is put in a difficult ...
Apr. 19, 2010
12x12 12 12x12 Best Laid Plans
Ruth's day is turned upside town by a tearaway visitor to the Mill. Simon and Will spend a romantic day together while Zara's father is released from prison.
Apr. 20, 2010
12x13 12 12x13 Guilty
It looks like Daniel's been up to his old tricks when a female patient turns up besotted with him. And Simon discovers being the only man in Will's life may not mean that much.
Apr. 21, 2010
12x14 12 12x14 Protection
Cherry unpicks the secrets and underhand tricks of a teenage romance. Life reunited with her father is a huge disappointment for Zara.
Apr. 22, 2010
12x15 12 12x15 Careless Whisper
Julia discovers the surprising lengths an elderly mother will go to in caring for her Downs Syndrome daughter. Simon is struggling with his break-up with Will, but finds an ally in ...
Apr. 23, 2010
12x16 12 12x16 Monday, Monday
Will has to play judge, jury and executioner to a liar. And Simon struggles to cope with Will's absence in his life.
Apr. 26, 2010
12x17 12 12x17 All The Right Moves
A romantic tryst and a massive hairy metal-head ensure that Jack's first day in halls does not go quite to plan. And has romance really left Simon's life?
Apr. 27, 2010
12x18 12 12x18 The False Heart
Heston gets to the heart of the matter with a temperamental actor, while Karen's industrial action gets a mixed response... but has it done the trick?
Apr. 28, 2010
12x19 12 12x19 Idle Hands
Jimmi and Rob meet a man who refuses to remove his black leather gloves in case they fall victim to his deadly secret. Fed up with working to rule, Karen tells Heston she will resume ...
Apr. 29, 2010
12x20 12 12x20 Baby Love
Michelle plays matchmaker for her Motown-loving neighbor, but gets more than she bargained for when he reveals the true object of his affection. Zara is moved to tears by Jed's decision ...
Apr. 30, 2010
12x21 12 12x21 Like Mother Like Daughter
Charlie inadvertently helps a mother who needs to learn to act her age. Julia smells a rat when the petty cash won't tally; will she get the culprit to crumble? Zara and Jed make ...
May. 04, 2010
12x22 12 12x22 An Officer and a Gentleman
Rob has to decide whether to risk his reputation and report an incompetent colleague. Imogen tries to help one of her friends find a way out of his impending arranged marriage.
May. 05, 2010
12x23 12 12x23 All Our Yesterdays
Cherry deals with a patient with memory loss who is struggling to remember anything about her life; will she be able to handle the truth? Daniel goes up against Jimmi in an attempt ...
May. 06, 2010
12x24 12 12x24 Power Of Speech
Heston's rhetoric proves invaluable in a matter of life and death for an eccentric family. A surprise visitor at the Mill makes Simon question his future with Will. Will Zara and ...
May. 10, 2010
12x25 12 12x25 Lady Luck
Heston finds himself clashing with a traveler who says that he has the 'second sight' and she sets up camp in the car park. Zara finds Daniel at the casino. Cherry decides to move ...
May. 10, 2010
12x26 12 12x26 Street Life
Love is in the air for Jimmi at the police station when his methadone addict patient tries to play matchmaker, while Zara has a big shock for a despondent Daniel. Simon goes to see ...
May. 11, 2010
12x27 12 12x27 Consequences
Sophie corners Simon at the Mill. Heston is not happy when he finds out that Julia has lied to Daniel about the partnership money. When Daniel confronts them they try and formulate ...
May. 12, 2010
12x28 12 12x28 Sins of a Father
Michelle attempts to help Josh confront his mother's past after his girlfriend discovers a dark family secret. Will and Sophie come to a compromise about their marriage.
May. 13, 2010
12x29 12 12x29 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Unicyclist
Karen finds out that she become the star of a unicycling comedian's interactive comedy act without even knowing it. Simon tries to ignore Will's pleas for him to come see him. Zara ...
May. 14, 2010
12x30 12 12x30 Pound of Flesh
After Julia finds out that a young patient is planning on selling her virginity to an older man, she tries to convince her that maybe she is making a mistake. Daniel prepares for his ...
May. 17, 2010
12x31 12 12x31 Burning the Candle
An ageist patient with an attitude causes Charlie to miss a something that it is wrong and he tries to track them down before it is too late. Daniel finds out that pride comes before ...
May. 18, 2010
12x32 12 12x32 The White Room
Simon finds himself trying to save a man who is taking drastic steps after his wife has fallen into a coma. Cherry ends up moving back in with Simon and and she attempts to cheer him ...
May. 19, 2010
12x33 12 12x33 The Tiptoe of Expectation
Zara is asked for help by a girl who is convinced her elderly aunt is loosing the plot. Daniel decides to apologise to Julia.
May. 20, 2010
12x34 12 12x34 The Last Hurrah
Rob is attacked by a 15-year-old girl who has been drinking and he takes her into custody. Karen receives an unexpected offer from Julia.
May. 21, 2010
12x35 12 12x35 Heaven, I'm in Heaven
Heston ends up putting his foot in his mouth when he criticizes Cherry's style in clothing. Ruth suffers with stage front.
May. 24, 2010
12x36 12 12x36 Shuffle, Ball, Change
The day of the gala arrives and Ruth has to try and overcome her stage fright. Imogen attempts to boost Ruth's confidence
May. 25, 2010
12x37 12 12x37 Pass the Parcel
When she believes that an elderly patient is being mistreated by his two sons, Michelle takes matters into her own hands. Charlie receives some good news.
May. 26, 2010
12x38 12 12x38 Me Not I
A patient of Heston's starts to believe that he is becoming someone else. Imogen is stressed out about her art exam, while Ruth feels deflated after the gala.
May. 27, 2010
12x39 12 12x39 Domo Arigato, Super San
Cherry plays detective by uncovering a rather "super" villain. Julia's old friend Rowly makes a splash at the Mill, and Karen comes to a big decision.
May. 28, 2010
12x40 12 12x40 Past Tense
Rob discovers a killer in Letherbridge who has a target alarmingly close to home. Julia's friendship with Rowly takes an unexpected turn, while the tension between Zara and Daniel ...
Jun. 01, 2010
12x41 12 12x41 You Will Survive
Simon finds himself tangled up with a morally ambiguous student. Daniel wants to know what's going on with Zara, while Julia gets some relationship advice.
Jun. 02, 2010
12x42 12 12x42 The Light Fantastic
Ruth finds herself with a sweet stalker who she discovers actually needs someone to care for him. Jimmi tries to give nervous young patient Colin the benefit of his dating experience, ...
Jun. 03, 2010
12x43 12 12x43 Class Act
It's the day of Heston's soiree, but will Cherry be able to keep up the pretense? And it is crunch time for Julia and Rowly as they go on a date.
Jun. 04, 2010
12x44 12 12x44 A Nod and a Wink
Cherry tries to help a professional winker achieve his goal of becoming world champion. Heston offers Rowly some advise.
Jun. 07, 2010
12x45 12 12x45 Ghosts
Rob finds himself having a run-in with a private eye. Linda is surprised to see Charlie practicing medicine.
Jun. 08, 2010
12x46 12 12x46 Legacy
Daniel helps a dying friend realize there are things you cannot run away from. And Linda goes to the Mill to confront Charlie - but what dark secret is lurking in his past?
Jun. 09, 2010
12x47 12 12x47 The Trouble with Charlie
The past about Charlie's dark past are revealed. Linda has a hold over Charlie.
Jun. 10, 2010
12x48 12 12x48 Daddy Un-Cool
Jack's partying lifestyle get him into trouble. The past comes back to haunt Charlie as he tries to keep what he has done hidden.
Jun. 11, 2010
12x49 12 12x49 Love Thy Neighbour
When a female vicar finds herself on the receiving end of a hate campaign, Daniel steps up to unearth the culprit. Julia's catch-up chats with the gang don't go to plan, while Karen ...
Jul. 05, 2010
12x50 12 12x50 Through a Glass Darkly
An acquaintance of Ruth's is convinced his wife's personality has been mysteriously altered, but only Ruth believes him. Can Ruth convince Simon his personal issues are clouding his ...
Jul. 06, 2010
12x51 12 12x51 Ties That Bind
When a disgruntled patient bemoans her neglectful husband, Cherry tries to show her that the grass isn't always greener. Zara intervenes when a friend has second thoughts on his wedding ...
Jul. 07, 2010
12x52 12 12x52 Who's Coming to Dinner?
Heston helps a father who takes extreme action rather than meet his in-laws for the first time. After the disaster with Jimmi, Karen doubts she will find anyone else to practice on, ...
Jul. 08, 2010
12x53 12 12x53 Tuning in the Shrine
Imogen tries to help get a stressed young couple's relationship back on track. Daniel's lonely night ends well after he hears a surprising conversation.
Jul. 09, 2010
12x54 12 12x54 Gibberish
Julia tries to help one of her neighbours who is suffering with dementia and she ends up finding out the horrific truth about her new boyfriend. Heston makes an appointment with Michelle ...
Jul. 12, 2010
12x55 12 12x55 Miss Pringle Investigates
After Elsie thinks that her neighbour in her sheltered accommodation has gone missing, she turns to Charlie to help her investigate. Karen decides to throw Jack a surprise 19th birthday ...
Jul. 13, 2010
12x56 12 12x56 Some Like it Hot
The punch flows at Jack's birthday barbecue. Cherry is not happy when Jimmi cannot get away from the police station and she ends up drowning her sorrows. Imogen is devastated after ...
Jul. 14, 2010
12x57 12 12x57 Nappy Rash
a neighbour of a nosey housewife is accused by her of running an unlicensed nursery for children of illegal immigrants. When Zara investigates she discovers that the truth is even more ...
Jul. 15, 2010
12x58 12 12x58 How Green is Your Home?
Ruth finds herself on a date with a man more concerned with world conservation than his self-preservation. Michelle is happy about the challenge of working with war-torn soldiers.
Jul. 16, 2010
12x59 12 12x59 Visible Wounds
Matt is hero after having received a medal for the rescue of a colleague. During the rescue though he received a severe head injury and his wife isn't sure that she can care for him. ...
Jul. 19, 2010
12x60 12 12x60 Back to School
Simon gives a talk at a local school and discovers his old friend Jamie caught in the middle of an awkward power struggle between the deputy headmistress and a pupil. Cherry pays ...
Jul. 20, 2010
12x61 12 12x61 Day Zero
Karen is determined that her first day as a HCA will be a success. It is not a good start though when she ends up undermining Cherry and she accuses a patient of lying is not a great ...
Jul. 21, 2010
12x62 12 12x62 Not Otherwise
A domineering war photographer is given a medical check-up by Charlie. Heston and Immie find it hard to ignore Immie's mouthy friend when they visit an art gallery.
Jul. 22, 2010
12x63 12 12x63 Army Dreamers
Chris faces his final assessments, but the stress gets too much for him. He is prescribed a trip to the pub with Michelle, who finally gets to the bottom of his strange behavior. ...
Jul. 23, 2010
12x64 12 12x64 Peace Love and Understanding
Julia finds herself caught in the middle of two warring divorce lawyers. Michelle ends up taking a stand for consumer rights.
Jul. 26, 2010
12x65 12 12x65 Happy Place
Simon has to deal with an undertaker who keeps collapsing, and ends up comes up with the perfect remedy after an encounter with a dog called Eric. Daniel forces Zara to go on a date ...
Jul. 27, 2010
12x66 12 12x66 Small Town Hero
Ruth encounters a reluctant young hero who saved his mother from a blazing fire. However, Jimmi suspects all is not well in the family home. Daniel has a business meeting on the golf ...
Jul. 28, 2010
12x67 12 12x67 Gentle Giant
Zara becomes protective when an acquitted man is persecuted by the father of one of his supposed victims. Karen tries to mend things between Immie and Rob while Michelle has a lunch ...
Jul. 29, 2010
12x68 12 12x68 The View From Here
Anna tries to play peacemaker when a bitter old soldier decides to make life difficult for his frightened new roommate. Simon's day goes from bad to worse when he's assaulted at the ...
Jul. 30, 2010
12x69 12 12x69 Finding the Words
A monk who is tortured by events from his past asks Jimmi for help. Zara attempts to improve Simon's mood. A familiar face is treated by Michelle on Housman Ward.
Aug. 02, 2010
12x70 12 12x70 Healer
When Rob catches Karen up to no good, their resultant argument pushes him towards some very "alternative" help. Meanwhile, Jack and Imogen struggle to come to terms with Gaz's in ...
Aug. 03, 2010
12x71 12 12x71 The Big Picture
Michelle ends up finding herself trying to help a dotty old lady who is on a mission to find her lost cat. Immie goes to see Gaz alone.
Aug. 04, 2010
12x72 12 12x72 Five Seconds
A day in the life of new father Johnny is played out in new ways after he follows relationship advice from both Heston and Charlie.
Aug. 05, 2010
12x73 12 12x73 Daddy's Home
When her father comes home after ten years, a young Cliff Richard fan has to face up to the fantasy world she has created. Julia gets an exciting lead, while Michelle is full of admiration ...
Aug. 06, 2010
12x74 12 12x74 Wedded Miss
A friend of Cherry's is about to get married but the best man is not happy. As Michelle approaches her thirtieth birthday she decides that she needs to take stock of her life.
Aug. 09, 2010
12x75 12 12x75 Time to Go
Ruth's afternoon off takes an unusual turn when she meets an old acquaintance who refuses to leave her alone. Julia is furious with Heston, while Michelle makes a life-changing decision ...
Aug. 10, 2010

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Season 12 Videos

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