Mar. 26, 2000
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Doctors (UK)

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients.

Doctors (UK) Season 11 (2009-2010)

11x01 11 11x01 Strange Little Girl
The true extent of Ruth's delusional state is revealed, with dangerous repercussions for all. Daniel takes drastic action to save a patient who is running out of time, while Michelle's ...
Mar. 30, 2009
11x02 11 11x02 Restraint
Ruth is admitted to Beeches House but her condition deteriorates further, and Melody is upset when she bears the brunt of both Ruth and Michelle's anger. Meanwhile, Michelle and ...
Mar. 31, 2009
11x03 11 11x03 Love Letters Straight From the Heart
Karen consoles her cousin as an uninvited guest threatens to ruin her husband's funeral. Everyone at the practice struggles to come to terms with Ruth's breakdown, with Julia forced ...
Apr. 01, 2009
11x04 11 11x04 The Wall
While playing match-maker for his friend on a day out at a climbing wall, Archie gets lucky with a beautiful girl. But is there more to her than meets the eye? Julia attempts to visit ...
Apr. 02, 2009
11x05 11 11x05 The Way I Am
Jimmi encourages a possessive and suffocating father to let his grown-up daughter be just that, a grown-up. Lily suggests that Daniel reconsiders his approach to the opposite sex if ...
Apr. 03, 2009
11x06 11 11x06 The Final Straw
Lily is held hostage by a suburban housewife on the edge. Meanwhile, it is Cherry's first day at the Mill, and she makes quite an impression on everyone, albeit for very different ...
Apr. 06, 2009
11x07 11 11x07 Hole
As her delusions become ever more potent, Ruth struggles to come to terms with her state of mind. Julia, meanwhile, finally finds a practical way to help Ruth.
Apr. 07, 2009
11x08 11 11x08 One For The Road
Daniel manages to take his mind off women by helping an old friend who is struggling to cope with a messy relationship, and while lodging with Lily, he gets to see more of his colleagues ...
Apr. 08, 2009
11x09 11 11x09 Intensity
When Heston treats a woman's troubling skin condition, she opens up to him about her dishonest relationship. However, they soon discover that deceit is not all one-way traffic. Julia ...
Apr. 09, 2009
11x10 11 11x10 Got the T-Shirt
Lily helps a young girl, who has recently returned from traveling, with her plan to get her parents to realise their dream of traveling the world. Ruth has a turning point when ...
Apr. 14, 2009
11x11 11 11x11 Standing Up
Melody's diagnosis of a young girl is hampered by her Rottweiler-like mother, and the situation quickly becomes a matter of life and death. Dealing with one difficult mother-daughter ...
Apr. 15, 2009
11x12 11 11x12 Much Ado About Something
Cherry has her hands full when she tries to help a troubled teen get his relationship with his dad back on track. Ruth continues with her therapy session, trying to make sense of what ...
Apr. 16, 2009
11x13 11 11x13 Stealing Beauty
Jimmi follows Daniel's dating advice, and finds himself in a dangerous liaison with a beautiful, enigmatic woman. Daniel's attempts at flirting with Cherry fall flat, and a visit from ...
Apr. 17, 2009
11x14 11 11x14 Unchained Melody
Melody clashes with a charming-but-arrogant lecturer when she forces him to face up to his situation and embrace his vulnerabilities. Ruth and Smithy's relationship becomes more intoxicating, ...
Apr. 20, 2009
11x15 11 11x15 Innocence
Archie and Michelle clash when he helps a disheveled-looking fresher get to the truth of what has happened to her the night before. Meanwhile, a visit from Lily exposes Smithy's inner ...
Apr. 21, 2009
11x16 11 11x16 Sorrow's Gift
The day has gone pear-shaped for a lonely Julia, but while out shopping she meets up with an old patient, and gets drawn into a bizarre situation. The experience makes her value the ...
Apr. 22, 2009
11x17 11 11x17 Ladies Man
Heston gets caught up in marital strife when a pregnant woman starts to fear that her husband is having an affair after Heston accidentally suggests it. Ruth tries to end her relationship ...
Apr. 23, 2009
11x18 11 11x18 Footlights and Flounces
Cherry helps a grieving costumier fight for his business and realize that the show must go on. Karen, having bounced back from her embarrassment, manages to annoy everyone with her ...
Apr. 24, 2009
11x19 11 11x19 Playing Away
Jimmi uncovers a web of misunderstanding and deceit when he helps a pregnant woman whose husband accuses her of having an affair. Meanwhile, Archie has some surprising news for ...
Apr. 27, 2009
11x20 11 11x20 Lucky
Daniel helps to reunite a husband and wife whose marriage is being threatened by illness and obsession. Julia contacts Ruth's father and convinces him to get involved, but soon has ...
Apr. 28, 2009
11x21 11 11x21 Someone to Watch Over Me
Smithy's reaction to a visit from his parents finally reveals to Ruth the true extent of his damaged mental state as she gets discharged and goes home with her father. Meanwhile, ...
Apr. 29, 2009
11x22 11 11x22 Lost and Found
Faced with disinterest from the police, Julia helps a teenage runaway sort out his issues with his mother. Stuart cannot handle being at home with Ruth, while Cherry puts Daniel straight ...
Apr. 30, 2009
11x23 11 11x23 Such Devoted Sisters
Michelle treats a young girl who has put herself in danger while trying to protect her sister. Ruth struggles to fight the terror rising within when she is left on her own, while ...
May. 01, 2009
11x24 11 11x24 Code of Silence
Melody gets caught up with a student whose part-time job has brought him face-to-face with a devastating family secret. Julia and Lily are very worried when they cannot get hold of ...
May. 05, 2009
11x25 11 11x25 Spleen
Heston has a stressful day off as, while trying to do a friend a favor, he ends up embroiled with the police. As his anger reaches a crescendo, Lily becomes anxious about his hea ...
May. 06, 2009
11x26 11 11x26 Hang Onto Nurse
Will a suspicious Daniel be able to piece the evidence together to reveal the truth when an elderly stroke patient dies? Julia works to convince Ruth that she is welcome to stay with ...
May. 07, 2009
11x27 11 11x27 Clubbing Together
Karen, Cherry and Jimmi hatch a plan to save a young girl from a bent copper on a night out clubbing, and Jimmi gets more than he bargained for! Meanwhile, Michelle is left reeling ...
May. 08, 2009
11x28 11 11x28 Consequential Loss
A recently-bereaved man turns to Jimmi for advice when loneliness threatens to overwhelm him, while Karen and Julia conspire to make Jimmi confront his OCD issues. Karen's meddling ...
May. 11, 2009
11x29 11 11x29 I Kissed a Girl
A naive student turns to Cherry for relationship advice when she is stuck in the middle of two admirers. Ruth settles into life at Julia's, but a slight relapse sets her back, forcing ...
May. 12, 2009
11x30 11 11x30 Impact
Heston and new trainee Simon face a race against time when they stumble upon victims of a car crash. Cherry attempts to reconcile Julia and Michelle, but things do not quite go to ...
May. 13, 2009
11x31 11 11x31 Under Pressure
Karen takes Jimmi to the Total Immersion Therapy day, with mixed results. Lily discovers that an exhausted daughter, who has been caring for her senile father, has resorted to desperate ...
May. 14, 2009
11x32 11 11x32 Worlds Apart
A lawyer's strange behavior on his return from an overseas assignment leads his wife to suspect an affair, so she begs a reluctant Daniel to help her find the truth. A terrified ...
May. 15, 2009
11x33 11 11x33 Out Of Control
Michelle tries to help a young student out of a potentially fatal friendship. Meanwhile, Julia believes that Ruth should return to work soon, but the partners collectively decide ...
May. 18, 2009
11x34 11 11x34 Litmus
The battle between nature and medicine commences as Simon tries to make a patient see sense on his first day at The Mill. Is he really ready for life at the surgery? Meanwhile, Ruth ...
May. 19, 2009
11x35 11 11x35 Sound of Silence
A grieving woman needs Heston's help to face reality. Elsewhere, it is the day of Ruth's assessment, but will everyone be happy with the result? And Cherry and Karen try to help Simon ...
May. 20, 2009
11x36 11 11x36 Old Friends
Jimmi urges an old school friend to tell the truth when past secrets arise, while Heston takes matters into his own hands when Melody's assessment of Ruth causes tempers to flare. ...
May. 21, 2009
11x37 11 11x37 Beating Around The Bush
A young man wanting answers about the birds and the bees turns to an expert: Daniel. Daniel plays teacher, but later regrets this when he gets spanked as a result. Michelle has an ...
May. 22, 2009
11x38 11 11x38 Hamilton Is Out
Karen nearly runs over a young man being chased by a mob. Fresh from prison, he is struggling to face prejudice from everyone, including his mother, and Karen cannot help but get ...
May. 26, 2009
11x39 11 11x39 Bed Hopping Mad
Melody's day takes a turn for the farcical when she becomes embroiled in a love triangle between three students. And Jimmi's attempts to save Melody from the wrath of Julia are scuppered ...
May. 27, 2009
11x40 11 11x40 Some Romance
A failed romance writer has given up on her dreams of literary success, but Julia is convinced that better luck awaits her just around the corner. Meanwhile, Ruth reveals to Julia ...
May. 28, 2009
11x41 11 11x41 No Going Back
Michelle becomes involved with a student willing to take drastic measures to overcome his loneliness. Ruth returns to work, but can she cope with pressures at the Mill? And Cherry ...
May. 29, 2009
11x42 11 11x42 Carpe Diem
Cherry's friend Amber has recently married a rich older man, and is often left alone in the house with her unsavory step-son. Cherry becomes convinced that her friend is in love with ...
Jun. 01, 2009
11x43 11 11x43 Musical Bumps
Heston is caught in the middle when he becomes confidante to both wife and mistress of a music professor. A visit to an elderly patient provides Daniel with some light relief, while ...
Jun. 02, 2009
11x44 11 11x44 Red Letter Day - Part 1
A routine day reaches a dramatic climax when Melody attempts to help a pregnant lady. It's also D-Day as her exam results arrive: is it good news? Meanwhile, Daniel has a flirtation ...
Jun. 03, 2009
11x45 11 11x45 Red Letter Day - Part 2
Melody's life hangs in the balance, but is she able to save the day? Zara arrives and lands a bombshell on Cherry, and Melody plucks up the courage to open her exam results.
Jun. 04, 2009
11x46 11 11x46 No Rest for the Wicked
Zara is forced to take action when a mother goes to extreme measures to keep her family in the life to which they are accustomed. Meanwhile, Simon tries to save his friendship with ...
Jun. 05, 2009
11x47 11 11x47 Chicken Boy
Jimmi helps a troubled family to start communicating, smoothing ruffled feathers. Daniel comes by an unexpected windfall, and Zara's take-no-prisoners attitude wins grudging respect ...
Jun. 08, 2009
11x48 11 11x48 The Lodger
When a patient discovers mental illness uncomfortably close to home, Ruth impresses her colleagues by talking him down. Daniel's attempts to impress Zara fail to hit home, and land ...
Jun. 09, 2009
11x49 11 11x49 Heartfelt Gestures
Julia helps a geeky student get the girl of his dreams, while Michelle discovers a weather-girl's not-so-sunny secret.
Jun. 10, 2009
11x50 11 11x50 The Lion and The Lamb
Heston helps a single father realize that using his fists is not the only way to protect his daughter, while Daniel and Zara have a steamy rendezvous.
Jun. 11, 2009
11x51 11 11x51 The Real Me
Daniel deals with a lonely teenager whose cry for help takes him by surprise. He is rude to Ruth, but apologizes when she helps resolve the situation. Ruth is haunted by a dream ...
Jun. 12, 2009
11x52 11 11x52 Prejudice and Pride
Karen helps an old colleague, who has fallen on hard times, see that her pride is holding her back from moving on. Meanwhile, Heston hatches a plan to convince Lily to let him move ...
Jun. 15, 2009
11x53 11 11x53 Crisis? What Crisis?
A mystery patient throws a spanner in the works for the doctors, while Heston's continued invasion of her space pushes Lily to a surprising decision. And Daniel is over the moon when ...
Jul. 06, 2009
11x54 11 11x54 The Real World
Jimmi's day goes from bad to worse when a confirmation of death takes a sinister turn, while Daniel discovers the truth about Simon and uses it to his advantage.
Jul. 07, 2009
11x55 11 11x55 An Englishman's Home
Lily is called to the home of a wealthy local businessman whose housekeeper has found a severed hand in the garden, and her investigations point the finger at the most unexpected ...
Jul. 08, 2009
11x56 11 11x56 Dummy
When a patient of Zara's claims that her brother has replaced his wife with a shop mannequin, she soon finds that all is not quite as it seems. Meanwhile, Cherry does her best to ...
Jul. 09, 2009
11x57 11 11x57 Booty Call
Heston gets caught in the middle of a strange love triangle when one of his patients arrives at The Mill with a body in the boot of his car. Things go from bad to worse for Daniel ...
Jul. 10, 2009
11x58 11 11x58 Turkish Delight
An old 'friend' of Simon's begs him for help when his mother returns from holiday with a Turkish toyboy in tow, while Michelle's frustrations come to a head after a drunken night ...
Jul. 13, 2009
11x59 11 11x59 Beneath the Surface
When Cherry supports her friend Louise at a family funeral, she accidentally stumbles upon a family secret. But should she tell Louise? Jimmi covers for Michelle when he finds her ...
Jul. 14, 2009
11x60 11 11x60 New Labour
Daniel helps a young mother-to-be who is HIV positive make some critical decisions about her future. Julia and Karen attempt a charm offensive on Jimmi, while Michelle makes a concerted ...
Jul. 15, 2009
11x61 11 11x61 Tracing The Lines
After much persuasion from her boyfriend, law student Anna has regained contact with her estranged mother; Michelle questions how this will affect Anna's battle with depression. Meanwhile, ...
Jul. 16, 2009
11x62 11 11x62 Art of War
Karen helps a 14-year-old boy to win a battle against his school bully and his online avatar. News about Jimmi's new radio job spreads, and Simon has some interesting advice. Meanwhile, ...
Jul. 17, 2009
11x63 11 11x63 Debut
Jimmi's first day as a radio doctor gets off to a rocky start, as he first struggles to relate to the callers and later has to race against time to save a teenage caller's life. Michelle ...
Jul. 20, 2009
11x64 11 11x64 Gentlemen's Excuse Me
Heston takes dancing lessons to impress Lily, but while at a class he diagnoses a pregnancy which threatens a dance partnership. Meanwhile, Michelle decides to take action and talk ...
Jul. 21, 2009
11x65 11 11x65 But For the Grace of God
Julia changes lives with a woman from her past for a day to uncover a dark secret, save the woman's life and see her own life from a new perspective.
Jul. 22, 2009
11x66 11 11x66 Vera Pym
A young girl keeping secret night-time vigils sees Lily due to near-exhaustion, and Lily uncovers what it is the girl is protecting herself and her mother from. Michelle's worsening ...
Jul. 23, 2009
11x67 11 11x67 History Repeated
Rob and Lily deal with a family where a history of domestic violence has escalated, while Michelle faces a wake-up call regarding her drinking.
Jul. 24, 2009
11x68 11 11x68 Toys
Daniel discovers that fixing dolls is easier than fixing relationships. Jimmi makes good ground with both the radio show and his producer, and Rob and Karen's romantic day off goes ...
Jul. 27, 2009
11x69 11 11x69 Chef's Secret
Cherry helps a chef realize that his secrets are holding him back. Ruth finds herself an unexpected confidante to Zara, and Rob and Karen decide that DIY is the best way to deal ...
Jul. 28, 2009
11x70 11 11x70 What Will Be, Will Be
A medium discovers something new about her past through Simon, Rob and Karen's DIY plans take a tumble, and Zara's menopausal patient hits too close to home.
Jul. 29, 2009
11x71 11 11x71 The Macgyvers
Zara helps a family living in a caravan prepare for the end of the road. Rob shocks Karen when he admits he wants to work in the firing line, and things between Jimmi and Cerys are ...
Jul. 30, 2009
11x72 11 11x72 Dolly Mixtures
Ruth shows a family that self-medication is not working, while Karen and Rob shoot it out over his application to join the Armed Response Unit. And, despite the teasing, Jimmi is ...
Jul. 31, 2009
11x73 11 11x73 No Way Out
The world's oldest escapologist puts on his final show, but Heston is forced to intervene when the illusion takes a sinister turn. Michelle attempts to stay sober on her return to ...
Aug. 03, 2009
11x74 11 11x74 Tears For Souvenirs
Rob surprises his boss when he makes a connection between a drugs raid and a frightened elderly couple he has been forced to baby-sit, while Karen and Rob's wedding anniversary reaches ...
Aug. 04, 2009
11x75 11 11x75 It's Good to Talk
Karen's day goes quickly downhill when an old lady takes extreme action, demanding an apology from her, but Karen has no idea what for. Meanwhile, Daniel helps a confused man grieving ...
Aug. 05, 2009

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