Aug. 14, 1999
30 min.
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Digimon: Digital Monsters

7 kids are mysteriously transported to Digi-World and are befriended by strange talking creatures called Digimon. The Digimon prove to be more than company when they digivolve into bigger Digimon and defeat Kuwaggomon. Agumon changes into Greymon to defeat Shellmon and save Tai's life. Now it's up to them to save the Digi-World. But can they? And will they ever get back?


Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 5 (2006-2007)

5x01 5 5x01 There Are Monsters Among Us
One day Daimon Masaru meets Agumon, a Digimon running away from DATS. While running away the two encounter Cockatrimon. In order to beat him Agumon digivolves into GeoGreymon. Commander ...
Apr. 02, 2006
5x02 5 5x02 Marcus' Inner Strength
Marcus tries to hide Agumon from DATS in his house, but DATS quickly concludes that he is there, so they send Yoshi to investigate. Marcus's family comes into contact with Agumon, and ...
Apr. 09, 2006
5x03 5 5x03 The Return of Thomas
A new member of DATS appears from Austria: Thomas H. Norstein, a fourteen-year-old genius who looks down on Marcus. Because of their different behavior, the two start to fight over ...
Apr. 16, 2006
5x04 5 5x04 The New Team of Marcus and Thomas
Marcus and Thomas are ordered to work together, but they aren't able to do so, which becomes clear during the pursuit of a group of Numemon. Suddenly a Drimogemon appears and helps ...
Apr. 23, 2006
5x05 5 5x05 Digital World, Here We Come!
Marcus and Thomas, together with their Digimon partners, enter the Digital World to capture Drimogemon. They fall into a large underground labyrinth, Drimogemon's home, and escape seems ...
Apr. 30, 2006
5x06 5 5x06 The Ultimate Team No More
Although Agumon and Marcus work well together to defeat a Tortomon, Agumon gets angry at Marcus after a comment of his and now hides in his Digivice. Meanwhile, an Elecmon wreaks havoc ...
May. 07, 2006
5x07 5 5x07 A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget
It's Kristy's birthday and Marcus must attend supplementary exams to save his grades. Unable to be by his sister's side on this day, he asks Thomas to take his place. A Citramon, however, ...
May. 14, 2006
5x08 5 5x08 The Singer's Secret
Yoshi is dating a famous musician, Neon Hanamura, who is also her childhood friend. The real reason for her to approach him is because he is suspected of hiding a Keramon who digivolves ...
May. 21, 2006
5x09 5 5x09 Never Meet Your Heroes
A famous boxer has a fantastic comeback after being absent for some years because of an injury. Thomas is a great fan of his, and when rumors of him using a Digimon to help him in his ...
May. 28, 2006
5x10 5 5x10 Curse This Curse: Marcus' Bad Day
Thomas invites Kristy, Marcus, and Agumon to his mansion for lunch. Marcus becomes the unfortunate victim of strange unexplained accidents. Agumon sees the culprit is a Soulmon, who ...
Jun. 04, 2006
5x11 5 5x11 The Vile of Vilemon!
The owner of a store that specializes in baking white buns suddenly becomes addicted to gambling. For unknown reasons, he has consecutive winning streaks in every bet, all thanks to ...
Jun. 18, 2006
5x12 5 5x12 The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth
Kristy's made a new friend, a Digimon called Biyomon. Although Marcus feels optimistic for his sister and consents to let Biyomon stay, he's later told that people can't keep a Digimon ...
Jun. 25, 2006
5x13 5 5x13 The Rise of RizeGreymon
Merukimon appears in the real world to prevent Falcomon from being defeated, defeating easily the DATS Digimon and reverting Biyomon to a Digi-egg in the process. In a desperate attempt ...
Jul. 02, 2006
5x14 5 5x14 The Wild Boy of the Digital World
To stop Merukimon's further assaults on the human world, DATS authorizes Yoshi, Thomas, and Marcus to be dispatched into the Digital World. Unfortunately, their presence does not go ...
Jul. 09, 2006
5x15 5 5x15 The Gorge of Deception!
As they wander further into the Digital World, the DATS stumble upon a ghost city which is home to a nest of Dokugumon. Without warning, the spider Digimon quickly trap the DATS and ...
Jul. 23, 2006
5x16 5 5x16 Falcomon: Friend or Foe?
Yoshi's struck by a contagious virus which seemingly affects humans, though Digimon remain immune to its effects. With Marcus and Thomas gone for supplies and Lalamon alone nursing ...
Jul. 30, 2006
5x17 5 5x17 Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One With Herself
Yoshi has lost her battle confidence, feeling like she's always dragging down her companions. The group is caught up in an avalanche caused by Mammothmon, and Yoshi, Thomas, and Lalamon ...
Aug. 06, 2006
5x18 5 5x18 The Clash With Merukimon!
After overcoming difficult hardships along their trek, the DATS finally arrive at Infinity Ice Ridge. To their surprise, the old man, Homer Yushima, is waiting for them near the entrance, ...
Aug. 13, 2006
5x19 5 5x19 The Truth About Keenan
Yushima's true identity as the commander of the Digital World exploration party, as well as the DATS chief, is revealed. With Yushima's help, Marcus, Keenan, and the others are able ...
Aug. 20, 2006
5x20 5 5x20 The Crier Family Reunion
The DATS arrive at Dr. Crier's home, but Keenan runs away in shock and denial at the sight of his human mother. Drowned in his sorrowful thoughts, Keenan recalls his memories of Frigimon's ...
Aug. 27, 2006
5x21 5 5x21 The Digimon Army Makes Its Move!
Enraged that Merukimon has not taken proactive action to deal with the human problem, SaberLeomon dispatches a Digimon armada consisting of hundreds of Pteramon and Boarmon, led by ...
Sep. 03, 2006
5x22 5 5x22 The Wrath of SaberLeomon
The Digimon invasion was temporarily halted due to the efforts of a single man, Kurata, who Sampson knows and who gained the approval of Chief Hashiba. Understanding that Keenan has ...
Sep. 10, 2006
5x23 5 5x23 One More Digital Dive
Due to the widespread destruction that the Digimon caused in the city, DATS, acting on orders from the government ministry, dispatches the DATS, along with a troop unit, into the Digital ...
Sep. 17, 2006
5x24 5 5x24 The Past Revealed
Ten years ago, Frigimon found an abandoned human baby, Keenan, and took him as her son. An expedition led by Professor Spencer Damon embarked into the Digital World to search for the ...
Sep. 24, 2006
5x25 5 5x25 Kurata's Revenge
Kurata's true ambition is the total annihilation of the Digimon race, making it come about with the aid of his artificially made puppet Digimon Gizumon AT. The DATS and their Digimon ...
Oct. 01, 2006
5x26 5 5x26 Memory Is the First Thing to Go!
The DATS team returns to the real world, only to find that Sampson and the others are missing. Chief Hashiba surrounds them and dismisses them from DATS, since Kurata lied to the government, ...
Oct. 08, 2006
5x27 5 5x27 The Beginning of the End!
With DATS HQ destroyed and Kurata on his way to the Digital World, the DATS seek out Dr. Crier to ask him to reactivate his digital gate. When they go through, they end up running into ...
Oct. 15, 2006
5x28 5 5x28 Digivice Meltdown!
The gang appears in the Digital World and head towards Cherrymon's forest for an information gathering. However, a swarm of Gizumon XT appears where Kurata gains the upper hand and ...
Oct. 22, 2006
5x29 5 5x29 How to Fix a Broken Digivice
After their Digivice iC broke, Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi stumble onto a gym where BanchoLeomon trains them. Can they master their ultimate DNA Charge when Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan a ...
Oct. 29, 2006
5x30 5 5x30 Journey to the Sacred City
The DATS arrive at the Holy Capital, but once inside are quickly captured and placed in an arena for execution. There, they meet once again with an old acquaintance who they thought ...
Nov. 05, 2006
5x31 5 5x31 Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs Nanami!
Both the DATS and the inhabitants of the Holy Capital are preparing for the impending battle. When news arrive that Kurata's camp has been discovered, Marcus takes the initiative to ...
Nov. 12, 2006
5x32 5 5x32 Fiercely Attack Kurata's Army Corps - Protect the Holy Capitol
Nanami accomplished to drain all the water in the lake, where ElDoradimon rests, drained thus preventing any means of mobility to the Holy Capital. With the fortress's defenses down, ...
Nov. 19, 2006
5x33 5 5x33 The Final Decisive Battle! Kouki, Ultimate Evolution
By incapacitating ElDoradimons' movements, Kurata opened up a massive digital gate that sucks the titanic Digimon along with all its inhabitants to realise into the human world. Once ...
Nov. 26, 2006
5x34 5 5x34 The Day of Parting - The Strongest Enemy: Tohma!
ElDoradimon was annihilated by Kurata's Gizlance, and to complicate matters more, Thomas and Gaomon have mysteriously vanished. In fact, Thomas returned to his estranged father and ...
Dec. 03, 2006
5x35 5 5x35 The Power of Destruction - ShineGreymon Runs Wild
Because Thomas has pledged allegiance to Kurata, Marcus' fueled with a feeling of deep hatred in his heart to destroy his opponent at any cost that causes him to invoke a Dark-DNA Charge ...
Dec. 10, 2006
5x36 5 5x36 Demon Lord Belphemon Revives
Kurata unleashes Belphemon on the city, causing Yoshi, Keenan, Miki, and Megumi to confront him. Thomas double-crosses Kurata, forcing him to become a pure DNA, and fires himself at ...
Dec. 17, 2006
5x37 5 5x37 Awake, Agumon - Defeat Belphemon!
In an attempt to defeat Belphemon, Keenan's DNA Charge allows Falcomon to digivolve into Ravemon. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to stop the rampaging Demon Lord. Will Agumon hatch ...
Dec. 24, 2006
5x38 5 5x38 Burst Mode - The Power that Exceeds Ultimate
To everyone's shock Kurata is well alive within Belphemon and has the demon lord to absorb all the electricity of the city to open a space rift. Thomas alerts everyone that Kurata intends ...
Jan. 07, 2007
5x39 5 5x39 Human World Terminated! Yggdrasil's Decision
Craniummon is briefed by Yggdrasil about all the events that occurred up to now while Marcus and the others protect the citzens from the onslaught of lightning from the Digital World. ...
Jan. 14, 2007
5x40 5 5x40 The Strongest Order of Knights - The Royal Knights Gather
As Marcus and the others make their way to the Digital World, they end up crashing into a shoreline. To their surprise, they find Gotsumon there, reborn and without his old memories. ...
Jan. 21, 2007
5x41 5 5x41 Confirm it with a Fist! Thoughts of My Father
The DATS team arrive back in the human world, thanks to Sleipmon, who is none other than Commander Sampson's Kudamon. Gallantmon attacks the human world and makes short work of MirageGaogamon, ...
Jan. 28, 2007
5x42 5 5x42 The Burst Mode of Tohma's Determination
In order to learn Spencer's true intentions, Marcus and ShineGreymon head once again to the Digital World. However, Thomas and the others stay in the human world to fend off the Royal ...
Feb. 04, 2007
5x43 5 5x43 Indeed Strength is Justice! Beast Knight Duftmon
Biyomon returns to the Damon household with numerous Fresh and In-Training Digimon in tow. Yoshi and Keenan help out in taking care of them, despite all of the headache-inducing antics ...
Feb. 11, 2007
5x44 5 5x44 Break! Craniummon's Strongest Shield
The DATS team climb Yggdrasil's headquarters, confronting odd crystals that repel their attacks. Leaving the others behind, Marcus, Agumon, and Gotsumon confront Yggdrasil. Meanwhile, ...
Feb. 25, 2007
5x45 5 5x45 The One-on-One Match Between Men! Masaru vs. Suguru
The DATS team climb Yggdrasil's headquarters, confronting odd crystals that repel their attacks. Leaving the others behind, Marcus, Agumon, and Gotsumon confront Yggdrasil. Meanwhile, ...
Mar. 04, 2007
5x46 5 5x46 Impact! The Truth About Bantyo Leomon
Craniummon freed BanchoLeomon and took over his place to hold the Digital World from falling onto the human world. It is BanchoLeomon who stops Marcus from getting closer to Yggdrassil ...
Mar. 11, 2007
5x47 5 5x47 Protect the Future! DATS' Final Battle
After BanchoLeomon and Spencer's destruction, Yggdrasil changes to a fighting mode and heads to the Real World to eliminate it. The DATS team follows and engages it in a furious clash, ...
Mar. 18, 2007
5x48 5 5x48 A Complete Conclusion! Farewell, the Leader of Fights
Adults, children, and digimon all over town invoke the light of their DNAs to answer DATS' plea for help. When the hearts of all humans and digimon become one, Marcus & Agumon activate ...
Mar. 25, 2007
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