Aug. 14, 1999
30 min.
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Digimon: Digital Monsters

7 kids are mysteriously transported to Digi-World and are befriended by strange talking creatures called Digimon. The Digimon prove to be more than company when they digivolve into bigger Digimon and defeat Kuwaggomon. Agumon changes into Greymon to defeat Shellmon and save Tai's life. Now it's up to them to save the Digi-World. But can they? And will they ever get back?

Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 4 (2002-2005)

4x01 4 4x01 All Aboard
Kids across the city get strange messages on their electronic devices. These messages ask them if they're ready for their future. What do these messages mean?
Sep. 09, 2002
4x02 4 4x02 Lobomon: Warrior of Light
With one spirit down, the others prepare for their destiny's, but how does one spirit evolve? Does this mean all the kids will become legendary warriors? And how does spirit evolution ...
Sep. 16, 2002
4x03 4 4x03 Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire
Tommy wants to learn to spirit evolve, but to get a spirit, he must get through a Candlemon village. Can Agunimon help save the day?
Sep. 23, 2002
4x04 4 4x04 Kazemon Kicks It
Zoe, JP, Tommy, and Takuya reach a spliting point on the Trailmon tracks. When Takuya and Tommy go one way, it's up to JP and Zoe to save a bunch of Floramon. Can they do so when neither ...
Sep. 30, 2002
4x05 4 4x05 Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
After finding a factory in which Kokuwamon are being used as slaves by Goblimon, the gang convinces them to revolt. However, when the they are no match against the Goblimon's leader, ...
Oct. 07, 2002
4x06 4 4x06 A Molehill Out Of a Mountain
With no food or digimon money, the gang gets desperate and responds to a sign reading "Heroes Wanted, All Your Meals for Free." They are enlisted by Numemon, who tell them that Grumblemon ...
Oct. 14, 2002
4x07 4 4x07 Island Of Misfit Boys
After Grumblemon steals the fractal code of the Numemon's mountain, Takuya, Tommy, and Koji plummet down a tunnel and eventually land on a flying island filled with toys. However, after ...
Oct. 21, 2002
4x08 4 4x08 The Odd One Out
JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon run into a school for digimon children. For some reason, a Tsunomon doesn't seem to fit in with the others, and Zoe surprisingly reveals that she can relate ...
Oct. 28, 2002
4x09 4 4x09 Welcome to My Nightmare
After questioning Bokomon about Grumblemon being able to Beast Spirit Evolve, the gang learns that there are two types of Spirits for each Legendary Warrior! Later, a Bakumon that has ...
Nov. 11, 2002
4x10 4 4x10 Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down
Koji separates from the gang in order to find his Beast Spirit, and Neemon and Bokomon follow. They run into a Gotsumon that knows of a Spirit's location, but he needs a special jewel ...
Nov. 12, 2002
4x11 4 4x11 A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon (1)
Bokomon takes the gang to Shamanmon to have their fortunes told. However, Grumblemon attacks with Golemon, a digimon he created, and manages to steal another Spirit. When all seems ...
Nov. 13, 2002
4x12 4 4x12 Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles (2)
With Tommy's help, Takuya manages to temporarily take control of his Beast Spirit and revert back to his human form. The gang then continues their journey through the forest, but Grumblemon ...
Nov. 14, 2002
4x13 4 4x13 Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell
The gang finally arrives at the Forest Terminal and comes across a large castle. Inside they free Seraphimon, one of the three celestial digimon chosen to rule the Digital World. However, ...
Nov. 15, 2002
4x14 4 4x14 No Whamon
After escaping from the Legendary Warriors, the gang arrives in a cavern with apparently no exit. To make matters worse, Grumblemon and Arbormon have tracked them there.
Nov. 18, 2002
4x15 4 4x15 Beastie Girl (1)
The gang is dropped off on an island, where they run into a group of Toucanmon that are in love with Ranamon. When they overhear the mention of a Beast Spirit, the Toucanmon decide ...
Nov. 19, 2002
4x16 4 4x16 The Swiss Family Digimon (2)
The gang sees the Toucanmon heading for another island, and when they start to follow, they are warned by a group of Gomamon that the island is surrounded by dangerous whirlpools. With ...
Nov. 20, 2002
4x17 4 4x17 Bizarre Bazaar
The gang heads to the Autumn Leaf Fair, where the Toucanmon that stole their D-Tectors supposedly are. Unforunately, so does Arbormon.
Nov. 21, 2002
4x18 4 4x18 Trailmon vs. Trailmon
The gang competes in a Trailmon race in order to win a cheeseburger, but they soon find that their competition doesn't play fairly.
Nov. 22, 2002
4x19 4 4x19 You Want Fries With That?
After winning a free trip to Hamburger Digimon Village, the gang finds the location in ruins. A digimon explains that her husband has been taken by Chamelemon to make hamburgers for ...
Dec. 16, 2002
4x20 4 4x20 From Dawn to Duskmon (1)
The gang journeys through the Continent of Darkness to reach the Rose Morning Star, but they soon come face to face with Petaldramon.
Dec. 17, 2002
4x21 4 4x21 Darkest Before Duskmon (2)
The gang battles Duskmon, the Legendary Warrior of Darkness, but when they are no match against him, they retreat into the Dark Continent. Takuya later reveals his strategy of attack, ...
Dec. 18, 2002
4x22 4 4x22 Home Again, Takuya Returns (3)
Takuya returns to the Real World but has somehow changed into a human-digimon hybrid. After soon realizing that he has somehow time-traveled to before he first left for the Digital ...
Dec. 19, 2002
4x23 4 4x23 Sockit Takuya
Now back in the Digital World, Takuya learns from Bokomon and Neemon that Koji is missing, and the rest of the gang has been captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon. Takuya then mounts a ...
Feb. 10, 2003
4x24 4 4x24 Alone But Never Alone
The gang is abducted by Mercurymon, who sucks them into his fortress in the sky. JP is then pulled into another world, where a dark doppelganger tricks him into believing that the others ...
Feb. 11, 2003
4x25 4 4x25 The Dark Heart of Friendship
Tommy finds himself in a volcanic wasteland, where he has flashbacks of his brother always calling him selfish. He then runs into Asuramon, who befriends him and helps him look for ...
Feb. 12, 2003
4x26 4 4x26 Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure
Ranamon orders her HoneyBeemon servants to get rid of Zoe, but as their failed attempts repeatedly end in Zoe saving them, their allegiance to Ranamon begins to waiver. When Mercurymon ...
Feb. 13, 2003
4x27 4 4x27 Stuck In Sakkakumon With You
Duskmon enters the center sphere of Sakkakumon and confronts Koji, demanding to know how they are connected. After Duskmon searches through Koji's memories, the two battle, and Duskmon ...
Feb. 14, 2003
4x28 4 4x28 Darkness Before the Dawn
Inside of Sakkakumon, Takuya battles Mercurymon, who has the upper hand in his own realm. To make matters worse, Mercurymon then uses the fractal code of Seraphimon to digivolve into ...
Feb. 17, 2003
4x29 4 4x29 Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
As Koji chases after Duskmon, the rest of the gang faces off against Sakkakumon, who can now duplicate their attacks.
Feb. 18, 2003
4x30 4 4x30 O, Brother, Who Art Thou?
Koji manages to track Duskmon down, and their battle continues. However, when Beowulfmon has him on the ropes, Cherubimon steps in and gives his minion the Beast Spirit of Darkness. ...
Feb. 19, 2003
4x31 4 4x31 Workin' On The Train Gang
Hoping to find out more information about their quest, JP, Zoe, and Tommy find a damaged Trailmon who claims that he has been to the Rose Morning Star. He offers to tell them about ...
Feb. 20, 2003
4x32 4 4x32 My Brother in Spirit (1)
Koji and Duskmon finally learn that they are twin brothers. While Duskmon, under the evil influence of Cherubimon, continues to attack, Koji refuses to fight his brother. However, Takuya ...
Mar. 24, 2003
4x33 4 4x33 Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet (2)
Now that he's a regular human again, Kouichi decides to join the digi-destined, but can he find a way to help them out without any spirits of his own to use?
Mar. 25, 2003
4x34 4 4x34 Operation: Free Ophanimon
The digidestined decide to free Ophanimon once and for all, but Cherubimon ends up being her guard. Can they find a way to free her from the final of the 3 guardian Digimon?
Mar. 26, 2003
4x35 4 4x35 Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution
Takuya and Koji must hold off Cherubimon while the others free Ophanimon, but can they succeed when they lose their spirits?
Mar. 27, 2003
4x36 4 4x36 Ice Ice Baby
Cherubimon appears to be defeated, but he appears to be easy compared to IceDevimon. Can the others find a way to defeat IceDevimon with Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors frozen solid?
Mar. 28, 2003
4x37 4 4x37 Cherubimania
The final battle between EmperorGreymon/ MagnaGarurumon and Cherubimon begins, but who will end up being the victor, and who are these mysterious characters that are watching the b ...
May. 11, 2003
4x38 4 4x38 It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears
The Royal Knights appears and reveal that Lucemon will return. Can the digi-destined find a way to prevent this chaos from occuring,or will they be delaying the inevitable?
May. 12, 2003
4x39 4 4x39 The Man in the Moon Is You
After waking up on the moon, the digi-destined decide to try to get back to the digital world to get revenge on the Royal Knights, but will they succeed, or will they be stuck on the ...
May. 13, 2003
4x40 4 4x40 The Bully Pulpit (1)
The digidestined run into the same group of kids that pusked Tommy onto the train causing him to come into the digital world, but can Tommy get past his resentment of them and save ...
May. 14, 2003
4x41 4 4x41 Jerks and the Beanstalk (2)
Katshuhara and company have been captured by the Royal Knights. It's a good thing for them that Tommy is with them, but can they find a way to save Beanstalk Village, and can the other ...
May. 15, 2003
4x42 4 4x42 Glean Eggs and Scram
When the Royal Knights target the Village og Beginnings for their next assault, it's up to the kids to convience the Trailmon to save the digi-eggs, but can they finally defeat the ...
May. 16, 2003
4x43 4 4x43 Bad to the Bones
The gang defends the Village of Flames from a trio of SkullSatamon.
Jul. 06, 2003
4x44 4 4x44 Now You See It, Now You Don't
After scanning yet another area, the Royal Knights try to steal the fractal code hidden within Seraphimon's castle. Although the castle is surrounded by a shield, will it hold long ...
Jul. 07, 2003
4x45 4 4x45 All Aboard The Tag Team Express
The gang defends the Autumn Leaf Fair's fractal code from the Royal Knights.
Jul. 08, 2003
4x46 4 4x46 To Make The World Go Away
The gang heads to Ophanimon's castle, the only part of the Digital World remaining, and searches for the area's fractal code. However, the Royal Knights then arrive.
Jul. 09, 2003
4x47 4 4x47 When Knights Fall... (1)
The final battle with the Royal Knights is about to occur, but who will win this surprising bout?
Jul. 10, 2003
4x48 4 4x48 The Brothers Yin and Yang (2)
Since Emperor Greymon and MagnaGarurumon proved to be too weak, the kids decide to try a multi attack, but will it be enough, or will they need additional power?
Jul. 11, 2003
4x49 4 4x49 Lucemon On The Loose (3)
Susannomon has been born, but will the combined powers of all 10 legendary spirits be enough to defeat Lucemon for good, or does Lucemon have one final surprise in store?
Jul. 13, 2003
4x50 4 4x50 End of the Line (4)
After being defeated by Lucemon Takuya starts to doubt theirs powers. Only after reassurance from the Legendary Warriors, his friends, and the three great angels does Takuya want to ...
Jul. 14, 2003
 4 TV Movie: Movie 7: Island Of Lost Digimon
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Oct. 23, 2005
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