Aug. 14, 1999
30 min.
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Digimon: Digital Monsters

7 kids are mysteriously transported to Digi-World and are befriended by strange talking creatures called Digimon. The Digimon prove to be more than company when they digivolve into bigger Digimon and defeat Kuwaggomon. Agumon changes into Greymon to defeat Shellmon and save Tai's life. Now it's up to them to save the Digi-World. But can they? And will they ever get back?

Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 3 (2001-2005)

3x01 3 3x01 Guilmon Comes Alive (1)
In a world where the adventures of the DigiDestined are nothing but a television show, a young boy named Takato finds a strange, blue card in his pile of Digimon playing cards. After ...
Sep. 01, 2001
3x02 3 3x02 Digimon, Digimon Everywhere (2)
A Goblimon escapes into the Real World and is then confronted by Rika and Renamon. However, Calumon, a small, innocent digimon that also escaped from the Digital World, accidentally ...
Sep. 01, 2001
3x03 3 3x03 To Fight or Not to Fight
Takato and Guilmon are confronted by Rika and Renamon, who believe that digimon only exist to fight. Guilmon's ferocious side once again returns, but Takato manages to snap him out ...
Sep. 08, 2001
3x04 3 3x04 It Came From the Other Side
As Henry waits for Gargomon to revert back to Terriermon, Takato and Rika ponder about the digivolutions of their own digimon. The next day, Takato, Guilmon, Henry, and Terriermon are ...
Sep. 08, 2001
3x05 3 3x05 Dream a Little Dream
Takato and Guilmon run into the playful Calumon, who is the unknown cause of the digivolutions of Fugamon and Gargomon, and they search for someone to be his tamer. For fun that night, ...
Sep. 15, 2001
3x06 3 3x06 O Partner, Where Art Thou?
Rika, who is now obsessed with getting Renamon to digivolve, reminisces about how she first became a tamer. She and Renamon later battle Dokugumon, and when Renamon is badly injured, ...
Sep. 15, 2001
3x07 3 3x07 Now You See It, Now You Don't
A digital anomaly causes Guilmon to vanish into thin air. As Takato, Rika, and Henry enter the energy field that took him, the group of scientists that has been monitoring the digimon ...
Sep. 22, 2001
3x08 3 3x08 A Question of Trust
A kid prankster is loose. Or so everyone thinks. It is just Impmon being his jerkly self. But Takato thinks it is Guilmon and he throws a fit. A Digital Field comes and out of it comes ...
Sep. 29, 2001
3x09 3 3x09 Not as Seen on TV
Last time, Growlmon beats Devidramon and it looks like he was just an apitizer and Takato is scared. But, no one is more scared then Growlmon himself. It looks like he isn't angry at ...
Sep. 29, 2001
3x10 3 3x10 The Icemon Cometh
Rika wonders how Guilmon and Terriermon have digivolved since their tamer's aren't good in her opinion. She feels a cold, evil feeling pulling her somewhere so she decides to go home. ...
Oct. 06, 2001
3x11 3 3x11 Much Ado About Musyamon
Henry and Terriermon fight because Terriermon wants to fight but Henry doesn't want him to fight. Meanwhile, a Digimon that Yamaki distroyed with the Yuggoth, reconfigurts it self and ...
Oct. 06, 2001
3x12 3 3x12 Divided They Stand
Renamon and Rika are still mad at each other and still divided. Renamon actually asks Impmon what he thinks and he says that Digimon do not need humans. She starts to belive it when ...
Oct. 13, 2001
3x13 3 3x13 Juggernaut
Takato and Guilmon defeat a digimon called DarkLizarmon. After beating him Yamaki suddenly appears and tells some of his men to capture the data. After doing so he says that it won't ...
Oct. 20, 2001
3x14 3 3x14 Grow Mon Grow
The juggernaut program continues to suck up digimon and destroy their data. A problem goes wrong with the system and instead of sucking up digimon the juggernaut program does the opposite ...
Oct. 27, 2001
3x15 3 3x15 Snakes, Trains, and Digimon [a.k.a. Saga of the Devas (1)]
Takato makes a Tamers flag symbolizing their team. Guilmon breaks it and Rika is happy. The next day Takato becomes eccstatic and wants to patrol the city in case the next deva shows ...
Nov. 03, 2001
3x16 3 3x16 Back to Nature, Back to Battle [a.k.a. Saga of the Devas (2)]
Henry and Takato go on a camping trip with their class and they decide to bring along Guilmon, Terriermon, and Calumon. They think that they're digimon has been fighting to much and ...
Nov. 03, 2001
3x17 3 3x17 Duel With the Deva [a.k.a. Saga of the Devas (3)]
A strange person gives a boy a strange digimon card. That boy trades it with Kenta who gives it to Henry. That card soon turns into a blue card. Henry gives it to his dad to analyze ...
Nov. 03, 2001
3x18 3 3x18 Digital Beauty
Rika spends the whole day worrying about Renamon. The other Tamers try to find her to but no luck. Suddenly Hypnos has tracked down Vajramon and Renamon and so does Henry. He calls ...
Nov. 10, 2001
3x20 3 3x20 Impmon's Last Stand
Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insicurities. While the Tamers are battleing the next Deva, Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by his self. Will he su ...
Nov. 10, 2001
3x21 3 3x21 Out of the Blue
Kyubimon saves Impmon the second before he is distroyed. The Tamers try and try but Indramon is too stong. Then Indramon disapears. Yamaki hires Henry's dad to work for him to help ...
Nov. 17, 2001
3x22 3 3x22 Jeri's Quest
Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta all spy on the Tamers while their at their base. They all imagine what it'll be like to be Tamers but Jeri doubts that it'll happen to her. Later on they stop ...
Nov. 17, 2001
3x23 3 3x23 The Boar Wars
Henry gets a poster of the Chinese Zodiac. He bumps into Rika and they decide to go to the park to meet up with Takato and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile at the park Jeri is still ...
Nov. 24, 2001
3x24 3 3x24 A World Apart
Vikaralymon continues to ramage through the city and Taomon, Rapidmon, and WarGrowlmon still try to stop him. Back in the park Calumon senses that something evil is coming. Jeri, Kenta, ...
Dec. 01, 2001
3x25 3 3x25 The Journey Begins
Renamon and the others search for the portal but have no luck. Meanwhile everyone tries to figure out a way to tell their parents that their going to the digital world. Rika's Grandmother ...
Dec. 08, 2001
3x26 3 3x26 Brave New Digital World
The Tamers and their digimon appear in the middle of the Digital and Real World. They are all discussing how to get to it until they all fall down into the Digital World. When they ...
Dec. 15, 2001
3x27 3 3x27 Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure
Kazu, Kenta, Rika, and Renamon find themselves in a windy valley. They are almost crushed by furniture and tire but make it into the home of Jijimon and Babamon, two married Digimon. ...
Feb. 09, 2002
3x28 3 3x28 Motorcycle Madness
Rika's group are still flying high meanwhile Takato and his groop are searching for them. Takato says that if they were to go into the data stream would they find them? And Leomon says ...
Feb. 09, 2002
3x29 3 3x29 Blame It on Ryo
While Calumon tries to hide from Makuramon Ryo, Kenta, and Kazu meet up with Takato and the rest of the gang. Calumon loses Makuramon and he starts to run around and have fun and Calumon ...
Feb. 16, 2002
3x30 3 3x30 Goliath
[add summary]
Feb. 16, 2002
3x31 3 3x31 The Imperfect Storm
While Being seperated from the others, Rika and the gang landed in a swamp zone. There they found an injured Andromon, lying near a lake. It turns out that a multi-headed snake creature, ...
Feb. 23, 2002
3x32 3 3x32 Kazu's Upgrade
While Being seperated from the others, Rika and the gang landed in a swamp zone. There they found an injured Andromon, lying near a lake. It turns out that a multi-headed snake creature, ...
Feb. 23, 2002
3x33 3 3x33 Shibumi Speaks
While the others are in the digital world, Suzzie is at home pretending to be Terriermon. She and her Dad go to the park. While Mr. Wong talked with Yamaki, Suzzie went off to play. ...
Mar. 02, 2002
3x34 3 3x34 Rabbit Transit
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Mar. 02, 2002
3x35 3 3x35 Lionheart
When Megidramon lay on the ground, crippled. His eyes where closed. The power of Megidramon had upset the whole digital world. Not to mention, all of the monitors went haywire. Beelzemon, ...
Mar. 09, 2002
3x36 3 3x36 Give a Little Bit
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Mar. 09, 2002
3x37 3 3x37 The Battle Within
Henry, Rika, Takato and their Digimon go to confront the Savarin Zhuqiuomon(Phoenix) who sent the Deva's to attack earth. Henry is acting more determined to end this, because of Suzi ...
Mar. 16, 2002
3x38 3 3x38 No Mon is an Island
[add summary]
Mar. 16, 2002
3x39 3 3x39 Azulongmon Explains it All
The battle with Zhuqiuomon continues. Renamon Matrix Digivolves into Taomon and tries to protect everyone. Realizing she can't hold out Guilmon & Terriermon jump out of her protecting ...
Mar. 23, 2002
3x40 3 3x40 Song of Sakuyamon
The chaos program lies within the pit of the Digital World and the Tamers go to it. Azulongmon and Zhuquiomon led the Tamers to it and Ryo also reunited with the group. Everyone rejoices ...
Mar. 30, 2002
3x41 3 3x41 Janyu's Ark
Henry's dad and the rest of his helpers send a Arc for the Tamers to go back to the real world. Beelzemon is sad for all the pain that he caused that he reverted back to a rookie level. ...
Apr. 06, 2002
3x42 3 3x42 Homeward Bound
When the Ark is ready to leave, Rika isn't back yet so Ryo went to fing her. The Ark starts it's way for the real world but Takato is on yet. All of the Digimon and Tamers try to get ...
Apr. 13, 2002
3x43 3 3x43 Reunion
Every Tamer returned to their parents. Rika and her mom are staying at a hotel for a while. There Rika and Renamon see the reports on the news about the D-Reaper. At Hypnos Yamaki and ...
Apr. 20, 2002
3x44 3 3x44 Beelzemon's Big Day
The Tamers were head-on about to face the enemy until it scared them off. They hid in the school until it was safe in the morning. After they woke up Henry and Rika decided to have ...
Apr. 27, 2002
3x45 3 3x45 The Messenger
T.V reports ran all over the news about the D-Reaper and it's agents of destruction. Many people over the news believe that Hypnos is responsible for the chaos but the company defends ...
May. 04, 2002
3x46 3 3x46 The D-Reaper's Disguise
The new mysterious digimon turned out to be Justimon. The mega form of Cyberdramon. It seems that Ryo and Cyberdramon learned to biomerge just before the battle. He, Kazu and Guardromon ...
May. 11, 2002
3x47 3 3x47 When is a Mon Justimon?
[add summary]
May. 11, 2002
3x48 3 3x48 His Kingdom for a Horse
Beelzemon was now becoming free and he tried desperately to make up for his actions in the past. Many agents suddenly showed up and it all seemed a waste because even with the defeated ...
May. 18, 2002
3x49 3 3x49 Shadow of the Beast King
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May. 18, 2002
3x50 3 3x50 D-Reaper's Feast
[add summary]
Jun. 01, 2002
3x51 3 3x51 Jeri Fights Back (1)
After trying almost everthing on the d-reaper and still not beating it Henry recieves a message from his dad telling him about a program he put in Terriermon to defeat the d-reaper ...
Jun. 08, 2002
3x53 3 3x53 Such Sweet Sorrow (2)
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Jun. 08, 2002
 3 TV Movie: Movie 5: Battle of Adventurers
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Oct. 06, 2005
 3 TV Movie: Movie 6: Runaway Locomon
[add summary]
Oct. 02, 2005
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