Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 54 (2018-2019)

54x151 54 54x151 Thursday April 25, 2019
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Apr. 25, 2019
54x152 54 54x152 Friday April 26, 2019
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Apr. 26, 2019
54x153 54 54x153 Monday April 29, 2019
Eric is reunited with Nicole; Chloe is reeling from Holly's disappearance as her captors are revealed; Rafe and Lani grow closer as they bond over baby David; Sheila and Abe test out ...
Apr. 29, 2019
54x154 54 54x154 Tuesday April 30, 2019
Ted's true intentions are made clear; Sarah interrupts Eric and Nicole's reunion with terrible news; Nicole lashes out at Chloe over Holly's kidnapping; Hope realizes Ben and Ciara ...
Apr. 30, 2019
54x155 54 54x155 Wednesday May 1, 2019
Valerie surprises Abe when she shows up for his mayoral debate against Jack; Jack pulls a shocking stunt during the debate; Claire fumes when she learns she must move out of the loft ...
May. 01, 2019
54x156 54 54x156 Thursday May 2, 2019
J.J. makes a damaging blurt about Jack in front of the press; Abe and Sheila find themselves on the hot seat; Eli and Lani argue over David; Claire lashes out at Tripp.
May. 02, 2019
54x157 54 54x157 Friday May 3, 2019
Rafe and Hope try to find Holly, unaware of Ted's involvement; Maggie has an emotional reunion with Nicole; Marlena comforts a heartbroken Sarah; Gabi continues her plot against St ...
May. 03, 2019
54x158 54 54x158 Monday May 6, 2019
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May. 06, 2019
54x159 54 54x159 Tuesday May 7, 2019
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May. 07, 2019
54x160 54 54x160 Wednesday May 8, 2019
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May. 08, 2019
54x161 54 54x161 Thursday May 9, 2019
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May. 09, 2019
54x162 54 54x162 Friday May 10, 2019
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May. 10, 2019
54x163 54 54x163 Monday May 13, 2019
Hope sees Rafe has taken off his wedding ring and decides to start divorce proceedings; Lani lies to Ciara to keep Ben away from David; Xander reveals he still has leverage over Nicole; ...
May. 13, 2019
54x164 54 54x164 Tuesday May 14, 2019
Sonny and Will are surprised to learn what caused Will's tumor; Brady makes a deal with Xander to get Nicole a divorce; Sarah tries to speak with Nicole on Eric's behalf; Stefan rejects ...
May. 14, 2019
54x165 54 54x165 Wednesday May 15, 2019
Haley and J.J. have an emotional moment as they learn Haley's fate; Tripp realizes Claire is in cahoots with Eve; J.J. attacks Jack, who tries to reach out to him; Rafe gets divorce ...
May. 15, 2019
54x166 54 54x166 Thursday May 16, 2019
The mayoral election results are announced; Hope is fired; Ciara comforts a devastated Claire; Melinda drops a bombshell on Haley.
May. 16, 2019
54x167 54 54x167 Friday May 17, 2019
J.J. and Haley go on the run; Xander makes the moves on Sarah; Nicole rips into Chloe; a stunning secret is revealed.
May. 17, 2019
54x168 54 54x168 Monday May 20, 2019
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May. 20, 2019
54x169 54 54x169 Tuesday May 21, 2019
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May. 21, 2019
54x170 54 54x170 Wednesday May 22, 2019
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May. 22, 2019
54x171 54 54x171 Thursday May 23, 2019
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May. 23, 2019
54x172 54 54x172 Friday May 24, 2019
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May. 24, 2019
54x173 54 54x173 Tuesday May 28, 2019
A drunk Maggie has a showdown with Kate; Xander and his partner's plan comes into focus; Will lashes out at Ted and Hope; Sarah and Rex go through his notes from his time working with ...
May. 28, 2019
54x174 54 54x174 Wednesday May 29, 2019
Ben shares his suspicions with Ciara that Claire started the cabin fire; J.J. and Haley prepare for their escape; John and Marlena try to locate Rolf's diary; Eve confesses a secret ...
May. 29, 2019
54x175 54 54x175 Thursday May 30, 2019
Ben asks Marlena to hypnotize him again to recall the night of the fire; Jennifer helps Tripp escape from Jack; Xander comes to Jack's aid; John makes an emotional appeal for Eve's ...
May. 30, 2019
54x176 54 54x176 Friday May 31, 2019
Eric tries to get through to Nicole; Maggie shares a shocking story with Brady; Will is given devastating news about his condition; Jack gives Jennifer hope as he shares a small memory ...
May. 31, 2019
54x177 54 54x177 Monday June 3, 2019
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Jun. 03, 2019
54x178 54 54x178 Tuesday June 4, 2019
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Jun. 04, 2019
54x179 54 54x179 Wednesday June 5, 2019
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Jun. 05, 2019
54x180 54 54x180 Monday June 10, 2019
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Jun. 10, 2019
54x181 54 54x181 Tuesday June 11, 2019
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Jun. 11, 2019
54x182 54 54x182 Wednesday June 12, 2019
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Jun. 12, 2019
54x183 54 54x183 Thursday June 13, 2019
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Jun. 13, 2019
54x184 54 54x184 Friday June 14, 2019
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Jun. 14, 2019
54x185 54 54x185 Monday June 17, 2019
Will and Sonny get remarried; Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambles to hide Ted from Stefan and Abe; Maggie questions Xander about why he lied to her; Kate and Gabi discuss Nicole’s ...
Jun. 17, 2019
54x186 54 54x186 Tuesday June 18, 2019
Lucas and Sami return to Salem as Will fights for his life; Stefan comforts Gabi about Will; Ciara reveals to Tripp that Claire set both fires; Claire and Eve conspire to nail Ben. ...
Jun. 18, 2019
54x187 54 54x187 Wednesday June 19, 2019
Rex and Sarah create an antidote for Will; Ciara and Tripp pretend to believe Ben is guilty in front of Claire; Roman shares devastating news with Kayla; Sami and Lucas pray for Will’s ...
Jun. 19, 2019
54x188 54 54x188 Thursday June 20, 2019
Sami breaks the news about Caroline to Will; Kayla tells Victor about Caroline’s death; Hope has a touching moment with Victor as he mourns Caroline; family and friends gather at ...
Jun. 20, 2019
54x189 54 54x189 Friday June 21, 2019
Tripp breaks up with Claire; Hope tries to track down a missing Ted; Kristen orders Xander to get rid of Ted; Rex tells Sarah he wants to get married immediately.
Jun. 21, 2019
54x190 54 54x190 Monday June 24, 2019
Xander bonds with Ted despite his orders to kill him; Sami confronts Nicole; Kate breaks into Nicole's room and snoops around; Rex tells Eric that he and Sarah are getting married. ...
Jun. 24, 2019
54x191 54 54x191 Tuesday June 25, 2019
Kate overhears a shocking conversation; Eric says he will marry Sarah and Rex; Eve makes Justin an offer; Jennifer tells Jack that Dr. Rolf's diary has been found.
Jun. 25, 2019
54x192 54 54x192 Wednesday June 26, 2019
Kate lands in hot water; Lani works things out with Eli; Abe does damage control with Stefan; Jack questions Kayla about Dr. Rolf's formula.
Jun. 26, 2019
54x193 54 54x193 Thursday June 27, 2019
Claire confesses to Shawn; Tripp and Ciara try to trap Claire; Gabi and Stefan have a romantic night together; JJ gets a surprise.
Jun. 27, 2019
54x194 54 54x194 Friday June 28, 2019
Marlena gets Ben to talk about his suspicions of Claire; Tripp and Ciara's plan to trap Claire does not go as planned; Kristen tries to avert Hope; Haley and JJ admit their love for ...
Jun. 28, 2019
54x195 54 54x195 Monday July 1, 2019
Unhinged Claire holds Ciara hostage. Ben, Marlena, and Hope desperately try to find Claire and Ciara. Ted informs Kate he has a plan to get rescued already in place. Kristen attempts ...
Jul. 01, 2019
54x196 54 54x196 Tuesday July 2, 2019
Eve confronts Jack when she realizes he’s been hiding something from her. Marlena tries to get through to Claire. Shawn learns about Claire and lashes out at Tripp. Rafe and Carrie ...
Jul. 02, 2019
54x198 54 54x198 Thursday July 4, 2019
There will be a Brady/Horton BBQ and Sarah and Rex will host. Carrie confesses all to Roman. Eli has a romantic surprise for Lani.
Jul. 04, 2019
54x199 54 54x199 Friday July 5, 2019
Things heat up between Ted and Kate! “Nicole” and Gabi clash as they try to work together. Hope questions Xander about the necklace he gifted Sarah.
Jul. 05, 2019
54x200 54 54x200 Monday July 8, 2019
“Nicole” is surprised by what she finds in the secret room.
Jul. 08, 2019
54x201 54 54x201 Tuesday July 9, 2019
Marlena and Ciara blast Eve for using Claire when Olivia Rose Keegan exits Days. Claire says farewell to Salem! Shawn and Belle comfort each other over their daughter’s situation. Tripp ...
Jul. 09, 2019
54x202 54 54x202 Wednesday July 10, 2019
Ted comes clean with Kate. Kristen confronts Xander about his betrayal. Hope and Eli start to put the pieces together. Ben and Ciara try to process what happened with Claire.
Jul. 10, 2019
54x203 54 54x203 Thursday July 11, 2019
“Nicole” attacks Stefan! Hope rips into Eve for keeping quiet about Claire. Sarah catches Maggie in a weak moment. Xander has second thoughts about his plans for Ted and Kat ...
Jul. 11, 2019
54x204 54 54x204 Friday July 12, 2019
Hope follows Xander, who’s on his way to the secret room. Kristen reveals herself to Kate and Ted. Julie finds Stefan and Gabi making out in her office. Tripp gets new roommates. ...
Jul. 12, 2019
54x205 54 54x205 Monday July 15, 2019
Xander is arrested! “Nicole” makes a move on Brady. Stefan is completely blinded-sided. Lani and Eli share their good news with Abe.
Jul. 15, 2019
54x206 54 54x206 Tuesday July 16, 2019
Eric contemplates a big change. Xander gets revenge on Kristen. Ted does his best to throw Hope off track. Gabi suspects Nicole is behind Stefan’s troubles.
Jul. 16, 2019
54x207 54 54x207 Wednesday July 17, 2019
Jennifer makes an impassioned speech to Jack about the person he used to be. Gabi has a bizarre encounter with “Nicole.” Brady tries to oust Xander from Titan. Gabi pressures ...
Jul. 17, 2019
54x208 54 54x208 Thursday July 18, 2019
Will makes an unsettling discovery. Hope and Ted kiss! Xander and Kristen play a game of cat and mouse. Jennifer decides it’s time to move on from Jack.
Jul. 18, 2019
54x209 54 54x209 Friday July 19, 2019
Will and Sonny experience déjà vu when the real Susan arrives. Ciara is thrown to find her mother kissing Ted.
Jul. 19, 2019
54x210 54 54x210 Monday July 22, 2019
Kate accidentally attacks Sarah. Susan is shocked when she encounters a familiar face. Gabi gives Stefan disappointing news. Xander makes Kristen grovel.
Jul. 22, 2019
54x211 54 54x211 Tuesday July 23, 2019
Lani questions Ted about the inconsistencies in his statement. Stefan attempts to bargain with Kate. Xander ends his alliance with Kristen.
Jul. 23, 2019
54x212 54 54x212 Wednesday July 24, 2019
Xander and Rex get into it over Sarah. Jack is surprised when Eve supports him taking the serum. Jennifer is determined to move on and plans a date! Haley has disturbing visions ...
Jul. 24, 2019
54x213 54 54x213 Thursday July 25, 2019
Jack shares surprising news with JJ. Stefan and Gabi strategize on how to deal with Nicole. Eve takes drastic measures to stop Jack from regaining his memory. “Nicole” shares ...
Jul. 25, 2019
54x214 54 54x214 Friday July 26, 2019
Jack catches Eve committing an act of betrayal! Needing an ally, “Nicole” seeks out someone from the past. A misguided Tripp tries to help Haley.
Jul. 26, 2019
54x215 54 54x215 Monday July 29, 2019
Kristen proposes marriage… to her own brother! Jack demands a divorce from Eve!
Jul. 29, 2019
54x216 54 54x216 Tuesday July 30, 2019
Stefan and Gabi prepare for their wedding day.
Jul. 30, 2019
54x217 54 54x217 Wednesday July 31, 2019
“Nicole” is furious when Tony pulls a disappearing act.
Jul. 31, 2019
54x218 54 54x218 Thursday August 1, 2019
Hope makes a stunning discovery in Ted’s apartment.
Aug. 01, 2019
54x219 54 54x219 Friday August 2, 2019
Sarah comes clean with Rex about her feelings for Eric.
Aug. 02, 2019
54x220 54 54x220 Monday August 5, 2019
Tragedy strikes when Ted confronts Tony and Kristen
Aug. 05, 2019
54x221 54 54x221 Tuesday August 6, 2019
Kristen is caught trying to get rid of incriminating evidence.
Aug. 06, 2019
54x222 54 54x222 Wednesday August 7, 2019
Brady finally gives in to “Nicole’s” advances; Kate faints when she sees a familiar face.
Aug. 07, 2019
54x223 54 54x223 Thursday August 8, 2019
Hope makes a surprising discovery; Anna DiMera returns.
Aug. 08, 2019
54x224 54 54x224 Friday August 9, 2019
Gabi is torn between her love and hatred for Stefan; Rex Brady leaves Salem when Kyle Lowder exits Days of our Lives
Aug. 09, 2019
54x225 54 54x225 Monday August 12, 2019
John makes plans to surprise Marlena — not knowing she has the exact same idea!
Aug. 12, 2019
54x226 54 54x226 Tuesday August 13, 2019
“Nicole” loses her cool with Marlena.
Aug. 13, 2019

Season 54 Characters

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Season 54 Videos

156 S54 E156 Thursday, May 2, 2019
156 S54 E156 Thursday, May 2, 2019 (0)

139 S54 E139 Tuesday, April 9, 2019
139 S54 E139 Tuesday, April 9, 2019 (0)

174 S54 E174 Wednesday, May 29, 2019
174 S54 E174 Wednesday, May 29, 2019 (0)

254 S54 E254 Friday, September 20, 2019
254 S54 E254 Friday, September 20, 2019 (0)

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Season 54 Trivia

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