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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 52 (2016-2017)

52x76 52 52x76 Thursday January 5, 2017
Nicole says a heartbreaking goodbye to the baby; Kate debates whether to betray Eduardo; Theo and Claire overhead a suspicious conversation while spying on Theo and Claire; Brady gets ...
Jan. 05, 2017
52x77 52 52x77 Friday January 6, 2017
Chad and Abigail run into Gabi while on a family outing; Gabi and J.J. have a tense moment; Theo and Valerie butt heads; Claire sees Theo and Ciara bonding.
Jan. 06, 2017
52x78 52 52x78 Monday January 9, 2017
Hope shirks Hattie's advice on handling Coco and Sheila; Steve, Marlena, Rafe and Paul land in Prague; Marlena runs into someone she knows; Joey offers Jade comfort.
Jan. 09, 2017
52x79 52 52x79 Tuesday January 10, 2017
Hattie makes a bold move; the search for Stefano goes on; Jennifer shares stories about the Hortons with Thomas; Chad and Abigail try to reconnect.
Jan. 10, 2017
52x80 52 52x80 Wednesday January 11, 2017
Hope battles for her life; Rafe, Steve and Paul prepare for a meeting with a man they think is Stefano; Kayla, Shawn and Ciara find out Hope escaped prison; Carrie and Austin help Marlena ...
Jan. 11, 2017
52x81 52 52x81 Thursday January 12, 2017
Eduardo tells Dario about the missing device; Andre and Deimos butt heads; J.J. tells Gabi it's important the two of them meet; Brady reacts unexpectedly to news.
Jan. 12, 2017
52x82 52 52x82 Friday January 13, 2017
Chloe regains consciousness; Deimos and Andre threaten each other; Chad finds Abigail and Dario together; Gabi tells J.J. what she knows about the family business; Chad reaches out ...
Jan. 13, 2017
52x83 52 52x83 Monday January 16, 2017
Nicole and Chloe overhear Deimos making a threat; Sonny tries to get control over Deimos; Valerie offers Claire and Theo advice; Justin offers Adrienne help.Nicole and Chloe overhear ...
Jan. 16, 2017
52x84 52 52x84 Tuesday January 17, 2017
Carrie and Austin search for Anna; Hope receives care from a familiar face; Rafe, Steve and Paul get ready to confront Stefano; after a call about Steve, Kayla decides to go to Pra ...
Jan. 17, 2017
52x85 52 52x85 Wednesday January 18, 2017
Hope must hide from the police; Jennifer learns J.J. is looking into the docks; Abigail and Gabi each realize something big is happening; Chad calls a meeting with Sonny and Dario. ...
Jan. 18, 2017
52x86 52 52x86 Thursday January 19, 2017
Abigail and Gabi decide to work together; Dario goes to extremes; Brady talks to Chloe; Eduardo tries to fix things with Kate.
Jan. 19, 2017
52x87 52 52x87 Monday January 23, 2017
Chloe admits the truth to Brady; Nicole realizes Deimos's life is in danger; Eric cares for Hope as she battles for her life; Kayla arrives in Europe to check on Steve.
Jan. 23, 2017
52x88 52 52x88 Tuesday January 24, 2017
Nicole receives shocking news; Gabi and Chad share an awkward moment; laire, Theo, Ciara, Jade, and Joey begin a new adventure; Belle returns to visit Claire.
Jan. 24, 2017
52x89 52 52x89 Wednesday January 25, 2017
Brady and Deimos rally around Nicole; Gabi and Abigail plan to put an end to the family war; Chloe convinces Belle to represent her; Sonny attempts to make a deal with Chad.
Jan. 25, 2017
52x90 52 52x90 Thursday January 26, 2017
In Prague, Steve and Kayla reaffirm their love for each other; Hope fights for her life as Eric tries to save her; Chad and Abigail share a special night; Lucas advocates for Anne with ...
Jan. 26, 2017
52x91 52 52x91 Friday January 27, 2017
Nicole waits for Justin to post her bail; Maggie and Victor are surprised by Deimos's news; Shane has a possible new lead about Stefano for Steve, Rafe, Kayla, and Marlena.
Jan. 27, 2017
52x92 52 52x92 Monday January 30, 2017
Nicole urges Chloe to return the baby; Deimos makes threats to help Nicole; Jennifer and Valerie meet for lunch; Gabi and Chad drift apart.
Jan. 30, 2017
52x93 52 52x93 Tuesday January 31, 2017
Hope's fever makes her delusional; Eric sees a familiar face in Salem; Marlena and the others lure Stefano out of hiding; police hunt for Hope.
Jan. 31, 2017
52x94 52 52x94 Wednesday Febuary 1, 2017
Deimos strikes against his enemies; intel about Titan proves intriguing; Abigail and Gabi try to bring their families together; Jennifer makes a discovery while investigating the d ...
Feb. 01, 2017
52x95 52 52x95 Thursday Febuary 2, 2017
Deimos's victims are in danger; Abigail and Gabi consider how to retrieve the hard drive from Kiriakis' mansion; Nicole worries that everyone was right about Deimos; Belle disapproves ...
Feb. 02, 2017
52x96 52 52x96 Friday Febuary 3, 2017
Deimos threatens to shoot Gabi; Kate comforts a distraught Eduardo; Jennifer tries to destroy the Orwell device; Nicole lashes out at Chloe.
Feb. 03, 2017
52x97 52 52x97 Monday Febuary 6, 2017
Rafe, Marlena, Steve and Kayla discuss their strategy for capturing Stefano; Hope begs Eric to contact Hattie; Ciara reads Jennifer's story about Hope; Paul finds Sonny at his door ...
Feb. 06, 2017
52x98 52 52x98 Tuesday Febuary 7, 2017
Raines almost catches Hope; Rafe, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Paul and Sonny get to the masquerade; Deimos sees Brady and Nicole's strengthening relationship; Deimos tries to prove his value ...
Feb. 07, 2017
52x99 52 52x99 Wednesday Febuary 8, 2017
Everyone fears Stefano has taken Marlena; Raines loses Hope in pursuit; Abigail panics over Chad and Gabi's kidnapping; Andre and Eduardo come to a truce.
Feb. 08, 2017
52x100 52 52x100 Thursday Febuary 9, 2017
Raines promises to continue pursuing Hope; Paul and Sonny steal a moment alone; Steve and Kayla invite Carrie and Austin to their wedding; Brady warns Nicole about Chloe.
Feb. 09, 2017
52x101 52 52x101 Friday Febuary 10, 2017
Andre, Kate and Eduardo join forces to find Chad and Gabi; Gabi cares for Chad; Dario leaves the hospital; Steve feels confident about how things will work out for Hope.
Feb. 10, 2017
52x102 52 52x102 Monday February 13, 2017
Hope asks Eric about Jennifer; Shane and Steve make a discovery; Dario opens up to Abigail; Jennifer asks Adrienne for help.
Feb. 13, 2017
52x103 52 52x103 Tuesday February 14, 2017
Chad and Gabi's situation devolves; Eduardo, Kate, Dario and Abigail talk about how to rescue Chad and Gabi; Victor tells Deimos to clean up his act; Adrienne, Jennifer and Anne work ...
Feb. 14, 2017
52x104 52 52x104 Wednesday February 15, 2017
Steve and Kayla's Valentine's Day nuptials; Stephanie arrives home; Hope gets news about her future; Austin and Carrie get together with Kate.
Feb. 15, 2017
52x105 52 52x105 Thursday February 16, 2017
Steve and Kayle remarry; Valerie tells Abe she's leaving town; Julie gets devastating news; Anna confronts Andre.
Feb. 16, 2017
52x106 52 52x106 Friday February 17, 2017
[add summary]
Feb. 17, 2017
52x107 52 52x107 Monday Febuary 20, 2017
Chloe and Nicole learn who gets custody of Holly; Nicole breaks up with Deimos; Eduardo and Andre reach out to Deimos to arrange an exchange; Abigail and J.J. work together to find ...
Feb. 20, 2017
52x108 52 52x108 Tuesday Febuary 21, 2017
Sonny gets beaten for trying to escape his captor; Deimos, Eduardo and Andre negotiate for their loved ones' release; Drew asks Shane for help; Abigail gets Dario's assistance looking ...
Feb. 21, 2017
52x109 52 52x109 Wednesday Febuary 22, 2017
Hope fears Andre will destroy her future; Hattie confronts Andre; Rafe overhears a conversation between Chad and Gabi; Marlena reunites with Eric.
Feb. 22, 2017
52x110 52 52x110 Thursday Febuary 23, 2017
Chad tells Abigail what happened while he was captive; Dario comforts a distressed Abigail; Kate criticizes Eduardo's actions; Lani and Theo offer Abe encouragement.
Feb. 23, 2017
52x111 52 52x111 Friday Febuary 24, 2017
Chad promises to do what is right when it comes to Abigail and Gabi; Valerie tries to keep Elie's identity secret; Chloe's news shakes Brady; J.J. asks Lani out.
Feb. 24, 2017
52x112 52 52x112 Monday Febuary 27, 2017
Nicole Makes sure Deimos knows she is done with him; Deimos accuses Brady of being in love with Nicole; Jennifer and Eric share a moment; Gabi overhears J.J. and Lani agreeing to a ...
Feb. 27, 2017
52x113 52 52x113 Tuesday Febuary 28, 2017
Rafe and Hope share a romantic evening; Nicole pleads with Chloe to give her baby back; Joey and Jade get unexpected news from Kayla; Sonny wants to be Deimos' successor.
Feb. 28, 2017
52x114 52 52x114 Wednesday March 1, 2017
Deimos sets a kidnapping plan into motion; Brady gives Nicole an update about Eric; Dario makes a confession to Gabi; Chad offers Abigail a job.
Mar. 01, 2017
52x115 52 52x115 Thursday March 2, 2017
Nicole makes a move; tension build between Sonny and Paul; Chad and Abigail get closer; Sonny tells Brady about his plans to take on Deimos.
Mar. 02, 2017
52x116 52 52x116 Friday March 3, 2017
Chad and Abigail have an awkward encounter with Gabi; Rafe and Hope learn about changes at the police department; Brady and Deimos butt heads over how to help Nicole; Eduardo promises ...
Mar. 03, 2017
52x117 52 52x117 Monday March 6, 2017
Nicole hides with Holly; Brady talks to Dr. Lee about Nicole; Eric tells Jennifer he won't take a job at the Horton Center; Ciara opens up to Hope about Theo.
Mar. 06, 2017
52x118 52 52x118 Tuesday March 7, 2017
Brady looks for Nicole; Joey offers Jade support before her surgery; Steve gets a mysterious call; Adrienne and Justin share a tender moment.
Mar. 07, 2017
52x119 52 52x119 Wednesday March 8, 2017
Steve learns a truth about his past; Kayla's life is put in danger; Dario continues to fall for Abigail; Chad asks Gabi for help again.
Mar. 08, 2017
52x120 52 52x120 Thursday March 9, 2017
Steve tries to save Kayla; Chad moves to dismantle Deimos' empire; Sonny and Paul try to find out what can be done about Deimos' connection to the stolen antiquities; Eli pushes Valerie ...
Mar. 09, 2017
52x121 52 52x121 Friday March 10, 2017
Steve relays his discovery to Kayla and Joey; Brady offers his help to Nicole; Chloe gains an unexpected ally; Kate rebuffs Eduardo's affections.
Mar. 10, 2017
52x122 52 52x122 Monday March 13, 2017
A jealous Deimos makes one last heartfelt plea to Nicole; Eric plans his return to Salem; Chad runs into Gabi, and the two share memories from high school; Dario continues his dancing-lessons ...
Mar. 13, 2017
52x123 52 52x123 Tuesday March 14, 2017
Nicole hides out with Holly; Victor is angry that Brady is once again ensnared in Nicole's web; Kate commends Chad for his sneaky move against Deimos; Sonny tells Paul he needs incriminating ...
Mar. 14, 2017
52x124 52 52x124 Wednesday March 15, 2017
Abigail and Chad hold a press conference to publicize tonight's Salem High charity event; Chad can't get Gabi out of his head; Julie organizes a Horton gathering to welcome Eli to the ...
Mar. 15, 2017
52x125 52 52x125 Thursday March 16, 2017
Hope gets a surprise; Abigail finds Chad and Gabi in an awkward moment; Steve and Kayla get new information on Ava's son; Joey tries to let Jade down easy.
Mar. 16, 2017
52x126 52 52x126 Friday March 17, 2017
Brady is ready to take Nicole and Holly off to Canada; Kate sees Chloe and Eduardo together and lays into them; Jennifer and Eric share a kiss; Julie suggests that Ciara admit to Theo ...
Mar. 17, 2017
52x127 52 52x127 Monday March 20, 2017
Chad makes a confession; Gabi and Dario talk about their inability to be with their loved ones; Eric pushes Jennifer away; Claire makes a devious move.
Mar. 20, 2017
52x128 52 52x128 Tuesday March 21, 2017
Chloe kisses someone; Brady gets Nicole settled in her home; Abigail is put in danger; Chad tells Gabi he can never see her again.
Mar. 21, 2017
52x129 52 52x129 Wednesday March 22, 2017
Chad and Dario realize Abigail is missing; Deimos reveals his plan for Chad; Sonny realized Chad is in danger; Abe asks a favor of Lani.
Mar. 22, 2017
52x130 52 52x130 Thursday March 23, 2017
Chad must make a choice between Abigail and Gabi; J.J., Paul and Dario search for Chad, Abigail and Chad; Steve and Kayla trace his son to Arizona; Joey cares for Jade.
Mar. 23, 2017
52x131 52 52x131 Friday March 24, 2017
Nicole worries her neighbor will find out she and Holly are on the run; Brady and Eric reunite; Adrienne's loved one support her; Hope stops Rage from attacking Deimos.
Mar. 24, 2017
52x132 52 52x132 Monday March 27, 2017
Jade's manipulation of Joey goes awry; Brady seeks Marlena's advice; Steve and Tripp submit to a DNA test; Dario makes a confession.
Mar. 27, 2017
52x133 52 52x133 Tuesday March 28, 2017
Chad gives Deimos a taste of his own medicine; Jade is rushed to the hospital; Steve has news for Tripp; Abe tries to talk to Eli for Valerie.
Mar. 28, 2017
52x134 52 52x134 Wednesday March 29, 2017
Adrienne makes a decision; Steve and Kayla worry about Joey's ability to keep Ava's secret; Tripp makes a mysterious call; Eli and Gabe get to know each other better.
Mar. 29, 2017
52x135 52 52x135 Thursday March 30, 2017
Brady returns and confesses his love to Nicole; Eric decides to move forward with Jennifer; Abigail's decision stings Dario; Kate sees Eduardo and Chloe kiss.
Mar. 30, 2017
52x136 52 52x136 Friday March 31, 2017
Nicole fears her and Brady's neighbor is a threat; Deimos learns Brady is on the run with Nicole; Abigail asks Chad about Deimos' beating; Eric and Jennifer's date doesn't go as pl ...
Mar. 31, 2017
52x137 52 52x137 Monday April 3, 2017
Gabi learns of Abigail and Chad's vow renewal plans; Paul and Sonny make love; Marlena and Kate have a night out; Marlena has a fantasy about John.
Apr. 03, 2017
52x138 52 52x138 Tuesday April 4, 2017
Nicole and Brady have their neighbors over for dinner; Tripp learns more about Ava; Rafe discovers Hope planted a bug on someone; Theo feels he and Claire are moving too fast.
Apr. 04, 2017
52x139 52 52x139 Wednesday April 5, 2017
Nicole panics over Scooter recognizing her; Abigail confides in J.J.; Gabi goes out with Eli; Ciara meets Wyatt.
Apr. 05, 2017
52x140 52 52x140 Thursday April 6, 2017
Abigail and Kate have a confrontation; Eduardo and Dario discuss a new revenue stream; Deimos demotes Sonny; Rafe and Hope eavesdrop on Deimos.
Apr. 06, 2017
52x141 52 52x141 Friday April 7, 2017
Hope and Rafe prepare to take down Deimos; Eduardo hopes he and Kate can work things out; Paul worries about Sonny's obsession with Deimos; Nicole and Scotter face off.
Apr. 07, 2017
52x142 52 52x142 Monday April 10, 2017
Rafe faces a tough decision; Dario vows to retaliate against Deimos; Tripp condemns Steve and Kayla; Joey prepares to tell Tripp who really killed Ava.
Apr. 10, 2017
52x143 52 52x143 Tuesday April 11, 2017
Nicole considers how to deal with Scooter; Jade tries to intervene with Tripp for the Johnsons; Marlena confronts Victor; Eric has a dream about Nicole.
Apr. 11, 2017
52x144 52 52x144 Wednesday April 12, 2017
Chad learns Dario is in love with Abigail; Gabi walks in on Abigail and Chad's celebration; Ciara feels Wyatt is more than he seems; Claire and Theo share a romantic evening; Paul and ...
Apr. 12, 2017
52x145 52 52x145 Thursday April 13, 2017
Abigail has a revelation; Kate encourages Gabi to pursue Chad; Rafe and Dario butt heads over Eduardo; Chad and Lucas get bad news.
Apr. 13, 2017
52x146 52 52x146 Friday April 14, 2017
Scooter pressures Nicole; Gabi and Eli get closer; Julie tells Eli to stay away from Gabi; Abigail and Chad's vow renewal takes an unexpected turn.
Apr. 14, 2017
52x147 52 52x147 Monday April 17, 2017
Abigail makes a major decision; tensions between Kate, Jennifer and Andre escalate; Eric urges Chloe to make peace with Nicole; Brady realizes Nicole may be in trouble.
Apr. 17, 2017
52x148 52 52x148 Tuesday April 18, 2017
Chad tells Gabi what happened at the vow renewal ceremony; Dario comforts Abigail; Nicole makes a confession to Brady; Jade talks to Claire about Theo and Wyatt.
Apr. 18, 2017
52x149 52 52x149 Wednesday April 19, 2017
Steve asks Tripp not to take money from the Vitali family; Kayla exposes Jade's plot; Marlena and John reunite; Paul gives Sonny information about Deimos.
Apr. 19, 2017
52x150 52 52x150 Thursday April 20, 2017
Kayla helps Tripp; Tripp offers Jade a place to stay; Steve tells Adrienne about his newfound son; Gabi and Julie have a confrontation.
Apr. 20, 2017

Season 52 Characters

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Season 52 Videos

123 Season 52, Episode #123 - Tuesday, March 14, 2017
123 Season 52, Episode #123 - Tuesday, March 14, 2017 (0)

34 Season 52, Episode #34 - Thursday, November 3, 2016
34 Season 52, Episode #34 - Thursday, November 3, 2016 (0)

238 Season 52, Episode #238 - Friday, August 25, 2017
238 Season 52, Episode #238 - Friday, August 25, 2017 (0)

226 Season 52, Episode #226 - Wednesday, August 9, 2017
226 Season 52, Episode #226 - Wednesday, August 9, 2017 (0)

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Season 52 Trivia

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