Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 50 (2014-2015)

50x76 50 50x76 Ep. #12501
Paul responds to Will's question in a stunning way; Nicole tries to reconcile with Daniel; Adrienne confides to Lucas that she fears Justin might be having an affair; Melanie discovers ...
Jan. 08, 2015
50x77 50 50x77 Ep. #12503
NBC.com labels this episode as S50 Ep. 77 which should be S50 Ep. 78. That is why there are two episode #77s, so the episode count is now off by one but agrees with the videos being ...
Jan. 12, 2015
50x77 50 50x77 Ep. #12502
Sonny nearly catches Paul and Will together when Derrick lets Sonny into Paul's room; Daniel wants a relationship with Nicole based on truth; Serena wants to get closer to Eric but ...
Jan. 09, 2015
50x78 50 50x78 Ep. #12504
Ben, Abigail and Chad calm Jordon down and they go back to talk to the press regarding the fundraiser. Paige confides in Daphne about JJ sleeping with some other girl and Paige suspects ...
Jan. 13, 2015
50x79 50 50x79 Ep. #12505
Clyde has Jordan pinned to the bed - and she challenges him to go ahead and hit her but he says it's time for her to face the truth; Hope confides in Abe she feels like she never gets ...
Jan. 14, 2015
50x80 50 50x80 Ep. #12506
Clyde forces Jordan to face a memory she's long repressed - that her mother was pregnant the day Jordan crashed their car into a tree, killing not only her mother, but the unborn ...
Jan. 15, 2015
50x81 50 50x81 Ep. #12507
Nicole makes a decision not to pursue the informant's tip about Serena but when she and Daniel go to the new club Nicole accidentally spills a drink on Serena and the two women start ...
Jan. 16, 2015
50x82 50 50x82 Ep. #12508
The altercation between Nicole and Serena continues with Rafe, Daniel, and Eric trying to stop the fight; later that evening Nicole calls the mysterious informant and says she would ...
Jan. 19, 2015
50x83 50 50x83 Ep. #12509
Victor's club continues its opening night; John and Marlena babysit Arianna; Will continues his discussion with Paul; Later, Will returns home to Sonny, and the two men have a figh ...
Jan. 20, 2015
50x84 50 50x84 Ep. #12510
Brady and Melanie finally decide they want to start dating and give their relationship a chance; Jennifer asks Daniel to speak with JJ; Paige has an awkward conversation with Theresa ...
Jan. 21, 2015
50x85 50 50x85 Ep. #12511
JJ's upset to see Cole talking to Paige, and he attacks his old rival; JJ meets up with Eve at his house and warns her about Paige and Cole; Melanie tells her father she's seeing ...
Jan. 22, 2015
50x86 50 50x86 Ep. #12512
Eve is upset when Paige says she's more driven than ever to find out who JJ slept with and again tries to discourage Paige from further investigation; After Eve leaves, Jennifer starts ...
Jan. 23, 2015
50x87 50 50x87 Ep. #12513
While Eric confides in Jennifer, Nicole tells Serena she wants to bury the hatchet and move on; Ben refuses to tell anyone the reason why he hit Chad; Jordan is confused as to why Chad ...
Jan. 26, 2015
50x88 50 50x88 Ep. #12514
Victor's henchman shoots Clyde leaving him to lie in the snow; Serena finds her computer files are gone and it could only be Nicole who took the files; Abigail talks to Victor about ...
Jan. 27, 2015
50x89 50 50x89 Ep. #12515
Serena accuse Nicole of stealing Serena’s files and after going back and forth, Serena finally gives in, saying she wants everyone to know the truth - so Daniel starts to open the ...
Jan. 28, 2015
50x90 50 50x90 Ep. #12516
Kate helps Will bury the truth; Victor gets an update about Clyde from Damon; Nicole, Daniel, Serena, Eric, and Ted find out the truth about Ted and Serena's previous research project ...
Jan. 29, 2015
50x91 50 50x91 Ep. #12517
Serena finally finds what she has been looking for, Eric’s elephant statue; Eric questions how freaked out Serena was when Nicole first accused her so she then accuses him of still ...
Jan. 30, 2015
50x92 50 50x92 Ep. #12518
JJ tracks down Eve and tells her that he told Paige he was still seeing the girl he slept with; Paige goes to Theresa and asks for help in finding out the identity of JJ's lover; Sonny ...
Feb. 02, 2015
50x93 50 50x93 Ep. #12519
Sonny goes to see Paul to give Paul his prized home-run ball back and soon after Sonny leaves, Will shows up at Paul's hotel room so Paul can read the final draft of the article Will ...
Feb. 03, 2015
50x94 50 50x94 Ep. #12520
On the phone Paul tells his mother and grandfather that he is gay. Sonny learns from Derrick that Will has spent time in Paul's hotel room and on his way to confront Will, Sonny is ...
Feb. 04, 2015
50x95 50 50x95 Ep. #12521
Maggie and Victor find Sonny unconscious and bleeding in the town square; there is a shortage on Sonny's blood type, and as Daniel and Kayla work to save his life; devastated to learn ...
Feb. 05, 2015
50x96 50 50x96 Ep. #12522
Will, Maggie, Victor, Lucas and Adrienne wait for an update on Sonny's condition; Daniel and Kayla struggle to save Sonny's life in the operating room and are successful; After hearing ...
Feb. 06, 2015
50x97 50 50x97 Ep. #12523
Melanie asks Theresa if she has ever heard of a Dr. Mandrake; Eve meets with Paige, but her hopes of reconciliation are dashed as Paige announces she is moving out and live at the college ...
Feb. 09, 2015
50x98 50 50x98 Ep. #12524
Hope finds a tablet and note belonging to Aiden's late wife, Meredith, and it seems to back up Bree's accusations; Cole manages to get JJ's phone and meets with Paige to give her the ...
Feb. 10, 2015
50x99 50 50x99 Ep. #12525
JJ and Eve continue to have sex; Cole shows Paige JJ''s phone but as it turns out Cole is accusing the wrong person; Abe starts to question Sonny about the attack but Sonny does not ...
Feb. 11, 2015
50x100 50 50x100 Ep. #12526
Hope watches more of Meredith's video; Paige confides in Kayla saying she is more determined than ever to find out who JJ has been with; Seeing Daniel, Eve asks for his help in smoothing ...
Feb. 12, 2015
50x101 50 50x101 Ep. #12527
Hope is still watching the video but is able to hide it just as Aiden returns; while Hope goes outside to calm her nerves Aiden finds the hidden tablet and realizes Hope has been ...
Feb. 13, 2015
50x102 50 50x102 Ep. #12528
Hope fears for her life as she plays a game of cat and mouse with Aiden; Melanie asks for Serena’s help to learn more about Dr. Mandrake and discover he is a fertility specialist; ...
Feb. 16, 2015
50x103 50 50x103 Ep. #12529
Hope and Aiden struggle, and she expresses her disbelief that Aiden could kill Meredith but Hope figures out what really happened; Sonny is distracted from seeing Will’s article by ...
Feb. 17, 2015
50x104 50 50x104 Ep. #12530
Sonny tells Paul that Will is his husband and Paul swears he didn’t know Will’s connection to Sonny; After Paul leaves, Abe questions Sonny about what he remembers; Hope lets Aiden ...
Feb. 18, 2015
50x105 50 50x105 Ep. #12531
Sonny confronts Will about sleeping with Paul; Marlena learns that Paul slept with Will; Serena and Eric go back to his apartment but to Serena's surprise the elephant statue is missing; ...
Feb. 19, 2015
50x106 50 50x106 Ep. #12532
Paul confides in Marlena that he had an affair with Will; Sonny tells Will he knows Will slept with Paul; Justin swears the incriminating texts with his co-worker that Adrienne read ...
Feb. 20, 2015
50x107 50 50x107 Ep. #12533
Serena is still trying to find out where the statue is; Eve is pretty close to telling Jennifer the truth about having sex with JJ; At first Nicole is resistant, about helping Melanie ...
Feb. 23, 2015
50x108 50 50x108 Ep. #12534
Kayla calls Eric saying he's needed at the hospital to help a dying nun; Eric tries to get the elephant back from Daniel, but before he can ask, he learns Parker has grown attached ...
Feb. 24, 2015
50x109 50 50x109 Ep. #12535
Sonny explains to Will he never said anything about his relationship with Paul because he promised Paul he would not tell anyone that the baseball player was gay; Tori was stunned to ...
Feb. 25, 2015
50x110 50 50x110 Ep. #12536
Roxanne agrees to pretend to be the girl he's been seeing so Paige will back off; JJ introduces Roxanne to Paige; Jennifer talks to Daniel about JJ's girlfriend but Jennifer knows that ...
Feb. 26, 2015
50x111 50 50x111 Ep. #12537
Ben overhears Clyde talking to Jordan saying Clyde does not want to see his son go to jail and that he appreciated Jordan in looking out for Ben’s best interest over the years; a ...
Feb. 27, 2015
50x112 50 50x112 Ep. #12538
Eve follows Roxanne and JJ to Roxanne's hotel room; Jennifer decides to use Eve's keys to snoop around Eve's apartment but decides to go to talk to Roxanne at the hotel first and is ...
Mar. 02, 2015
50x113 50 50x113 Ep. #12539
Jennifer goes on the attack when she catches JJ and Eve in bed together; Paige is at the hospital assisting Kayla; Sonny informs Will he is leaving town to visit his brother in Arizona; ...
Mar. 03, 2015
50x114 50 50x114 Ep. #12540
Nicole thinks about the unexpected hug from Eric but decides to focus on getting Daniel back and goes to his apartment; Serena and Daniel go to Club TBD and Serena finds out Parker's ...
Mar. 04, 2015
50x115 50 50x115 Ep. #12541
Jennifer continues to talk to JJ; Eve tries to convince Paige to leave town but Paige wants to stay in Salem; Jennifer gives Eve an ultimatum - allow JJ and Paige the chance to find ...
Mar. 05, 2015
50x116 50 50x116 Ep. #12542
Eve realizes Jennifer is not bluffing about telling her daughter about her affair with JJ; Jennifer returns home and tells JJ he will get a second chance to win Paige back - if that ...
Mar. 06, 2015
50x117 50 50x117 Ep. #12543
Adrienne overhears Will and Paul talking about their affair and wants to why Will cheated on her son; Justin and Lucas continue to argue about Adrienne; John and Marlena go on a date ...
Mar. 09, 2015
50x118 50 50x118 Ep. #12544
JJ confides to Jennifer he is definitely going to try reuniting with Paige; Jennifer runs into Daniel, who senses she’s keeping something from him about JJ; JJ apologizes to Paige, ...
Mar. 10, 2015
50x119 50 50x119 Ep. #12545
Stefano wants Victor's help in destroying Kate and Victor agrees to help; Anne gives Abigail a hard time that she is Abigail's boss but Chad arrives while they are talking and invents ...
Mar. 11, 2015
50x120 50 50x120 Ep. #12546
Serena is startled by Nicole's presence at Daniel's apartment and drops the two statues; Serena leaves with one of the elephants; Eric and Brady break up a fight between Melanie and ...
Mar. 12, 2015
50x121 50 50x121 Ep. #12547
Stefano and Chad anticipate the impending DiMera board meeting thinking they have outwitted Kate; Kate and Victor toast to thinking they have outwitted Stefano and Chad and that she ...
Mar. 13, 2015
50x122 50 50x122 Ep. 12548
Kate's intention of being sole CEO of DieMera Enterprises does not go as she had plan; Abe and Hope find out a judge has granted a stay on Stefano's warrant; Paige, Jennifer, and Eve ...
Mar. 16, 2015
50x123 50 50x123 Ep. 12549
At the DiMera Enterprises board meeting, Kate accuses Stefano of setting her and the board members take a vote as to who will be CEO of the company; Thanks to Victor's help, Hope and ...
Mar. 17, 2015
50x124 50 50x124 Ep. 12550
Just before Justin leaves to go back to Dubai he and Adrienne get in an argument about their marriage; Tori is upset when John talks Paul into staying in Salem a few days longer to ...
Mar. 18, 2015
50x125 50 50x125 Ep. 12551
Abigail talks to Jennifer about JJ; Paige decides to meet JJ; Sonny returns to Salem and talks to Paul after the photo shot advertising the charity event; Sonny returns home and see ...
Mar. 19, 2015
50x126 50 50x126 Ep. 12552
Lucas arrives at the apartment interruptng Sonny and Will's argument about Paul; Paige asks JJ is here anything he hasn't told her? and JJ hesitates, then follows with an emotional ...
Mar. 20, 2015
50x127 50 50x127 Ep. #12553
Will is upset when Sonny lets Will know he ran into Paul upon returning to Salem; Adrienne comes to visit Sonny and admits she knows about Will's affair; Will goes to talk to Paul; ...
Mar. 23, 2015
50x128 50 50x128 Ep. #12554
Victor finds out about Brady being in the hospital; Nicole bumps into an attractive man and spills something on him but they seem to hit off and Nicole gives him her business card; ...
Mar. 24, 2015
50x129 50 50x129 Ep. #12555
Nicole and Daniel get into a big argument about how he keeps pushing her away; Nicole wants Eric's help in getting Daniel back but they ended up in a discussion about Serena with Nicole ...
Mar. 25, 2015
50x130 50 50x130 Ep. #12556
Xander is leaving Srena's hotel room just as Eric arrives and as it turns out they know each other when both were in Africa; After talking with Daniel JJ figures out that Daniel knows ...
Mar. 26, 2015
50x131 50 50x131 Ep. #12557
Theresa tells Brady that Melanie intercepted a text she sent him and also showed up at her place again; Brady unknowingly gives Melanie another piece of the puzzle regarding the connection ...
Mar. 27, 2015
50x132 50 50x132 Ep. #12558
Eve comforts a lonely and emotional Theresa; Melanie confides to Maggie her suspicion that Brady's attack and Theresa's pregnancy scare are somehow linked; Adrienne and Lucas discuss ...
Mar. 30, 2015
50x133 50 50x133 Ep. #12559
Eve meets up with Cole where they are setting a plan into motion to break up JJ and Paige in a way that keeps her hands clean; Daniel still cannot trust Nicole; JJ tells Daniel that ...
Mar. 31, 2015
50x134 50 50x134 Ep. #12560
Will tells Lucas he’s determined to go ahead with the article revealing Paul is actually a DiMera unless Paul leaves town; At the townsquare, everyone gathers to set up for the charity ...
Apr. 01, 2015
50x135 50 50x135 Ep. #12561
Most of the residents of Salem are at John and Aiden’s fundraiser for underprivileged kids having fun; Chad and Abigail bond, and Ben surprises Abigail by not getting upset but much ...
Apr. 02, 2015
50x136 50 50x136 Ep. #12562
Marlena realizes Paul is John’s son; Paul and Sonny share a close moment, which John witnesses; John arranges for many of Sonny and Will’s family and friends to toast their anniversary ...
Apr. 03, 2015
50x137 50 50x137 Ep. #12563
Melanie visits Jorge, who’s in charge of the hospital’s blood bank; after JJ tells Jennifer he admitted to Daniel that he slept with Eve, Jennifer decides to talk to Daniel; Theresa ...
Apr. 06, 2015
50x138 50 50x138 Ep. #12564
Jennifer tries to persuade Daniel to keep her lie regarding JJ's affair with Eve,, but he can’t make that promise; Paige finds the Daniel's coat in her mother’s closet; Nicole makes ...
Apr. 07, 2015
50x139 50 50x139 Ep. #12565
Eve confronts Daniel about what he knows of her affair with JJ; Serena gets confirmation that Xander had indeed deposited the $200,000 in her account, but is not happy learning from ...
Apr. 08, 2015
50x140 50 50x140 Ep. #12566
Sonny is wondering why Will is lying to him after he saw the the headline of Wll's article saying Paul is a Dimera; Marlena confronts Tori about John being Paul's father; Chad gets ...
Apr. 09, 2015
50x141 50 50x141 Ep. #12567
Paul, Will, Sonny, Tori, John and Marlena are at Club TBD and John realizes Paul is his son; while Ben goes to seek Clyde's counsel regarding the trouble he was involved in while living ...
Apr. 10, 2015
50x142 50 50x142 Ep. #12568
Tori gives the details about why she never told John that he had a son; As Clyde counsels Ben not to trust Chad, Abigail confronts her ex for planning to lure her to dinner but as it ...
Apr. 13, 2015
50x143 50 50x143 Ep. #12569
Theresa tries to cause problems for Nicole and Daniel; Nicole explains to Daniel that she was just having coffee with Xander but Xander shows up and both men know each other; Melanie ...
Apr. 14, 2015
50x144 50 50x144 Ep. #12570
Melanie tells Brady what she's learned about Theresa's pregnancy and her theory that Kristin has the baby somewhere; Dr. Mandrake informs Kristen they've found a match for the bone ...
Apr. 15, 2015
50x145 50 50x145 Ep. #12571
Brady asks for Victor's help in finding Kristin when he believes that Melanie is right regarding her suspicions about Kristin having he and Theresa's baby; Xander breaks it up a fight ...
Apr. 16, 2015
50x146 50 50x146 Ep. #12572
JJ tells Jennifer about Eve keeping the coat he'd borrowed from Daniel the night he and Eve first had sex; Eve goes into a rage after figuring out Paige and JJ slept together; Nicole ...
Apr. 17, 2015
50x147 50 50x147 Ep. #12573
After telling Adrienne to leave the Kiriakis mansion and firing Lucas from Mad World, Victor summons Kate to the mansion to inform her she is again CEO of Mad World in which Lucas overhears; ...
Apr. 20, 2015
50x148 50 50x148 Ep. #12574
John talks to Paul in San Francisco; Will receives his new assignment from Zoe and learns it's a profile on Clyde Weston; Sonny and Will are having a civil conversation regarding their ...
Apr. 21, 2015
50x149 50 50x149 Ep. #12575
Brady and Kristen engage in a game of cat-and-mouse as Kristen pretends to think Brady has come with forgiveness in his heart and Brady plays along, hoping Kristen might just confess ...
Apr. 22, 2015

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238 Season 50, Episode #238 - Friday, August 28, 2015
238 Season 50, Episode #238 - Friday, August 28, 2015 (0)

228 Season 50, Episode #228 - Friday, August 14, 2015
228 Season 50, Episode #228 - Friday, August 14, 2015 (0)

252 Season 50, Episode #252 - Friday, September 18, 2015
252 Season 50, Episode #252 - Friday, September 18, 2015 (0)

227 Season 50, Episode #227 - Thursday, August 13, 2015
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