Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 49 (2013-2014)

49x151 49 49x151 Ep. #12355
Sami and Marlena interrupt an emotional moment between Nicole and Eric. Eric admits the wedding is off. Once she gets Eric alone again, Nicole asks why he can't forgive her. Eric ...
Jun. 11, 2014
49x152 49 49x152 Ep. #12356
After a tearful farewell, Gabi leaves to start a new life; Jordan fears Kate ratted her out; Victor and Theresa butt heads; Hope tries to keep Julie from making a bad situation ...
Jun. 12, 2014
49x153 49 49x153 Ep. #12357
Hope informs Rafe a secret will soon be made public. Rafe goes to Daniel to break the news and apologizes, guilt-ridden that he kept this secret from his friend. Jordan tells Ben ...
Jun. 13, 2014
49x154 49 49x154 Ep. #12358
Theresa threatens to ruin JJ's relationship with Paige.
Jun. 16, 2014
49x155 49 49x155 Ep. #12359
Nicole and Sami fight. Kate sees Jordan and Ben together; Jennifer tries to fix things with Daniel. Will and Sonny try to adjust to a Gabi-free life.
Jun. 17, 2014
49x156 49 49x156 Ep. #12360
A former resident of Salem returns.
Jun. 18, 2014
49x157 49 49x157 Ep. #12361
A huge confrontation occurs at the DiMera mansion; Victor fires Kate; Nicole is faced with an important decision about Eric's future; Jennifer takes a trip down memory lane.
Jun. 19, 2014
49x158 49 49x158 Ep. #12362
JJ gets a big surprise when he goes looking for Paige.
Jun. 20, 2014
49x159 49 49x159 Ep. #12363
Abigail ends up in EJ's arms.
Jun. 23, 2014
49x160 49 49x160 Ep. #12364
EJ chooses a best man.
Jun. 24, 2014
49x161 49 49x161 Ep. #12365
Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side.
Jun. 25, 2014
49x162 49 49x162 Ep. #12366
Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer about Jack!
Jun. 26, 2014
49x163 49 49x163 Ep. #12367
Daniel criticizes Nicole for not helping Eric; Kate goes to the Ozarks to meet a man who knows Jordan; Sami happily makes plans with an increasingly uncomfortable Abigail as her wedding ...
Jun. 27, 2014
49x164 49 49x164 Ep. #12368
Nicole tries her best to clear Eric's name; Ben and Jordan discuss their past; Kate is stunned when she learns the details of Clyde's connection to Jordan and Ben; Eve discovers intriguing ...
Jun. 30, 2014
49x165 49 49x165 Ep. #12369
Sami and E.J.'s wedding commences; Rafe receives information that might affect Sami and E.J.'s day; Eve and Brady flirt, upsetting Theresa; Jennifer reaches out to Daniel.
Jul. 01, 2014
49x166 49 49x166 Ep. #12370
Chaos erupts at Sami and EJ's wedding; Jordan goes to Rafe to tell him all about her past, but he is pulled away by work; Clyde contacts Kate again and makes plans to come to Salem ...
Jul. 02, 2014
49x167 49 49x167 Ep. #12371
EJ is certain Stefano is to blame for his troubles; Marlena and Roman rush to Sami's side to support her; JJ's graduation is marred by Eve's lawsuit against Jennifer; Jennifer informs ...
Jul. 03, 2014
49x168 49 49x168 Ep. #12372
Salem's citizens celebrate July 4th with a BBQ by the lake; Eve uses her charms on Daniel; Theresa shares a warm moment with Caroline; Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from ...
Jul. 04, 2014
49x169 49 49x169 Ep. #12373
Sami tricks EJ into making major mistake; Stefano calls Kate with a favor; Clyde arrives in Salem, and Kate gives him key information about Jordan and Ben; Brady invites John over and ...
Jul. 07, 2014
49x170 49 49x170 Ep. #12374
Sami makes a game-changing move; EJ urges Abigail to cooperate with him; Clyde spies on Jordan and Ben; Brady lashes out at John and leaves him with a chilling threat; Kate and Sami ...
Jul. 08, 2014
49x171 49 49x171 Ep. #12375
EJ receives shocking news; Jennifer tries to make peace with Eve for JJ's sake; Eve asks Daniel out on a date; Clyde breaks into Jordan's apartment.
Jul. 09, 2014
49x172 49 49x172 Ep. #12376
Sami and EJ have a major confrontation; Theresa and Brady party hard in Las Vegas; Jennifer doesn't get the reaction she was expecting from Eve; Aiden's breath is taken away when Hope ...
Jul. 10, 2014
49x173 49 49x173 Ep. #12377
Aiden and Hope share a romantic dance; Marlena unveils a hidden talent in order to save the gala; Abigail's worst nightmare comes true; a livid JJ confronts Eve.
Jul. 11, 2014
49x174 49 49x174 Ep. #12378
Abigail seeks comfort from Jennifer and tells her more about her affair with EJ; Will and Sonny are stunned by Sami's news; Brady and Theresa return from their trip to Vegas, and Brady ...
Jul. 14, 2014
49x175 49 49x175 Ep. #12379
Abigail is outraged when JJ and Jennifer fill her in on the situation with Eve. Abigail heads out in search of Ben, and runs into Eve in the town square where they get into a huge ...
Jul. 15, 2014
49x176 49 49x176 Ep. #12380
Abigail wants to explain everything to Ben, but he receives a text from Jordan and has to leave; Jordan's worst nightmare comes true when she comes face-to-face with Clyde; Daniel tells ...
Jul. 16, 2014
49x177 49 49x177 Ep. #12381
Due to a "Breaking News Report" Episode #12381 was not televised on 7/17/2014. Kate moves into the DiMera mansion; Will goes to the jail to confront EJ; Will receives an assignment ...
Jul. 18, 2014
49x178 49 49x178 Ep. #12382
Eric shows up at Nicole's hotel room; Jennifer lets Eve know she's got a full-fledged battle on hands over Jack's royalties;Theresa worries Abe will uncover the truth about what happened ...
Jul. 21, 2014
49x179 49 49x179 Ep. #12383
E.J. tries to get through to Sami and also finds out Kate is living at the DiMera mansion; Eric and Nicole share a sexually tense moment; Sami, Eric and Nicole learn of John's condition; ...
Jul. 22, 2014
49x180 49 49x180 Ep. #12384
Sami breaks down when Caroline questions her about her feelings for EJ. Jennifer confronts E.J. Ben confesses to Abigail that Clyde is his father and Jordan is his sister. Hope gets ...
Jul. 23, 2014
49x181 49 49x181 Ep. #12385
Sami starts to open up to EJ, and just as it looks like she might forgive him, Johnny rushes in and inadvertently reminds her of EJ's affair; Will gets into an argument with Sami ...
Jul. 24, 2014
49x182 49 49x182 Ep. #12386
Victor and Maggie return to Salem to provide support for Brady and Victor tears into Theresa; To clear Eric of the charges both he and Nicole must go to the Vatican to plead his case; ...
Jul. 25, 2014
49x183 49 49x183 Ep. #12387
Brady learns he will not be facing any criminal charges; Theresa talks with Anne and is relieved to learn John will likely not be coming out of his coma; JJ apologizes to Paige for ...
Jul. 28, 2014
49x184 49 49x184 Ep. #12388
Seeing how guilt-ridden Brady is, Marlena tries to reconcile with him; Eve continues to try and get the truth from Theresa about what really happened between John and Brady; Kristen ...
Jul. 29, 2014
49x185 49 49x185 Ep. #12389
Eric confesses to Brother Timothy that he hates the attraction he feels for Nicole; Nicole and Maggie have the same idea to cheer up Brady; Kate makes a mysterious proposal to Victor; ...
Jul. 30, 2014
49x186 49 49x186 Ep. #12390
Abigail and Sami face off; Victor's revelation stuns E.J.; Kristen uses force to get what she wants; Will gets Kate to open up about how she and Sami managed to dupe EJ and Stefano; ...
Jul. 31, 2014
49x187 49 49x187 Ep. #12391
Jordan has no choice but to introduce Rafe to her stepfather, Clyde; Eve turns to Maggie for help with the lawsuit. Daniel turns the tables on Kristen; Abigail lets Ben read her resignation ...
Aug. 01, 2014
49x188 49 49x188 Ep. #12392
Daniel still has Kristen tied up in the hotel supply closet; Nicole and Eric go to Rome to try and clear his name; JJ confronts Sami; Jordan asks Rafe if he has been sleeping with ...
Aug. 04, 2014
49x189 49 49x189 Ep. #12393
At the church in Rome Eric, contemplates his feelings for Nicole and God; Jordan lays into Rafe - she's not sure if she can ever get over him sleeping with Kate; EJ tries to explain ...
Aug. 05, 2014
49x190 49 49x190 Ep. #12394
Nicole and Eric finally speak to the cardinal; Rafe goes to the DiMera mansion and Sami assumes Rafe has come by because he wants her back; EJ makes a deal with Victor; Jordan attacks ...
Aug. 06, 2014
49x191 49 49x191 Ep. #12395
Eric angrily tells Nicole his decision of not returning to the Priesthood; Ben physically attacks Rafe for hurting Jordan; Ben admits to Abigail that Clyde used to beat his mom and ...
Aug. 07, 2014
49x192 49 49x192 Ep. #12396
With Kristen tied up, Daniel eventually gets he and Kristen away from Kristen's henchmen and they stowaway in a moving truck headed in the direction of Salem; In the truck, Kristen ...
Aug. 08, 2014
49x193 49 49x193 Ep. #12397
Kristin still thinks Brady loves her; Daniel informs Kristin the truck they are in will be stopping at the Salem Inn, 5 blocks from the Salem Police Department; Theresa warns Eve ...
Aug. 11, 2014
49x194 49 49x194 Ep. #12398
Kristen tries to avoid paying for her crimes. Sami decides to take legal action against E.J. Sonny worries Will will regret publishing his article. Hope questions Jennifer about ...
Aug. 12, 2014
49x195 49 49x195 Ep. #12399
Jennifer, Hope, Sami, EJ, Nicole, Marlena and Eric are stunned by Kristen's return; E.J. comes to a decision about Kristen; Brady gets unexpected news; Sami confronts Nicole about her ...
Aug. 13, 2014
49x196 49 49x196 Ep. #12400
Brady learns Kristen is back and he angrily rushes to the police station to confront her; EJ lets Sami he will not be representing Kristen as her lawyer; Will and Sonny celebrate the ...
Aug. 14, 2014
49x197 49 49x197 Ep. #12401
Sami reads Will's article - which leads to an explosive confrontation with him; Zoe orders a change to the article, revealing EJ's unnamed mistress; EJ warns Kate that Stefano might ...
Aug. 15, 2014
49x198 49 49x198 Ep. #12402
Sami tells Kate about the article Will wrote detailing their takeover of DiMera Enterprises; Kate then goes to Will and Sonny's apartment wanting answers from her grandson; Jennifer ...
Aug. 18, 2014
49x199 49 49x199 Ep. #12403
Paige confronts Eve about using Theresa to undermine Paige's belief in JJ; Nicole finally gets her chance to confront Kristen; Daniel visits Brady, who is grateful Daniel has brought ...
Aug. 19, 2014
49x200 49 49x200 Ep. #12404
Eric arrives at the courthouse and Kristen decides to hear his testimony; Daniel talks to Nicole about why Eric has decided not to return to the priesthood; Theresa feels uncomfortable ...
Aug. 20, 2014
49x201 49 49x201 Ep. #12405
Sonny is upset Will that named Abigail in his article, but Will insists he didn't do it; After reading Will's article EJ tears into Sami and then he goes to talk to Will; Sonny confronts ...
Aug. 21, 2014
49x202 49 49x202 Ep. #12406
Kristen's bail is set at $1 million and she has to wear a tracker despite the D.A.'s protest; Brady tells Theresa a medical expert says that there is no hope for his father; Daniel ...
Aug. 22, 2014
49x203 49 49x203 Ep. #12407
Marlena and Roman talk to Eric and Nicole regarding Kristen's release from Jail and then split up to find Brady; Seeing Brady in the park, Kristen tells him she wants to make things ...
Aug. 25, 2014
49x204 49 49x204 Ep. #12408
After getting slapped, Sami shoves Abigail and pins her to the wall; Abigail then threatens to call a member of the Board of Directors at DiMera Enterprises (Mr. Shin) and tell him ...
Aug. 26, 2014
49x205 49 49x205 Ep. #12409
Aiden and Hope butt heads while denying their feelings; Theresa finds J.J. and Paige in a compromising position; Jordan requests a favor of Rafe; Clyde and Kate flirt
Aug. 27, 2014
49x206 49 49x206 Ep. #12410
Abigail and Ben are accidentally locked in the club's storage unit; E.J.and Sami go out to lunch; Hope and Aiden talk about their relationship and the relationship with their spouses; ...
Aug. 28, 2014
49x207 49 49x207 Ep. #12411
T rescues Abigail and Ben who are still in the TBD's storage room; Victor lets Maggie know that he owns TruVista and that he was responsible for having the article written about EJ ...
Aug. 29, 2014
49x208 49 49x208 Ep. #12412
Sonny explains his motivations to Will and Will's misperceptions; Brady confronts Kristen about her visit with John in the hospital; after Brady leaves Kristin's hotel room Marlena ...
Sep. 02, 2014
49x209 49 49x209 Ep. #12413
Kristen makes a power move that sends ripples through Salem; Theresa questions Brady about why he made love to her after weeks of trying to put distance between them; Kristen follows ...
Sep. 03, 2014
49x210 49 49x210 Ep. #12414
Eric is shocked when Marlena tells him that Stefano has a cure for John but he will only hand it over if Eric agrees not to testify against Kristen; Kristen confronts Theresa about ...
Sep. 04, 2014
49x211 49 49x211 Ep. #12415
Rafe meets with EJ, who secretly gives him information to help convince the judge to rule against Stefano; Eric rips into Kristen for using the situation with John to win her freedom ...
Sep. 05, 2014
49x212 49 49x212 Ep. #12416
Sami reluctantly backs up Kate's lie that she heard Stefano threatening to kill Kate; EJ listens to Clyde, who claims he can make EJ's drug business more profitable but EJ does not ...
Sep. 08, 2014
49x213 49 49x213 Ep. #12417
Sami and EJ get closer; Abigail purposely locks she and Ben in the TBD's storage room so she can make a confession; Hope has a fantasy about Aiden; Eve blackmails a girl into breaking ...
Sep. 09, 2014
49x214 49 49x214 Ep. #12418
Kate worries about E.J. and Sami getting too close; EJ talks to Stefano, who has no idea his son betrayed him; Hope is struggling with her feelings for Aiden and talks to Kayla; ...
Sep. 10, 2014
49x215 49 49x215 Ep. #12419
Will makes progress in patching up his relationship with Sami when he and Arianna go for a visit; EJ runs into Kristen who is not very happy with EJ turning his back on her; EJ has ...
Sep. 16, 2014
49x216 49 49x216 Ep. #12420
John has been injected with Kristen's miracle drug, and Brady and Marlena anxiously wait for it to work; Daniel talks to Brady, explaining the deal he, Marlena and Eric had to make ...
Sep. 12, 2014
49x217 49 49x217 Ep. #12421
Chad angrily confronts E.J.; Kristen wants to work with Daniel to expose Theresa; Theresa tells Brady that Kristen threatened her; Eve's plan causes JJ and Paige's party to go wron ...
Sep. 15, 2014
49x218 49 49x218 Ep. #12422
Paige gets incriminating pictures of JJ and Jill; Hope admits to having feelings for Aiden; Nicole tries to comfort Eric; Abigail runs into Chad.
Sep. 16, 2014
49x219 49 49x219 Ep. #12423
Chad makes Kate an offer; Hope makes a decision about her future; Jordan gets help from an unexpected source; JJ tells Paige he was set up.
Sep. 17, 2014
49x220 49 49x220 Ep. #12424
Roman discourages Sami from reconciling with E.J.; Ben gets a surprise; Will gets another assignment to write about someone he knows; Clyde invites Kate to dinner.
Sep. 18, 2014
49x221 49 49x221 Ep. #12425
EJ and Sami get even closer having a romantic meal leading to EJ taking Sami upstairs; Kate is furious Roman did nothing to stop Sami from reconciling with EJ; Clyde tries again to ...
Sep. 19, 2014

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