Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 49 (2013-2014)

49x76 49 49x76 Ep. #12280
Theresa interrupts Daniel and Maggie to announce she's done with AA. Once Maggie is gone, Daniel again warns Theresa to stay away from those he loves. Marlena continues to press Nicole ...
Feb. 21, 2014
49x77 49 49x77 Ep. #12281
Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ explained everything to her about Theresa - she now knows Daniel was protecting her son all along. She is extremely moved and grateful, and they come together ...
Feb. 24, 2014
49x78 49 49x78 Ep. #12282
Nicole tries to correct her mistake, and Brady nearly catches her. Nicole returns to the apartment, interrupting Daniel and Jennifer's passionate kiss. Eric fiercely defends Nicole ...
Feb. 25, 2014
49x79 49 49x79 Ep. #12283
The mysterious person who has been spying on Rafe and Jordan is revealed. Gabie wants to date T, but Nick tries to convice her that it is a bad idea. Aiden and Hope are forced to work ...
Feb. 26, 2014
49x80 49 49x80 Ep. #12284
Nick picks on Gabi's various insecurities. Aiden and Hope continue to work together but butt heads. Jordan has to face up to her past.
Feb. 27, 2014
49x81 49 49x81 Ep. #12285
Martena makes a deal. Jordan is shook up after a confrontation with Ben. E.J. and Abigail come to an understanding about things. Eric is assisted by Jennifer when a job opportunity ...
Feb. 28, 2014
49x82 49 49x82 Ep. #12286
EJ and Sami set a date for the wedding, but will Abby ruin it with a secret?
Mar. 03, 2014
49x83 49 49x83 Ep. #12287
Sami, knowing nothing about art, suggests Abigail secretly teach her a few things, so Sami can impress EJ on their honeymoon. Abigail reluctantly agrees. Sami tells EJ about Nick's ...
Mar. 04, 2014
49x84 49 49x84 Ep. #12288
John delivers devastating news about Bo.
Mar. 05, 2014
49x85 49 49x85 Ep. #12289
Marlena tries to dissuade Eric from getting involved with Nicole, but her son will not be deterred. Nicole arrives, and while she's clearly touched by Eric's devotion to her, it also ...
Mar. 06, 2014
49x86 49 49x86 Ep. #12290
EJ reassures Johnny, who worries his parents' wedding will be a disaster like Aunt Kristen and Brady's. Meanwhile, Sami goes to Abigail for her first tutoring session about art. Sami ...
Mar. 07, 2014
49x87 49 49x87 Ep. #12291
EJ receives stunning news about Abigail; Eric refuses to have sex with Nicole; JJ realizes he has something in common with his mystery woman;Jennifer gets upset when she learns she's ...
Mar. 10, 2014
49x88 49 49x88 Ep. #12292
A panic stricken Abigail reveals to E.J. that she may possibly be pregnant. JJ tries to impress Paige, but fails. Sonny confides in Victor about what she knows about Nick.
Mar. 11, 2014
49x89 49 49x89 Ep. #12293
Marlena turns to Dr. Chyka for answers. Stefano and Nicole have an ugly confrontation.
Mar. 12, 2014
49x90 49 49x90 Ep. #12294
Just as Dr. Chyka is about to reveal to Marlena that he left evidence behind, an alarm sounds and Stefano cuts the call short. Angry that Marlena tricked him, Stefano kicks her out. ...
Mar. 13, 2014
49x91 49 49x91 Ep. #12295
E.J. tries to avoid Sammi at all costs.
Mar. 14, 2014
49x92 49 49x92 Ep. #12296
In Jennifer's office at the hospital, Jennifer receives a phone call from Kayla. Kayla reveals a raunchy picture that could put Jennifer's job in danger. Little does she know the picture ...
Mar. 17, 2014
49x93 49 49x93 Ep. #12297
Rory and Bev plays a trick on JJ.
Mar. 18, 2014
49x94 49 49x94 Ep. #12298
Brady is jealous when he catches Theresa with Liam.
Mar. 19, 2014
49x95 49 49x95 Ep. #12299
Nicole tries to seduce Eric.
Mar. 20, 2014
49x96 49 49x96 Ep. #12300
Kate finally makes good on her promise to have dinner with Stefano.
Mar. 21, 2014
49x97 49 49x97 Ep. #12301
Rafe has a violent reaction to finding Jordan with Ben.
Mar. 24, 2014
49x98 49 49x98 Ep. #12302
Kate stirs up trouble for Sami and EJ.
Mar. 25, 2014
49x99 49 49x99 Ep. #12303
Nick tries to undermine Will's faith in Sonny.
Mar. 26, 2014
49x100 49 49x100 Ep. #12304
Nicole questions Marlena's sincerity.
Mar. 27, 2014
49x101 49 49x101 Ep. #12305
Things heat up for Brady and Theresa.
Mar. 28, 2014
49x102 49 49x102 Ep. #12306
Aiden confronts Hope over what she said about him to Kayla.
Mar. 31, 2014
49x103 49 49x103 Ep. #12307
Marlena turns to EJ and Sami to help her out of a crisis.
Apr. 01, 2014
49x104 49 49x104 Ep. #12308
Liam breaks into Jennifer's house.
Apr. 02, 2014
49x105 49 49x105 Ep. #12309
Theresa and Brady get caught in a compromising position.
Apr. 03, 2014
49x106 49 49x106 Ep. #12310
Things heat up for Nick and Gabi.
Apr. 04, 2014
49x107 49 49x107 Ep. #12311
Stefano reveals a stunning secret!
Apr. 07, 2014
49x108 49 49x108 Ep. #12312
Lucas and Sheryl finally give in to their feelings.
Apr. 08, 2014
49x109 49 49x109 Ep. #12313
Liam comes up with a new way to ruin Jennifer and Daniel's relationship. Sheryl threatens Kate.
Apr. 09, 2014
49x110 49 49x110 Ep. #12314
Liam causes a scandal at the hospital. Eric gives Nicole good news.
Apr. 10, 2014
49x111 49 49x111 Ep. #12315
Sami blasts Gabi when she realizes Gabi lied to her about Nick!
Apr. 11, 2014
49x112 49 49x112 Ep. #12316
Sami blasts Gabi when she realizes Gabi lied to her about Nick!
Apr. 14, 2014
49x113 49 49x113 Ep. #12317
Rafe punches Nick. Nick warns that if Rafe doesn't back off, people could get hurt. Later, Gabi sees that Nick's been beat up. She feels terrible, and she falls further for his act ...
Apr. 15, 2014
49x114 49 49x114 Ep. #12318
Marybeth stirs up trouble for JJ and Paige.
Apr. 16, 2014
49x115 49 49x115 Ep. #12319
Rafe tries to uncover the secret about Gabi that everyone is trying to keep. Will discusses the thought of a custody agreement with Gabi, leaving her rattled. Brady lets Theresa know ...
Apr. 17, 2014
49x116 49 49x116 Ep. #12320
JJ and Paige share their first kiss.
Apr. 18, 2014
49x117 49 49x117 Ep. #12321
All hell breaks loose at the DiMera mansion!
Apr. 21, 2014
49x118 49 49x118 Ep. #12322
Nicole digs up dirt on Liam and uncovers startling information.
Apr. 22, 2014
49x119 49 49x119 Ep. #12323
JJ gets upsetting news about Paige.
Apr. 23, 2014
49x120 49 49x120 Ep. #12324
Theresa fears the Liam situation is getting out of control - will she get caught?
Apr. 24, 2014
49x121 49 49x121 Ep. #12325
Daniel pushes Theresa to confess. Nicole turns to Rafe for help. Nick threatens Sami.
Apr. 25, 2014
49x122 49 49x122 Ep. #12326
Jennifer learns why Liam cornered her at the cabin.
Apr. 28, 2014
49x123 49 49x123 Ep. #12327
Sparks fly between Abigail and Ben.
Apr. 29, 2014
49x124 49 49x124 Ep. #12328
Nicole and Jennifer fight to escape Liam - and someone gets shot!
Apr. 30, 2014
49x125 49 49x125 Ep. #12329
Events on Smith Island come to a deadly conclusion. Theresa fears her part in Liam's scheme will be revealed.
May. 01, 2014
49x126 49 49x126 Ep. #12330
E.J. confronts the person who took the picture. Will worries Gabi will give into Nick's plan. Kate gives Jordan shocking news.
May. 02, 2014
49x127 49 49x127 Ep. #12331
Following a confrontation with Nick, E.J. decides to take action; Nick's revelation stuns Abigail; Jordan and Kate fight; Hope uncovers Aiden and Ciara's plot.
May. 05, 2014
49x128 49 49x128 Ep. #12332
Jordan tells Kate she is leaving town. EJ hires a hitman. Julie talks to Nick about the importance of family. Eric has a question for Nicole.
May. 06, 2014
49x129 49 49x129 Ep. #12333
Sonny takes unexpected measures to protect those he loves.
May. 07, 2014
49x130 49 49x130 Ep. #12334
Daniel comes to a conclusion; Eric and Nicole tell Jennifer their news; Will finds what Sonny is hiding; Rafe talks to Jordan about her secret plans.
May. 08, 2014
49x131 49 49x131 Ep. #12335
Someone is shot in cold blood; Will realizes Nick is holding something over Abigail's head; Lucas and Kate are furious when they hear Nick is making a bold move against Will; Sami ...
May. 09, 2014
49x132 49 49x132 Ep. #12336
Practically half the town is a suspect in the murder.
May. 12, 2014
49x133 49 49x133 Ep. #12337
Marlena makes a discovery related to the murder; Theresa gets disappointing news; Jennifer offers Abigail comfort.
May. 13, 2014
49x134 49 49x134 Ep. #12338
Daniel confronts Nicole with the truth; Jennifer expresses her discomfort with Daniel's new relationship; Hope brings Sonny in for questioning; Sami feels guilty about the decisions ...
May. 14, 2014
49x135 49 49x135 Ep. #12339
Nicole tells Daniel everything; Hope shows E.J. an incriminating photo; Will makes a confession; Abigail and Ben kiss.
May. 15, 2014
49x136 49 49x136 Ep. #12340
Daniel presses Nicole to come clean with Eric; Hope questions Abigail and Kate; Sami finds herself in a tense situation; Kate discovers her gun is missing.
May. 16, 2014
49x137 49 49x137 #12341
Nicole and Eric get intimate; Sami and E.J. get unexpected news; Hope catches Lucas in a lie; Theresa affects J.J.'s first date with Paige.
May. 19, 2014
49x138 49 49x138 #12342
Daniel issues an ultimatum to Nicole; Eric talks to Marlena about his engagement; John inadvertently pushes Brady and Theresa closer together; Hope is displeased to learn what Aiden ...
May. 20, 2014
49x139 49 49x139 #12343
Nicole makes a proposition to Eric; Sami reacts to news of Eric and Nicole's plans; Gabi has an unexpected request about the custody agreement; Kate makes an accusation.
May. 21, 2014
49x140 49 49x140 Ep. #12344
Nicole hides the truth from Eric by telling him an outrageous lie; E.J.'s admission horrifies Abigail; Jordan and Ben worry about their past catching up with them.
May. 22, 2014
49x141 49 49x141 Ep. #12345
Nicole does her best to convince Eric that Daniel is in love with her. Lucas is hit when Hope reveals she can place him at the scene of the crime. Gabi, Will, Sonny, Sami, Kate and ...
May. 23, 2014
49x142 49 49x142 Ep. #12346
Hope arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with a search warrant; someone confesses to shooting Nick; Nicole tries to stop Daniel from talking to Eric; thanks to Bev, Paige makes a startling ...
May. 27, 2014
49x143 49 49x143 #12347
Victor comes to a realization about Sonny; Ben's reaction to an innocent offer surprises Abigail; a run-in with John pushes Brady to want to use drugs again; Marlena feels jealous ...
May. 28, 2014
49x144 49 49x144 Ep. #12348
A confession to the shooting continues to reverberate through Salem; Hope suspects things are not as they seem; J.J. unintentionally plays a role in Nicole's downfall; Nicole tells ...
May. 29, 2014
49x145 49 49x145 Ep. #12349
Eric mends fences with Marlena before preparing to leave town with Nicole. EJ, Sami and Lucas urge Will not to throw his life away. Sonny grapples with the possibility of losing the ...
May. 30, 2014
49x146 49 49x146 Ep. #12350
The truth about Nick's murder is revealed - and several lives will never be the same. Eric confronts Nicole with the knowledge that she had evidence linking Kristen to Chyka - and ...
Jun. 02, 2014
49x147 49 49x147 Ep. #12351
Sami gives Rafe bad news, then rips into a stunned Jordan. Ben is stung when he realizes Jordan thought the worst of him. Marlena learns a stunning secret about a family member. Nicole ...
Jun. 03, 2014
49x148 49 49x148 #12352
Nick's murderer prepares for life in prison - but has one last confession to make. Abigail and Paige confide in one another. Later, Ben is alarmed when Paige recognizes him. JJ confronts ...
Jun. 04, 2014
49x149 49 49x149 #12353
Nicole confronts Daniel and Jennifer about the end of her relationship with Eric. Abigail learns a stunning secret. Bev tries to set Paige up. Kate surprises Gabi by reaching out to ...
Jun. 09, 2014
49x150 49 49x150 Ep. #12354
Daniel and Jennifer butt heads over the Nicole and Eric situation. Eric asks Nicole to stop wearing the engagement ring. Marlena lays into Sami and Kate about Nick. Julie confronts ...
Jun. 10, 2014

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