Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 49 (2013-2014)

49x01 49 49x01 Ep. #12205
Eric discovers the shocking truth, along with everyone else, when a scandalous sex tape is played at Kristen's wedding.
Nov. 04, 2013
49x02 49 49x02 Ep. #12206
Brady and Kristen's wedding finally day arrives. After Brady proposes a long honeymoon, Kristen meets with Dr. Chyka for assurances about Eric. He promises the priest won't remember ...
Nov. 05, 2013
49x03 49 49x03 Ep. #12207
EJ forces Kristen to admit the truth about what she did to Eric. She begs him not to tell Sami, and to her relief, he reluctantly doesn't say anything when his fiancée arrives. As ...
Nov. 06, 2013
49x04 49 49x04 Ep. #12208
The minutes are counting down to Kristen and Brady's wedding but the bride-to-be is concerned EJ won't keep her secret from Sami. However, EJ covers with Sami on behalf of his sist ...
Nov. 07, 2013
49x05 49 49x05 Ep. #12209
Brady and Kristen are about to be married when huge news is surfaced. tension erupts and Kristen makes her escape. A livid Marlena realizes Victor used her for many things. Unaware ...
Nov. 08, 2013
49x06 49 49x06 Ep. #12210
Eric unleashes his anger at a remorseful Marlena. Meanwhile, Kristen desperately tries to convince Brady that she is innocent. Later, Eric and Brady come to blows as Marlena and Kristen ...
Nov. 11, 2013
49x07 49 49x07 Ep. #12211
Kristen makes a shocking suggestion to Marlena. Meanwhile, Roman and Hope break up Eric and Brady's fight. Later, Kristen holds out hope that Brady will meet her by the lake - only ...
Nov. 12, 2013
49x08 49 49x08 Ep. #11212
When Eric confronts Kristen, she reveals his pain and suffering was really about getting revenge on Marlena. Meanwhile, Hope brings Nicole up to speed on Kristen's guilt. Nicole later ...
Nov. 13, 2013
49x09 49 49x09 Ep. #11213
Hope informs Brady and Victor of Kristen's accident. Meanwhile, Roman tends to Nicole, who hopes Kristen is gone for good. Brady acknowledges Nicole was right about Kristen and apologizes ...
Nov. 14, 2013
49x10 49 49x10 Ep. #11214
Eric makes a huge apology to Nicole, telling her how truly sorry he is for not believing her. She tries to be gracious but when Eric pushes, she blasts him for thinking the worst of ...
Nov. 15, 2013
49x11 49 49x11 Ep. #11215
Theresa is stunned when she arrives at the pub and finds Shane and Kimberly waiting for her. Along with Caroline, Roman, Hope and Kayla, they stage an intervention of sorts. Shane and ...
Nov. 18, 2013
49x12 49 49x12 Ep. #12216
Daniel and Jennifer have a brief, tense exchange. JJ witnesses the conversation and is guilt-ridden, knowing what Daniel is sacrificing by covering for him. Later, Sonny and Will get ...
Nov. 19, 2013
49x13 49 49x13 Ep. #12217
Abe makes a plea for Nicole to reach out and help Eric, but she's haunted by Eric's accusations and the fact that he could believe she'd do something so incredibly awful. Nicole goes ...
Nov. 20, 2013
49x14 49 49x14 Ep. #12218
Marlena takes Victor to task for destroying Eric - and using her to do it. Maggie walks in on the argument and later tells Victor their marriage might be over. Earlier, Daniel gives ...
Nov. 21, 2013
49x15 49 49x15 Ep. #12219
Daniel and Nicole share a kiss, but both quickly agree the last thing they need is to mess up their friendship by having sex. Later, Nicole goes to the rectory and runs into Eric. She ...
Nov. 22, 2013
49x16 49 49x16 Ep. #12220
Sami and Kate decide to stop Nick and Gabi from moving to New York. Gabi tells Nick that she will not be taking the modeling contract so that she can stay in Salem. Gabi is shocked ...
Nov. 25, 2013
49x17 49 49x17 Ep. #12221
Brady suffers from a drug relapse after a DVD is given to Brady by Kristen. Gabi contemplates on telling Rafe that she killed Nick, but Kate steps in. Victor asks Maggie to move back ...
Nov. 26, 2013
49x18 49 49x18 Ep. #12222
Sonny and Will come to a new understanding about what to do when Gabi moves to New York. Lucas arrives and is surprised to hear their news. Lucas is impressed that Sonny is willing ...
Nov. 27, 2013
49x19 49 49x19 Ep. #12223
Sami panics when she realizes she may have left incriminating evidence at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Abe takes Theo for a hike, and the young boy secretly pockets Sami's earring. ...
Dec. 02, 2013
49x20 49 49x20 Ep. #12224
Hope informs Brady and Eric that the video of Eric and Kristen has gone viral. This news ruins any hope for a rapprochement between the stepbrothers. Meanwhile, Nicole is told about ...
Dec. 03, 2013
49x21 49 49x21 Ep. #12225
In the wake of the DVD from Kristen, an emotionally destroyed Brady decides to snort cocaine. Nicole shows up to tell him about the story she's doing on Eric and why. Though he seems ...
Dec. 04, 2013
49x22 49 49x22 Ep. #12226
Nicole expresses discomfort to Daniel about helping Eric outright. Daniel believes Eric deserves their help. When Nicole learns Eric is coming over, she leaves. Meanwhile, Eric tells ...
Dec. 05, 2013
49x23 49 49x23 Ep. #12227
EJ meets with Stefano and confides that Kristen's misdeeds have put a crimp in his plans with Sami. He worries that his complicity in her crimes may cause him to lose the woman he loves. ...
Dec. 06, 2013
49x24 49 49x24 Ep. #12228
Jennifer quizzes JJ on why he keeps seeking out Daniel. JJ desperately wants to tell his mom the truth and clear Daniel's name but realizes he can't. Instead, he comes clean about his ...
Dec. 09, 2013
49x25 49 49x25 Ep. #12229
JJ learns from Theresa that her memory is intact from the night she overdosed. JJ wants her to come clean, but Theresa's got a whole different agenda in mind - she intends to let Jennifer ...
Dec. 10, 2013
49x26 49 49x26 Ep. #12230
Theresa reveals she has a video of JJ doing drugs - making it clear he's going to help keep her secret about actually remembering everything from the night she overdosed. She also wants ...
Dec. 11, 2013
49x27 49 49x27 Ep. #12231
Sami and Kate arrive at the apartment to speak with Gabi, only to learn Sonny hasn't yet left for the day. As they check on Arianna, Sonny pretends to leave but instead hides in a closet ...
Dec. 12, 2013
49x28 49 49x28 Ep. #12232
A stunned Sonny continues to hide in the closet as he hears Gabi, Kate and Sami talk about their secret. The women freak out when Roman arrives and they quickly get rid of him. Sonny ...
Dec. 13, 2013
49x29 49 49x29 Ep. #12233
Sonny overhears a secret and is torn on whether or not to tell Will and Adrienne about it. Sonny ends up letting Will believe that his distress comes from something else. Later, Sonny ...
Dec. 16, 2013
49x30 49 49x30 Ep. #12234
Nicole convinces Eric she has moved on with Daniel - and that they are keeping their relationship a secret. But before she can get Daniel on the same page, the doctor kicks her out ...
Dec. 17, 2013
49x31 49 49x31 Ep. #12235
Abigail and Jennifer confront JJ with their concerns about his behavior. He tells his mother and sister he is doing fine in school and is definitely not using or selling drugs. Later, ...
Dec. 18, 2013
49x32 49 49x32 Ep. #12236
Sonny, Kate, Gabi and Sami cover like crazy when EJ and Will return to the apartment. To the women's dismay, Sonny sneaks out to meet with his dad. Sami and Kate make a beeline for ...
Dec. 19, 2013
49x33 49 49x33 Ep. #12237
EJ tries to trick Sonny into revealing the big secret, but Lucas interrupts. Meanwhile, Hope walks in as Sami and Ciara are fighting over the backpack. Hope's incredulous, and Sami ...
Dec. 20, 2013
49x34 49 49x34 Ep. #12238
At the square, Kate, Gabi and Sonny cover their nervous reactions to "Santa." Meanwhile, Lucas and Will share a heartfelt moment. Back at the apartment, Gabi thanks Sonny for his help. ...
Dec. 23, 2013
49x35 49 49x35 Ep. #12239
Doug and Julie return to town as the Hortons gather to celebrate Christmas Eve. JJ is still on edge regarding Theresa but eventually is roped into the holiday spirit. Julie takes Abigail ...
Dec. 24, 2013
49x36 49 49x36 Ep. #12240
Doug, Julie, Jennifer, JJ, Abigail, Lucas, Will, Hope and Ciara celebrate Christmas by hanging the Horton family ornaments. Later, Gabi realizes Julie may pose a threat to her future. ...
Dec. 25, 2013
49x37 49 49x37 Ep. #12241
Brady is uneasy when he learns Victor and Maggie have reunited and that his sponsor will be moving back into the mansion. Knowing it will be harder to get away with his drug habit, ...
Dec. 26, 2013
49x38 49 49x38 Ep. #12242
Theresa tells JJ he no longer has to get her drugs but she needs another favor - she wants to know everything about Daniel. JJ realizes she still wants revenge on Jennifer and claims ...
Dec. 27, 2013
49x39 49 49x39 Ep. #12243
Eric and Nicole are stunned as Daniel accuses Brady of once again using drugs. Brady denies it, but eventually the truth is uncovered and he lashes out at everyone. While Nicole comforts ...
Dec. 30, 2013
49x40 49 49x40 Ep. #12244
EJ reassures Gabi, Sami and Kate he will cover up any evidence of Nick's murder. T calls the apartment looking for Sonny - he's in a panic because the club is understaffed for the New ...
Dec. 31, 2013
49x41 49 49x41 Ep. #12245
A guilty Will runs into the birdwatcher at the river and fears that the old man knows of Nick's murder. Before Will can get too rattled, Sonny shows up and helps him get rid of the ...
Jan. 02, 2014
49x42 49 49x42 Ep. #12246
Daniel and Nicole save Brady from a dangerous situation. Maggie, Daniel and Nicole confront Brady, who gives a more truthful admission of his slip. He goes with Maggie to a meeting. ...
Jan. 03, 2014
49x43 49 49x43 Ep. #12247
Victor and Maggie challenge Brady's assertion that his addiction problem is limited to cocaine. Later, Hope informs Brady that John has discovered he was not Colleen Brady's son after ...
Jan. 06, 2014
49x44 49 49x44 Ep. #12248
Abe arrives to handle the shoplifting case, and it looks bad for JJ and Rory until the shop owner confirms they weren't involved in the theft. JJ delivers the weed to Theresa but rips ...
Jan. 07, 2014
49x45 49 49x45 Ep. #12249
Nicole conducts an emotional interview with Eric. Abigail makes a difficult confession to Jennifer. Daniel has a breakthrough with Eric's blood work and believes he's close to exonerating ...
Jan. 08, 2014
49x46 49 49x46 Ep. #12250
Kate eavesdrops on Jordan and Sheryl, hoping to hear something incriminating. Stefano orders Dr. Chyka to make sure Daniel doesn't uncover the truth. Nicole is rattled at Eric's admission ...
Jan. 09, 2014
49x47 49 49x47 Ep. #12251
Stefano is alarmed that Daniel is close to proving Dr. Chyka's role in Kristen's plot. He summons Chyka and tells him to put a stop to Dr. Jonas. Meanwhile, Daniel is working on his ...
Jan. 10, 2014
49x48 49 49x48 Ep. #12252
Dr. Chyka recovers from his surprise at finding Eric with Daniel. He gives a cover story for his visit and later destroys all medical records on Daniel's office computer to make sure ...
Jan. 13, 2014
49x49 49 49x49 Ep. #12253
Marlena is upset Eric admitted his romantic feelings for Nicole to Father Matt. She fears it could jeopardize his reinstatement as a priest. Roman enters, and Eric tells them both ...
Jan. 14, 2014
49x50 49 49x50 Ep. #12254
Eric and Nicole regain consciousness and figure out Dr. Chyka must've been the doctor working for Kristen. While Chyka leaves to retrieve just the right drug to give them, they unsuccessfully ...
Jan. 15, 2014
49x51 49 49x51 Ep. #12255
Eric makes a shocking confession to Nicole. J.J. formulates a plan to bring down Theresa. Brady reacts badly when Theresa realizes he's drunk. Julie is determined to find Nick , ...
Jan. 16, 2014
49x52 49 49x52 Ep. #12256
Dr. Chyka opens a gas valve and exits, leaving Nicole and Eric to die. As the gas pours into the basement, Eric makes a shocking confession to Nicole - he's in love with her! ...
Jan. 17, 2014
49x53 49 49x53 Ep. #12257
Julie enlists Hope's help to track down Nick. Sami reaches out to E.J. Jordan is wary when she and Rafe spend time with Lucas and Sheryl.
Jan. 20, 2014
49x54 49 49x54 Ep. #12258
Julie shares her suspicion of Nick to Abigail. E.J. demands info from Stefano. Brady has feelings of remorse when he realizes the consequences of his actions. J.J. convinces Bev ...
Jan. 21, 2014
49x55 49 49x55 Ep. #12259
Abigail demands to know if E.J. killed Nick. Eric is faced with a difficult decision that could change everything. Theresa uses Brady's drunken state to her advantage. Hope argues ...
Jan. 22, 2014
49x56 49 49x56 Ep. #12260
Arianna's christening takes a shocking turn. Abigail struggles with a moral dilemma. Kate, Sami, Will and Sonny grow worried when Julie and Hope make it clear they want to question ...
Jan. 23, 2014
49x57 49 49x57 Ep. #12261
Family and friends gather to celebrate Arianna's christening. But Kate, Sami, Gabi, Will and Sonny find it hard to focus on the joyous occasion since Julie and Hope make it clear ...
Jan. 24, 2014
49x58 49 49x58 Ep. #12262
Eric tells Nicole he's leaving town. Daniel realizes there's still hope to exonerate Eric. J.J. carries out the first part of his plan to stop Theresa's blackmail. Stefano tries ...
Jan. 27, 2014
49x59 49 49x59 Ep. #12263
E.J. tells Sami that things must change between them. Kate finds herself in a sticky situation. Maggie declares to Brady that she can no longer be his sponsor. Hope has another tense ...
Jan. 28, 2014
49x60 49 49x60 Ep. #12264
Daniel and Nicole work together to clear Eric's name. Eric does some soul searching. J.J. worries Theresa won't take the bait. Rafe is furious when he learns about the latest developments ...
Jan. 29, 2014
49x61 49 49x61 Ep. #12265
Rafe has a tense encounter. Daniel and Nicole decide to hunt down Dr. Chyka. Kate is stunned by a potential new employee. Maggie and Brady clash over his use of alcohol.
Jan. 30, 2014
49x62 49 49x62 Ep. #12266
Daniel and Nicole get an address for Dr. Chyka, but when Daniel wants to call the police, she refuses. She won't risk someone tipping off the doctor. She admits she and Eric have declared ...
Jan. 31, 2014
49x63 49 49x63 Ep. #12267
Sami comes home early from her business trip and is poised to get the shock of her life. Daniel and Nicole track down Dr. Chyka's hideout and prepare to make their move. Theresa falls ...
Feb. 03, 2014
49x64 49 49x64 Ep. #12268
E.J. scrambles to conceal the truth from Sami. Stefano orders his henchman to neutralize Dr. Chyka. Theresa is horrified when J.J reveals he set her up. Brother Timothy presents ...
Feb. 04, 2014
49x65 49 49x65 Ep. #12269
Theresa takes her frustrations out on Brady. Hope has another disastrous meeting with Aiden. Daniel and Nicole about to get information out of Dr. Chyka, but Stefano's henchmen a ...
Feb. 05, 2014
49x66 49 49x66 Ep. #12270
Daniel and Nicole tell Chyka they will inject him unless he tell the truth about what he did to Eric, but he refuses. Daniel injects Chyka with what turns out to be truth serum, and ...
Feb. 06, 2014
49x67 49 49x67 #12271
Daniel and Nicole have given Chyka the truth serum and are determined to get the information they need to clear Eric. Little do they know, they are being watched by one of Stefano's ...
Feb. 07, 2014
49x68 49 49x68 Ep. #12272
Eric reveals his life-changing decision to Nicole. E.J. and Abigail continue to be thrown together. Kate, Gabi and Sami decide the game Nick is playing has to end. Will seeks advice ...
Feb. 10, 2014
49x69 49 49x69 Ep. #12273
Nicole shares exciting news with Eric. E.J. encourages Abigail to move on. Rafe gets an earful when he overhears a conversation between Jordan and Sheryl. Kate, Gabi and Sami are ...
Feb. 11, 2014
49x70 49 49x70 Ep. #12274
Nicole makes a major decision regarding Eric. Hope has a messy run in with Aiden. Rafe and Jordan make love for the first time. E.J. surprises Sami with a necklace, and she has something ...
Feb. 12, 2014
49x71 49 49x71 Ep. #12275
Victor tries to lay down the law with Brady. Will gives Sonny a special Valentine's Day surprise. J.J. feels confident about his sentencing hearing, until Theresa arrives. Hope delivers ...
Feb. 13, 2014
49x72 49 49x72 Ep. #12276
The day of JJ's sentencing has finally arrived - and though he's mostly confident, the threat of Theresa sabotaging him still looms large. His fears seem valid as Theresa shows up at ...
Feb. 14, 2014
49x73 49 49x73 Ep. #12277
Theresa demands Daniel sleep with her; someone eavesdrops on a conversation between Abigail and E.J.; Ciara accidentally makes things worse between Hope and Aiden.
Feb. 17, 2014
49x74 49 49x74 Ep. #12278
Sami walks in on EJ and Abigail's intense conversation. Will declares his love for Sonny, which moves both his parents. Kate's frustrated when her investigator reports he's been unable ...
Feb. 18, 2014
49x75 49 49x75 Ep. #12279
Eric tells Nicole he's decided to resign from the church immediately. While he gives his parents the news, Nicole takes drastic action to ensure her future with Eric - and is almost ...
Feb. 19, 2014

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