Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 48 (2012-2013)

48x01 48 48x01 Ep. #11954
Daniel realizes Nicole left behind part of a baby outfit at the hospital the morning she lost her baby. He's twigged because he didn't think she had an appointment that day. Plagued ...
Nov. 05, 2012
48x02 48 48x02 Ep. #11955
Daniel confirms the awful truth - Nicole's baby was dead before she fell down the stairs - and Nicole knew about it. Meanwhile, an unaware Nicole - while counting down the moments until ...
Nov. 06, 2012
48x03 48 48x03 Ep. #11956
Daniel, having dug into records the day Nicole had her OB/GYN appointment, is determined to find her. When he can't reach her, he calls in help from Rafe, who is a little twigged by ...
Nov. 07, 2012
48x04 48 48x04 Ep. #11957
Jennifer tells Daniel what he means about Nicole's baby already being dead. John accuses Kristen of stalking him to the Horton cabin. Gabi tells Nick they have to keep their relationship ...
Nov. 08, 2012
48x05 48 48x05 Ep. #11958
Daniel tries to talk Nicole out of killing herself, as the whole town watches. Tad introduces Sonny to his girlfriend Audrey, and asks how Will and him are doing. Will tells Gabi he ...
Nov. 09, 2012
48x06 48 48x06 Ep. #11959
Marlena arrives at the cabin seeing John and Kristen together and demands to know what is going on. Hope asks Jennifer what she plans to do regarding Nicole. Nick tells Gabi that last ...
Nov. 12, 2012
48x07 48 48x07 Ep. #11960
Nick tends to Gabi as she feels dizzy and passes out at work. Sami asks Lucas if he is avoiding making contact with Will cause of his relationship with Sonny. Will practices in the ...
Nov. 13, 2012
48x08 48 48x08 Ep. #11961
Marlena informs E.J. to walk away from Kristen cause she knows what she's planning with her family, not before John comes in asking what she did to her. Nicole goes to approach Eric ...
Nov. 14, 2012
48x09 48 48x09 Ep. #11962
Gabi tells Will they need to talk but some place private. Brady listens as John tells Kristen he believes she has changed for the better. Marlena calls Roman and tells her exciting ...
Nov. 15, 2012
48x10 48 48x10 Ep. #11963
Sami cautions Eric to keep his distance from Nicole. E.J. tells Nicole that things might've been different if she had been honest with him from the start. Chad invites Abigail to come ...
Nov. 16, 2012
48x11 48 48x11 Ep. #11964
Kristen thanks Brady for coming to her rescue, he sees that she is using this in order to run into John again. Sonny goes to visit with Gabi to check on her, and he knows ssomething ...
Nov. 19, 2012
48x12 48 48x12 Ep. 11965
Rafe figures out that Gabi and Nick are sleeping together. John confronts Marlena over the disappearance of Kristen's voice messages and Brady could've died Gabi asks Will if he would ...
Nov. 20, 2012
48x13 48 48x13 Ep. #11966
Nick is stunned by Sami's revelation that Gabi is pregnant and had no idea. Billie comes over and before starting the book club with Hope, Kayla and Adrienne she apologizes to Jennifer ...
Nov. 21, 2012
48x14 48 48x14 Ep. #11967
Sami tells Rafe not to jump to conclusions after seeing a family planning website on Gabi's computer. Nicole tells Jennifer the only thing she has for her is an apology. Hope tries ...
Nov. 26, 2012
48x15 48 48x15 Ep. #11968
Kate tracks down Stefano and wants the two of them to discuss their so called marriage. Sonny tells Chad to lay off of Gabi,and realizes that Nick told him to come talk to him. Rafe ...
Nov. 27, 2012
48x16 48 48x16 Ep. #11969
Nick tells Gabi that Chad is about to find out and if she won't tell him he will, Will arrives and Gabi asks him to make Nick stop. Rafe fantasizes of having a reunion with Sami and ...
Nov. 28, 2012
48x17 48 48x17 Ep. #11970
Kristen calls John back but she doesn't tell him what Marlena did to her. Roman and Kayla are ecstatic when Caroline is back at the pub. Maggie shares with Daniel the side effects to ...
Nov. 29, 2012
48x18 48 48x18 Ep. #11971
Jennifer asks Daniel if he is having second thoughts about the treatment, he says he is willing to try it and receives the first injection. Kristen hears a noise and knows that someone ...
Nov. 30, 2012
48x19 48 48x19 Ep. #11972
E.J. and Sami brainstorm ideas on how to promote the latest product. Dr. Lewis explains to Daniel that his condition with his hands is officially permanent. Brady quickly embraces with ...
Dec. 03, 2012
48x20 48 48x20 Ep. #11973
Sami calls Rafe to see how Gabi is doing by is interrupted by E.J.'s arrival. John asks Marlena what's on her agenda for today. Kristen has regrets and tells Brady that he needs to ...
Dec. 04, 2012
48x21 48 48x21 Ep. #11974
Marlena is shocked after walking in on Kristen and Brady making love. Will tells Nick and Gabi he doesn't want what happened to him when he bounced around from one place to another ...
Dec. 05, 2012
48x22 48 48x22 Ep. #11975
Nicole hears from the vent Eric while he is having his nightmare. Marlena almost tells John about Kristen and Brady,but is interrupted yet again. Daniel tells Maggie that he can't see ...
Dec. 06, 2012
48x23 48 48x23 Ep. #11976
Marlena tells John that she broke into Kristen's hotel room instead of her and Brady together. Nicole sees that Jennifer can barely stand up, and asks her to leave before Daniel comes ...
Dec. 07, 2012
48x24 48 48x24 Ep. #11977
Daniel asks Nicole to stop the ferry from leaving, but is too late, he says he has to operate on Jennifer right now cause her appendix could burst. Hope overhears Sami about Nick and ...
Dec. 10, 2012
48x25 48 48x25 Ep. #11978
Sami suggests to Will if he would mind being Nick's best man. Sonny can't believe that after hearing Chad that Gabi is capable of doing something like this. Nicole faces reality that ...
Dec. 11, 2012
48x26 48 48x26 Ep. #11979
Abigail tells Will doesn't he think it's weird that Nick and Gabi suddenly got together and now she's having a baby. Marlena tells John she hasn't been completely honest with him. Sonny ...
Dec. 12, 2012
48x27 48 48x27 Ep. #11980
Dr. Lewis tells Daniel that his hand tremors are a thing of the past, saying he can get back on the surgical rotation as soon as possible. Gabi tells Will that Sonny makes it clear ...
Dec. 13, 2012
48x28 48 48x28 Ep. #11981
Rafe questions Gabi about the different time frame regarding her baby. Daniel sees Kate showing Maxine the most recent picture of Parker. Sonny urges Will to cut Gabi out of his life ...
Dec. 17, 2012
48x29 48 48x29 Ep. #11982
Rafe comes to apologize to Gabi for his behavior towards her and Nick the other day. Marlena confides in Hope about Kristen sleeping with Brady. and Daniel shows Jennifer the picture ...
Dec. 18, 2012
48x30 48 48x30 Ep. #11983
Lucas ruins Daniel and Jennifer intimate moment, warning her of his past history with Chloe as well as others too and how she could do this to Jack. Eric thinks of the proper couple ...
Dec. 19, 2012
48x31 48 48x31 Ep. #11984
Lucas leaves a message for Jennifer apologizing for the conversation earlier. Eric tells Gabi and Nick they need to work on the subject of lying before they can proceed. Sonny tells ...
Dec. 20, 2012
48x32 48 48x32 Ep. #11985
Nicole asks Chad's help in putting gifts for Sydney under the tree. Sonny tells Will that he knows the secret that he is keeping with Gabi and Nick. John asks Nick what is it about ...
Dec. 21, 2012
48x33 48 48x33 Ep. #11986
Sami brings Johnny and Sydney to the pub to drop off Caroline's Christmas present. Nicole tries to be there for Eric, but he tells he says to focus on her work. Kristen does some research ...
Dec. 24, 2012
48x34 48 48x34 Ep. #11987
Doug and Julie arrive at Jennifer's for Christmas. Abigail tells Daniel he's glad he is making his mother happy. Kristen explains her plan to E.J. about her plan to get to John by seducing ...
Dec. 25, 2012
48x35 48 48x35 Ep. #11988
Nick and Gabi catch Sonny and Will kissing under the mistletoe, Doug says he will see them at the hospital for the children's party. Daniel surprises Jennifer with some flowers. Kristen ...
Dec. 26, 2012
48x36 48 48x36 Ep. #11989
Sami asks Rafe why he disappeared on Christmas. Abigail listens as Jennifer and Daniel are finally going out. Daniel sees that today is the second anniversary of Parker's baptism and ...
Dec. 27, 2012
48x37 48 48x37 Ep. #11990
Daniel tells Jennifer they're going out on their date and isn't taking no for an answer. Eric senses there's a new woman in Brady's life. Will has a bad dream about never getting to ...
Dec. 28, 2012
48x38 48 48x38 Ep. #11991
John is a loss for words finding Brady with Kristen in the Titan board room. Gabi tells Eric that she has been lying to him, not before getting interrupted by Sami. Marlena tries to ...
Dec. 31, 2012
48x39 48 48x39 Ep. #11992
John confronts Kristen about her feelings for Brady, and she admits her whole ploy to him. Rafe arrives at the church to pick up Nicole for their date. Eric thanks Daniel for working ...
Jan. 01, 2013
48x40 48 48x40 Ep. #11993
John and Marlena try to make Brady see that Kristen is only using him, not before the hotel security guy steps in. Rafe and Sami are caught off guard by their feelings towards each ...
Jan. 02, 2013
48x41 48 48x41 Ep. #11994
Eric goes to see Sami giving her the bad news of John and Brady being hospitalized. Marlena sees that Kristen is quite pleased with herself after last night turn of events. Rafe tells ...
Jan. 03, 2013
48x42 48 48x42 Ep. #11995
Daniel tells Jennifer that their plans for tonight have somewhat changed. Marlena tells Brady that John wouldn't lie to him and Kristen is the one who is manipulating. Kristen accuses ...
Jan. 04, 2013
48x43 48 48x43 Ep. #11996
John is shocked when Marlena tells him she's known for quite a while that Brady and Kristen were sleeping together. Chloe tells Daniel that something wonderful has happened and is the ...
Jan. 07, 2013
48x44 48 48x44 Ep. #11997
Daniel tells Chloe that what she is saying is next to impossible. Maggie is delighted that Nick finally accepted the job with Kate at Mad World. Henderson tells Victor that Philip has ...
Jan. 08, 2013
48x45 48 48x45 Ep. #11998
Nicole tells Eric why is he suddenly shutting her out of his life and doesn't trust her to confide in her. Kayla tells Jennifer she will take him to Daniel so he can explain for himself. ...
Jan. 09, 2013
48x46 48 48x46 Ep. #11999
Kate returns home telling Victor she got a message from Philip about Parker. E.J. goes to Sami surprising her saying that he is in love with her again. Sonny presents Will with a key ...
Jan. 10, 2013
48x47 48 48x47 Ep. #12000
Hope interrupts a loving moment between Sami and Rafe. Sonny asks Chad why he is attending Gabi's wedding when he doesn't even like her. Will asks Nick why he can't be the godfather ...
Jan. 11, 2013
48x48 48 48x48 Ep. #12001
Eric tells everyone that he can't proceed with the ceremony not after what was just said. Abigail apologizes to Gabi saying this wouldn't have happened if she hasn't asked Chad to be ...
Jan. 14, 2013
48x49 48 48x49 Ep. #12002
Marlena overhears Abigail confront Cameron about him knowing all along that Nick wasn't the baby's father. Nick continues to listen and learns that Lucas went to jail for Will. Gabi ...
Jan. 15, 2013
48x50 48 48x50 Ep. #12003
Marlena tells Hope that John has moved out and checked himself into a hotel. Kate goes to Daniel asking for his help cause it involves Parker and him wanting to see him again. Chloe ...
Jan. 16, 2013
48x51 48 48x51 Ep. #12004
Roman's arrival at Kristen's hotel asking Marlena what she is doing here. Kate tells Jennifer that she has proof that Chloe worked as a prostitute and that Daniel should know the truth. ...
Jan. 17, 2013
48x52 48 48x52 Ep. #12005
Nicole tells Chloe that Kate spilled her secret to Jennifer and is probably telling Daniel at this very moment. Brady questions Kristen about the torn up note, which she lies to him ...
Jan. 18, 2013
48x53 48 48x53 Ep. #12006
Daniel asks Jennifer to explain herself as to why the phone for CPS is on her desk. Gabi makes an emotional confession to Nicole. Nick tells Rafe that he and Gabi are still planning ...
Jan. 22, 2013
48x54 48 48x54 Ep. #12007
Sonny somewhat says thank you to Chad for telling the truth if he hadn't he would still be kept in the dark. Nick tells Will there is a solution which means him signing away his parental ...
Jan. 23, 2013
48x55 48 48x55 Ep. #12008
Lucas thanks Justin for defending Will to Adrienne just now. Nick tells Cameron that Will should be here for the sonogram. Sonny tells Rafe that he and Will aren't together anymore. ...
Jan. 24, 2013
48x56 48 48x56 Ep. #12009
Brady and Kristen are forced by Eric to resign from the church board. Nicole brings by a gift for Parker some emotions resurface regarding her own child. Chloe visits Jennifer, but ...
Jan. 25, 2013
48x57 48 48x57 Ep. #12010
Nicole goes to Kristen telling she sees through her phony act. Hope asks Jennifer how she is dealing with Chloe being back in Daniel's life. Marlena tells Eric that it's her fault that ...
Jan. 28, 2013
48x58 48 48x58 Ep. #12011
Roman asks Kristen if she had any hand in John leaving town. Daniel asks Nicole what exactly is she up to. Billie tells Kate she wants nothing more to do with her schemes thinks it's ...
Jan. 29, 2013
48x59 48 48x59 Ep. #12012
Rafe asks Nick and Gabi to postpone their wedding indefinitely. Brady looks at Kristen's laptop and questions her about having confidential Titan documents on there. Kate tells Will ...
Jan. 30, 2013
48x60 48 48x60 Ep. #12013
Brady asks Kristen why she looked him right in the eye and lied to his face about the note he found in the trash. Will comes close to catching Nick plotting against him. E.J. cautions ...
Jan. 31, 2013
48x61 48 48x61 Ep. #12014
Jennifer tells Hope that she and Daniel are going to spend the night together thanks to Chloe. Will takes off after seeing Brian and Sonny kissing. Sami and E.J. ignores Rafe pounding ...
Feb. 01, 2013
48x62 48 48x62 Ep. #12015
Chloe purposely ruins Daniel and Jennifer's date. E.J. and Sami give into each other and make love.
Feb. 04, 2013
48x63 48 48x63 Ep. #12016
Brady is furious after learning that Sami is back with E.J. Cameron and Abigail are hopeful about their future together.
Feb. 05, 2013
48x64 48 48x64 Ep. #12017
Sami wants Will to get a paternity test. Brady rejects Kristen's idea of them getting married.
Feb. 06, 2013
48x65 48 48x65 Ep. #12018
Chloe and Lucas have a somewhat unsettling reunion. Eric is surprised and hurt to find Nicole acting differently. Sami tells Will to be prepared if Gabi claims Nick is the father of ...
Feb. 07, 2013
48x66 48 48x66 Ep. #12019
Lucas explains to Will about his text and their secret is out and try to figure out who it might be, as Nick continues to listen in. Sonny tells Tad the whole sordid story about Gabi ...
Feb. 08, 2013
48x67 48 48x67 Ep. #12020
Sami tells Marlena that she and E.J. are back together again. Nicole can't get to sleep after having an unsettling dream about Eric. Kayla confirms to Daniel that Parker is in fact ...
Feb. 11, 2013
48x68 48 48x68 Ep. #12021
Jennifer almost confesses to Daniel, then Kayla comes out giving them good news about Parker. Stefano contacts Kate and has some unsettling words with her. Jennifer confronts Anne about ...
Feb. 12, 2013
48x69 48 48x69 Ep. #12022
Jennifer and Chloe fight about Daniel. Brady tells Kristen why he can't marry her.
Feb. 13, 2013
48x70 48 48x70 Ep. #12023
Kristen gives Chad some advice. Sami is overjoyed when she finds a ring box on her desk.
Feb. 14, 2013
48x71 48 48x71 Ep. #12024
Rafe and Kate confront Nick. Cameron and Abigail share a lunch at her house. Will meets Sonny at the coffee house. Nick hints to Gabi that he has some incriminating evidence against ...
Feb. 15, 2013
48x72 48 48x72 Ep. #12025
Daniel invites Chloe to stay with him after Victor kicks her out of the mansion. Brady has a proposal for Kristen.
Feb. 18, 2013
48x73 48 48x73 Ep. #12026
Brady suggests to Kristen that they move in together and Kristen is ready to break it off with Brady when Brady is interrupted by a phone call. Kristen is clearly upset when Marlena ...
Feb. 19, 2013
48x74 48 48x74 Ep. #12027
Julie overhears Gabi asking Cameron about the risks of a paternity test. Julie goes to confront Sami about pushing for the test and Will tells Sami to back-off. Sami cannot resist ...
Feb. 20, 2013
48x75 48 48x75 Ep. #12028
Sami's argument with Gabi causes Gabi to have abdominal pains. Gabi is rushed to the hospital where everything appears to be fine until Sami goes to apologize and sends Gabi into pre-mature ...
Feb. 21, 2013

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