Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 47 (2011-2012)

47x163 47 47x163 Ep. #11873
Kayla gives Abe a DVD Lexie made before she died. Nicole shows Roman and Rafe the box of bullets she found at E.J.'s apartment that have one missing. Roman notes they cannot use that ...
Jun. 28, 2012
47x164 47 47x164 Ep. #11874
Lexie's loved ones gather in her memory and share their favorite memories. Daniel and Nicole share dinner.
Jun. 29, 2012
47x167 47 47x167 Ep. #11877
Will lays out his demands for keeping the truth about E.J. not being Stefano's son a secret. Chad thinks Gabi should move out if her talker isn't bothering her anymore. Gabi discovers ...
Jul. 04, 2012
47x168 47 47x168 Ep. #11878
Kayla encourages Abby to admit her feelings to Cameron. Later, Abby overhears Cameron taking a job and going to Chicago but it turns out that it is just for training and Cameron will ...
Jul. 05, 2012
47x169 47 47x169 Ep. #11879
Will demands that E.J. take the lie detector test. Madison seeks advice from Maggie. Brady admits to Madison that he bought drugs. Daniel is upset when Nicole doesn't acknowledge to ...
Jul. 06, 2012
47x170 47 47x170 Ep. #11880
E.J. shows up for the lie detector test but becomes angry when one of the control questions is if he is Stefano's son. After E.J. calms down the test resumes. Later, the lie detector ...
Jul. 09, 2012
47x171 47 47x171 Ep. #11881
E.J. worries about a recall if it gets out that he failed a lie detector test. Daniel is still considered about Nicole having feelings for someone else namely Rafe. The mystery person ...
Jul. 10, 2012
47x172 47 47x172 Ep. #11882
Lucas asks John and Marlena for their help with Will. Sami questions E.J.'s innocence. Melanie attempts to make friends with Andrew and another escape. Chad finally talks to Carly and ...
Jul. 11, 2012
47x173 47 47x173 Ep. #11883
Chad and Daniel go to the police to report Melanie missing. Gabi tries to convince Andrew to let Melanie go but he has Gabi on tape. E.J. and Sami argue and kiss. John announces he ...
Jul. 12, 2012
47x174 47 47x174 Ep. #11884
Rafe, Roman and Agent Spencer search E.J.'s apartment after obtaining a search warrant. A mystery person plants a pair of gloves in E.J.'s apartment. Chad takes matters into his own ...
Jul. 13, 2012
47x175 47 47x175 Ep. #11885
E.J. arrives at his apartment just as Roman, Rafe and Agent Spencer find the gloves. E.J. believes that they planted them there but Roman tells him that have it all on videotape. The ...
Jul. 16, 2012
47x176 47 47x176 Ep. #11886
Hope finds Gabi's number written on a piece of paper in the room Andrew held Melanie in and they figure that whoever took Melanie must of been after Gabi and she doesn't refute the ...
Jul. 17, 2012
47x177 47 47x177 Ep. #11887
Abe plans a fundraiser in Lexie's honor. John can't get the DiMera board member to agree to let him take over DiMera Enterprises. Sami realizes there maybe something to clear E.J.'s ...
Jul. 18, 2012
47x178 47 47x178 Ep. #11888
Will realizes that Lucas must of found the letter but is to late and Lucas hands it over to Rafe. John lets Ian get under his skin about Brady. E.J. tells Sami they will always have ...
Jul. 19, 2012
47x179 47 47x179 Ep. #11889
Bo and Hope find information on Melanie's kidnapper who has a criminal history and escaped for a mental hospital. When they show Gabi the picture of Andrew but give his real name she ...
Jul. 20, 2012
47x180 47 47x180 Ep. #11890
Ian is revealed as the mystery man as he remember pulling the gloves out of the trash and has a tech person erase the surveillance footage. Sami is upset that E.J. didn't tell her that ...
Jul. 23, 2012
47x181 47 47x181 Ep. #11891
Sami reveals that she saved a copy of the surveillance footage to a flash drive. Bo and Hope start to realize that Gabi's story is not adding up. Chad finds out the E.J. has been arrested ...
Jul. 24, 2012
47x182 47 47x182 Ep. #11892
Sami is attacked and the memory stick is stolen. E.J. can't make bail because he is cut off from the DiMera money. Melanie is able to get a call out to Chad but he can barely here her. ...
Jul. 25, 2012
47x183 47 47x183 Ep. #11893
The tunnels continue to fall around Melanie, Andrew and Gabi. Melanie realizes that something is going on between Gabi and Andrew. Brady and Chad continue to search the tunnels. Sami ...
Jul. 26, 2012
47x184 47 47x184 Ep. #11894
Salem gathers for a fundraiser in Lexie's honor for autism research. E.J. is able to remove his ankle bracelet and leave it behind. E.J. and Sami go to a abandoned warehouse where Will ...
Jul. 27, 2012
47x185 47 47x185 Ep. #11895
The town is thrown into chaos after the explosion in the tunnel. Ian cradles a dying Madison in his arms telling her that he was only using Kate unaware that Kate is listening to everything. ...
Aug. 13, 2012
47x186 47 47x186 Ep. #11896
Sami refuses to let E.J. go alone and Will says he will cover for them. Will finds Lucas passed out and lies to him about seeing Sami. Lucas goes to the warehouse to search and Will ...
Aug. 14, 2012
47x187 47 47x187 Ep. #11897
Kate confronts Ian about using her and he angrily admits that he killed Stefano. Daniel and Bo continue to search for Nicole but when they get through the debris Nicole is gone. Later, ...
Aug. 15, 2012
47x188 47 47x188 Ep. #11898
Sami and E.J. settle into the safe house. Nicole's labor stops and Bo gives her the news that E.J. took off. Melanie is reunited with Daniel. Brady arrives at Madison's room to find ...
Aug. 16, 2012
47x189 47 47x189 Ep. #11899
Sami and E.J.'s make out session is interrupted by a crypt message from someone saying they have information to clear E.J. name. Sami ends up spilling tea on herself and changes into ...
Aug. 17, 2012
47x190 47 47x190 Ep. #11900
Melanie and Gabi are shocked when they realize the patient is Andrew. Melanie runs off to get help while Andrew grabs Gabi's arm. Chad overhears everything Gabi and Andrew say to each ...
Aug. 20, 2012
47x191 47 47x191 Ep. #11901
Ian reveals that Stefano is alive and he has been holding him hostage for information. Ian also reveals that he changed the paternity test and Stefano is indeed E.J.'s father. Maggie ...
Aug. 21, 2012
47x192 47 47x192 Ep. #11902
Will catches Sonny with Brian and misreads the moment. Lucas tries to get Will to come to Jennifer's with him about Will is to upset. People gather at Jennifer's to comfort her and ...
Aug. 22, 2012
47x193 47 47x193 Ep. #11903
E.J. finds Sami and Rafe having a moment together when he returns to the safe house. Bo and Hope bring Stefano under disguise to the hospital. Daniel informs Nicole that Stefano is ...
Aug. 23, 2012
47x194 47 47x194 Ep. #11904
Julie is hopeful that Melanie won't stand in Nick's way of being paroled from prison but is not aware that Melanie has not yet received the letter informing her that Nick is even up ...
Aug. 24, 2012
47x195 47 47x195 Ep. #11905
Maggie arrives at the hospital just as Julie is asking Melanie not to stand in Nick's way of getting parole. Hope visits Nick in prison. Sami and Nicole trade barbs over E.J. and Rafe. ...
Aug. 27, 2012
47x196 47 47x196 Ep. #11906
Nick tells Maggie and Julie that he won't be seeking parole but Julie tells Maggie about Nick being attacked by another inmate. Maggie insists that before Nick makes a final decision ...
Aug. 28, 2012
47x197 47 47x197 Ep. #11907
Melanie tells Daniel that she is considering supporting Nick's parole or at least not speaking against it at the hearing. Nick tells Marlena that he doesn't want to cause any more grief ...
Aug. 29, 2012
47x198 47 47x198 Ep. #11908
Sami is torn between the men in her life. Will gives E.J. his notice that he is quitting. Daniel runs into Jennifer who has returned from spreading Jack's ashes. Adrienne asks Will ...
Aug. 30, 2012
47x199 47 47x199 Ep. #11909
Melanie has a nightmare about Nick. Chad asks Abby to take Melanie's side with Nick's parole by Abby refuses to be on either side. Chad and Brady convince Melanie to write a letter ...
Aug. 31, 2012
47x200 47 47x200 Ep. #11910
Nick's parole hearing begins and his loved ones give their testimony why Nick should be released. Chad realizes that Melanie's letter needs to be notarized and heads out to find someone ...
Sep. 04, 2012
47x201 47 47x201 Ep. #11911
Melanie shows up at Nick's parole hearing just as the board is ready to make their statement but they allow Melanie to speak. Lucas tells E.J. that Sami has only made one person truly ...
Sep. 05, 2012
47x202 47 47x202 Ep. #11912
Daniel and Nick are surprised when Nick's parole is granted and even more so when Melanie tells them she did not speak against it. Brady informs Kate that he is the CEO of Titan and ...
Sep. 06, 2012
47x203 47 47x203 Ep. #11913
Melanie finds out that Nick will have to stay in Salem as part of his parole. Rafe accuses Sami of firing Gabi to get back at him and she informs him that Gabi quit. Kayla returns to ...
Sep. 07, 2012
47x204 47 47x204 Ep. #11914
Nick needs a place to stay in Salem and Maggie agrees to let him stay with her. The Governor calls for E.J.'s resignation as mayor and he agrees. Chad proposes to Melanie. Abby continues ...
Sep. 10, 2012
47x205 47 47x205 Ep. #11915
Melanie is shocked to find Nick at Maggie's house. Caroline offers Nick a job at the Pub washing dishes. Jennifer and Abby have a fight and Jennifer runs into Daniel who lends her an ...
Sep. 11, 2012
47x206 47 47x206 Ep. #11916
Daniel worries that Melanie may be using getting engaged to not deal with Nick living at Maggie's. E.J. seeks out Justin to be his lawyer. Nicole tells Rafe she wants to name the baby ...
Sep. 12, 2012
47x207 47 47x207 Ep. #11917
Rafe shows up at Sami's as she is preparing for date with E.J. and Rafe cautions her against getting involved with E.J. again. Adrienne worries that Will may have to much baggage to ...
Sep. 13, 2012
47x208 47 47x208 Ep. #11918
Sami leaves Rafe frustrated after their kiss. Sami makes up an excuse to postpone her date with E.J. but he isn't buying it. Daniel once again has to tell off the HR person who wanted ...
Sep. 14, 2012
47x209 47 47x209 Ep. #11919
Rafe and E.J. fight over Sami in the town square. E.J. calls Justin demanding to meet immediately to take action against Nicole. Jennifer overhears E.J. and Justin's conversation. Bo ...
Sep. 17, 2012
47x210 47 47x210 Ep. #11920
Daniel is concerned when Melanie announces that she plans to marry Chad in two weeks. Jennifer and Nicole have it out over Daniel. Sami tells E.J. that she needs to focus on her children ...
Sep. 18, 2012
47x211 47 47x211 Ep. #11921
Kate and Sami confront Adrienne about what she said about Will. Chad become paranoid about Gabi and Nick work together and growing closer. Caroline forgets signing for an order. Nicole ...
Sep. 19, 2012
47x212 47 47x212 Ep. #11922
Kate's plan to plant rumors about condition in Countess W shops is aborted when Rafe points out that it would just bring the same attention to Mad World. Bo makes a list of what he ...
Sep. 20, 2012
47x213 47 47x213 Ep. #11923
Nicole photo shops a picture of her and a picture of Rafe together in bed and plants it so Sami will see it on her phone. Melanie runs into Nick and the two talk. Melanie realizes that ...
Sep. 21, 2012
47x214 47 47x214 Ep. #11924
Nicole's picture photo shopping idea nearly back fires when Sami notices the time stamp is today's date. Gabi comes across Chad beating up Nick and pulls him off. Gabi insists Nick ...
Sep. 24, 2012
47x215 47 47x215 Ep. #11925
Gabi reveals the whole truth about Andrew to Melanie. Melanie demands Gabi leave than lays into Chad about keeping this from her. Melanie realizes Chad was trying to cut Gabi out of ...
Sep. 25, 2012
47x216 47 47x216 Ep. #11926
Gabi confesses to Rafe about hiring Andrew to be her stalker and knowing about Andrew kidnapping Melanie. Daniel warns Chad to stay away from Melanie while she figures things out. Chad ...
Sep. 26, 2012
47x217 47 47x217 Ep. #11927
Rafe blows Sami off while he is dealing with Gabi's possible legal troubles. Melanie tells Chad that she is going to visit her mother alone and she is not sure when she will return. ...
Sep. 27, 2012
47x218 47 47x218 Ep. #11928
Melanie says her good-byes to Maggie, Daniel and Brady. Melanie asks Maggie to return her engagement ring to Chad. E.J. uses the situation with Gabi to his advantage and blackmails ...
Sep. 28, 2012
47x219 47 47x219 Ep. #11929
Sami is devastated when Rafe tells her that things won't work out. Nicole rushes to comfort Daniel after finding out Melanie has left town. Abigail tells Jennifer about Nicole's comment ...
Oct. 01, 2012
47x220 47 47x220 Ep. #11930
E.J. positions himself to be the person Sami leans on after getting rejected by Rafe. Chad shows up at E.J.'s demanding to know if E.J. found Melanie. Chad tells E.J. he will go to ...
Oct. 02, 2012
47x221 47 47x221 Ep. #11931
Chad shows up at the Pub while Gabi is alone and threatens her until Nick returns. Nick tells Chad that if he goes to the cops about Gabi that Nick will tell the cops he was the one ...
Oct. 03, 2012
47x222 47 47x222 Ep. #11932
Sami figures out what E.J. is up to and confirms it after talking to Chad. Gabi tells Rafe about the depositions that Nick and Chad signed exonerating her of being involved with Melanie's ...
Oct. 04, 2012
47x223 47 47x223 Ep. #11933
Nicole is left devastated when the doctor informs her that her son has died. Later, Nicole gets another blow when she sees Jennifer and Daniel together. Sami confronts E.J. about his ...
Oct. 05, 2012
47x224 47 47x224 Ep. #11934
Sami tells Rafe that she will help him and Nicole keep Nicole's baby from E.J. if E.J. is the biological father. Stefano calls E.J. and realizes that he is upset but E.J. refuses to ...
Oct. 08, 2012
47x225 47 47x225 Ep. #11935
Bo wants to travel around the world with Hope and Ciara but Hope admits that she isn't keen on the idea. Sami continues to ask Rafe to admit that he is not the father of Nicole's baby ...
Oct. 09, 2012
47x226 47 47x226 Ep. #11936
Nicole and Jennifer continue to trade barbs as Nicole tries to leave Jennifer's house. Daniel tells Maggie that he is leaving the hospital and moving away. Later, Daniel tells Nicole ...
Oct. 10, 2012
47x227 47 47x227 Ep. #11937
Bo takes Caroline to see Kayla about her recent memory problems. Stefano meets with a mystery woman telling her all about Chad and E.J.'s troubles and asking her to come back to Salem ...
Oct. 11, 2012
47x228 47 47x228 Ep. #11938
Nicole accuses Jennifer of pushing her down the steps an accusation that Billie and Brady cannot completely deny since all they saw was the two of them on the steps and than Nicole ...
Oct. 12, 2012
47x229 47 47x229 Ep. #11939
Daniel is shocked when Nicole tells him that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs. Abby and Hope visit Jennifer who is being held on murder charges. Rafe's date with Sami is interrupted ...
Oct. 15, 2012
47x230 47 47x230 Ep. #11940
E.J. makes a call to Justin to get someone to the hospital for a DNA test after overhearing Rafe and Nicole's conversation. E.J. is crushed when a nurse tells him that the baby died ...
Oct. 16, 2012
47x231 47 47x231 Ep. #11941
E.J. ends up convincing Nicole to tell the truth about the father of her baby. Later, E.J. shows up at Rafe with Nicole's taped confession. Bo and Kayla take turns monitoring Caroline ...
Oct. 17, 2012
47x232 47 47x232 Ep. #11942
Victor and Caroline reminisce about the past and Victor offers his support to Bo. Maggie sees the computer screen and realizes that Caroline is having health issues. John has a nightmare ...
Oct. 18, 2012
47x233 47 47x233 Ep. #11943
Bo, Roman and Kayla gather to discuss possible treatment and care for Caroline and Bo insists they include Caroline in on their conversations. Jennifer is released from jail and runs ...
Oct. 19, 2012
47x234 47 47x234 Ep. #11944
Nicole is upset when Daniel doesn't believe her. Jennifer tries to talk to Nicole about what happened but Nicole refuses to listen. Marlena is surprised when Kristen shows up in the ...
Oct. 22, 2012
47x235 47 47x235 Ep. #11945
E.J. shows up at Jennifer and confronts her about pushing Nicole. Sami tells Lucas about Rafe lying about being the father of Nicole's baby and that he had told Carrie. Lucas calls ...
Oct. 23, 2012
47x236 47 47x236 Ep. #11946
Kayla tells Caroline about the clinical trials, but it being in California, but she refuses to leave the pub attended. Jennifer tells Abigail she went to see Nicole in the hospital ...
Oct. 24, 2012
47x237 47 47x237 Ep. #11947
Marlena tells John he doesn't have to follow her around, he just wants to make sure she is safe. Brady encounters Kristen in the town square, and wonders what she's doing here in town. ...
Oct. 25, 2012
47x238 47 47x238 Ep. #11948
Bo tells Victor and Maggie that he's leaving today for California. Will and Sonny set the mood thinking now is the perfect time to be together. Sami tells Marlena that Stefano demoted ...
Oct. 26, 2012
47x239 47 47x239 Ep. #11949
Nicole has a dream about Jennifer telling Daniel that the baby was already dead when she took that fall. Justin goes to see Jennifer telling her the good news, she says that Roman already ...
Oct. 29, 2012

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