Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 45 (2009-2010)

45x01 45 45x01 Ep. #11204
Arianna turns in her notice to Caroline who tries to change Ari's mind and get her to stay but Brady looks on ready to reveal that she is a drug dealer if Ari doesn't quit the Pub. ...
Nov. 09, 2009
45x02 45 45x02 Ep. #11205
Arianna admits to Brady that she is an undercover informant for the police department. Carly is released into Bo's custody instead of being extradited. Stefano demands that Nicole leave ...
Nov. 10, 2009
45x03 45 45x03 Ep. #11206
E.J. rushes onto the docks just in time to knock out the hit man who has Rafe in his cross hairs. Rafe falls to the ground knocking himself out and E.J. gets him to come to. When Roman ...
Nov. 11, 2009
45x04 45 45x04 Ep. #11207
Rafe finally gives Sami the long-awaited news that Sydney is her daughter, but she has a difficult time believing that it's true. He lays out all the evidence and makes her understand ...
Nov. 12, 2009
45x05 45 45x05 Ep. #11208
Carly defends Mia when Chad confronts her after receiving the paternity test results. Hope tells Bo that she wants to move back home. Bo realizes it is partly because she is worried ...
Nov. 13, 2009
45x06 45 45x06 Ep. #11209
Brady promises Arianna that he can get information from Victor without Victor knowing he is getting it for her. Bo returns home and finds Carly missing and heads out to find her. Carly ...
Nov. 16, 2009
45x07 45 45x07 Ep. #11210
Justin calls Bo and Carly down to the station and informs them that Carly is off the hook because someone else admitted to killing Lawrence. Carly figures she can move out now so Bo ...
Nov. 17, 2009
45x08 45 45x08 Ep. #11211
Nicole has been arrested as Rafe and Sami arrive on the scene with Sydney. Nicole watches Sydney and EJ reunited. EJ looks at his daughter, horrified at how he's treated her. Nicole ...
Nov. 18, 2009
45x09 45 45x09 Ep. #11212
Melanie tells Phillip to stop calling her and leaving her messages. Later, Melanie informs Nathan that Phillip has been calling her and Nathan admits that he already knew since he overheard ...
Nov. 19, 2009
45x10 45 45x10 Ep. #11213
Arianna and Rafe get a visit from their little sister Gabi. Brady visits Nicole in jail after receiving a text message from Chloe. Brady bails Nicole out of jail thinking that Nicole ...
Nov. 20, 2009
45x11 45 45x11 Ep. #11214
Arianna informs Brady the real reason that Nicole was arrested and Brady is upset that he helped Nicole get out of jail. Brady is also upset upon finding out that Arianna knew for awhile ...
Nov. 23, 2009
45x12 45 45x12 Ep. #11215
After realizing EJ didn't observe the drug deal, Arianna breaks the news to EJ about Nicole being out of jail. EJ calls Sami to tell her, but Sami and Rafe already know. Rafe puts everyone ...
Nov. 24, 2009
45x13 45 45x13 Ep. #11216
While Sami, EJ, and ultimately Stefano fight over Sydney and share recriminations, Nicole, caught up in the moment, can't help but take the baby. Rafe and Gabi confront an already distraught ...
Nov. 25, 2009
45x14 45 45x14 Ep. #11217
Carly gives Bo the details about her daughter that is living at Maggie's. Carly tells Bo that when Lawrence found out she was pregnant by another man he made her give up her baby. The ...
Nov. 27, 2009
45x19 45 45x19 Ep. #11222
Carly doesn't get off on the right foot with Melanie and Mia wants Carly to leave her alone. Nicole is found unconscious by the pay phone in Ohio but Sydney is nowhere to be found. ...
Dec. 04, 2009
45x20 45 45x20 Ep. #11223
Arianna attempts to admit her true feelings to Brady over the phone not realizing that Brady isn't listening. Melanie tells Carly that she and Mia don't want her to stay at Maggie's. ...
Dec. 07, 2009
45x21 45 45x21 Ep. #11224
Stefano insists that he had nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance and that Nicole knows where Sydney is located. Roman tells Rafe that Nicole was in touch with Fay but neither think ...
Dec. 08, 2009
45x22 45 45x22 Ep. #11225
Nicole escapes from the hospital in search of Sydney. Rafe finally tracks her down at the bus station and confronts her, thinking she's on her way to go where she has Sydney hidden. ...
Dec. 09, 2009
45x23 45 45x23 Ep. #11226
Rafe finds Nicole at the bus station and yells at her to tell him where Sydney is located. Nicole stares off into space and passes out just as Brady and Arianna arrive. Brady talks ...
Dec. 10, 2009
45x24 45 45x24 Ep. #11227
E.J. comes up with a plan to get Stefano to reveal where Sydney is being kept. The kidnapper talks to Sydney and has a very familar voice. Justin's plan to convince Daniel not to hire ...
Dec. 11, 2009
45x25 45 45x25 Ep. #11228
Rafe agrees to E.J.'s plan to use Sami to get Stefano to admit where Sydney is being kept but only is Sami wears a wire. Sami goes to talk to Stefano but has no luck pulling anything ...
Dec. 14, 2009
45x26 45 45x26 Ep. #11229
Roman arrives at the jail because Nicole won't be quiet about wanting to talk to someone. Nicole tells Roman that she remembers a woman talking when Sydney was kidnapped. Troy tells ...
Dec. 15, 2009
45x27 45 45x27 Ep. #11230
Rafe visits Nicole at the jail and he listens to her story about hearing a woman's voice when Sydney was taken and believes her. As Rafe goes to leave, Nicole remembers seeing the kidnappers ...
Dec. 16, 2009
45x28 45 45x28 Ep. #11231
Maggie comforts Mia telling her that Grace wouldn't want Mia to be sad all the time. Will has second thoughts about going to the winter dance with Mia but Sami convinces him to go to ...
Dec. 17, 2009
45x29 45 45x29 Ep. #11232
Melanie finds out that Carly is the new doctor at the hospital and apologizes for over reacting to the coffee spill and not allowing her to live at Maggie. Carly thinks things worked ...
Dec. 18, 2009
45x30 45 45x30 Ep. #11233
After Arianna and Brady make love he leaves to take a shower and E.J. shows up and starts accusing Arianna of kidnapping Sydney. Brady returns and demands E.J. back off. Arianna tells ...
Dec. 21, 2009
45x31 45 45x31 Ep. #11234
Rafe tells Sami and E.J. that Kate bought boots just like the ones Nicole saw. Kate returns home and Sami attacks her demanding to know where Sydney is. Kate tells them that she returned ...
Dec. 22, 2009
45x32 45 45x32 Ep. #11235
Arianna convinces Gabi to go to the dance and cuts the sleeves off the dress to make it look younger. Will gets upset with Mia for not telling the whole truth about the Chad mix up. ...
Dec. 23, 2009
45x33 45 45x33 Ep. #11236
Melanie accepts Philip's marriage proposal. Julie tries her hardest to get Bo and Hope to see the light about reuniting. The Horton's hang the Christmas ornaments. E.J. and Sami plead ...
Dec. 24, 2009
45x34 45 45x34 Ep. #11237
E.J. tells Stefano that as long as Stefano is at the mansion it will not be Johnny's home. Vivian accidently insults Chloe not realizing that she is the same Chloe that was Brady's ...
Dec. 25, 2009
45x35 45 45x35 Ep. #11238
Melanie is greeted by both Vivian and Kate wanting to get a job start planning the wedding. Vivian and Kate end up arguing and Vivian leaves when she gets a call from Gus. Melanie tells ...
Dec. 28, 2009
45x36 45 45x36 Ep. #11239
Chloe tells Brady that Victor accused Arianna of being a drug dealer. Brady has to tell Arianna that her cover might be blown. Hope confronts Bo about kissing Carly. Vivian wonders ...
Dec. 29, 2009
45x37 45 45x37 Ep. #11240
Arianna turns over Troy's phone to Roman but he isn't able to get anything off of it because E.J. is able to erase everything from it. They plant the phone back at Java with a Detective. ...
Dec. 30, 2009
45x38 45 45x38 Ep. #11241
Rafe tells Sami that he might be reinstated with the FBI so he will be able to get information about Sydney quicker. Hope and Justin search around Vivian's room and find a box hidden ...
Dec. 31, 2009
45x39 45 45x39 Ep. #11242
Bo tells Carly that he called the Swiss hospital and found out that they had a flood a few years before they were able to put records in the computer so if Vivian found out where Carly ...
Jan. 04, 2010
45x40 45 45x40 Ep. #11243
Sami secretly meets with EJ, who tells her he's received another note from the kidnapper. When Sami and EJ have difficulty deciphering the instructions, Sami wants to call Rafe for ...
Jan. 05, 2010
45x41 45 45x41 Ep. #11244
Sami is getting ready to tell Rafe about the ransom note but he informs her that he is being reinstated with the FBI and will be the point person on Sydney's case. They have to rush ...
Jan. 06, 2010
45x42 45 45x42 Ep. #11245
The Judge hands down his sentence to of twenty years to Nicole. Sami is furious that Nicole didn't get the maximum of 70 years because the judge feels Nicole was remorseful. Nicole ...
Jan. 07, 2010
45x43 45 45x43 Ep. #11246
Bo confronts Justin about having feelings for Hope. Justin tells Bo that he is over being the nice guy. Carly ends up in the hospital elevator with Vivian and admits to Vivian that ...
Jan. 08, 2010
45x44 45 45x44 Ep. #11247
Bo and Carly have sex. Doug, Julie and Nathan get the news about Mickey. Maggie receives a delayed text message from Mickey and breaks down. Melanie comforts Maggie after learning ...
Jan. 11, 2010
45x45 45 45x45 Ep. #11248
Hope calls Bo while he is still in bed with Carly to tell him about Mickey's death. When Bo meets up with Hope she realizes something is off and asks if he slept with Carly and he ...
Jan. 12, 2010
45x46 45 45x46 Ep. #11249
Chloe worries that Brady might be taking on Arianna as his new project since she feels he did that with her and Nicole. Hope confronts Carly at Maggie's house as everyone stands behind ...
Jan. 13, 2010
45x47 45 45x47 Ep. #11250
Vivian thinks Mia is Carly's daughter after remembering the picture Gus sent her of the two hugging. Carly is upset when Melanie won't give her the time of day and tells Bo that her ...
Jan. 14, 2010
45x48 45 45x48 Ep. #11251
Vivian tells Victor that she is certain that Mia is Carly's daughter. Victor questions her why she thinks that and Vivian insists the two look alike. Victor causes Vivian to rethink ...
Jan. 15, 2010
45x49 45 45x49 Ep. #11252
Roman informs Arianna that the higher ups are pulling the plug on the undercover operation. Arianna begs Roman to get them to reconsider and he gets a phone conference set up for Ari ...
Jan. 18, 2010
45x50 45 45x50 Ep. #11253
Melanie fills out her paperwork to take a leave of absence from nursing school. When she mentions her birth date, Carly has flashbacks to giving birth to Melanie and how Lawrence wouldn't ...
Jan. 19, 2010
45x51 45 45x51 Ep. #11254
Carly asks Philip to talk to Melanie about reconsidering quiting nursing school. Philip tells Carly that Bo told him the truth that Carly came back to Salem to reunite with him. Bo ...
Jan. 20, 2010
45x52 45 45x52 Ep. #11255
Carly has a fantasy about Vivian killing Melanie. Melanie decides on a bigger wedding and Vivian insists upon helping her plan it. Stephanie arrives at the Pub to meet up with Nathan ...
Jan. 21, 2010
45x53 45 45x53 Ep. #11256
Bo asks Daniel to keep a look out for Vivian while Carly is at work. Carly and Vivian get into it at Java. Carly tries to warn Melanie to stay away from Vivian which causes Vivian ...
Jan. 22, 2010
45x55 45 45x55 Ep. #11258
Carly has another fantasy about Vivian killing Melanie. Justin visits Carly and the two exchange words. Sami apologizes to Rafe about yelling at him earlier. Roman tells Arianna ...
Jan. 26, 2010
45x56 45 45x56 Ep. #11259
Maggie receives Mickey's items from his office. Among the items Maggie finds Mickey's anniversary gift to her which include ballet tickets. Maggie decides to donate them to the hospital ...
Jan. 27, 2010
45x57 45 45x57 Ep. #11260
Sami is devastated when Rafe decides to move out. Arianna tells E.J. that she was working undercover with the DEA. Arianna also tells E.J. while Troy is being put in prison the head ...
Jan. 28, 2010
45x58 45 45x58 Ep. #11261
Arianna picks up E.J.'s phone thinking it is her phone. Anna doesn't wait for anyone to say hello and just starts talking about wanting chocolates. When Arianna asks who is on the ...
Jan. 29, 2010
45x59 45 45x59 Ep. #11262
Bo web chats with Ciara who is visiting Maggie and Caroline. Bo ends the chat when the door bell rings and greets Carly. Carly tells Bo that she is going to tell Melanie that she ...
Feb. 01, 2010
45x60 45 45x60 Ep. #11263
Melanie insists Carly attend the wedding and Carly agrees. Bo overhears and questions Carly about going to the wedding. Hope is able to open Vivian's box and finds the birth certificate ...
Feb. 02, 2010
45x61 45 45x61 Ep. #11264
Hope runs into Vivian on the docks and knocks her bag to the ground. Hope wonders why Vivian doesn't want her to see what is in the bag. Arianna tells E.J. the good news that she ...
Feb. 03, 2010
45x62 45 45x62 Ep. #11265
Hope informs Bo that she will be filing for sole custody of Ciara. Carly walks in and demands to know when Hope is doing this to Bo. Kate visits Maggie and asks to speak with Melanie ...
Feb. 04, 2010
45x63 45 45x63 Ep. #11266
E.J. demands answers from Anna when Rafe informs him that Anna was visiting Sami. Vivian finds Kate before she can give Melanie that poisioned gift. Chloe chats with Father Matt about ...
Feb. 05, 2010
45x65 45 45x65 Ep. #11268
Abe convinces Hope to rejoin the police department. Kate seeks help from Hope in stopping whatever Vivian has planned. Carly tries to warn Melanie by visiting the Kiriakis mansion ...
Feb. 09, 2010
45x66 45 45x66 Ep. #11269
Chloe's pregnancy test comes back positive. Carly awakens from her fall and doesn't remember why she was at the Kiriakis mansion. When she finally does remember, she tries calling ...
Feb. 10, 2010
45x67 45 45x67 Ep. #11270
Chloe and Daniel bask in the news that she is pregnant. Melanie writes a letter to Nathan asking if he still has feelings for her and if he does she won't marry Philip. Melanie asks ...
Feb. 11, 2010
45x68 45 45x68 Ep. #11271
Stephanie leaves Melanie alone after telling her that Nathan refused to open her letter though Stephanie never gave the letter to Nathan. Melanie becomes dizzy and passes out on the ...
Feb. 12, 2010
45x69 45 45x69 Ep. #11272
Daniel and Chloe has a sonogram done but the doctor tells them that Chloe isn't pregnant. Chloe insists there must be something wrong with the equipment because her clothes are tighter. ...
Feb. 16, 2010
45x70 45 45x70 Ep. #11273
Daniel tells Chloe that she wanted to be pregnant so bad her body started going through the symptoms. Melanie is rushed to the hospital and into surgery where Daniel operates to remove ...
Feb. 17, 2010
45x71 45 45x71 Ep. #11274
Melanie clings to life as Abe orders Bo to arrest Carly after she has given blood. Abe also orders that Vivian be arrested as a suspect for attempted murder. Daniel is surprised to ...
Feb. 18, 2010
45x72 45 45x72 Ep. #11275
Bo posts Carly's bail but tells her that their is a restraining order against her being with 20 feet of Melanie. Carly refuses to listen and takes off for the hospital. Daniel tells ...
Feb. 19, 2010
45x73 45 45x73 Ep. #11276
Philip angrily confronts Vivian about trying to kill Melanie. Melanie wakes up and doesn't know what happened to her. Carly explains that she accidentally shot her. Melanie doesn't ...
Feb. 22, 2010
45x74 45 45x74 Ep. #11277
Sami arrives surprised to see EJ and Rafe at her house. EJ explains he wanted to grieve with her over their loss of Sydney while Rafe says he wanted to let Sami know he intends to find ...
Feb. 23, 2010
45x75 45 45x75 Ep. #11278
Sami comes upon Rafe in an unguarded moment and realizes that he is grieving as deeply as she is, just in a different way. They talk about everything that went wrong during the search ...
Feb. 24, 2010
45x76 45 45x76 Ep. #11279
Carly tells Daniel that he is Melanie's father. E.J. is furious after finding Sami is bed with Rafe. Vivian won't stop until she finishes Melanie off.
Feb. 25, 2010
45x77 45 45x77 Ep. #11280
Daniel is livid when Carly tells him that Melanie is his daughter. Carly explains that she couldn't tell him in fear that Lawrence would kill him. Vivian attempts to smother Melanie ...
Feb. 26, 2010
45x79 45 45x79 Ep. #11283
Roman informs Brady that Nicole turned down his request to visit. Arianna reiterates that she doesn't want Brady involved with Nicole at all. Mia continues to manipulate Chad after ...
Mar. 02, 2010
45x80 45 45x80 Ep. #11284
Carly spills the beans about Daniel being Melanie's father to Chloe. E.J. watches Sami nearly tell Rafe about Sydney and calls her asking her to come over to talk. Nathan and Stephanie ...
Mar. 03, 2010
45x81 45 45x81 Ep. #11285
Nathan is shocked to learn about what went down after he and Steph left Melanie's wedding. Stephanie shows up to see Melanie and mentions being out of town. Melanie realizes that ...
Mar. 04, 2010
45x82 45 45x82 Ep. #11286
Melanie refuses to listen to Bo and is intent of throwing Carly under the bus. Hope offers to step in and interview Melanie so it doesn't look like Bo has a bias. Justin offers to ...
Mar. 05, 2010

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