Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 43 (2007-2008)

43x01 43 43x01 Ep. #10694
At the mansion, EJ and Stefano are celebrating the vendetta ending on their terms when Kate arrives, pointing a gun at them. Stefano then tells her that her actions were the reasons ...
Nov. 08, 2007
43x02 43 43x02 Ep. #10695
As Sami and EJ are pronounced husband and wife by Father Kelly, three gunshots are heard and EJ falls to the ground after being hit. The paramedics and cops eventually arrive and eventually ...
Nov. 09, 2007
43x03 43 43x03 Ep. #10696
At the hospital, Sami and Stefano are waiting for news on EJ. Before going home to rest, Stefano shares his suspicions that Roman was the shooter at the church. Sami however says that ...
Nov. 12, 2007
43x04 43 43x04 Ep. #10697
As Bo investigates the shooting at the church, Hope arrives to see how things are going. While they’re talking, Bo says he’s got a lot of suspects, but no leads and soon starts ...
Nov. 13, 2007
43x05 43 43x05 Ep. #10698
As the investigation continues at the church, Kayla arrives to find Steve there. Realizing Steve was gone the night before, she asks him where he went and doesn’t believe his story ...
Nov. 14, 2007
43x06 43 43x06 Ep. #10699
At the dean’s office, Cordy is reluctant to testify against Ford after he gives her a look. When Morgan testifies against him, Ford’s father is able to make it look like he is the ...
Nov. 15, 2007
43x07 43 43x07 Ep. #10700
After Kate is brought into the station, Bo starts to hound her about the shooting at the church and whether she fired one of the guns there. Roman eventually shows up and stalls Kate ...
Nov. 16, 2007
43x08 43 43x08 Ep. #10701
Before returning to the pub, Belle has an unexpected meeting with Phillip, who is trying to make her admit she has feelings for him. However, Belle insists she going to marry Shawn ...
Nov. 19, 2007
43x09 43 43x09 Ep. #10702
Upon her arrival at her parent’s suite, Stephanie shows up to take a home pregnancy test when Kayla arrives home. When Kayla asks what’s going on, Stephanie admits she had a one ...
Nov. 20, 2007
43x10 43 43x10 Ep. #10703
When Stephanie walks into the living room with the pregnancy test, she almost gets caught by Steve. Kayla then gets him to go downstairs for hot chocolate while they look at the home ...
Nov. 21, 2007
43x11 43 43x11 Ep. #10704
As Steve and Kayla leave for Shawn and Belle’s wedding, Stephanie decides to stay behind to have a girls’ day with Cordy. However, it doesn’t take long for Ford to show up, banging ...
Nov. 23, 2007
43x12 43 43x12 Ep. #10705
At the pub, Stefano arrives to see Bo and to find out how the investigation is going. As they are talking, Stefano mentions the woman in black and drops some hints about who she might ...
Nov. 26, 2007
43x13 43 43x13 Ep. #10706
At Sami and Lucas’, Belle stops by to talk to her sister. However, since she was with EJ, Lucas shares his fears that Sami is falling for EJ, but Belle refuses to believe that. At ...
Nov. 27, 2007
43x14 43 43x14 Ep. #10707
At the pub, Chelsea talks to Cordy about Ford. After hearing that she is still scared to face him, Chelsea finds Nick and they think of a way to gather enough evidence on Ford to put ...
Nov. 28, 2007
43x15 43 43x15 Ep. #10708
Arriving at Ford’s dorm, Chelsea and Nick break into his room and soon discover the drugs he uses on the girls he brings home and a journal where he keeps a log of the girls he attacks. ...
Nov. 29, 2007
43x16 43 43x16 Ep. #10709
After their run-in with Ford, Chelsea and Nick go into the pub and give the photos they took from Ford’s room to Bo and Steve. However, since they were taken under illegal ways, Bo ...
Nov. 30, 2007
43x17 43 43x17 Ep. #10710
At their apartment, Sami and Lucas are enjoying a romantic night together when someone knocks on the door. When Sami goes to answer the door, she is less than thrilled at finding Stefano ...
Dec. 03, 2007
43x18 43 43x18 Ep. #10711
At EJ’s apartment, Lucas confronts Sami and EJ about their relationship. Refusing to listen to Sami’s explanation, Lucas goes back to his apartment. She then goes after Lucas and ...
Dec. 04, 2007
43x19 43 43x19 Ep. #10712
At the sorority house, Stephanie and the girls confront Ford as he attacks Chelsea. She the makes a break for it by going upstairs, but Ford soon follows her. After struggling for a ...
Dec. 05, 2007
43x20 43 43x20 Ep. #10713
As Lucas and EJ trade insults, Sami visits with her mother and learns about where she was the night EJ got shot. Upon her arrival back at Lucas’ apartment, Sami finds Lucas and EJ ...
Dec. 06, 2007
43x21 43 43x21 Ep. #10714
While visiting with Phillip at Titan, Kate comes up with a plan to make Roman arrest Marlena for her involvement in EJ’s shooting. At Marlena’s, Roman tells her that the bullet ...
Dec. 07, 2007
43x22 43 43x22 Ep. #10715
Upon their arrival in Cincinnati, Bo and Hope locate the warehouse where Kate’s gun was bought and begin searching for the dealer. After a tense face-off with his widow, they learn ...
Dec. 10, 2007
43x23 43 43x23 Ep. #10716
As Shawn and Belle get ready for their High School reunion at the pub, Bo and Hope arrive with Ciara. After telling Shawn and Belle they hope they have a good time, Abe shows up tell ...
Dec. 11, 2007
43x24 43 43x24 Ep. #10717
At the reunion, Chloe rubs in Belle and Shawn’s marriage problems by asking them what it’s like to be married while Phillip unhappily watches what’s going on. Later, when Shawn ...
Dec. 12, 2007
43x25 43 43x25 Ep. #10718
Upon returning to the pub, Shawn and Belle continue to argue about what Belle did and whether Shawn will be able to forgive her. Hope then shows up and promptly learns that Shawn had ...
Dec. 13, 2007
43x26 43 43x26 Ep. #10719
As Phillip enjoys a drink at Chez Rouge, Hope goes to warn him to stay away from Shawn and Belle since she has made her choice. He then tells Hope that if she were to tell Shawn the ...
Dec. 14, 2007
43x27 43 43x27 Ep. #10720
At Chez Rouge, Nick surprises Chelsea with a romantic dinner. When he tells Chelsea that he would like to spend some time together, she has a hard time paying attention to Nick since ...
Dec. 17, 2007
43x28 43 43x28 Ep. #10721
At Lucas’ apartment, Marlena arrives to see Sami. As they talk, Sami confides that she fears that her choosing to end the vendetta by marrying EJ led to Lucas shooting Stefano’s ...
Dec. 18, 2007
43x29 43 43x29 Ep. #10722
After Cordy leaves Chez Rouge, Stephanie tells Max how she helped Cordy out, but is reluctant to tell him about how Ford raped her. When Max tells her who proud he is of her, Stephanie ...
Dec. 19, 2007
43x30 43 43x30 Ep. #10723
While visiting with Marlena, Roman gets a call that the D.A. accepted Marlena’s plea deal and she’ll be doing community service. After Roman tells her the good news, Marlena happily ...
Dec. 20, 2007
43x31 43 43x31 Ep. #10724
After Shawn and Maggie make arrangements for Bo and Hope’s surprise anniversary party, Shawn runs into Chloe, who apologizes for what happened at the reunion. Meanwhile, as Belle ...
Dec. 21, 2007
43x32 43 43x32 Ep. #10725
Lucas informs Sami that he's going to Switzerland to visit Will for Christmas. Sami suspects something isn't right and makes Lucas promise not to go anywhere. Tony encourages EJ to ...
Dec. 24, 2007
43x33 43 43x33 Ep. #10726
Bo talks Hope down from telling Shawn about Belle's affair, saying that Shawn and Belle seem happy. Bo and Hope share a warm toast with their friends and family. Hope makes a moving ...
Dec. 25, 2007
43x34 43 43x34 Ep. #10727
On Christmas morning, Marlena receives an odd call from the dry cleaners, but when she shows up, she meets Crystal, a psychic. Crystal tells Marlena that John is alive! The Hortons ...
Dec. 26, 2007
43x35 43 43x35 Ep. #10728
Upon his arrival at Stefano’s mansion, EJ is in for a surprise when Rolf refuses to let him in. As a result, he decides to break into the mansion and is eventually attacked from behind ...
Dec. 27, 2007
43x36 43 43x36 Ep. #10729
At the mansion, Stefano becomes extremely nervous when Rolf tells him that their houseguest more than likely found a secret way out of the mansion and is now wandering the streets of ...
Dec. 28, 2007
43x37 43 43x37 Ep. #10730
At the pub, Shawn and Belle are decorating the place for the New Year, unaware that Phillip is spying on them. When Shawn is called away to help his grandmother, Phillip decides to ...
Dec. 31, 2007
43x38 43 43x38 Ep. #10731
At the station, Chloe reluctantly agrees to go along with Phillip’s plan to get close to Shawn. He then becomes worried when Chloe tells him about how Brady’s kidnappers took a ...
Jan. 02, 2008
43x39 43 43x39 Ep. #10732
Roman informs Marlena that he hasn't been able to locate Crystal, but he found out more about the woman's medallion in the photo of John's mother. It's a Celtic symbol for a woman warrior. ...
Jan. 03, 2008
43x40 43 43x40 Ep. #10733
EJ tries to warn the police that Lucas is in danger in his jail cell. Not satisfied with their response, EJ gets himself arrested by punching a cop. He's thrown into the same cell as ...
Jan. 04, 2008
43x41 43 43x41 Ep. #10734
Philip meets with Chloe and says he still wants her to buddy up to Shawn even though he and Belle have split. Hope confronts Crystal at the pub and Crystal warns that Marlena is in ...
Jan. 07, 2008
43x42 43 43x42 Ep. #10735
Shawn and Chloe pick up Claire from Philip. Shawn is furious that Belle would leave Claire with him. Lucas refuses to allow Kate to visit him in jail. Billie tells Kate to back off. ...
Jan. 08, 2008
43x43 43 43x43 Ep. #10736
When Belle arrives at the pub to pick up Claire, Hope is cold at first, but the two reach an understanding. Hope later confesses to Kayla that she's not sure if she wants Belle and ...
Jan. 09, 2008
43x44 43 43x44 Ep. #10737
Bo and Hope stake out Crystal's store, hoping to find out more about the mysterious psychic. Bo confronts Crystal and takes her to the station for questioning but she refuses to talk. ...
Jan. 10, 2008
43x45 43 43x45 Ep. #10738
Sami tells Philip she won't take the blame for Lucas shooting EJ and storms out. Back at Sami's apartment, a worried EJ asks her to fight with him against his father and she agrees. ...
Jan. 11, 2008
43x46 43 43x46 Ep. #10739
Sami is impressed with EJ's courage, though he worries he just signed his own death warrant. He confides he betrayed his father so he can be a better man for his son. Sami assures EJ ...
Jan. 14, 2008
43x47 43 43x47 Ep. #10740
At the sorority house, Max and Stephanie come in from a snowball fight and accidentally kiss. Max apologizes, and Steph thanks him for being a good friend. He leaves as Chelsea arrives. ...
Jan. 15, 2008
43x48 43 43x48 Ep. #10741
The police stake out the docks to rescue Belle and Claire upon their arrival. While waiting, Shawn and Philip argue about the best way to save them. Shawn insists they follow Bo's orders ...
Jan. 16, 2008
43x49 43 43x49 Ep. #10742
Shawn visits an unconscious Belle at the hospital and vows to find their daughter. Philip eavesdrops and wonders if Shawn is ready to reconcile with his wife. He asks Chloe to support ...
Jan. 17, 2008
43x50 43 43x50 Ep. #10743
Hope is wary when she learns how much time Sami has been spending with EJ. Sami defends herself, saying EJ has been there for her and the babies, unlike Lucas, who got himself put behind ...
Jan. 18, 2008
43x51 43 43x51 Ep. #10744
While Steve helps Caroline at the pub, Kayla rushes in, alerting her husband that she's ovulating. Steve wants to seduce her on the spot, but she insists they wait until she hits her ...
Jan. 21, 2008
43x52 43 43x52 Ep. #10745
While Stefano is out of the cell, Lucas rifles through his things and finds the cell phone. He calls Sami to ask why she hasn't returned his or his lawyer's messages. Lucas is livid ...
Jan. 22, 2008
43x53 43 43x53 Ep. #10746
Billie pressures Nick to tell what he knows about Ford's disappearance. Nick stays mum, but Billie warns him that he's only hurting Chelsea by keeping her secret. Crawford Decker and ...
Jan. 23, 2008
43x54 43 43x54 Ep. #10747
Shawn and Chloe research the Celtic tattoo Shawn saw on Rob's arm. They hope it will lead them to Claire. Shawn decides to search Crystal's store, and Chloe insists on tagging along. ...
Jan. 24, 2008
43x55 43 43x55 Ep. #10748
John undergoes a psych test, which confirms he doesn't experience emotions; he's like a robot. Later, Sami visits him and he has a strong reaction to seeing her. At the police station, ...
Jan. 25, 2008
43x56 43 43x56 Ep. #10749
At the police station, Marlena exacts her revenge on Stefano by giving him an untraceable drug. Elsewhere, Hope tells Roman and Abe that she would like to come back to work on the force. ...
Jan. 28, 2008
43x57 43 43x57 Ep. #10750
Roman questions Marlena and suspects that she had something to do with Stefano's "stroke." Marlena sneaks into the lab and changes Stefano's test results. Then, she sneaks John out ...
Jan. 29, 2008
43x58 43 43x58 Ep. #10751
During their flight to Ireland, Belle asks for forgiveness, only to learn that Shawn is having a problem trusting her. Later, he and Phillip decide to put their differences aside to ...
Jan. 30, 2008
43x59 43 43x59 Ep. #10752
Before being called to the hospital by Lexie, Tony goes to the pub to talk to Anna. After telling him off for not taking her serious, Anna tells Caroline about how she is being interviewed ...
Jan. 31, 2008
43x60 43 43x60 Ep. #10753
While at the safe house, Sami gets in an argument with Lucas when he calls to see how she’s doing. After she hangs up the phone, EJ tells her that Stefano will no longer be able to ...
Feb. 01, 2008
43x61 43 43x61 Ep. #10754
Lucas tells Sami he confessed to shooting EJ and will be going to prison. Sami is stunned, but promises Lucas will always be the true love of her life. Lexie receives a call from the ...
Feb. 04, 2008
43x62 43 43x62 Ep. #10755
[add summary]
Feb. 05, 2008
43x63 43 43x63 Ep. #10756
John contemplates suicide. Bo stops him, but the two end up in a struggle. Colleen confesses to Grandpa Shawn that she's dying. Philip asks Chloe if she'll stay with Brady if he's found, ...
Feb. 06, 2008
43x64 43 43x64 Ep. #10757
On her deathbed, Colleen gathers her family at the B&B to say good-bye. She implores John to give her a final hug and dies in her son's arms. In private, John grapples with his complicated ...
Feb. 07, 2008
43x65 43 43x65 Ep. #10758
Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Chloe, Grandpa Shawn, Marlena and John gather at an Irish hillside to scatter Colleen's ashes. John later returns to the hillside and sees ...
Feb. 08, 2008
43x66 43 43x66 Ep. #10759
[add summary]
Feb. 11, 2008
43x67 43 43x67 Ep. #10760
The residents of Salem are on their way back from Ireland when their plane begins to malfunction.
Feb. 12, 2008
43x68 43 43x68 Ep. #10761
John goes to the cockpit and finds the pilots have been drugged. Marlena tells everyone this is not an accident - the plane has been tampered with. The oxygen masks drop but some don't ...
Feb. 13, 2008
43x69 43 43x69 Ep. #10762
The passengers on the plane do not have much time left before the oxygen is all gone.
Feb. 14, 2008
43x70 43 43x70 Ep. #10763
Back in Salem, Roman gets word that the pilot never called in a change to the flight plan. Grandpa Shawn makes the ultimate sacrifice for his family.
Feb. 15, 2008
43x71 43 43x71 Ep #10764
Residents of Salem worry about their loved ones when John's plane cannot be located. Bo's life hangs in the balance after the plane crash.
Feb. 18, 2008
43x72 43 43x72 Ep #10765
The survivors of the plane crash try to keep warm while their family back in Salem worries.
Feb. 19, 2008
43x73 43 43x73 Ep #10766
The survivors wake-up pretty close to one another in the tents. Residents back in Salem continue to hope and pray for their loved ones safety.
Feb. 20, 2008
43x74 43 43x74 Ep #10767
Everyone is Salem gathers at the hospital to await their loved ones arrival.
Feb. 21, 2008
43x75 43 43x75 Ep #10768
EJ, Sami, Tony and Anna are in for a shock regarding John. Ava begins harassing Steve.
Feb. 22, 2008

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