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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 42 (2006-2007)

42x01 42 42x01 Ep. #10439
To cap off their fun day at the amusement park, Sami, Lucas, and Will have dinner at the Penthouse Grill. While they are enjoying dinner, Lexie notices them together and can’t believe ...
Nov. 09, 2006
42x02 42 42x02 Ep. #10440
When Hope tells Patrick that Dr. Bader plans to do an amniocentesis, he promptly tells her he won’t allow her to, fearing it will come out that Bo is the father. As a result, the ...
Nov. 10, 2006
42x03 42 42x03 Ep. #10441
In attempt to give John an opportunity to save Kate, Bo talks Sami into keeping E.J. occupied. Once they get Kate out of his apartment, Bo makes Sami feel good by praising her for helping. ...
Nov. 13, 2006
42x04 42 42x04 Ep. #10442
When Steve sees Benjy from outside his quarantine room, he has a flashback of his past. As Victor takes Claire to see a bandaged man at the mansion, Belle tells Shawn she doesn’t ...
Nov. 14, 2006
42x05 42 42x05 Ep. #10443
When Dr. Myers lets Steve know he can be discharged, he is reluctant to do so since Kayla is still in critical condition. Elsewhere, Patrick is less than thrilled when Hope lets him ...
Nov. 15, 2006
42x06 42 42x06 Ep. #10444
At the hospital, Steve encourages Kayla to stay awake by reciting a reading from their wedding. As a result, Steve starts having a flashback of their first kiss, but gets brought back ...
Nov. 16, 2006
42x07 42 42x07 Ep. #10445
After being reunited with Marlena, John refuses to go along with her wishes to stop investigating E.J. At hearing this, Marlena turns to Bo for help in deterring John. Meanwhile at ...
Nov. 17, 2006
42x08 42 42x08 Ep. #10446
After Abe turns down Tek’s idea of searching E.J.’s safe deposit box without a warrant, he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, and runs into Lexie. However, once Tek leaves, Abe ...
Nov. 20, 2006
42x09 42 42x09 Ep. #10447
As Sami and Lucas talk in her apartment, things start to get hot and heavy, but Sami stops for a moment to ask if the only thing they have in common is sex or if it means they have ...
Nov. 21, 2006
42x10 42 42x10 Ep. #10448
As Bo tries to convince Shawn to stop working for E.J., he refuses to listen to his father because he doesn’t believe E.J. is a shady businessman. As this is going on, E.J. is holding ...
Nov. 22, 2006
42x11 42 42x11 Ep. #10449
As the residents of Salem are celebrating Thanksgiving, the Brady family is less than thrilled at seeing Chelsea arriving with Nick. When Chelsea tells Nick that they won’t even give ...
Nov. 24, 2006
42x12 42 42x12 Ep. #10450
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Nov. 27, 2006
42x13 42 42x13 Ep. #10451
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Nov. 28, 2006
42x14 42 42x14 Ep. #10452
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Nov. 29, 2006
42x15 42 42x15 Ep. #10453
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Nov. 30, 2006
42x16 42 42x16 Ep. #10454
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Dec. 01, 2006
42x17 42 42x17 Ep. #10455
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Dec. 04, 2006
42x18 42 42x18 Ep. #10456
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Dec. 05, 2006
42x19 42 42x19 Ep. #10457
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Dec. 06, 2006
42x20 42 42x20 Ep. #10458
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Dec. 07, 2006
42x21 42 42x21 Ep. #10459
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Dec. 08, 2006
42x22 42 42x22 Ep. #10460
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Dec. 11, 2006
42x23 42 42x23 Ep. #10461
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Dec. 12, 2006
42x24 42 42x24 Ep. #10462
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Dec. 13, 2006
42x25 42 42x25 Ep. #10463
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Dec. 14, 2006
42x26 42 42x26 Ep. #10464
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Dec. 15, 2006
42x27 42 42x27 Ep. #10465
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Dec. 18, 2006
42x28 42 42x28 Ep. #10466
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Dec. 19, 2006
42x29 42 42x29 Ep. #10467
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Dec. 20, 2006
42x30 42 42x30 Ep. #10468
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Dec. 21, 2006
42x31 42 42x31 Ep. #10469
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Dec. 22, 2006
42x32 42 42x32 Ep. #10470
Bo and Hope discuss how the fact that Patrick is the father of Hope's child will affect both their relationship and Bo's relationship with the unborn baby. At the Horton's, everyone ...
Dec. 26, 2006
42x33 42 42x33 Ep. #10471
As Chelsea wonders if Nick will tell her about his investigation into the Lonely Splicer, Roman decides to make his move on E.J. While Lucas and Sami are on their way to ski, they get ...
Dec. 27, 2006
42x34 42 42x34 Ep. #10472
As Hope is being held hostage by Patrick, Bo and Roman argue with Patrick over his demands -- $100,000 and a jet or Hope dies. However, Patrick is forced to reevaluate his plan when ...
Dec. 28, 2006
42x35 42 42x35 Ep. #10473
Sami finally convinces E.J. to help her save Lucas, but before he'll help her, he demands something in return -- Sami's body. Sami reluctantly agrees, worrying that if she doesn't Lucas ...
Dec. 29, 2006
42x36 42 42x36 Ep. #10474
At the Java Café, Abby is able to convince Nick to talk to Chelsea about their relationship. As he goes to find her, Chelsea is at Chez Rouge hoping to get a job there. Unsure of how ...
Jan. 01, 2007
42x37 42 42x37 Ep. #10475
When Willow arrives at the restaurant, she gets mad that Maggie hired Chelsea on a trial basis in her job. Maggie’s response is that she thought Willow was in jail but will hire her ...
Jan. 02, 2007
42x38 42 42x38 Ep. #10476
When Bonnie arrives at the police station, she becomes panicked at hearing Mimi found a skeleton with Max. She asks Mimi to go see Patrick with her, to tell him goodbye before he gets ...
Jan. 03, 2007
42x39 42 42x39 Ep. #10477
When Marlena and Belle learn from the doctor that John will most likely not come out of his coma, they refuse to put him in a long term care hospital. Elsewhere, Steve and Kayla go ...
Jan. 04, 2007
42x40 42 42x40 Ep. #10478
When Beverly arrives at the hospital to take Clare, Shawn barricades Belle, the baby, and himself in the chapel. Upon learning of what’s going on, Steve and Kayla go over there in ...
Jan. 05, 2007
42x41 42 42x41 Ep. #10479
Upon their arrival at the pub, Belle and Shawn inform the Brady’s that they lost custody of Claire when Steve and Kayla walk in and explain how Victor is suing for sole custody. Victor ...
Jan. 08, 2007
42x42 42 42x42 Ep. #10480
At Max’s garage, Nick tells Chelsea that he won’t do what she wants anymore, even though he admits to Abby he still loves her. After he goes to help Maggie put her Christmas decorations ...
Jan. 09, 2007
42x43 42 42x43 Ep. #10481
As Mimi is venting to Max about her family, he offers her a place to stay to calm down. It is at this point when Abe shows up to update them about the skeleton they found. He then asks ...
Jan. 10, 2007
42x44 42 42x44 Ep. #10482
As things start to get hot and heavy between Max and Mimi, Shawn shows up and asks them to be character witnesses in the custody trial. While Shawn is on his way home, Belle goes to ...
Jan. 11, 2007
42x45 42 42x45 Ep. #10483
When Abe and Lexie arrive at the morgue, they learn the skeleton was stolen the night before. As they are getting a sketch made up of the suspect, Bonnie and Conner arrive home with ...
Jan. 12, 2007
42x46 42 42x46 Ep. #10484
Before leaving town, Stephanie stops by Max’s garage to let Nick, Abby, and Chelsea that she is leaving Salem. After saying goodbye, she takes one last dig at Chelsea and walks out ...
Jan. 15, 2007
42x47 42 42x47 Ep. #10485
During her visit with John, Marlena, she vows to him that she has no intention of giving up on him. Sami then shows up apologizes to her mother and John for how she treated him over ...
Jan. 16, 2007
42x48 42 42x48 Ep. #10486
After saying a tearful goodbye to Stephanie, Steve has another one of his episodes. Elsewhere, Bo goes to Kayla for advice on what to do with Shawn after what happened at the courthouse. ...
Jan. 17, 2007
42x49 42 42x49 Ep. #10487
After having another episode, Steve asks Bo about getting him a job at the police station, hoping it will aid in overcoming his episodes. At hearing this, Bo decides to have him go ...
Jan. 18, 2007
42x50 42 42x50 Ep. #10488
After running into Kayla, Bo is surprised to learn that Steve went down to Mexico with asking her go with him. In Mexico City, Steve manages to find E.J. and tries to convince him into ...
Jan. 19, 2007
42x51 42 42x51 Ep. #10489
Upon Steve’s arrival back in Salem with E.J.’s travel visa, he and Roman revel in the fact that he will now have to come back to Salem to face attempted murder charges in John’s ...
Jan. 22, 2007
42x52 42 42x52 Ep. #10490
While waiting for news from Steve, Kayla has Marlena lay down to get some rest. After having a dream with John in it, she tells Kayla about it and soon learns about the attacks Steve ...
Jan. 23, 2007
42x53 42 42x53 Ep. #10491
As Steve continues to drive Shawn and Belle to Canada, he starts having his attacks, causing Shawn to take the wheel of the truck. In order to slow down the cops, Steve decides to jump ...
Jan. 24, 2007
42x54 42 42x54 Ep. #10492
When Mimi returns home, she begins to suspect how uptight Bonnie and Conner have been acting. She then goes outsides to see what they’re hiding and discovers they stole the skeleton ...
Jan. 25, 2007
42x55 42 42x55 Ep. #10493
In Canada, Belle and Shawn hide out at the Safe House when they realize they need cash. When Belle suggests selling her wedding ring, Shawn doesn’t like the idea and decides to call ...
Jan. 26, 2007
42x56 42 42x56 Ep. #10494
After Mimi and Max take the bones back to Roman and explain where they were found, Connor and Bonnie refuse to answer any questions. Before they go home, Bonnie asks Roman to do a DNA ...
Jan. 29, 2007
42x57 42 42x57 Ep. #10495
While Max is working at the garage, Phillip show up, demanding answers on where Belle and Shawn are. Despite being bribed, Max refuses, resulting in Phillip’s hasty departure. Abby ...
Jan. 30, 2007
42x58 42 42x58 Ep. #10496
When Shawn goes to get some medicine to help Claire with her teething, some cops are called to the safe house when a couple guys start playing some music loud. As Chelsea and Nick drive ...
Jan. 31, 2007
42x59 42 42x59 Ep. #10497
While Nick and Chelsea fly to Toronto, she finds out that Nick isn’t a virgin anymore and starts to question him about who he was with. At the safe house, Belle and Shawn wonder what ...
Feb. 01, 2007
42x60 42 42x60 Ep. #10498
When Kate has Sami meet with a producer for a show called “Heroes Among Us,” Lucas finds EJ to tell him that he can’t work for him, even after EJ offers him numerous gifts. Later, ...
Feb. 02, 2007
42x61 42 42x61 Ep. #10499
When Kayla and Steve are having dinner, they are less than thrilled at seeing E.J. approach them. As Steve tries to get answers about why he can’t remember anything, E.J. pretends ...
Feb. 05, 2007
42x62 42 42x62 Ep. #10500
At her apartment, a worried Sami calls the network to find out when they are going to air her documentary. She then learns that Kate set her up in an attempt to prove she wasn’t able ...
Feb. 06, 2007
42x63 42 42x63 Ep. #10501
At the hospital, Marlena finally agrees to send John to the rehab center. Before going home, she gets a message from John that they will meet in her dreams. Following Steve’s arraignment, ...
Feb. 07, 2007
42x64 42 42x64 Ep. #10502
While Kate is getting ready for her press conference at Mythic, Lucas shows up, hoping to get her to stop going after Sami for lying. Meanwhile, Sami eventually shows up and is surprised ...
Feb. 08, 2007
42x65 42 42x65 Ep. #10503
After Belle and Shawn get settled in on the cruse ship, Shawn wants to go look around and have a little fun, but Belle is hesitant. She then becomes worried when she notices that Clair ...
Feb. 09, 2007
42x66 42 42x66 Ep. #10504
When Lucas goes to the mansion to ask Victor for his job back, the old man orders Phillip to throw Lucas out. Before Lucas leaves Phillip gives him some cash and promises to hire him ...
Feb. 12, 2007
42x67 42 42x67 Ep. #10505
On the cruse ship, Shawn and Belle try to relax, but start panicking when they see an article about themselves. They then start packing and try to find a way to get off the boat when ...
Feb. 13, 2007
42x68 42 42x68 Ep. #10506
At the hospital, Chelsea gets puzzled when Dr. Reiber tells her that he isn’t Shane Patton. Billie then suggests that maybe Chelsea has a secret admirer pretending to be Shane and ...
Feb. 14, 2007
42x69 42 42x69 Ep. #10507
As Billie is settling into her apartment, she is surprised to find out that she and Chelsea got evicted by Victor. She then goes over to Sami and Lucas’s apartment to find out what’s ...
Feb. 15, 2007
42x70 42 42x70 Ep. #10508
At Bo and Hope’s, he tries to throw Chelsea out of the house after discovering she tried to break up Bo and Hope. After Chelsea leaves, Hope calls Billie to let her know what happened ...
Feb. 16, 2007
42x71 42 42x71 Ep. #10509
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Feb. 19, 2007
42x72 42 42x72 Ep. #10510
[add summary]
Feb. 20, 2007
42x73 42 42x73 Ep. #10511
[add summary]
Feb. 21, 2007
42x74 42 42x74 Ep. #10512
[add summary]
Feb. 22, 2007
42x75 42 42x75 Ep. #10513
[add summary]
Feb. 23, 2007

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