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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 41 (2005-2006)

41x01 41 41x01 Ep. #10183
Alex proposes that he and Kate join forces, but Kate is reluctant to do so. Shawn talks to Belle about how she's going to have to accept that he's going to be with other people, now ...
Nov. 08, 2005
41x02 41 41x02 Ep. #10184
Kate agrees to partner up with Alex. Shawn tells Belle that he wants to be with Mimi, but only if she'll be with him. Marlena begins to remember being in love with John, but wonders ...
Nov. 09, 2005
41x03 41 41x03 Ep. #10185
Both John and Alex fight for Marlena, but Alex receives a fax that tops John's reasons for Marlena to be with him. Billie tells Nicole and Sami to stay away from Austin, then visits ...
Nov. 10, 2005
41x04 41 41x04 Ep. #10186
Hope and Frankie help plan a party for Jack in order for him to impress Jennifer. Sami learns that Eugenia is Lucas's new assistant. Roman drops the divorce papers off at Kate's, and ...
Nov. 11, 2005
41x05 41 41x05 Ep. #10187
Roman, John, and Alex continue to try to sway Marlena's choice, but then announces that she's chosen to be with Alex. John and Roman are shocked by her decision. Belle and Mimi discuss ...
Nov. 14, 2005
41x06 41 41x06 Ep. #10188
Roman and John are still shocked about the evidence that Marlena was once married to Alex. Sami is able to steal the Clear Visage account away from Titan, and Lucas is upset about it. ...
Nov. 15, 2005
41x07 41 41x07 Ep. #10189
Nicole and Roman both wind up at Chez Rouge, and end up spending the evening together at the restaurant. John tries to prove that Alex is a fraud, but Marlena won't listen to him. Phillip ...
Nov. 16, 2005
41x08 41 41x08 Ep. #10190
Sami and Lucas continue to try to land the Clear Visage account for their respective companies. John continues to believe that Alex is lying when he can't find a record of Alex and ...
Nov. 17, 2005
41x09 41 41x09 Ep. #10191
Phillip, Belle, Mimi, and Shawn go on a double date. Jack and Jen continue to share a romantic night together, and while Jennifer is sleeping, Jack begins his plan to kill himself by ...
Nov. 18, 2005
41x10 41 41x10 Ep. #10192
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Nov. 21, 2005
41x11 41 41x11 Ep. #10193
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Nov. 22, 2005
41x12 41 41x12 Ep. #10194
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Nov. 23, 2005
41x13 41 41x13 Ep. #10195
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Nov. 25, 2005
41x14 41 41x14 Ep. #10196
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Nov. 28, 2005
41x15 41 41x15 Ep. #10197
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Nov. 29, 2005
41x16 41 41x16 Ep. #10198
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Nov. 30, 2005
41x17 41 41x17 Ep. #10199
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Dec. 01, 2005
41x18 41 41x18 Ep. #10200
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Dec. 02, 2005
41x19 41 41x19 Ep. #10201
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Dec. 05, 2005
41x20 41 41x20 Ep. #10202
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Dec. 06, 2005
41x21 41 41x21 Ep. #10203
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Dec. 07, 2005
41x22 41 41x22 Ep. #10204
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Dec. 08, 2005
41x23 41 41x23 Ep. #10205
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Dec. 09, 2005
41x24 41 41x24 Ep. #10206
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Dec. 12, 2005
41x25 41 41x25 Ep. #10207
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Dec. 13, 2005
41x26 41 41x26 Ep. #10208
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Dec. 14, 2005
41x27 41 41x27 Ep. #10209
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Dec. 15, 2005
41x28 41 41x28 Ep. #10210
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Dec. 16, 2005
41x29 41 41x29 Ep. #10211
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Dec. 19, 2005
41x30 41 41x30 Ep. #10212
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Dec. 20, 2005
41x31 41 41x31 Ep. #10213
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Dec. 21, 2005
41x32 41 41x32 Ep. #10214
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Dec. 22, 2005
41x33 41 41x33 Ep. #10215
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Dec. 23, 2005
41x34 41 41x34 Ep. #10216
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Dec. 26, 2005
41x35 41 41x35 Ep. #10217
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Dec. 27, 2005
41x36 41 41x36 Ep. #10218
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Dec. 28, 2005
41x37 41 41x37 Ep. #10219
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Dec. 29, 2005
41x38 41 41x38 Ep. #10220
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Dec. 30, 2005
41x39 41 41x39 Ep. #10221
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Jan. 03, 2006
41x40 41 41x40 Ep. #10222
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Jan. 04, 2006
41x41 41 41x41 Ep. #10223
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Jan. 05, 2006
41x42 41 41x42 Ep. #10224
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Jan. 06, 2006
41x43 41 41x43 Ep. #10225
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Jan. 09, 2006
41x44 41 41x44 Ep. #10226
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Jan. 10, 2006
41x45 41 41x45 Ep. #10227
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Jan. 11, 2006
41x46 41 41x46 Ep. #10228
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Jan. 12, 2006
41x47 41 41x47 Ep. #10229
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Jan. 13, 2006
41x48 41 41x48 Ep. #10230
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Jan. 16, 2006
41x49 41 41x49 Ep. #10231
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Jan. 17, 2006
41x50 41 41x50 Ep. #10232
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Jan. 18, 2006
41x51 41 41x51 Ep. #10233
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Jan. 19, 2006
41x52 41 41x52 Ep. #10234
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Jan. 20, 2006
41x53 41 41x53 Ep. #10235
Carrie finds out about Austin taking over her company, and finally figures out that's why he went to Los Angeles. Feeling frustrated, she slaps Austin, leading Sami and Lucas to think ...
Jan. 23, 2006
41x54 41 41x54 Ep. #10236
Billie tells Kate the real reason she confessed. Patrick, still thinking something's not right, heads out to find the truth about Billie's confession. After questioning Chelsea, Patrick ...
Jan. 24, 2006
41x55 41 41x55 Ep. #10237
Despite Bo's pleads to tell the truth, Billie refuses to tell everyone that Chelsea killed Zach, not her. Jennifer tells Hope about the DVD Jack left for her. Chelsea burns her temporary ...
Jan. 25, 2006
41x56 41 41x56 Ep. #10238
Max urges Chelsea to tell the truth, but Chelsea is reluctant to do so. Billie tries to explain why she and Bo were hugging to Hope, but Hope refuses to believe it. Later, Austin, Carrie, ...
Jan. 26, 2006
41x57 41 41x57 Ep. #10239
Bo tells Chelsea that he has to tell Hope the truth, but Chelsea tells him that if he does, he'll lose both her and Hope. Bonnie finds out that Kate also knows that Shawn is Claire's ...
Jan. 27, 2006
41x58 41 41x58 Ep. #10240
Phillip, Belle, Shawn, and Mimi learn that Claire will be able to go home soon. They then talk about the sacrifice that the Brady's had to make in order for Claire's life to be saved. ...
Jan. 30, 2006
41x59 41 41x59 Ep. #10241
Patrick obtains the security tapes from the mart and finds the evidence he needs to prove Billie's innocence. At the courthouse, Lucas and Sami talk about Austin and Carrie's rocky ...
Jan. 31, 2006
41x60 41 41x60 Ep. #10242
John and Marlena visit Claire, happy she's being sent home. Bonnie tells Mimi that Claire is Shawn's baby, not Phillips and then tells her she better marry Shawn as soon as possible. ...
Feb. 01, 2006
41x61 41 41x61 Ep. #10243
Mimi continues to deal with the knowledge that Shawn is the father of Claire and reconsiders her impending marriage to Shawn. Lucas offers Carrie a job at Titan and Austin, despite ...
Feb. 02, 2006
41x62 41 41x62 Ep. #10244
Lucas and Carrie work out the final arrangements about her new job at Titan. Austin confronts Carrie and begs her to let him explain, and she ends up agreeing to do so. Mimi wants to ...
Feb. 03, 2006
41x63 41 41x63 Ep. #10245
Bonnie continues to pressure Mimi about marrying Shawn soon, but Mimi resists, still wanting to tell Shawn the truth about Claire. Hope, already in a fragile mental state, breaks down ...
Feb. 06, 2006
41x64 41 41x64 Ep. #10246
Now that Hope knows the truth about Zach's death, and Bo's role in that death, she struggles with whether or not she can ever forgive Bo. Jennifer tells her that she can't give up on ...
Feb. 07, 2006
41x65 41 41x65 Ep. #10247
Jennifer, Maggie, and Alice try to convince Hope to forgive Bo, but Hope is reluctant to change her mind. Bo is told to arrest Chelsea and he goes with Billie to help Cheslea through ...
Feb. 08, 2006
41x66 41 41x66 Ep. #10248
Prior to Zach's funeral, Hope continues to refuse to talk to Bo after finding out the truth. Shawn stresses over giving Zach's eulogy while Mimi worries about whether or not to tell ...
Feb. 09, 2006
41x67 41 41x67 Ep. #10249
Marlena and Alex spend the day together after Alex feels light headed and Marlena takes him to the penthouse. Alex begins to worry about Lois' threats and decides to leave. John tries ...
Feb. 10, 2006
41x68 41 41x68 Ep. #10250
Bo continues to try to be there for Hope, but she continues to push him away. Bo tries to fix things by arresting Chelsea, but Patrick is the one to comfort Hope. Alex learns that Lois ...
Feb. 13, 2006
41x69 41 41x69 Ep. #10251
Bo sees Patrick comforting Hope, and knowing that he's not able to comfort her upsets him. John reveals Lois and Alex's plot to Marlena. Mimi tells Phillip and Belle about her and Shawn's ...
Feb. 14, 2006
41x70 41 41x70 Ep. #10252
An angry and hurt Hope kicks Bo out of the house. Marlena and John find Lois' body, and it appears that she killed herself. Mimi tells Belle and Phillip about how she and Shawn are ...
Feb. 15, 2006
41x71 41 41x71 Ep. #10253
Bo gets drunk and increasingly angry after Hope kicks him out of the house. Billie finds him and tries to comfort him. John is suspicious of Alex after he and Marlena find Lois' body. ...
Feb. 16, 2006
41x72 41 41x72 Ep. #10254
On the roof, Belle admits her feelings for Shawn. Lois tries to explain the details of what had happened earlier. Kate tries to play matchmaker with Carrie and Austin, even though Carrie ...
Feb. 17, 2006
41x73 41 41x73 Ep. #10255
Billie continues to comfort Bo after his bad night the night before. Belle and Shawn talk about their relationship and try to figure out a way to be just friends. Austin talks to Kate ...
Feb. 21, 2006
41x74 41 41x74 Ep. #10256
Alex visits Marlena and shows her a wedding announcement and a wedding dress. Chelsea talks about her case with Frankie, but Hope continues to refuse to forgive her. Hope and Jen talk ...
Feb. 22, 2006
41x75 41 41x75 Ep. #10257
Billie kicks herself for listening to Chelsea and making it look like she and Bo slept together. Hope and Jennifer see Billie and Bo together, and Hope becomes more certain that she ...
Feb. 23, 2006

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