Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 40 (2004-2005)

40x76 40 40x76 Ep. #10002
Brady tries to convince John to move on in his life with Kate. Shawn tries to pressure Belle into telling Philip about them for his own selfish reasons. Kate is thrilled by the outcome ...
Feb. 23, 2005
40x77 40 40x77 Ep. #10003
Hope eavesdrops on a conversation Bo has with Zack, and is then touched when he prepares a special evening for them. After she helps her with her singing, Clara encourages Chloe not ...
Feb. 24, 2005
40x78 40 40x78 Ep. #10004
Marlena and Roman begin kissing in their sleep, waking to Tony coming into their room to tell them all about Sami's heartache. During their special evening together, Hope can't stop ...
Feb. 25, 2005
40x79 40 40x79 Ep. #10005
Bo stops Billie from going to a hotel and tells her she has to stay at the house, then is shocked when she reminds them that this would have been their wedding anniversary. Tony leaves ...
Feb. 28, 2005
40x80 40 40x80 Ep. #10006
Kate walks in on Shawn in Philip's bathrobe and Belle tries to explain that she dropped some lasagne on him but Kate is furious that Belle is already cheating on Philip so soon after ...
Mar. 01, 2005
40x81 40 40x81 Ep. #10007
Billie fantasizes about the life she, Bo and Georgia could have had as she dreams about all the anniversaries they might have had if Georgia had lived. John hides the pills he got from ...
Mar. 02, 2005
40x82 40 40x82 Ep. #10008
Abby and Jennifer argue after Jennifer realises Abby has changed the grades on her report card but Chelsea convinces her to go back in, only to get upset herself when she sees Patrick ...
Mar. 03, 2005
40x83 40 40x83 Ep. #10009
Mimi is nearly in hysterics over the thought that she cannot ever have children, and Bonnie, Belle, Shawn and Rex all try to offer support. As the search team hunts for Philip in vain, ...
Mar. 04, 2005
40x84 40 40x84 Ep. #10010
John has another rough night so Kate calls Lexie, and after Kate and Lexie talk about the likelihood of Belle committing adultery with Shawn. Jack and Jennifer share a passionate reunion ...
Mar. 07, 2005
40x85 40 40x85 Ep. #10011
Hope maintains her conviction that Georgia probably isn't even alive, sparking criticism from both Bo and Billie, just as a bag of 'Georgia Brady's hair winds up on the doorstep. Kate ...
Mar. 08, 2005
40x86 40 40x86 Ep. #10012
At Chelsea's house, Chelsea and Abby get ready for Chelsea's big night out, with Chelsea decked out to the nines, complete with Jennifer's perfume. Jack and Jennifer are together at ...
Mar. 09, 2005
40x87 40 40x87 Ep. #10013
Chelsea continues to put the moves on Patrick but things are interrupted when Billie shows up to try to convince Chad the bartender to lean on Jenkins to drop the charges against her ...
Mar. 10, 2005
40x88 40 40x88 Ep. #10014
Kate encourages Billie to use Georgia to come between Bo and Hope, but Billie reiterates to her mother that Bo and Hope belong together. Later, Billie tells Bo about Philip being missing ...
Mar. 11, 2005
40x89 40 40x89 Ep. #10015
Belle falls apart while watching the newscast of Philip's abduction. Mimi (knowing Jan is lurking about) suggests Shawn give her some space, so Shawn leaves and when Jan presses him ...
Mar. 14, 2005
40x90 40 40x90 Ep. #10016
Jack realises that the woman he is dealing with is the imposter, which is proven when she takes off her mask and reveals herself. He knocks her out and takes the gun she was holding ...
Mar. 15, 2005
40x91 40 40x91 Ep. #10017
Abby and Chelsea are worried that Patrick will suspect that they were responsible his role in what happened at the Cheatin' Heart, but realise he doesn't suspect a thing. After evading ...
Mar. 16, 2005
40x92 40 40x92 Ep. #10018
Hope encourages Belle to go to Shawn and to be with him, which is overheard by Kate who later confronts Hope and warns her to stop interfering in Belle and Philip's marriage. Still ...
Mar. 17, 2005
40x93 40 40x93 Ep. #10019
Hope attempts to convince Kate that Philip and Belle's marriage was a mistake and that Belle and Shawn have the right to be together, but Kate reminds her that Belle vowed to love, ...
Mar. 18, 2005
40x94 40 40x94 Ep. #10020
Hope is furious to find Bo comforting Billie, and demands that Bo make a choice: it's either her and the boys, or Billie and Georgia, but it can't go both ways. A drugged Jack is propped ...
Mar. 21, 2005
40x95 40 40x95 Ep. #10021
John promises to help Kate find Philip and pops a pill. When Kate catches him she makes good on her threat to call the cops, but hesitates when John warns her she'l' never find her ...
Mar. 22, 2005
40x96 40 40x96 Ep. #10022
Stan/Sami watches as Billie sobs for her daughter on the docks, and is pleased when Billie finds the 'Georgia' doll. While looking for Abby, Patrick finds a sobbing Billie and once ...
Mar. 23, 2005
40x97 40 40x97 Ep. #10023
At the docks, Billie and Patrick both realise that Bo is going to find a way to blame the doll on Patrick. Down there at the same time, Mimi offers to release Rex from their engagement ...
Mar. 24, 2005
40x98 40 40x98 Ep. #10024
Jack manages to knock Tony out and see Marlena and Roman, but Bart soon returns him to his cell. Later, Tony torments Marlena and Roman with images of Kate and John having sex, and ...
Mar. 25, 2005
40x99 40 40x99 Ep. #10025
Bo and Hope find Shawn and Belle in bed together, and while Bo pulls Shawn aside to talk to him about what he's been doing lately, Hope is secretly pleased that her son is involved ...
Mar. 28, 2005
40x100 40 40x100 Ep. #10026
While Belle advises Hope that she is not going to go forward with her relationship with Shawn until after she has a chance to tell her husband the truth, Shawn accuses Bo of being too ...
Mar. 29, 2005
40x101 40 40x101 Ep. #10027
During a talk with Bo, Shawn begins to have more flashbacks of his time with Jan, and his father makes him swear to talk to him before he confronts Jan. In the castle, Marlena and Roman ...
Mar. 30, 2005
40x102 40 40x102 Ep. #10028
While talking about the marriage that never happened, Will asks his father if he thinks maybe Kate could have been to blame, but Lucas assures his son that Kate is innocent. Mimi is ...
Mar. 31, 2005
40x103 40 40x103 Ep. #10029
Mimi and Lucas search Sami's apartment looking for signs of the mystery man while Stan/Sami hides in the closet, and Stan/Sami is furious to hear Mimi blame Sami's bad karma for everyone's ...
Apr. 01, 2005
40x104 40 40x104 Ep. #10030
Nancy again tries to get Chloe to tell Brady that she is really alive by showing her a newspaper clipping of Nicole and Brady together. Chloe agrees to tell him the truth, but changes ...
Apr. 04, 2005
40x105 40 40x105 Ep. #10031
John confronts Stan/Sami on the docks and after hearing him on the phone threatens to sic the ISA on him. While the two struggle, John realises Stan is actually a woman. When Mimi receives ...
Apr. 05, 2005
40x106 40 40x106 Ep. #10032
Chelsea and Abby watch jealously as Billie and Patrick make plans to go to the Alice's, and once there, Chelsea learns Billie is a recovering alcoholic and spikes her drink. Bo and ...
Apr. 06, 2005
40x107 40 40x107 Ep. #10033
Hope ruins the afterglow of making love with Bo on the boat by bringing up all the good times Bo and Billie had together on the Fancy Face. She suggests Patrick as a good man for Billie, ...
Apr. 07, 2005
40x108 40 40x108 Ep. #10034
After hearing noises from upstairs, Bo and Hope walk in on Patrick and Billie in the aftermath of having sex. Hope finds the whole situation amusing until Bo blows up at Hope. Once ...
Apr. 08, 2005
40x109 40 40x109 Ep. #10035
While examining Jan, Lexie realises she has a skull fracture and will probably have some brain damage. Tek is the officer in charge of the investigation, and Lexie suggests that Mimi ...
Apr. 11, 2005
40x110 40 40x110 Ep. #10036
Tek tries to get more information about Jan's attack from Mimi, but Bonnie realises her daughter was the one who attacked Jan and covers for her, saying she was in the backroom at Alice's. ...
Apr. 12, 2005
40x111 40 40x111 Ep. #10037
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Apr. 13, 2005
40x112 40 40x112 Ep. #10038
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Apr. 14, 2005
40x113 40 40x113 Ep. #10039
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Apr. 15, 2005
40x114 40 40x114 Ep. #10040
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Apr. 18, 2005
40x115 40 40x115 Ep. #10041
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Apr. 19, 2005
40x116 40 40x116 Ep. #10042
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Apr. 20, 2005
40x117 40 40x117 Ep. #10043
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Apr. 21, 2005
40x118 40 40x118 Ep. #10044
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Apr. 22, 2005
40x119 40 40x119 Ep. #10045
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Apr. 25, 2005
40x120 40 40x120 Ep. #10046
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Apr. 26, 2005
40x121 40 40x121 Ep. #10047
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Apr. 27, 2005
40x122 40 40x122 Ep. #10048
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Apr. 28, 2005
40x123 40 40x123 Ep. #10049
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Apr. 29, 2005
40x124 40 40x124 Ep. #10050
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May. 02, 2005
40x125 40 40x125 Ep. #10051
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May. 03, 2005
40x126 40 40x126 Ep. #10052
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May. 04, 2005
40x127 40 40x127 Ep. #10053
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May. 05, 2005
40x128 40 40x128 Ep. #10054
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May. 06, 2005
40x129 40 40x129 Ep. #10055
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May. 07, 2005
40x130 40 40x130 Ep. #10056
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May. 10, 2005
40x131 40 40x131 Ep. #10057
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May. 11, 2005
40x132 40 40x132 Ep. #10058
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May. 12, 2005
40x133 40 40x133 Ep. #10059
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May. 13, 2005
40x134 40 40x134 Ep. #10060
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May. 16, 2005
40x135 40 40x135 Ep. #10061
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May. 17, 2005
40x136 40 40x136 Ep. #10062
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May. 18, 2005
40x137 40 40x137 Ep. #10063
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May. 19, 2005
40x138 40 40x138 Ep. #10064
[add summary]
May. 20, 2005
40x139 40 40x139 Ep. #10065
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May. 23, 2005
40x140 40 40x140 Ep. #10066
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May. 24, 2005
40x141 40 40x141 Ep. #10067
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May. 25, 2005
40x142 40 40x142 Ep. #10068
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May. 26, 2005
40x143 40 40x143 Ep. #10069
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May. 27, 2005
40x144 40 40x144 Ep. #10070
The Marines arrive to save our hostages and Tony is arrested. Philip finds himself in a life threatening situation. Bo plans a romantic getaway with Hope.
May. 30, 2005
40x145 40 40x145 Ep. #10071
Roman suggests a welcome home party for everyone, held at Alice's.
May. 31, 2005
40x146 40 40x146 Ep. # 10072
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Jun. 01, 2005
40x147 40 40x147 Ep. #10073
Jack collapses on the kitchen floor!
Jun. 02, 2005
40x148 40 40x148 Ep. #10074
Welcome home from the war zone everyone; the party commences at Alice's.
Jun. 06, 2005
40x149 40 40x149 Ep. #10075
Brady is in s rush to get back to Salem after hearing Chloe's voice on the phone. A tearful Mimi learns that the judge has moved up her sentencing to the same day as her wedding to ...
Jun. 07, 2005
40x150 40 40x150 Ep. #10076
Chloe has made a decision about Brady. Bo and Roman vow to find Victor and Caroline.
Jun. 08, 2005

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