Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 40 (2004-2005)

40x01 40 40x01 Ep. #9927
Sami goes to the Carver home to confront Brandon and ask that he leave town, but Lexie informs her that he has already left. Adrift in the ocean, Caroline, Victor, Jack, Cassie, Roman ...
Nov. 08, 2004
40x02 40 40x02 Ep. #9928
The Salem crew managed to convince the coast guard to check out the Japanese trawler to see if there are any survivors on board. After talking to Belle about adjusting Caroline's wedding ...
Nov. 09, 2004
40x03 40 40x03 Ep. #9929
In the seas, the coast guard searches for the fishing trawler, and some of the Salemnites begin to make their way home. Bonnie is desperate to get Mickey to the justice of the peace ...
Nov. 10, 2004
40x04 40 40x04 Ep. #9930
Julie is shocked and happy to learn that not only is Doug alive, but Maggie is alive as well! Shawn is shocked to find his parents alive and well in the doorway. Kate walks into a hospital ...
Nov. 11, 2004
40x05 40 40x05 Ep. #9931
Jennifer and Patrick make it home to Abby, who introduces them to her friend Chelsea before meeting her new brother, Jack Patrick Jr. Lexie consults Dr. Nash on Abe's eye problems, ...
Nov. 12, 2004
40x06 40 40x06 Ep. #9932
Abby is devastated to realise that Jack is gone for real this time and blames Jennifer, telling her she wishes she were the one who died. Lexie is worried when Brandon decides to hang ...
Nov. 15, 2004
40x07 40 40x07 Ep. #9933
Roman and Marlena come to on the crawler, and are shocked to realise that Tony has taken their blood and clothes to make their families believe that they are dead. Tek has the unwelcome ...
Nov. 16, 2004
40x08 40 40x08 Ep. #9934
Billie admits to Patrick that she was only on the island because she allowed herself to be kidnapped so the ISA could get access to the DiMera mainframe. Sami allows Brandon to comfort ...
Nov. 17, 2004
40x09 40 40x09 Ep. #9935
Bonnie suggests she and Mickey get an annulment in an attempt to manipulate him into choosing her, but he surprises her when he admits that may be for the best. Brandon tries to get ...
Nov. 18, 2004
40x10 40 40x10 Ep. #9936
Shawn denies his father's insistence that he is in love with Belle and affirms that he plans to marry Jan, then reminds Bo about both Billie and Carly when Bo tries to tell him there ...
Nov. 19, 2004
40x11 40 40x11 Ep. #9937
Before Belle can accept Philip's proposal, a jealous Shawn starts slinging the insults, leaving Belle crushed. After a quick visit to see John and ask for his blessing, Philip again ...
Nov. 22, 2004
40x12 40 40x12 Ep. #9938
Bo is desperate to get to Billie before she can get on the plane as he has news for her that will change her life. While Patrick joins forces with Bo to help him, Hope goes to see Jennifer ...
Nov. 23, 2004
40x13 40 40x13 Ep. #9939
Jan wakes up alone, not realising Shawn has gone to Alice's at Mimi's request, and when she finds Belle alone, she brags about her and Shawn's romance. Philip returns from the roof, ...
Nov. 24, 2004
40x14 40 40x14 Ep. #9940
Sami's perfect Thanksgiving is ruined when she and Lucas take things into the bedroom and the turkey burns. Kate shows up and saves the day by announcing she has the perfect place for ...
Nov. 26, 2004
40x15 40 40x15 Ep. #9941
When Belle and Philip announce that they plan to get married on the same day as Lucas and Sami, Sami is furious, feeling that Belle is turning into another Carrie. When Belle suggests ...
Nov. 29, 2004
40x16 40 40x16 Ep. #9942
Nicole breaks the news to Jan that neither Colin nor Victor died when they thought they did, meaning she isn't really a murderer. Jan warns her that she could still blow her out of ...
Nov. 30, 2004
40x17 40 40x17 Ep. #9943
Although Belle admits to Shawn that she still has feelings for him, a desperate Jan gets him drunk back at the loft to keep him away from Belle. Sami is frantic to elope before Celeste's ...
Dec. 01, 2004
40x18 40 40x18 Ep. #9944
Philip agrees that it is a good idea that Belle can figure out whether it is he or Shawn in her heart before the wedding, but Jan, not willing to leave anything up to chance, plies ...
Dec. 02, 2004
40x19 40 40x19 Ep. #9945
Despite their romantic rendezvous in the shower, Brady is relieved that he and Chloe didn't actually make love. Tony pays a visit to Caroline and Victor in his castle and gives them ...
Dec. 03, 2004
40x20 40 40x20 Ep. #9946
As Bo and Billie discover information that leads them to believe that Georgia is being held prisoner in the DiMera castle, Jennifer warns Hope that Billie will do whatever she has to ...
Dec. 06, 2004
40x21 40 40x21 Ep. #9947
Sami and Lucas are devastated to realise that since Sami never filed the annulment papers at the courthouse that she and Brandon are still legally married. Hope is furious to learn ...
Dec. 07, 2004
40x22 40 40x22 Ep. #9948
Mimi calls Belle and leaves a message for Shawn, but while driving with Belle to meet her, they have an accident. Sami, Brandon and Lucas skid off the road in a snowstorm. Hope's power ...
Dec. 08, 2004
40x23 40 40x23 Ep. #9949
Jan leaves Mimi locked in the cage, but Mimi manages to turn the tables. Shawn pulls Belle onto the riverbank and revives her. Kate arrives to pick up Lucas at the gas station. Trapped ...
Dec. 09, 2004
40x24 40 40x24 Ep. #9950
Brandon admits he loves Sami but vows not to come between her and Lucas. Shawn and Belle try to get warm and dry in the barn. Kate tells Lucas that marrying Sami is a mistake. Mimi ...
Dec. 10, 2004
40x25 40 40x25 Ep. #9951
Hope tries to reach Bo on their old satellite phone. The barn catches fire with Shawn and Belle inside. Roman continues to work on escape plans. Billie and Bo reach the DiMera castle. ...
Dec. 13, 2004
40x26 40 40x26 Ep. #9952
Shawn and Belle are rushed to the hospital after the fire. Kate bribes the psychic to give Mimi faulty information. Bo and Billie find clues leading them to Georgia. Rex questions Mimi ...
Dec. 14, 2004
40x27 40 40x27 Ep. #9953
Bo and Billie find Georgia's room and a locked file cabinet. Lucas overhears Sami begging Brandon to stay in Salem. Shawn wonders if his memory is playing tricks on him. Belle tells ...
Dec. 15, 2004
40x28 40 40x28 Ep. #9954
Shawn and Belle have a talk but the misunderstandings continue. Roman and Marlena hear the explosion and hope for a rescue. Bart and the guards try to break down the door. Hope seeks ...
Dec. 16, 2004
40x29 40 40x29 Ep. #9955
Mimi brings Shawn, Belle, Philip and Rex to Jan's country house. Chloe's doctor tells her of a surgeon who may be able to help. Bo and Billie are determined to find their daughter. ...
Dec. 17, 2004
40x30 40 40x30 Ep. #9956
Determined to expose Jan, Mimi leads Philip, Rex, Shawn and Belle to the place where Shawn's cage was. Bo and Billie are left for dead in a pit filled with snakes. Shawn begins to have ...
Dec. 20, 2004
40x31 40 40x31 Ep. #9957
Jan accidentally admits that she held Shawn against his will. Bo overcomes the snakes but falls on a sharp spike. Nicole feels festive but Brady's mind is on Chloe. Rex finds a small ...
Dec. 21, 2004
40x32 40 40x32 Ep. #9958
Nicole tells Brandon she is tired of competing with a ghost for Brady's love. Bonnie encourages Mimi to tell Rex about the abortion. Sami asks Julie for advice on Brandon and Lucas. ...
Dec. 22, 2004
40x33 40 40x33 Ep. #9959
Bo, trying to find a flight, meets an old man named Wenceslas. Tony gives Jack a video featuring Jennifer with Patrick. Bo is anxious to get home to his family for Christmas. Grandpa ...
Dec. 23, 2004
40x34 40 40x34 Ep. #9960
Billie is stung when she sees Bo with his family at church. Bo surprises Hope and Zack, dressed up as Santa Claus. Bo and Shawn fight at the Horton Christmas party. Sami makes a scene ...
Dec. 24, 2004
40x35 40 40x35 Ep. #9961
Rex and Billie try to authenticate the message to see if it is really from Georgia. Belle sees the Christmas card Sami sent to John and is furious. Shawn awakens with a hangover and ...
Dec. 27, 2004
40x36 40 40x36 Ep. #9962
Belle learns that Philip is about to ship out. Sami apologizes to John for sending the card. Nancy scolds Chloe for not going to Brady. Nicole fantasizes about marrying Brady. Brady ...
Dec. 28, 2004
40x37 40 40x37 Ep. #9963
Belle, Philip, Rex, Mimi and Kate work frantically to pull off the wedding. Despite hazy fantasies of marrying Shawn, Belle says she loves Philip. Sami throws a tantrum because she ...
Dec. 29, 2004
40x38 40 40x38 Ep. #9964
Bo tells Billie she can't search for Georgia with Patrick, and she appears to acquiesce. John struggles to stand so he can walk his daughter down the aisle. Mimi persuades Belle to ...
Dec. 30, 2004
40x39 40 40x39 Ep. #9965
Brady and Nicole have an accident on the way to the church. Shawn tries to return Belle's call but Kate intercepts it. Jan drugs Shawn to keep him from going to the church. John gives ...
Dec. 31, 2004
40x40 40 40x40 Ep. #9966
Belle hesitates as it comes time to walk down the aisle, as Shawn is determined to stop her from marrying Philip. Billie is determined to leave Salem to search for Georgia, but Bo manages ...
Jan. 03, 2005
40x41 40 40x41 Ep. #9967
Shawn crashes into the church, injuring both Belle and Philip. As a result of the crash, St. Luke's catches fire. Shawn apologizes to Belle, but that's no comfort to Philip. Billie ...
Jan. 04, 2005
40x42 40 40x42 Ep. #9968
Shawn demands Belle tell him if he was too late, and if she and Philip are married. He is crushed when she tells him they are. Lucas warns Sami that she cannot make trouble for people, ...
Jan. 05, 2005
40x43 40 40x43 Ep. #9969
Kate warns Mimi that she had better not interfere in Philip and Belle's marriage, but Mimi is firmed that, married or not, Belle belongs with Shawn, not Philip. After Shawn and Philip ...
Jan. 06, 2005
40x44 40 40x44 Ep. #9970
Mickey calls Hope to tell her that Shawn has been arrested and it currently at the police station. Kate calls in a personal favor with Judge Fitzpatrick to make sure Shawn faces maximum ...
Jan. 07, 2005
40x45 40 40x45 Ep. #9971
After Billie overhears a furious Hope argue with Billie over why he went to Europe, she encourages him to go home and promises to call if anything comes up. She doesn't mention that ...
Jan. 10, 2005
40x46 40 40x46 Ep. #9972
Belle continues to wonder why Shawn stopped the wedding, but when Shawn shows up to see Belle, Philip will not let him in. Chelsea continues her quest to make Patrick fall in love with ...
Jan. 11, 2005
40x47 40 40x47 Ep. #9973
When Brady confronts his father about his drug problem, John turns the tables on his son and brings up his relationship with Nicole. Shawn begs Mimi to help him meet up with Bellle ...
Jan. 12, 2005
40x48 40 40x48 Ep. #9974
Jan is determined to punish Mimi for crossing her, and starts telling Rex about Mimi's abortion. Brady confronts John about his drug usage, and John insists the drugs were prescribed ...
Jan. 13, 2005
40x49 40 40x49 Ep. #9975
Brady believes John when he insists he doesn't have a drug problem and that it's a one-time only thing, but Nicole is convinced that John is lying to them. Kate also believed him, but ...
Jan. 14, 2005
40x50 40 40x50 Ep. #9976
Jennifer is surprised when Patrick defends Billie, and wonders if he is developing feelings for her. Kate and John again argue as she tries to get him to give up the drugs, but he refuses. ...
Jan. 17, 2005
40x51 40 40x51 Ep. #9977
After blasting Mimi for helping Shawn and Belle meet in secret, Sami overhears Jan warn Mimi that if she keeps helping Shawn and Belle, she'll tell the truth about the abortion. Nancy ...
Jan. 18, 2005
40x52 40 40x52 Ep. #9978
Maggie offers Bonnie a check to leave town, but Bonnie tells her she's going to stick it out as Mrs. Mickey Horton. Nicole faints after seeing Chloe in the closet, but by the time she ...
Jan. 19, 2005
40x53 40 40x53 Ep. #9979
Via closed-circuit camera Marlena and Roman watch, their hearts breaking, as John and Kate lay in bed together, not realising Kate is only trying to help John deal with his withdrawal ...
Jan. 21, 2005
40x54 40 40x54 Ep. #9980
Sami visits Father Jansen at the rectory to talk about her upcoming wedding, and confesses to him all she knows about Mimi's secret abortion, John's drug usage, Jan's abduction and ...
Jan. 24, 2005
40x55 40 40x55 Ep. #9981
Billie wakes from a dream where she and Georgia had reunited, and swears to Bo that she knows their daughter is there. Sami promises Lucas she will play nice as they go to the penthouse ...
Jan. 25, 2005
40x56 40 40x56 Ep. #9982
Shawn continues to beg Mimi to help him get close to Belle, but Mimi tells him she can't continue to lie to Philip. Hope and Patrick arrive in Europe to find Bo and Billie, who are ...
Jan. 26, 2005
40x57 40 40x57 Ep. #9983
After finding out that Brandon received the e-mail, Eugenia (who used to be a travel agent) hacks into the airline database to find out if Brandon has purchased a ticket yet. Philip ...
Jan. 27, 2005
40x58 40 40x58 Ep. #9984
Bo and Billie believe they have finally found their daughter, Georgia, but the girl's adoptive parents have other ideas. While Kate and Eugenia still make their plans to break up Brandon ...
Jan. 28, 2005
40x59 40 40x59 Ep. #9985
Philip talks about a marine buddy of his who received a Dear John letter and ended up never going home. Jan gives Mimi and Rex a gift of a very realistic looking doll, prompting Rex ...
Jan. 31, 2005
40x60 40 40x60 Ep. #9986
Belle decides now is the time to tell Philip that she wants to be with Shawn instead, but Philip gets a call and has to ship out that very day. Mimi tearfully tells Rex all about her ...
Feb. 01, 2005
40x61 40 40x61 Ep. #9987
Rex finds Mimi packing and tells her to just ignore crazy Jan, admitting that he fell asleep in the bathtub and missed her whole confession. Bo gets jealous as he first sees the picture ...
Feb. 02, 2005
40x62 40 40x62 Ep. #9988
When her plan to shut the lights down doesn't work, Jan finds a group of marines and tells them about Shawn trying to break up the marriage of one of their friends, so they rough him ...
Feb. 03, 2005
40x63 40 40x63 Ep. #9989
Jan reminds Belle how much Philip loves her, and how his death will be on her hands, and Belle tries to convince her how much she loves Philip. Jan points out that at least Shawn has ...
Feb. 04, 2005
40x64 40 40x64 Ep. #9990
Shawn pushes Belle to dump Philip by e-mail, but Belle thinks it would just be too cruel. Later in the loft, Belle is swamped with memories of her first love, which overshadow her memories ...
Feb. 07, 2005
40x65 40 40x65 Ep. #9991
Shawn continues to push Belle to tell Philip that things are over between them. Although Belle protests and tells him she loves her husband too, it isn't long before she's preparing ...
Feb. 08, 2005
40x66 40 40x66 Ep. #9992
Jack is pleased to realise they're approaching land as he happens to pick up a Salem radio station on the radio. Back in Salem, Jennifer listens to the same station after being comforted ...
Feb. 09, 2005
40x67 40 40x67 Ep. #9993
Lucas refuses to believe that Sami would cheat on him the eve of their wedding, but Kate maintains that she is with Brandon at that moment. When a phone call elicits no response, Lucas ...
Feb. 10, 2005
40x68 40 40x68 Ep. #9994
Bo surprises Hope with a romantic Valentine's Day surprise, but their evening together is interrupted when Bo gets a call from a fellow officer, who has just arrested Billie for being ...
Feb. 11, 2005
40x69 40 40x69 Ep. #9995
Sami and Brandon wake to hear an angry knocking on the door. Both are shocked to realise they're in bed together. Sami dives under the covers as Brandon lets Lucas in the door. Bonnie ...
Feb. 14, 2005
40x70 40 40x70 Ep. #9996
Roman and Marlena take a trip down memory lane as Tony pipes rose scent into their room, then watch on the T.V. as Kate, dressed in Marlena's pyjamas, snuggles with John. Bo goes down ...
Feb. 15, 2005
40x71 40 40x71 Ep. #9997
Lucas tells a devastated Will that Sami chose Brandon over them, and there will be no wedding. Meanwhile, Sami dressed in her wedding dress and shows up at Lucas' door. Brady and John ...
Feb. 16, 2005
40x72 40 40x72 Ep. #9998
While Belle comforts Mimi in Salem, Philip's buddy Jake tells him about a dangerous mission coming up and how they need volunteers. Philip volunteers in the hopes he can get home sooner. ...
Feb. 17, 2005
40x73 40 40x73 Ep. #9999
Belle talks to Mimi, and tries to convince her that everything will be alright between her and Rex, and when Rex comes in, Mimi tells him that it's time she tell him the truth. Philip ...
Feb. 18, 2005
40x74 40 40x74 Ep. #10000
Belle realises that Philip has signed up for a dangerous mission just to get home and knows she can't put him at risk by breaking his heart now, but changes her mind when Shawn keeps ...
Feb. 21, 2005
40x75 40 40x75 Ep. #10001
Patrick and Jennifer talk about Billie and although Patrick defends her, Jennifer swears she knows Billie and that Billie will do anything she has to in order to get what she wants. ...
Feb. 22, 2005

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