Nov. 08, 1965
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Days of our Lives

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and other families of Salem, as their relationships forge romance, adventure, mystery, comedy, and drama.

Days of our Lives Season 38 (2002-2003)

38x01 38 38x01 Ep. #9430
Isabella appears to Brady and tells him to help Chloe find her father. Nancy and Craig discuss names for the baby. John is shocked to realise he nearly shot Shane Donovan. Billie is ...
Nov. 08, 2002
38x02 38 38x02 Ep. #9431
Craig, Nancy and Chloe learn the baby is a girl and a match for Chloe. Hope sees Billie talking to Larry and realizes she was in on her abduction. After Billie leaves, Larry comes in ...
Nov. 11, 2002
38x03 38 38x03 Ep. #9432
Rolf tries to reassure Tony that the fugue states are only temporary. Billie warns Larry that Roman is beginning to suspect that Lexie was framed. Nicole realises that Sami set her ...
Nov. 12, 2002
38x04 38 38x04 Ep. #9433
Bo's attempt to attack the truth of out Lexie get him arrested by Abe. Billie is shocked to learn that she isn't really a member of the I.S.A. Craig asks Brady's help in finding Frederick ...
Nov. 13, 2002
38x05 38 38x05 Ep. #9434
Bo gathers the family (sans Colin) for a meeting about Hope. After examining Billie, Craig believes she might be brain damaged. Philip tells Kate about seeing Chloe and Brady kiss. ...
Nov. 14, 2002
38x06 38 38x06 Ep. #9435
Brady and Chloe go Hollywood, but there's trouble on the plane. At the Brady Pub, Shawn refuses to accept his mother's death and Bo tries his best to comfort him. The Brady's receive ...
Nov. 15, 2002
38x07 38 38x07 Ep. #9436
Brandon and Sami enjoy a romantic getaway. Jennifer tells Jack that she can't write the story, and asks him to. Bo is arrested for Lexie's murder.
Nov. 18, 2002
38x08 38 38x08 Ep. #9437
While Craig hunts Sykes in Salem, Brady and Chloe are forced into an emergency landing.
Nov. 19, 2002
38x09 38 38x09 Ep. #9438
Sami and Brandon vow their eternal love to one another. Philip tells a reporter that they may have to take Billie off life support.
Nov. 20, 2002
38x10 38 38x10 Ep. #9439
Marlena's trapped in the secret passage, and John demands Tony tell him where she is. In the passage, Marlena discovers a life sized portrait of herself, and a note that she urgently ...
Nov. 21, 2002
38x11 38 38x11 Ep. #9440
A tearful Kate signs the papers to take Billie off life support. Marlena helps John save Tony's life.
Nov. 22, 2002
38x12 38 38x12 Ep. #9441
John is shocked to think that Tony DiMera may be his half-brother. Jack is shocked to learn that Hope was kidnapped by Larry Welch. Brandon blames Abe for Lexie's death.
Nov. 25, 2002
38x13 38 38x13 Ep. #9442
Jack is angry to know that Jennifer knew the truth all along, and is even more shocked to realise Billie is still alive. Lexie defends Tony to Abe, then tells Abe she never wants to ...
Nov. 26, 2002
38x14 38 38x14 Ep. #9443
Abe is trying to reconnect with Lexie, but the only man in her mind is Brandon. Hope and Bo worry because Larry's body hasn't turned up yet. Billie, Kate, and Philip have a lonely ...
Nov. 27, 2002
38x15 38 38x15 Ep. #9444
Craig is shocked and thrilled to realise that he is Chloe's biological father. Chloe and Brady exchange 'I love you's. Sami tells Lexie that Brandon is hers and hers alone. Stefano's ...
Nov. 29, 2002
38x16 38 38x16 Ep. #9445
John and Tony fight over Marlena. Brady and Chloe consummate their love. Craig faces an agonizing decision.
Dec. 02, 2002
38x17 38 38x17 Ep. #9446
Billie is suspended! Nicole threatens Kate. Rolf programs the twins to protect all DiMeras.
Dec. 03, 2002
38x18 38 38x18 Ep. #9447
Hope confronts Billie, with violent consequences. Larry reveals his secret ally.
Dec. 04, 2002
38x19 38 38x19 Ep. #9448
Cassie and Rex plot to attack Kate. Marlena's nightmare troubles John. Tony starts to decipher Stefano's journal.
Dec. 05, 2002
38x20 38 38x20 Ep. #9449
Brady and Chloe return to Salem and Chloe's new found happiness is shattered when she learns the truth about Nancy's grave condition; Lexie learns that she's pregnant...which Sami overhears. ...
Dec. 06, 2002
38x21 38 38x21 Ep. #9450
Tony learns just how far the Brady/DiMera feud goes back. Shawn throws Belle a belated birthday party. Sami tries to get Brandon to impregnate her.
Dec. 09, 2002
38x22 38 38x22 Ep. #9451
Sami discovers Kate in Roman's arms; Chloe makes it clear to Philip that she loves Brady.
Dec. 10, 2002
38x23 38 38x23 Ep. #9452
Brandon learns of Lexie's pregnancy; Cynthia agrees to help Cassie pursue Shawn.
Dec. 11, 2002
38x24 38 38x24 Ep. #9453
Colin prepares to kill Bo; Cassie and Rex attempt to poison Kate; Hope's halllucinations worsen.
Dec. 12, 2002
38x25 38 38x25 Ep. #9454
John receives final proof that Tony is his brother! Shawn tells Belle he's ready to make love. The twins uncover another DiMera secret. Hope suffers from post-traumatic stress.
Dec. 13, 2002
38x26 38 38x26 Ep. #9455
Billie is tempted to drown her sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart. Jack and Jennifer call a truce for the holidays.
Dec. 16, 2002
38x27 38 38x27 Ep. #9456
Nancy takes legal steps to protect her unborn child. Larry threatens Colin after Colin makes a grim discovery.
Dec. 17, 2002
38x28 38 38x28 Ep. #9457
Jennifer learns the truth about Colin's motives. Sami plots to learn the paternity of Lexie's baby.
Dec. 18, 2002
38x29 38 38x29 Ep. #9458
Nicole unwittingly saves Victor's life. Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Philip prepare for the Hartley House ""Winter Solstice"" party.
Dec. 19, 2002
38x30 38 38x30 Ep. #9459
PREVIEW: Philip is devastated to learn that Brady and Chloe have been intimate; Nancy's life and that of her unborn child's - hangs in the balance. Also, Jennifer makes a heartfelt ...
Dec. 20, 2002
38x31 38 38x31 Ep. #9460
PREVIEW: Billie submits to a lie detector test; Lexie reveals the father of her baby; Colin resorts to blackmail to get what he wants; Nancy, Craig and Chloe pray for a Christmas miracle. ...
Dec. 23, 2002
38x32 38 38x32 Ep. #9461
Christmas Eve in Salem! PREVIEW: The Horton family gathers for Christmas with their famous decorating tradition; Chloe and Brady make love under the Christmas tree. SUMMARY: At the ...
Dec. 24, 2002
38x33 38 38x33 Ep. #9462
Christmas in Salem! PREVIEW: Philip says a final goodbye to Chloe and Salem before departing on a life-altering adventure. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Bo, Hope and Shawn celebrate ...
Dec. 25, 2002
38x34 38 38x34 Ep. #9463
PREVIEW: John and Marlena learn the truth about John's biological father; Hope continues to have ""visions"" of Larry. SUMMARY: In Collin's hotel room, he looks at a photo of him and ...
Dec. 26, 2002
38x35 38 38x35 Ep. #9464
PREVIEW:Chloe learns that Craig is her father; Victor catches Nicole in a huge lie; Colin vows to keep Jack away from Jennifer. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Colin goes to see Jennifer ...
Dec. 27, 2002
38x36 38 38x36 Ep. #9465
PREVIEW: Hope gets a birthday surprise from Bo; Jen and Colin make love; Brandon vows to protect Nicole from Colin. SUMMARY: At the Brady House, Hope comes downstairs, worried that ...
Dec. 30, 2002
38x37 38 38x37 Ep. #9466
PREVIEW: Hope overhears Colin's plan to murder Bo. Cassie vows to stop Belle and Shawn from spending New Year's Eve together. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Tony slips and calls Cassie ...
Dec. 31, 2002
38x38 38 38x38 Ep. #9467
PREVIEW: It's New Year's Eve, and the residents of Salem prepare for the Kirikas/Walker wedding; Colin earns more animosity than he already has; Hope is still seeing Larry everywhere. ...
Jan. 02, 2003
38x39 38 38x39 Ep. #9468
MURDER AT MIDNIGHT PREVIEW: Belle lets out a blood-curdling scream after finding a dead body at the Kiriakis wedding. Also, Bo finds Hope with blood on her hands. SUMMARY: The summary ...
Jan. 03, 2003
38x40 38 38x40 Ep. #9469
PREVIEW: Suspects arise in Colin's murder: Brandon, Nicole, Jennifer, Jack, Sami, Hope and Bo. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Brandon is the first to appear when Belle screams and he ...
Jan. 06, 2003
38x41 38 38x41 Ep. #9470
PREVIEW: Bo reacts to a surprising confession; Victor confronts Nicole with the sex tape; Roman learns what Sami's been hiding. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Hope sees the headline ...
Jan. 07, 2003
38x42 38 38x42 Ep. #9471
PREVIEW: Tony makes an odd request of Marlena; Belle confesses something to Shawn about the shooting. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Jennifer is distraught as Jack continues to sit ...
Jan. 08, 2003
38x43 38 38x43 Ep. #9472
PREVIEW: Bo questions Jack and Jennifer; Sami points suspicion towards Kate; John devises a drastic plan; Sami loses control and calls Lexie a whore. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** ...
Jan. 09, 2003
38x44 38 38x44 Ep. #9473
PREVIEW: Roman questions Shawn about Colin's murder, while Bo questions Tony; Sami tells Brandon she knows he slept with Lexie. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Bo is concerned when Hope ...
Jan. 10, 2003
38x45 38 38x45 Ep. #9474
PREVIEW: Jennifer allows Jack to spend the night; forensics offer new insight into Colin's murder; Chloe heads back to the hospital. SUMMARY: At Jennifer's house, she is dressed for ...
Jan. 13, 2003
38x46 38 38x46 Ep. #9475
PREVIEW: Larry lurks outside Colin's wake; Grandpa Shawn collapses when Tony reveals the truth about John's mother. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** The family gathers at the Brady Pub ...
Jan. 14, 2003
38x47 38 38x47 Ep. #9476
PREVIEW: John and Marlena explain about Daphne DiMera; Cassie, Rex and Belle try to comfort an upset Shawn. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Grandpa Shawn is taken to the hospital, but ...
Jan. 15, 2003
38x48 38 38x48 Ep. #9477
PREVIEW: Sami physically attacks Lexie; Roman ""locks"" Kate into a second date; Larry stages a scene to push Hope over the edge; Chloe learns whether or not she's still in remission. ...
Jan. 16, 2003
38x49 38 38x49 Ep. #9478
HOPE REVEALS EVERYTHING TO BO! PREVIEW: Shawn and Grandpa Shawn conspire for revenge; the twins welcome John to the family; A stunned Brady walks in on Sami and Tony kissing. SUMMARY: ...
Jan. 17, 2003
38x50 38 38x50 Ep. #9479
PREVIEW: Jennifer asks Jack to spend the night; Tony makes Kate a tempting offer; Marlena has a twin memory and in an effort to push Brady out of harm, a speeding car strikes Tony and ...
Jan. 20, 2003
38x51 38 38x51 Ep. #9480
PREVIEW: Sami hides the truth from Brandon -- and he rejects her ultimatum; Belle helps Cassie & Rex move back to school. SUMMARY: At Brandon's loft, Sami and Brandon are cuddled up ...
Jan. 21, 2003
38x52 38 38x52 Ep. #9481
PREVIEW: Sami learns what Brandon's been hiding; Hope is plagued by visions of Larry; Victor and Nicole return from their honeymoon. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Sami/Brandon are ...
Jan. 22, 2003
38x53 38 38x53 Ep. #9482
Happy 89th Birthday Alice Grayson Horton! PREVIEW: Everyone celebrates Alice's birthday and reminisces about her life; Hope makes a startling announcement. SUMMARY: Family and friends ...
Jan. 23, 2003
38x54 38 38x54 Ep. #9483
PREVIEW: Brady attempts to hack into the DiMera server; Belle tells Shawn she's ready to make love. Colin's killer confesses! SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Bo/Hope return home from ...
Jan. 24, 2003
38x55 38 38x55 Ep. #9484
PREVIEW: Shawn breaks Belle's heart; Brady and Tony are in critical condition. SUMMARY: In Belle's room, she impatiently waits for Shawn. She calls and leaves a message for him. She ...
Jan. 27, 2003
38x56 38 38x56 Ep. #9485
PREVIEW: Jack comforts an ailing Jennifer; everyone learns that Tony could be the twin's father. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** With the threat of paralysis, Tony fears that his dream ...
Jan. 28, 2003
38x57 38 38x57 Ep. #9486
PREVIEW: Hope and Shawn both decide to confess to Colin's murder; John prepares to return to DiMera island. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Cassie is resting after giving blood, and Rex gives ...
Jan. 29, 2003
38x58 38 38x58 Ep. #9487
PREVIEW: Nicole remembers more about Colin's murder; Shawn asks Rex for a favor. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Bo goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to question the staff some more and Victor ...
Jan. 30, 2003
38x59 38 38x59 Ep. #9488
PREVIEW: Brandon learns about Sami's double-cross; Belle tells Shawn she's leaving Salem. SUMMARY: Shawn and Cassie approach the cemetery. She thinks it's creepy, but he says he is ...
Jan. 31, 2003
38x60 38 38x60 Ep. #9489
PREVIEW: Bo overhears Hope's startling confession; Sami gives Brandon an ultimatum. SUMMARY: Marlena and John discuss the possibilities of what they may discover if they return to the ...
Feb. 03, 2003
38x61 38 38x61 Ep. #9490
PREVIEW: Marlena rejects Cassie and Rex; Shawn & Belle share an intense kiss yet Shawn breaks up with her anyway; Brady and Chloe make love. SUMMARY: At Brady's loft, he and Chloe are ...
Feb. 05, 2003
38x62 38 38x62 Ep. #9491
PREVIEW: Hope unknowingly falls deeper under Larry's spell; Jennifer drops a bombshell on Jack; Tony hatches a new plan. SUMMARY: In Tony's room at the hospital, Kate shows up with ...
Feb. 06, 2003
38x63 38 38x63 Ep. #9492
PREVIEW: Roman demands answers from Marlena about the twins; Brandon comforts Shawn, while Sami advises Belle on the art of boyfriend management; Hope confronts Larry and confides in ...
Feb. 07, 2003
38x64 38 38x64 Ep. #9493
PREVIEW: Hope confronts Larry and confides in Bo; Roman turns his back on Kate. SUMMARY: John and Marlena arrive at the DiMera compound. She is a bit shaken, but John assures her that ...
Feb. 10, 2003
38x65 38 38x65 Ep. #9494
PREVIEW: Bo tells Shawn he thinks Larry is alive; Jennifer takes a pregnancy test and reveals the results. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Bo sends Hope with a police escort without ...
Feb. 11, 2003
38x66 38 38x66 Ep. #9495
PREVIEW: Belle bids Salem ""adieu"" for Paris. SUMMARY: At the Harley house, Belle is finishing up packing for Paris. She realizes that she has too many clothes and not enough room. ...
Feb. 12, 2003
38x67 38 38x67 Ep. #9496
PREVIEW: Larry hides underground while Roman closes in on him; Shawn takes out his anger on Mimi. SUMMARY: Larry continues to hide in the sewers and Hope is roused from her sleep by ...
Feb. 13, 2003
38x68 38 38x68 Ep. #9497
PREVIEW: Bo whisks Hope away for a romantic Valentine's weekend; Brandon tells Lexie he can no longer be her friend. SUMMARY: At the Police Department, Bo and Roman discuss the case ...
Feb. 14, 2003
38x69 38 38x69 Ep. #9498
Bo & Hope share a romantic Valentines Day Fantasy! PREVIEW: Jennifer makes Jack a proposal he can't refuse! Rex and Mimi try to reunite Belle and Shawn. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** ...
Feb. 17, 2003
38x70 38 38x70 Ep. #9499
PREVIEW: Tension increases between John and Marlena; Brandon asks Sami to move in with him and she accepts! SUMMARY: At the Green Mountain Lodge, Doug and Julie are in their room and ...
Feb. 18, 2003
38x71 38 38x71 Ep. #9500
PREVIEW: Bo and Hope rush home after a call from Alice; a letter from Stefano is unearthed on the island. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Shawn returns from the airport and takes another ...
Feb. 19, 2003
38x72 38 38x72 Ep. #9501
PREVIEW: Larry's poison plan affects Hope, Shawn and Alice; Chloe learns of her Grandfather's deciept. SUMMARY: On the DiMera Island, Marlena wakes up and she hears Dr. Rolf's muffled ...
Feb. 20, 2003
38x73 38 38x73 Ep. #9502
PREVIEW: Belle and Hope fight for their lives when Larry reveals himself! John and Tony fight in a fencing duel. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Belle sees Larry and tries to knock him ...
Feb. 21, 2003
38x74 38 38x74 Ep. #9503
PREVIEW Bo chases Larry; Shawn rushes to rescue Belle and Hope; Marlena recalls the twins' birth! SUMMARY At the DiMera compound, Tony has the tower room set up like it was when Marlena ...
Feb. 24, 2003
38x75 38 38x75 Ep. #9504
PREVIEW Shawn is booked for Colin's murder! A drunken Nicole turns to Brandon for help. SUMMARY **from SoapCity.com** Bo and Hope are outraged as Roman arrests and books Shawn for Colin's ...
Feb. 25, 2003

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