Jun. 27, 1966
30 min.
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Dark Shadows (1966)

Dark Shadows is a gothic soap opera which follows the strange happenings of the Collins family and their surrounding friends. The show features all sorts of supernatural things, including a phoenix, vampires, witches, warlocks, zombies, ghosts, a Jekyll/Hyde-type character, H. P. Lovecraft-inspired Leviathans, man-made monsters and werewolves.It ran for nearly 5 years on ABC and had 1225 episodes.

Dark Shadows (1966) Season 5 (1967-1968)

5x01 5 5x01 DS-363
Victoria Winters finds herself dazed and confused. Still wearing her 1967-era clothes, she is shocked to discover that she has been transported back into time to the year 1795. Her ...
Nov. 20, 1967
5x02 5 5x02 DS-364
Reluctantly, Joshua, the patriarch of the Collins family, hires Miss Winters to become his daughter's (Sarah Collins) new governess. However, his sister, Abigail Collins, is not so ...
Nov. 21, 1967
5x03 5 5x03 DS-365/366
Barnabas Collins eagerly awaits the arrival of Josette duPres, his fiance from the island of Martinique. Meanwhile, Josette's aunt, Countess Natalie duPres, and the duPres' maid servant, ...
Nov. 22, 1967
5x04 5 5x04 DS-367
Josette and her father, Andre duPres, finally arrive at The Old House. Jealous of Josette and angry at Barnabas for rebuffing her, Angelique uses her powers of witchcraft against Barnabas, ...
Nov. 24, 1967
5x05 5 5x05 DS-368
Barnabas' choking brings him close to death. Fearing that she may have gone too far, Angelique releases Barnabas from her spell, but she is still determined to keep him from marrying ...
Nov. 27, 1967
5x06 5 5x06 DS-369
In need of an assistant to help her carry out her plans to sabotage the nuptials, Angelique casts a spell over Ben Stokes, an indentured servant to the Collins family, causing him to ...
Nov. 28, 1967
5x07 5 5x07 DS-370
Cousin Millicent Collins arrives from New York City. Although she is young and simple-minded, her rich inheritance inspires Joshua to try and convince his younger brother, Jeremiah, ...
Nov. 29, 1967
5x08 5 5x08 DS-371
When Ben Stokes tries to warn Barnabas about Angelique's powers of witchcraft, he suddenly loses his voice and becomes mute. Under Angelique's spell, Josette is impelled to go to Jeremiah's ...
Nov. 30, 1967
5x09 5 5x09 DS-372
Disgusted with Josette's behavior, Jeremiah tries to tell Barnabas the truth about her lack of character, but then changes his mind because he does not want to make his beloved nephew ...
Dec. 01, 1967
5x10 5 5x10 DS-373
Countess Natalie duPres tells her brother, Andre, that she saw Josette and Jeremiah in each other's arms. Concerned about the repercussions, Countess duPres consults her Tarot Cards ...
Dec. 04, 1967
5x11 5 5x11 DS-374
A gold-digging friend of the Collins family, Lt. Nathanial Forbes, is suddenly smitten by Millicent Collins AFTER he learns that she is a very wealthy orphan. Meanwhile, Jeremiah decides ...
Dec. 05, 1967
5x12 5 5x12 DS-375
Ben is in the woods, sharping his ax, when he is summoned to come to the Old House by Angelique. He tries to resist at first, but Angelique's face appears in the woods and tells him ...
Dec. 06, 1967
5x13 5 5x13 DS-376
Everyone is talking about Joshua's mysterious disappearence. Natalie & Victoria re-enact what happened between Joshua & Jeremiah. As they re-enact it, the cat appears, like it had when ...
Dec. 07, 1967
5x14 5 5x14 DS-377
Angelique immediately casts a new spell over Josette and Jeremiah after she learns that certain members of the family are trying to expedite their wedding. Yielding to the power of ...
Dec. 08, 1967
5x15 5 5x15 DS-378
The Collins family discovers that BOTH Josette and Jeremiah are missing. Trying to take advantage of Barnabas' loss, Angelique tries to comfort him and profess her love to him, but ...
Dec. 11, 1967
5x16 5 5x16 DS-379
Although they make an unlikely pair, Countess Natalie duPres and Abigail Collins do agree that a witch must be behind their families' misfortune. Suspecting Miss Winters to be that ...
Dec. 12, 1967
5x17 5 5x17 DS-380
Feeling guilty over their sudden elopement, Josette persuades Jeremiah to return to The Old House and face their respective families. Shocked and feeling bitterly betrayed, Barnabas ...
Dec. 13, 1967
5x18 5 5x18 DS-381
Despite their pleas, Angelique, Andre, and Josette are unable to stop Barnabas and Jeremiah from dueling. To protect Barnabas, Angelique gives him a ""special"" good-luck charm to wear ...
Dec. 14, 1967
5x19 5 5x19 DS-382
While family members tend to Jeremiah at The Old House, Abigail Collins invites Reverend Trask to interrogate the mysterious Miss Winters. His harsh interrogation of her escalates into ...
Dec. 15, 1967
5x20 5 5x20 DS-383
Upset with Reverend Trask's harsh methods, Barnabas Collins and Lt. Nathanial Forbes search the woods for Miss Winters. In confidence, Reverend Trask tells Countess duPres that he tied ...
Dec. 18, 1967
5x21 5 5x21 DS-384
Reverend Trask returns to the tree and discovers that Miss Winters is missing. He suspects that someone may have helped her escape, so he begins to question everyone. After overhearing ...
Dec. 19, 1967
5x22 5 5x22 DS-385
Reverend Trask notices an unusual mark on Josette's hand and suspects that she may have been a victim of witchcraft. Despite everything that has happened, Barnabas re-iterates to Angelique ...
Dec. 20, 1967
5x23 5 5x23 DS-386
Angelique begins her assault by stealing Sarah's doll and inserting pins into it, causing Sarah to become very ill. The Collins family and their doctor are at a loss as to what is causing ...
Dec. 21, 1967
5x24 5 5x24 DS-387/388
Despite the family's optimism, Josette believes that Jeremiah is dying and that he doesn't have much time left. Having ""cured"" Barnabas' little sister Sarah, Angelique pressures him ...
Dec. 22, 1967
5x25 5 5x25 DS-389
Anxious to leave The Old House and its recent bad karma, Joshua Collins makes plans to move the family into the new house, Collinwood. He becomes furious, however, when his son, Barnabas, ...
Dec. 26, 1967
5x26 5 5x26 DS-390
Grieving widow Josette is terrified when she sees Jeremiah's hand reach out to her from his grave. Angelique happily tells Josette that she is going to marry Barnabas and Josette receives ...
Dec. 27, 1967
5x27 5 5x27 DS-391
When Abigail Collins begins to suspect Angelique of being a witch, Angelique quickly diverts her rising suspicions back onto Miss Winters. Frightened by the close call and obvious hostility, ...
Dec. 28, 1967
5x28 5 5x28 DS-392
Barnabas approaches his father and insists upon marrying Angelique immediately, infuriating Joshua who then disinherits his only son. As Barnabas makes plans to leave Collinsport with ...
Dec. 29, 1967
5x29 5 5x29 DS-393
The ghost of Jeremiah continues to torment Angelique. As Reverend Trask and Abigail Collins continue to hunt for Miss Winters, Barnabas and Ben Stokes hide her at the Old House. Just ...
Jan. 01, 1968
5x30 5 5x30 DS-394
Angelique summons Ben to save her from the grave of Jeremiah. Ben saves her, and they run as Jeremiah's figure walks after them. Naomi has come over by this time, and Angelique tells ...
Jan. 02, 1968
5x31 5 5x31 DS-395
Angelique discovers that Barnabas has hidden Victoria Winters in a room in the Old House when she sees Victoria. She talks to Barnabas about Victoria, and Barnabas gets the impression ...
Jan. 03, 1968
5x32 5 5x32 DS-396
Abigail believes that Ben was forced by the witch to steal her hair ribbon. Meanwhile, Angelique is trying to cast more suspicion on Victoria by summoning Sarah to the Old House using ...
Jan. 04, 1968
5x33 5 5x33 DS-397
Reverand Trask performs the rite of exorcisim at the threshold of the Old House. According to Trask, the witch should run out of the house during the exorcism. Angelique casts a spell ...
Jan. 05, 1968
5x34 5 5x34 DS-398
Barnabas bribes one of the servents and enters the New House at Collinwood to interogate Ben. Ben says he doesn't know who the witch is. Ben gets frustrated and hits Barnabas over the ...
Jan. 08, 1968
5x35 5 5x35 DS-399
Barnabas now knows for sure that Angelique is the witch that has been causing all the terrible things to happen. Barnabas tells Ben how he figured it out when he heard Angelique say ...
Jan. 09, 1968
5x36 5 5x36 DS-400
Angelique is prepared for Barnabas' murder attempt, and puts a pillow in her place. He confronts her and tells her he knows she is a witch. He tries to stab her again, and Angelique ...
Jan. 10, 1968
5x37 5 5x37 DS-401
Barnabas gets Millicent to set up a way for him to meet with Josette, by getting Millicent to take a walk with Josette in which Barnabas will stop the two. Victoria is unable to get ...
Jan. 11, 1968
5x38 5 5x38 DS-402
Josette starts getting ready to leave for Boston and Natalie sees her. She finds out that Barnabas told her to leave and tells Josette she is leaving too. Natalie tells Abagail to say ...
Jan. 12, 1968
5x39 5 5x39 DS-403
After being bitten, Barnabas becomes deathly ill and faints. Ben enters the household and finds Angelique dead and Barnabas hanging on to life. He takes Barnabas upstairs. Barnabas, ...
Jan. 15, 1968
5x40 5 5x40 DS-404
Angelique tries to clean her blood off the carpet, but is not able to remove it. Naomi comes to the Old House to see Barnabas. Angelique tells her that he left last night on business. ...
Jan. 16, 1968
5x41 5 5x41 DS-405
Angelique tells Josette and Natalie that Barnabas has the plague. They ask if he has seen a doctor, and she quickly responds that he hasn't. When asked why, Angelique says that she ...
Jan. 17, 1968
5x42 5 5x42 DS-406
Josette is upset about what the book says about how she dies. Natalie tells her it is all lies. Josette wants to see the fate of Barnabas. According to the book, it was Jeremiah who ...
Jan. 18, 1968
5x43 5 5x43 DS-407
Angelique is furious when Joshua tells her about the lie he will tell concerning the death of his son. What upsets her even more is that his body will be buried in secret. She wants ...
Jan. 19, 1968
5x44 5 5x44 DS-408
In an attempt to stop the vampire curse from becoming complete, Angelique attempts to drive a stake through Barnabas Collins' heart at sundown. However, Barnabas stops her and exerts ...
Jan. 22, 1968
5x45 5 5x45 DS-409
Grief-stricken over Barnabas'death and with mis-placed anger, Josette tells Victoria Winters that she will do everything she can to see to it that Miss Winters is hanged for being a ...
Jan. 23, 1968
5x46 5 5x46 DS-410
Victoria warns Naomi Collins that she must keep her daughter, Sarah, from leaving the house until the day after her birthday, otherwise, she is fated to die from exposure on the same ...
Jan. 24, 1968
5x47 5 5x47 DS-411
Sarah Collins is forced to spend the night locked in the family mausoleum, exposing herself to the cold night air. In the meantime, gold-digging Lt. Nathanial Forbes proposes to his ...
Jan. 25, 1968
5x48 5 5x48 DS-412
Little Sarah Collins becomes deathly ill after being out all night during a heavy rain storm. Guilt-ridden, Barnabas secretly visits his beloved little sister and apologizes for having ...
Jan. 26, 1968
5x49 5 5x49 DS-413
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Jan. 29, 1968
5x50 5 5x50 DS-414
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Jan. 30, 1968
5x51 5 5x51 DS-415
[add summary]
Jan. 31, 1968
5x52 5 5x52 DS-416
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Feb. 01, 1968
5x53 5 5x53 DS-417
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Feb. 02, 1968
5x54 5 5x54 DS-418
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Feb. 05, 1968
5x55 5 5x55 DS-419
[add summary]
Feb. 06, 1968
5x56 5 5x56 DS-420
[add summary]
Feb. 07, 1968
5x57 5 5x57 DS-421
[add summary]
Feb. 08, 1968
5x58 5 5x58 DS-422
[add summary]
Feb. 09, 1968
5x59 5 5x59 DS-423
[add summary]
Feb. 12, 1968
5x60 5 5x60 DS-424
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Feb. 13, 1968
5x61 5 5x61 DS-425
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Feb. 14, 1968
5x62 5 5x62 DS-426
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Feb. 15, 1968
5x63 5 5x63 DS-427
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Feb. 16, 1968
5x64 5 5x64 DS-428
Barnabas tells Ben of what happened between him and Josette earlier before. They're moving Barnabas' coffin to the cellar of the Old House. Ben sees Daniel outside the Old House and ...
Feb. 19, 1968
5x65 5 5x65 DS-429
Barnabas tells Abigail that she has been wrong about evil all along. He tells her that Angelique was the witch but she won't believe it. Abigail thinks Barnabas is just an apperition ...
Feb. 20, 1968
5x66 5 5x66 DS-430
At Victoria's trial, Trask relates the story of Abigail's death. He says that Victoria did it. Peter gets angry and says there is no proof of that. The judges tell Trask that there ...
Feb. 21, 1968
5x67 5 5x67 DS-431
Nathan is working in his room when Peter enters. Peter asks him many times why he decieved them and Nathan tells him that he changed his mind about Victoria. Before long, the two are ...
Feb. 22, 1968
5x68 5 5x68 DS-432
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Feb. 23, 1968
5x69 5 5x69 DS-433
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Feb. 26, 1968
5x70 5 5x70 DS-434
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Feb. 27, 1968
5x71 5 5x71 DS-435
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Feb. 28, 1968
5x72 5 5x72 DS-436
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Feb. 29, 1968
5x73 5 5x73 DS-437
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Mar. 01, 1968
5x74 5 5x74 DS-438
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Mar. 04, 1968
5x75 5 5x75 DS-439
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Mar. 05, 1968

Season 5 Characters

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Season 5 Videos

390 Episode 390/391
390 Episode 390/391 (22:15)

404 Episode 404
404 Episode 404 (22:20)

388 Episode 388
388 Episode 388 (22:16)

378 Episode 378
378 Episode 378 (22:26)

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Season 5 Trivia

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