Jun. 27, 1966
30 min.
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Dark Shadows (1966)

Dark Shadows is a gothic soap opera which follows the strange happenings of the Collins family and their surrounding friends. The show features all sorts of supernatural things, including a phoenix, vampires, witches, warlocks, zombies, ghosts, a Jekyll/Hyde-type character, H. P. Lovecraft-inspired Leviathans, man-made monsters and werewolves.It ran for nearly 5 years on ABC and had 1225 episodes.

Dark Shadows (1966) Season 3 (1967)

3x01 3 3x01 DS-189
Now that Laura is ""dead"", Elizabeth awakens from her coma and immediately wants to return to Collinwood. Victoria talks to David about his experience, but the only thing he remembers ...
Mar. 21, 1967
3x02 3 3x02 DS-190
Sam receives an offer of professional exhibition of his paintings, but needs to regain some of his earlier works which are now owned by Roger. A stranger makes an appearance at the ...
Mar. 22, 1967
3x03 3 3x03 DS-191
Elizabeth returns to Collinwood and is frantic to regain the key to the locked room in the mansion's basement. Victoria later sees Elizabeth leave the mysterious room.
Mar. 23, 1967
3x04 3 3x04 DS-192
Elizabeth makes Victoria vow to keep her visit to the locked room a secret. Meanwhile, a stranger arrives at Collinwood asking to see Elizabeth.
Mar. 24, 1967
3x05 3 3x05 DS-193
The stranger reveals himself to be an old acquaintance of Elizabeth's, Jason McGuire. Despite her protestations, Jason insists that he will be staying at Collinwood until further n ...
Mar. 27, 1967
3x06 3 3x06 DS-194
Elizabeth refuses to let her brother have the key to the locked room in the basement. Roger is later disarmed to discover Jason snooping about in the basement.
Mar. 28, 1967
3x07 3 3x07 DS-195
Maggie releases that the paintings were sold to Roger as a cover for a bribe. Elizabeth stops Roger from gaining access to the locked room in the basement.
Mar. 29, 1967
3x08 3 3x08 DS-196
Jason McGuire meets with his friend Willie Loomis at the Blue Whale. A broken Sam admits to Burke the truth of his involvement in providing Roger with an alibi for the car accident ...
Mar. 30, 1967
3x09 3 3x09 DS-197
Burke and Sam confront Roger, who finally breaks down and confesses he was responsible for killing the man who Burke went to prison for. Jason makes another attempt to get into the ...
Mar. 31, 1967
3x10 3 3x10 DS-198
Roger is forced to confess that it was him that drove the car that killed a man 10 years earlier, not Burke. Elizabeth is distraught to learn the truth and Roger is left devastated ...
Apr. 03, 1967
3x11 3 3x11 DS-199
Joe almost comes to blows with Willie Loomis at the Blue Whale after lewd comments are made to Maggie. Willie later joins Jason as a guest at Collinwood, in spite of Elizabeth's pr ...
Apr. 04, 1967
3x12 3 3x12 DS-200
Victoria finds herself the disgusted victim of Willie's lecherous advances and is especially concerned by the way in which Elizabeth seems unable to intervene.
Apr. 05, 1967
3x13 3 3x13 DS-201
Carolyn is appalled by Willie's advances and uses a gun to scare him off. Both she and Victoria are disturbed by his antisocial behaviour and propensity for violence.
Apr. 06, 1967
3x14 3 3x14 DS-202
Willie becomes intrigued by the portrait of Barnabas Collins that hangs in the Collinwood foyer and the jewellery it depicts. Carolyn pressures Elizabeth for answers on the new arrivals. ...
Apr. 07, 1967
3x15 3 3x15 DS-203
Burke offers his support to Elizabeth if she needs help to combat the hold Jason has over her. However, though obviously distressed, Elizabeth refuses to acknowledge that she is being ...
Apr. 11, 1967
3x16 3 3x16 DS-204
Burke and Willie come to blows in the Blue Whale, when Willie threatens him with a knife. After the fight, Willie tells Jason he will only leave town if he is given money to do so. ...
Apr. 12, 1967
3x17 3 3x17 DS-205
Willie continues to be fascinated by the portrait of Barnabas and decides to do some research. After he learns that the Collins family were buried with their jewels, he begins to form ...
Apr. 13, 1967
3x18 3 3x18 DS-206
Willie visits the Eagle Hill cemetery and encounters the elderly caretaker, and claims to be a Collins family relative. Entering the family crypt, he is terrified to hear a mysterious ...
Apr. 14, 1967
3x19 3 3x19 DS-207
Everyone at Collinwood now believes that Will will soon be leaving town. Meanwhile, Willie Loomis attempts to open the tomb of Naomi Collins, hoping to find some of her jewlery buried ...
Apr. 17, 1967
3x20 3 3x20 DS-208
Elizabeth is disturbed by Willie's disappearence. While she did want him to leave, he did not take any of his belongings or the money Elizabeth offered him with him. Jason, looking ...
Apr. 18, 1967
3x21 3 3x21 DS-209
Barnabas tells Elizabeth that he is from England, and is the only surviving member of the English branch. When asked, he tells her that he is thinking of possibly settling down in Collinsport. ...
Apr. 19, 1967
3x22 3 3x22 DS-210
Jason tries to get more money out of Elizabeth, which upsets her because she still does not know whether Willie Loomis has left town. At the Blue Whale, Burke tells Carolyn that he ...
Apr. 20, 1967
3x23 3 3x23 DS-211
Barnabs meets Victoria at the Old House. He tells Victoria about the history of the Old House. Roger and Carolyn meet Barnabas at the Collinwood. They are both astonished by how much ...
Apr. 21, 1967
3x24 3 3x24 DS-212
Joe tells Burke and Maggie that a calf was found drained of blood. Willie, visibly shaken/shaking, shows up at the Blue Whale, Burke plans to kick him out, but Willie apologizes for ...
Apr. 24, 1967
3x25 3 3x25 DS-213
Jason drags Willie back to Collinwood to apologize and then leave. Willie passes out after looking at the portrait of Barnabas. Jason convinces Elizabeth that Willie is sick and let ...
Apr. 25, 1967
3x26 3 3x26 DS-214
Carolyn and Victoria are confused by Willie's recent illness and behavior. Carolyn tries to find out what trouble her mother is in. Willie attempts to leave, but Jason stops him. After ...
Apr. 26, 1967
3x27 3 3x27 DS-215
After searching for Willie, Jason leaves the cemetery, and Barnabas emerges. Barnabas asks Elizabeth if he can move into the Old House, she says she will have to think about it. Barnabas ...
Apr. 27, 1967
3x28 3 3x28 DS-216
Willie, weak after being out all night, returns to Collinwood. Jason believes Willie has been out grave robbing. Roger attempts to kick out Willie but is too weak to go. The sheriff ...
Apr. 28, 1967
3x29 3 3x29 DS-217
Willie starts to feel a better and decides to leave. Willie tries to tell Elizabeth something but she doesn't want to hear it. Elizabeth agrees to let Barnabas live in the Old House. ...
May. 01, 1967
3x30 3 3x30 DS-218
Barnabas visits the coffee shop and talks with Maggie. Barnabas leaves his cane behind. Joe arrives to pickup Maggie and she notices the cane, they decide to return it to Barnabas. ...
May. 02, 1967
3x31 3 3x31 DS-219
Victoria goes to the Old House and finds Willie is now working for Barnabas, Willie is eager for Victoria to leave. Barnabas commissions Sam Evans to paint his portrait; Barnabas is ...
May. 03, 1967
3x32 3 3x32 DS-220
Victoria tells Elizabeth that Willie is now working for Barnabas. Elizabeth goes to the Old House to speak to Barnabas and David follows her (against her wishes). David is disturbed ...
May. 04, 1967
3x33 3 3x33 DS-221
David asks Barnabas if he can have the portrait of Josette, Barnabas tells him it belongs to the Old House, but he can still visit it. Elizabeth asks Barnabas to fire Willie, but he ...
May. 05, 1967
3x34 3 3x34 DS-222/223
Maggie is disturbed by the dream she had; Joe takes her to the Blue Whale. Later Sam and Barnabas show up, Maggie tries to avoid Barnabas. Burke shows up and meets Barnabas. When Maggie ...
May. 08, 1967
3x35 3 3x35 DS-224
Maggie is edgy and tired after last night, although she is weak she insists on going to work. In the coffee shop Maggie passes out. As night falls, Maggie starts to feel better. Sam ...
May. 09, 1967
3x36 3 3x36 DS-225
Jason manages to get Elizabeth to give him a job at the Collins cannery. As a result everyone wonders what hold Jason has over Elizabeth. Carolyn finds out that Paul Stoddard's belongings ...
May. 10, 1967
3x37 3 3x37 DS-226
Maggie becomes increasing sick; Sam calls the doctor despite Maggie's protests. Victoria tells Burke that Jason is now working for the Collins cannery. Dr. Woodard tells Sam and Joe ...
May. 11, 1967
3x38 3 3x38 DS-227
Following Maggie's disappearance everyone searches for her. Willie finds out from Victoria that Maggie has disappeared; Later Willie (anonymously) tells Victoria that Maggie can be ...
May. 12, 1967
3x39 3 3x39 DS-228
Dr. Woodard examines Maggie and orders a blood transfusion. Maggie struggles as they give her the transfusion. Sam watches over Maggie as she sleeps, but he dozes off. Sam awakes as ...
May. 15, 1967
3x40 3 3x40 DS-229
Maggie appears to be feeling better, but then her mood changes and demands that Joe leave. Joe gets Victoria to watch over Maggie. Jason questions Willie about Maggie's disappearance. ...
May. 16, 1967
3x41 3 3x41 DS-230
A violent storm rages and the power goes out. Later Barnabas shows up and tells Victoria and Carolyn the story of Josette Collins and how she jumped from Widow's hill. Victoria tells ...
May. 17, 1967
3x42 3 3x42 DS-231
Barnabas beats Willie and accuses him of tipping off Victoria that Maggie could be found at Eagle Hill Cemetery. Barnabas also warns Willie to get Jason McGuire to stop asking questions. ...
May. 18, 1967
3x43 3 3x43 DS-232
Maggie is found unconscious and the wounds on her neck have been re-opened. Dr. Woodard moves Maggie to the hospital. The nurse watches over Maggie as she sleeps, Maggie appears to ...
May. 19, 1967
3x44 3 3x44 DS-233
Maggie is missing, Dr. Woodard thinks she may be dead. Burke and Joe go to the Old House to question Willie, however he is not there and Barnabas vouches for his whereabouts. After ...
May. 22, 1967
3x45 3 3x45 DS-234
The sheriff questions Willie about the night someone called to report that Maggie was seen at Eagle Hill Cemetery. The sheriff suspects the strange things happening in Collinsport are ...
May. 23, 1967
3x46 3 3x46 DS-235
Victoria and Carolyn visit the Old House to see the restoration work Willie and Barnabas have done. Willie tries to get them to leave. Barnabas plans to have dinner with Josette(Ma ...
May. 24, 1967
3x47 3 3x47 DS-236
Barnabas dines with Maggie(aka Josette). Sam goes to the Old House to tell Barnabas that he cannot work on the portrait while his daughter is missing. Maggie overhears her father and ...
May. 25, 1967
3x48 3 3x48 DS-237
David sneaks down to the Old House to search for Josette, Barnabas catches and tells him that he should not trespass. Roger tells Barnabas that Dr. Woodard has some blood samples from ...
May. 26, 1967
3x49 3 3x49 DS-238
David speaks with Maggie, thinking she is Josette. Roger, Victoria and Barnabas find David and lecture him again about trespassing. Barnabas reminds Maggie that she is Josette. Barnabas ...
May. 29, 1967
3x50 3 3x50 DS-239
Dr. Woodard is puzzled by what he finds in samples of Maggie's blood. Roger suspects Elizabeth is paying money to Jason because he has something on her. Elizabeth tells Jason she cannot ...
May. 30, 1967
3x51 3 3x51 DS-240
Dr. Woodard wants to get a sample of Willie's blood as his symptoms resembled those of Maggie. Jason starts to become suspicious of Barnabas Collins. Jason tells Elizabeth that she ...
May. 31, 1967
3x52 3 3x52 DS-241
Jason tries to blackmail Elizabeth into marrying him, Elizabeth refuses and rather go to jail for Paul Stoddard's murder. Elizabeth tries to tell Carolyn, however she refused to listen. ...
Jun. 01, 1967
3x53 3 3x53 DS-242
Dr. Woodard takes a sample of Willie's blood, however Barnabas switches slides while distracting him. Dr. Woodard is unable to find anything unusual in the blood sample.
Jun. 02, 1967
3x54 3 3x54 DS-243
Elizabeth starts divorce proceeding against Paul Stoddard so she can marry Jason. Carolyn becomes determined to get into the locked room in the basement to see what Jason has on her ...
Jun. 05, 1967
3x55 3 3x55 DS-244
Sam goes to the Old House to work on portrait of Barnabas, however Willie tells Sam to take the portrait with him. Sam leaves behind his pipe and Maggie finds it. Later Maggie sneaks ...
Jun. 06, 1967
3x56 3 3x56 DS-245
Barnabas finds Maggie and punishes her for escaping by putting her in his coffin. The sheriff searches for Maggie however they start to believe that Sam must have only seen her in his ...
Jun. 07, 1967
3x57 3 3x57 DS-246
Carolyn, Roger, and Victoria plan to break into the locked room in the basement. Jason convinces Elizabeth to let them into the room; when she does they find nothing. Elizabeth announces ...
Jun. 08, 1967
3x58 3 3x58 DS-247
Barnabas plans to make Maggie his bride, she pretends to be Josette. Maggie finds that Willie has made coffin intended for her. Maggie tries to stake Barnabas, but he rises from his ...
Jun. 09, 1967
3x59 3 3x59 DS-248
Willie makes an impassioned plea for Maggie's life which placates Barnabas. Locking Maggie in a basement cell, Barnabas vows that she will become Josette, regardless of her attempts ...
Jun. 12, 1967
3x60 3 3x60 DS-249
Carolyn and Elizabeth continue to argue about plans for the impending wedding. Seemingly to spite her mother, Carolyn begins a relationship with Buzz Hackett, an uncouth hippy motorcyclist. ...
Jun. 13, 1967
3x61 3 3x61 DS-250
Maggie offers Willie her ring as a bribe to help her escape. When it becomes lost and makes its way back to Collinwood, its inscription quickly becomes a liability until Barnabas swiftly ...
Jun. 14, 1967
3x62 3 3x62 DS-251
Jason's plans to marry Elizabeth continue to develop apace as he announces a date in two week's time. Carolyn smugly informs her mother that she will marry Buzz on the same day.
Jun. 15, 1967
3x63 3 3x63 DS-252
Barnabas learns from Sam that the police now think Maggie to be dead and takes glee in revealing this news to his rebellious prisoner. Maggie is puzzled to later see a little girl playing ...
Jun. 16, 1967
3x64 3 3x64 DS-253
Maggie fails to make sense of the little girl Sarah's cryptic clues. Later, while playing outside the Old House, David encounters a dispondent Sarah, who claims to be lost.
Jun. 19, 1967
3x65 3 3x65 DS-254
Elizabeth engages Jason to prevent Carolyn from going ahead with her plan to marry Buzz, but his bribe is met with disinterest. Carolyn is now convinced she can prevent Elizabeth m ...
Jun. 20, 1967
3x66 3 3x66 DS-255
Maggie is intrigued by the appearance of Sarah in her cell and talks with her at length. Willie later tries to convince Maggie that no one could have visited her, but Maggie finds Sarah's ...
Jun. 21, 1967
3x67 3 3x67 DS-256
After Victoria hears Elizabeth sobbing, she confronts her and demands to know why. A distraught Elizabeth confides in Victoria that she murdered her husband Paul and that Jason kno ...
Jun. 22, 1967
3x68 3 3x68 DS-257
Sarah tells Maggie a cryptic riddle which offers her an escape route. Uncovering a secret passage in her cell, Maggie disappears into the darkness, stalked by a malevolent Barnabas ...
Jun. 23, 1967
3x69 3 3x69 DS-258
Maggie manages to escape to the beach and is discovered by Sam. Woodard remains concerned for Maggie's safety and decides to announce her death, while she is sent away for treatmen ...
Jun. 26, 1967
3x70 3 3x70 DS-259
Victoria and Carolyn are devastated to learn the news of Maggie's death. Elizabeth is troubled by Carolyn's developing relationship with Buzz Hackett and asks Victoria to be witness ...
Jun. 27, 1967
3x71 3 3x71 DS-260
Sam and Joe struggle with their consciences, but ultimately decide that they cannot risk Maggie's safety by confiding in Victoria. Carolyn continues to victimise Elizabeth.
Jun. 28, 1967
3x72 3 3x72 DS-261
Jason revels in his new status as head of the household. After Roger confides his worries about Jason, Barnabas tells Willie that Jason may fall foul of his intervention if this co ...
Jun. 29, 1967
3x73 3 3x73 DS-262
Maggie undergoes therapy with the aloof Dr Julia Hoffman, who continues to try and restore her personality from the childlike state of her trauma. Joe and Sam are sceptical of this ...
Jun. 30, 1967
3x74 3 3x74 DS-263
Elizabeth is tormented by dreams of the three widows and seems troubled and preoccupied as the wedding approaches. Later, Mrs Johnson prevents her from jumping from Widows' Hill.
Jul. 03, 1967
3x75 3 3x75 DS-264
Victoria continues to fear for Elizabeth's state of mind. Later, David shows Victoria the family Bible, containing the death dates of the whole family. Elizabeth fills in a date for ...
Jul. 04, 1967
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