Jun. 27, 1966
30 min.
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Dark Shadows (1966)

The story of Dark Shadows begins with newly hired governess Victoria Winters arriving at Collinwood, the Collins' estate in Collinsport, Maine, in search of her mysterious origins. She soon is caught up in the strange events and mysteries that seem to surround the Collins family. Eventually, their 'cousin from England', Barnabas Collins, arrives and takes the show in a new direction; his vampire curse introduces a new history of the Collins family.

Dark Shadows (1966) Season 2 (1967)

2x01 2 2x01 DS-136
Roger locks horns with Richard Garner, as he attempts to speed up divorce proceedings against Laura. Sam continues to be troubled by his compulsion to paint the fire portrait.
Jan. 02, 1967
2x02 2 2x02 DS-137
Sam's painting is now almost complete, depicting Laura surrounded by flames. Meanwhile, Roger learns that the body from the Phoenix apartment has been positively identified as Laur ...
Jan. 03, 1967
2x03 2 2x03 DS-138
The sheriff questions Laura about the body, but can offer no explanation for the mistake in identity. Roger goes to Laura's cottage with a gun and discovers her and Burke there tog ...
Jan. 04, 1967
2x04 2 2x04 DS-139
Roger demands that Laura tell him what Burke wanted from her. David does not want to meet Laura. When she encounters him by chance at Widows' Hill, he is terrified and almost steps ...
Jan. 05, 1967
2x05 2 2x05 DS-140
Victoria makes an effort to reunite David and Laura, in spite of him not believing that Laura is his mother. Later, Laura tells David the story of a mythical bird, the phoenix which ...
Jan. 06, 1967
2x06 2 2x06 DS-141
David shows Laura a picture he has drawn of the phoenix and shows her the Old House. Meanwhile, Laura begins to reveal a darker motivation behind her return and her plans to take David ...
Jan. 09, 1967
2x07 2 2x07 DS-142
Victoria receives the mysterious painting of Laura from Sam and passes it onto David. That night, the painting gives David a terrible nightmare vision of his mother calling to him. ...
Jan. 10, 1967
2x08 2 2x08 DS-143
Sam is alarmed to learn of the influence his painting has had on David, but finds himself unable to stop working on a second, identical painting. Lieutenant Riley investigates the fire ...
Jan. 11, 1967
2x09 2 2x09 DS-144
Victoria looks through the Collins family album and is intrigued when she realizes that its illustration of Josette features an identical locket to the one Laura wears.
Jan. 12, 1967
2x10 2 2x10 DS-145
Laura is outraged when she learns of Sam's painting. Later, as Sam sleeps in the living room of his cottage, Laura stares into her fireplace and makes a fire erupt around him.
Jan. 13, 1967
2x11 2 2x11 DS-146
Sam and Maggie put the fire out, leaving the cottage barely damaged. Sam is left with badly burned hands, preventing him from painting. The second painting of Laura has been destroyed ...
Jan. 16, 1967
2x12 2 2x12 DS-147
Laura asks for Burke's help to reclaim David. Burke warms to her proposal, but in return asks for her to help clear him of his manslaughter conviction. David refuses to left Roger take ...
Jan. 17, 1967
2x13 2 2x13 DS-148
Victoria and Frank continue to be concerned by Laura's influence on David and agree that, despite Burke's advice, that the boy should be kept away from her at all costs.
Jan. 18, 1967
2x14 2 2x14 DS-149
The ghost of Josette materializes in David's room and magically completes David's painting, so that it now depicts him and his mother surrounded by a wall of flames.
Jan. 19, 1967
2x15 2 2x15 DS-150
Roger is appalled by the painting and throws it into the fireplace. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells Laura to stay away from David. Laura vows that she will regain her son.
Jan. 20, 1967
2x16 2 2x16 DS-151
David reveals to Elizabeth that Laura has visited him in the night. Meanwhile, Roger decides to encourage David to forge a closer relationship with his mother.
Jan. 23, 1967
2x17 2 2x17 DS-152
Laura uses her powers of persuasion to make Victoria agree to stand aside from her and David. The body from Phoenix is positively identified as that of Laura Collins.
Jan. 24, 1967
2x18 2 2x18 DS-153
Lieutenant Riley continues to investigate Laura. Meanwhile, Victoria is compelled to take her and Frank to a mysterious building located on the edge of a cemetery.
Jan. 25, 1967
2x19 2 2x19 DS-154
With the help of the caretaker, Victoria and Frank discover that the remains of Laura Murdock Stockbridge are buried in the crypt. Victoria falls into a psychic trance.
Jan. 26, 1967
2x20 2 2x20 DS-155
Elizabeth demands that Laura leaves Collinwood. Laura stares into the flames of the cottage fireplace and uses her supernatural powers to make Elizabeth fall unconscious.
Jan. 27, 1967
2x21 2 2x21 DS-156
Elizabeth regains consciousness, but has no memory of how she fell unconscious. Later, she is visited by a cloaked figure and reacts in terror, talking incoherently about fire.
Jan. 30, 1967
2x22 2 2x22 DS-157
Investigating the crypt at the Eagle Hill Cemetery, Victoria and Frank are intrigued to discover that the remains of two of Laura's ancestors are buried there, both of whom died of ...
Jan. 31, 1967
2x23 2 2x23 DS-158
Elizabeth's condition continues defy any logical diagnosis. Laura pays Elizabeth a visit, leaving her deeply distressed. Laura uses dark powers to place Elizabeth into a coma.
Feb. 01, 1967
2x24 2 2x24 DS-159
Victoria tells Frank that Elizabeth was determined to ensure that Laura would not take David away. Laura frostily vows to Victoria that she will regain David at any cost.
Feb. 02, 1967
2x25 2 2x25 DS-160
Psychic investigator Dr. Peter Guthrie is called to Collinwood to access Elizabeth's condition. He concludes that she in a trance caused by an extreme case of mental trauma.
Feb. 03, 1967
2x26 2 2x26 DS-161
Guthrie determines that Elizabeth is the victim of a malicious act by an outside influence. Roger objects to Carolyn's attempts to assume the role of head of the household.
Feb. 06, 1967
2x27 2 2x27 DS-162
David tells Guthrie about the legend of Josette and that her ghost haunts Collinwood. David is horrified to see the portrait of Josette change into the painting of him and Laura in ...
Feb. 07, 1967
2x28 2 2x28 DS-163
Dr. Guthrie questions David at length. Meanwhile, Laura probes David for information on the investigation at Collinwood. Laura faces a stern interrogation from a suspicious Dr. Gut ...
Feb. 08, 1967
2x29 2 2x29 DS-164
Dr. Guthrie visits Sam and questions him about how he felt when he was painting Laura. Victoria discovers that Elizabeth's illness came just after a visit from Laura.
Feb. 09, 1967
2x30 2 2x30 DS-165
David goes to the cottage to spend the night with his mother. Later during the night, the ghost of Josette appears to both David and Laura, leaving her frightened.
Feb. 10, 1967
2x31 2 2x31 DS-166
Sam continues to be troubled by recent events. Victoria and David continue to worry about David's welfare, while Burke begins to harbour suspicions about Dr. Guthrie.
Feb. 13, 1967
2x32 2 2x32 DS-167
Laura makes plans to take David away before Elizabeth recovers from her illness. Victoria is shocked at Dr. Guthrie's suggestion to hold a séance at Collinwood.
Feb. 14, 1967
2x33 2 2x33 DS-168
An embittered Sam blames Laura for causing all the recent troubles, and confides his fears about her to Dr. Guthrie. Guthrie invites Laura to join the séance.
Feb. 15, 1967
2x34 2 2x34 DS-169
Roger decides to take steps to move his divorce plans forward. Meanwhile, Dr. Guthrie comes to the conclusion that there are forces acting at Collinwood beyond anyone's understandi ...
Feb. 16, 1967
2x35 2 2x35 DS-170
The séance goes ahead as planned, with Laura present. Victoria falls into a trance and speaks erratically in French, but falls unconscious just as she is about to make an important ...
Feb. 17, 1967
2x36 2 2x36 DS-171
Victoria is unable to understand Josette's warming, but Guthrie succeeds in translating it. Later on, Laura appears in Victoria's room and warns her to stop interfering.
Feb. 20, 1967
2x37 2 2x37 DS-172
Mrs Johnson tells Burke about recent events at Collinwood, including the séance. Laura uses magic to erase the audio recording of the séance, disposing of its evidence.
Feb. 21, 1967
2x38 2 2x38 DS-173
Victoria tells Burke of the recent events and their apparent relationship with Laura. As Burke is convinced that he should be cautious, Laura takes new steps to cement her relationship ...
Feb. 22, 1967
2x39 2 2x39 DS-174
The police are forced to close the case of the corpse found in Phoenix, but are shocked to discover that the remains have vanished from their casket in the mortuary.
Feb. 23, 1967
2x40 2 2x40 DS-175
Guthrie questions Laura at length about the missing body. Later, Laura gazes into the flames of her fireplace intently, causing Guthrie to collapse to the floor.
Feb. 24, 1967
2x41 2 2x41 DS-176
Laura is prevented from finishing her incantation and Dr. Guthrie recovers. Though shaken by his experience, he is now convinced that Laura possesses supernatural powers.
Feb. 27, 1967
2x42 2 2x42 DS-177
Guthrie tells Carolyn his suspicions about Laura, but decides that further investigation is needed. Guthrie asks Joe to help him to covertly exhume a coffin from the crypt.
Feb. 28, 1967
2x43 2 2x43 DS-178
Carolyn persuades Roger to tolerate Guthrie's investigation of Collinwood. Later, Guthrie and Joe break into the crypt at the Eagle Hill Cemetery and prepare to open Laura Radcliffe's ...
Mar. 01, 1967
2x44 2 2x44 DS-179
The elderly caretaker intervenes before the coffin can be opened, demanding that Dr. Guthrie's party leaves. However, a supernatural force makes the lid open itself, revealing the casket ...
Mar. 02, 1967
2x45 2 2x45 DS-180
Joe, Frank, and Guthrie are shocked by the discovery and are confused when they discover that the records for the burial are faded beyond recognition. Later, Laura appears to the c ...
Mar. 03, 1967
2x46 2 2x46 DS-181
David sees a strange vision of himself in the flames of the fireplace. Meanwhile, Joe's research uncovers an old newspaper page which tells of a boy called David who died by fire.
Mar. 06, 1967
2x47 2 2x47 DS-182
David tells Victoria that he wants to leave Collinwood to live with his mother. Meanwhile, supernatural forces, bring the newspaper clipping to Roger's attention.
Mar. 07, 1967
2x48 2 2x48 DS-183
Guthrie continues to investigate Collinwood for clues. When Laura refuses to extinguish her fireplace, Guthrie realizes that she is one of the undead, who gains her power from the ...
Mar. 08, 1967
2x49 2 2x49 DS-184
Laura uses her supernatural powers to place Dr. Guthrie into a psychic trance. However, the ghost of Josette intervenes and leads David to the rescue.
Mar. 09, 1967
2x50 2 2x50 DS-185
Following his recent experiences, Guthrie is determined to hold another séance. As Guthrie drives to the séance, he loses control of his car, which crashes and is consumed by fla ...
Mar. 10, 1967
2x51 2 2x51 DS-186
Despite Guthrie's absence, the séance is conducted as planned. This time, it is David who falls into a trance. Speaking as David Radcliffe, he speaks of a terrifying ordeal with his ...
Mar. 13, 1967
2x52 2 2x52 DS-187
Burke makes plans to take David away from Collinwood to protect him from Laura's influence. Victoria is concerned to learn that Laura Radcliffe died exactly one century ago.
Mar. 14, 1967
2x53 2 2x53 DS-188
Laura surprises her detractors by announcing that she has decided to leave Collinsport without David. However, secretly, she tells David that she intends to take him with her.
Mar. 15, 1967
2x54 2 2x54 DS-189
Victoria, Burke and Joe try to find a strategy to defeat Laura. Mrs Johnson is enlisted to guard David until the danger is over. However, a telephone call provides an ideal diversion ...
Mar. 16, 1967
2x55 2 2x55 DS-190
Laura secretly meets David at an abandoned fishing shack and tells him that they will leave soon. As a fire starts to engulf the building, Laura begins to beckon David into the fla ...
Mar. 17, 1967
2x56 2 2x56 DS-191
Laura makes a desperate final bid for David's acceptance as she is consumed by supernatural flames. Meanwhile, Elizabeth begins to recover and Victoria battles to save the life of ...
Mar. 20, 1967
2x57 2 2x57 DS-192
Now that Laura is "dead", Elizabeth awakens from her coma and immediately wants to return to Collinwood. Victoria talks to David about his experience, but the only thing he remembers ...
Mar. 21, 1967
2x58 2 2x58 DS-193
Sam receives an offer of professional exhibition of his paintings, but needs to regain some of his earlier works which are now owned by Roger. A stranger makes an appearance at the ...
Mar. 22, 1967
2x59 2 2x59 DS-194
Elizabeth returns to Collinwood and is frantic to regain the key to the locked room in the mansion's basement. Victoria later sees Elizabeth leave the mysterious room.
Mar. 23, 1967
2x60 2 2x60 DS-195
Elizabeth makes Victoria vow to keep her visit to the locked room a secret. Meanwhile, a stranger arrives at Collinwood asking to see Elizabeth.
Mar. 24, 1967
2x61 2 2x61 DS-196
The stranger reveals himself to be an old acquaintance of Elizabeth's, Jason McGuire. Despite her protestations, Jason insists that he will be staying at Collinwood until further n ...
Mar. 27, 1967
2x62 2 2x62 DS-197
Elizabeth refuses to let her brother have the key to the locked room in the basement. Roger is later disarmed to discover Jason snooping about in the basement.
Mar. 28, 1967
2x63 2 2x63 DS-198
Maggie realizes that the paintings were sold to Roger as a cover for a bribe. Elizabeth stops Roger from gaining access to the locked room in the basement.
Mar. 29, 1967
2x64 2 2x64 DS-199
Jason McGuire meets with his friend Willie Loomis at the Blue Whale. A broken Sam admits to Burke the truth of his involvement in providing Roger with an alibi for the car accident ...
Mar. 30, 1967
2x65 2 2x65 DS-200
Burke and Sam confront Roger, who finally breaks down and confesses he was responsible for killing the man who Burke went to prison for. Jason makes another attempt to get into the ...
Mar. 31, 1967
2x66 2 2x66 DS-201
Roger is forced to confess that it was him that drove the car that killed a man 10 years earlier, not Burke. Elizabeth is distraught to learn the truth and Roger is left devastated ...
Apr. 03, 1967
2x67 2 2x67 DS-202
Joe almost comes to blows with Willie Loomis at the Blue Whale after lewd comments are made to Maggie. Willie later joins Jason as a guest at Collinwood, in spite of Elizabeth's pr ...
Apr. 04, 1967
2x68 2 2x68 DS-203
Victoria finds herself the disgusted victim of Willie's lecherous advances and is especially concerned by the way in which Elizabeth seems unable to intervene.
Apr. 05, 1967
2x69 2 2x69 DS-204
Carolyn is appalled by Willie's advances and uses a gun to scare him off. Both she and Victoria are disturbed by his antisocial behaviour and propensity for violence.
Apr. 06, 1967
2x70 2 2x70 DS-205
Willie becomes intrigued by the portrait of Barnabas Collins that hangs in the Collinwood foyer and the jewelry it depicts. Carolyn pressures Elizabeth for answers on the new arriv ...
Apr. 07, 1967
2x71 2 2x71 DS-206
Burke offers his support to Elizabeth if she needs help to combat the hold Jason has over her. However, though obviously distressed, Elizabeth refuses to acknowledge that she is being ...
Apr. 11, 1967
2x72 2 2x72 DS-207
Burke and Willie come to blows in the Blue Whale, when Willie threatens him with a knife. After the fight, Willie tells Jason he will only leave town if he is given money to do so. ...
Apr. 12, 1967
2x73 2 2x73 DS-208
Willie continues to be fascinated by the portrait of Barnabas and decides to do some research. After he learns that the Collins family were buried with their jewels, he begins to form ...
Apr. 13, 1967
2x74 2 2x74 DS-209
Willie visits the Eagle Hill cemetery and encounters the elderly caretaker, and claims to be a Collins family relative. Entering the family crypt, he is terrified to hear a mysterious ...
Apr. 14, 1967
2x75 2 2x75 DS-210
Everyone at Collinwood now believes that Will will soon be leaving town. Meanwhile, Willie Loomis attempts to open the tomb of Naomi Collins, hoping to find some of her jewelry buried ...
Apr. 17, 1967
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