Mar. 05, 2001
30 min.
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Crossroads (UK) (2001)

Crossroads returned to the ITV network in 2001 after a 13 year absence. The only characters to return from the original series were Jill Harvey, Doris Luke and Adam Chance. The series originally aired five times a week but this was cut back to four episodes from September, 2001 onwards. The motel had been replaced from the original series by a hotel and was now being run by the Russell family.


Crossroads (UK) (2001) Season 1 (2001)

1x01 1 1x01 Episode 1
- Its all “go” for Rocky, who is a porter down – “but he’s not complaining”. It is also the biggest day of Deputy Manager Jake’s life, surpassing his wedding to wife ...
Mar. 05, 2001
1x02 1 1x02 Episode 2
- Despite her father’s refusal to let them borrow a porter, Nicola and Chloe get Phil to row them to the island in the boating lake and then have the nerve to leave him hanging on ...
Mar. 06, 2001
1x03 1 1x03 Episode 3
- The news of Phil’s appearance in the Russell’s apartment without clothes spreads around the hotel – although uncharacteristically Virginia the hotel gossip appears uninterested ...
Mar. 07, 2001
1x04 1 1x04 Episode 4
- Jake is busy trying to sort out the fallout from Jill’s revelations the night before. Tracey is having none of it and another row ensues – this time overheard by their emotional ...
Mar. 08, 2001
1x05 1 1x05 Episode 5
- Jill wakes from the night before as fresh as a daisy – if only her actions could be so easily forgotten. She finally gets enough courage to visit her estranged daughter Sarah-Jane ...
Mar. 09, 2001
1x06 1 1x06 Episode 6
- In hope that the meetings they've had with Jill have worked, Kate expects Jill to check out during the morning. But there's no sign of her. It is Doris, on a mission to clean the ...
Mar. 12, 2001
1x07 1 1x07 Episode 7
- Kate is still reeling from Jill’s suicide attempt although personal feelings have to be left aside when gossip starts spreading among the staff. Jake and Kate try to enlist Billy’s ...
Mar. 13, 2001
1x08 1 1x08 Episode 8
- Rocky's acting like the Queen's bodyguard as he's determined to be extra vigilant following the thefts. It's making everyone's life a misery and staff gossip about Phil has reached ...
Mar. 14, 2001
1x09 1 1x09 Episode 9
- Little by little, the truth about Sarah-Jane and Jill's past begins to emerge. Despite Jill's sappy ramblings, she barely saw her daughter once she'd married Adam Chance. Sarah-Jane ...
Mar. 15, 2001
1x10 1 1x10 Episode 10
- Kate’s got a business to run though sometimes she doubts anybody else recognises this. Sarah-Jane’s doing her best to ignore Jill’s enormous executive suite bill (pretty sky ...
Mar. 16, 2001
1x11 1 1x11 Episode 11
- Adam Chance is back. He's now in the alcohol business but then he always was one for wine, women and song. And speaking of women, he spots his ex-wife Jill from a distance. With ...
Mar. 19, 2001
1x12 1 1x12 Episode 12
- Adam manages to engineer a 'surprise' meeting with the ex-missus, Jill. Will the happy reunions ever come to an end at the Crossroads Hotel? He's all charm and smarm as he assures ...
Mar. 20, 2001
1x13 1 1x13 Episode 13
- Jake just comes straight out and accuses Minty of being the thief. Outraged, he quits. But Phil sees Nicola acting in a distinctly dodgy way outside a hotel room. Has Jake got the ...
Mar. 21, 2001
1x14 1 1x14 Episode 14
- There's yet another theft but there's no way it can be blamed on the Midlands One, Minty. He's then in the clear and gets his job back from the ever-gracious Jake. Phil's got Nicola ...
Mar. 22, 2001
1x15 1 1x15 Episode 15
- Phil finally pins the blame on Nicola as he catches her red-handed in a hotel room. But that's not the only thing he pins on her as they end up in a passionate embrace. Oooo-er. Other ...
Mar. 23, 2001
1x16 1 1x16 Episode 16
- Following that hot clinch between Nicola and Phil, he’s dumped Chloe. Could it be that true love is in the air for the upstairs-downstairs couple? And how is that going to affect ...
Mar. 26, 2001
1x17 1 1x17 Episode 17
- Rocky's Mrs Marple-like antics (seraching staff bedrooms and the like) in pursuit of the thief have caused righteous outrage amongst the colleagues. But it's not only the workers ...
Mar. 27, 2001
1x18 1 1x18 Episode 18
- Jake "my wife understands me" Booth is all set to make his move on the delectable Sarah-Jane Harvey. But lo, his plans are foiled as step-brother Mark Russell makes a surprise return ...
Mar. 28, 2001
1x19 1 1x19 Episode 19
- Ray and Joanne go house hunting in King’s Oak, but it appears that things are not as cosy as they might be. Could it be that Ray is not as keen on the relationship as he once was ...
Mar. 29, 2001
1x20 1 1x20 Episode 20
- Mandy looks like the cat who got the cream when Kate offers her her job back. Things get even better when (in an attempt to make amends) she also gives her a room at the hotel… ...
Mar. 30, 2001
1x21 1 1x21 Episode 21
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Apr. 02, 2001
1x22 1 1x22 Episode 22
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Apr. 03, 2001
1x23 1 1x23 Episode 23
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Apr. 04, 2001
1x24 1 1x24 Episode 24
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Apr. 05, 2001
1x25 1 1x25 Episode 25
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Apr. 06, 2001
1x26 1 1x26 Episode 26
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Apr. 09, 2001
1x27 1 1x27 Episode 27
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Apr. 10, 2001
1x28 1 1x28 Episode 28
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Apr. 11, 2001
1x29 1 1x29 Episode 29
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Apr. 12, 2001
1x30 1 1x30 Episode 30
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Apr. 13, 2001
1x31 1 1x31 Episode 31
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Apr. 16, 2001
1x32 1 1x32 Episode 32
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Apr. 17, 2001
1x33 1 1x33 Episode 33
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Apr. 18, 2001
1x34 1 1x34 Episode 34
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Apr. 19, 2001
1x35 1 1x35 Episode 35
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Apr. 20, 2001
1x36 1 1x36 Episode 36
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Apr. 23, 2001
1x37 1 1x37 Episode 37
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Apr. 24, 2001
1x38 1 1x38 Episode 38
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Apr. 25, 2001
1x39 1 1x39 Episode 39
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Apr. 26, 2001
1x40 1 1x40 Episode 40
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Apr. 27, 2001
1x41 1 1x41 Episode 41
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Apr. 30, 2001
1x42 1 1x42 Episode 42
- Although Phil is very much the “hero of the hour” after seeing off the intruders, the new found heroism seems to have had little effect on Patrick who demands a full report from ...
May. 01, 2001
1x43 1 1x43 Episode 43
- Sean and Phil wake from their boozy night celebrating. On returning to the hotel Phil is all ready to hand in his notice when Rocky reveals that his probationary period is over, ...
May. 02, 2001
1x44 1 1x44 Episode 44
- In the Booth household Scott is devastated when Jake breaks the news of his "conference" to Tracey and Scott who then explodes with "I knew it was too good to be true, I KNEW this ...
May. 03, 2001
1x45 1 1x45 Jill Accepts
- Sean continues to cause trouble for Phil. He hasn’t even started work and has already decided to have a lie in. Later he “accidentally” bumps into Nicola in King’s Oak which ...
May. 04, 2001
1x46 1 1x46 Episode 46
- With Sarah-Jane and Jake still enjoying the delights of each other’s company, Tracey has every right to be sceptical about how hard he’ll be working on the hotel while they’re ...
May. 07, 2001
1x47 1 1x47 Episode 47
- Kate and Patrick get a nasty surprise when they return Prague to find Sean has managed to get a job in the hotel laundry. Kate seems especially shocked when Virgina reveals that ...
May. 08, 2001
1x48 1 1x48 Episode 48
- An irate Billy causes a scene in reception when the peppers don’t arrive for the Mexican night. Mark impresses his parents by placating Billy, organising some replacements and ...
May. 09, 2001
1x49 1 1x49 Episode 49
- Jake arrives back from his trip away with a gift for his son – but nothing for Tracey. Does he never learn? Tracey gets upset and turns to drink for comfort. Mandy is impressed ...
May. 10, 2001
1x50 1 1x50 Episode 50
- Things are clearly moving on for Adam and Jill when he spends the night with his ex wife / wife to be. Despite their relationship moving up a gear she still hasn’t seen his apartment ...
May. 11, 2001
1x51 1 1x51 Episode 51
- Sarah-Jane and Adam continue to spar. She manages to get her mother to go crazy on his credit card in the bridal shop, while he tells her mother about the affair with Jake. Jill ...
May. 14, 2001
1x52 1 1x52 Episode 52
- Jill spends a restless night worrying about Adam’s revelation that Sarah Jane and Jake have been having an affair. She confronts her daughter in the hotel office. Sarah Jane at ...
May. 15, 2001
1x53 1 1x53 Episode 53
Tracey refuses Jake's request for a divorce and is suspicious about him and Sarah-Jane. Poor little Scott overhears them discussing it and runs away, distraught. His ultimate fear regarding ...
May. 16, 2001
1x54 1 1x54 Episode 54
- Although preparations for the wedding are in full swing, Sarah-Jane is still trying to get Jill to call it off. Jill’s vulnerable to persuasion as she’s perturbed by his repeated ...
May. 17, 2001
1x55 1 1x55 Adam and Jill Get Married
- Preparation for the wedding are in full swing although Patrick is bemused by the fact that all the guests are hotel staff members. Doris calls round to visit Jill just to make sure ...
May. 18, 2001
1x56 1 1x56 Episode 56
- Tensions are running high all over the hotel. As Adam waits for a sign from his missing wife, their wedding presents remain unopened. In the Russell household neither Patrick or ...
May. 21, 2001
1x57 1 1x57 A Body is Found
- Mark arrives in Newcastle looking for clues about his missing sister’s boyfriend. Phil’s stepfather wastes no time in revealing the news that the young runaway has been in trouble ...
May. 22, 2001
1x58 1 1x58 The Body is Identified
- Kate accompanies Sarah Jane as she formally identifies the body found in the lake as her mother. On returning to the hotel she gives Adam - who is busy looking at proofs from the ...
May. 23, 2001
1x59 1 1x59 Episode 59
- The police are called in as Kate and Patrick continue to panic over Nicola’s disappearance. DS Garland begins to interview Adam and Sarah Jane about Jill’s death. Des and ...
May. 24, 2001
1x60 1 1x60 The Inquest
- Jake and Tracey finally seem to be talking sensibly about their separation as they share a late night drink on the sofa. In the heat of the moment they share a kiss. Maybe there ...
May. 25, 2001
1x61 1 1x61 Episode 61
- Following Jill Harvey’s murder, the hotel is besieged by journalist and murder squad detectives. The news is clearly bad for business and it is all Jake can do to stop the remaining ...
May. 28, 2001
1x62 1 1x62 Episode 62
- DS Garland continues his investigation into Jill’s murder and Phil’s disappearance – convinced that the two events are in some way linked. His suspicions are roused when overhearing ...
May. 29, 2001
1x63 1 1x63 Episode 63
- After a row with Tom, Daniel phones his Uncle Bob and Auntie Sylvia. While not directly spilling the beans about his brothers’ relationship he does unfortunately let slip that ...
May. 30, 2001
1x64 1 1x64 Episode 64
- Yet again Kully and Beena try to guess the identity the father of Mandy’s baby. Neither of them believe the story that it is just a random bloke from King’s Oak –its hardly ...
May. 31, 2001
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