Dec. 09, 1960
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Coronation Street (UK)

Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.


Coronation Street (UK) Season 60 (2019)

60x01 60 60x01 Tuesday 1st January
Audrey pins her hopes on Lewis proving Gail wrong. Carla pushes the boat out for Peter. David's old cellmate Paul turns up on the street.
Jan. 01, 2019
60x02 60 60x02 Wednesday 2nd January
Audrey receives alarming news of her finances. Mary traces Jude to a bed and breakfast in Blackpool. Emma tries emulating Gemma to win Chesney's heart.
Jan. 02, 2019
60x03 60 60x03 Wednesday 2nd January
Audrey reports the theft of her money to the police. Mary and Roy find Jude up to his old tricks. Billy secures a job for Paul.
Jan. 02, 2019
60x04 60 60x04 Friday 4th January
Gemma encounters a blast from the past. Sally fears for her safety without Abi's protection. Audrey's loved ones grow concerned for her.
Jan. 04, 2019
60x05 60 60x05 Friday 4th January
Emma is heartbroken when Chesney fails to show. Gina demands Imran's help in nailing Duncan. Audrey reviews her retirement plans.
Jan. 04, 2019
60x06 60 60x06 Monday 7th January
Imran distracts Duncan while Gina breaks into his flat. Jenny pleads Johnny's case to a vengeful Liz. Gemma acts cruel to be kind to Chesney.
Jan. 07, 2019
60x07 60 60x07 Monday 7th January
Gina makes a discovery about Duncan. Gemma's rejection sends Chesney rebounding to Emma. Johnny fears Liz will shop him to the police.
Jan. 07, 2019
60x08 60 60x08 Wednesday 9th January
The slog of prison life leaves Sally beaten. Eileen aims to restore peace between Liz and the Connors. Brian searches for a new direction.
Jan. 09, 2019
60x09 60 60x09 Wednesday 9th January
Audrey accuses Claudia of stealing her money. The misery of Sally's situation upsets Tim. The police come calling for a resident of the street.
Jan. 09, 2019
60x10 60 60x10 Friday 11th January
Tim and Sophie contact Duncan's daughter. Sinead dreads Daniel's reaction to her hair loss. Ken berates Audrey for her treatment of Claudia.
Jan. 11, 2019
60x11 60 60x11 Friday 11th January
Tim pursues Duncan, intent on forcing a confession from him. Daniel plans a romantic surprise for Sinead. Johnny asks a favor of Carla.
Jan. 11, 2019
60x12 60 60x12 Monday 14th January
Sophie leaps into action upon spotting Duncan's wife. Sinead receives disturbing news at the hospital. Nick's generosity plays into Elsa's hands.
Jan. 14, 2019
60x13 60 60x13 Monday 14th January
Gina comes to the rescue when Sophie's plan falls apart. Sinead gives birth prematurely with Daniel by her side. Leanne quizzes Nick about Elsa.
Jan. 14, 2019
60x14 60 60x14 Wednesday 16th January
An unexpected visitor spells trouble for Nick. Daniel introduces his baby son to grandad Ken. Mary warns Tracy against toying with Steve.
Jan. 16, 2019
60x15 60 60x15 Wednesday 16th January
Nick makes Leanne feel guilty. Sally suffers a terrifying encounter in prison. Daniel shelters Sinead from the truth about their son's health.
Jan. 16, 2019
60x16 60 60x16 Friday 18th January
Audrey decides to sell her stake in the salon. Tracy urges Daniel to be honest with Sinead. Kate plows ahead with wedding preparations.
Jan. 18, 2019
60x17 60 60x17 Friday 18th January
Tracy and Steve consider trying for a baby. David announces his intention to open a new business. Sinead finally meets her baby boy.
Jan. 18, 2019
60x18 60 60x18 Monday 21st January
Audrey learns that she must vacate her house. Amy skips school to attend a family planning clinic. Sally prepares Abi for a job interview.
Jan. 21, 2019
60x19 60 60x19 Monday 21st January
Steve and Tracy reel at news of Amy's pregnancy. Gary and Sarah are floored by their latest setback. Carla is relieved when Roy returns home.
Jan. 21, 2019
60x20 60 60x20 Wednesday 23rd January
Tracy quizzes Amy about the baby's father. Nick dashes Sarah and Gary's hopes. Abi embellishes her CV during her interview.
Jan. 23, 2019
60x21 60 60x21 Wednesday 23rd January
Simon finds himself in the McDonalds' firing line. Tyrone worries about Evelyn's memory. Desperate to pacify Sarah, Gary turns to an old friend.
Jan. 23, 2019
60x22 60 60x22 Friday 25th January
Sarah drowns her sorrows over Gary. Leanne defends Simon from Tracy's accusations. Tyrone follows Evelyn to discover her secret.
Jan. 25, 2019
60x23 60 60x23 Friday 25th January
Tyrone gains an insight into Evelyn's past. Adam and Sarah share an intimate moment. Leanne disapproves of Peter's plans for Simon.
Jan. 25, 2019
60x24 60 60x24 Monday 28th January
Steve and Tracy agree to support Amy's decision regarding the baby. Tyrone confronts Evelyn with his discovery. Sarah tries to keep Seb on side.
Jan. 28, 2019
60x25 60 60x25 Monday 28th January
Evelyn finally tells Tyrone the truth about his birth. Sarah persuades Adam to apologise to Seb. Steve and Tracy offer to raise Amy's baby.
Jan. 28, 2019
60x26 60 60x26 Wednesday 30th January
Seb faces losing everything when Gary fires him. Amy considers her parents' proposal. Evelyn asks Roy to plead her case to Tyrone.
Jan. 30, 2019
60x27 60 60x27 Wednesday 30th January
Abi and Seb attend the twins' adoption hearing. Steve and Tracy blame themselves for Amy's plight. A rejected Evelyn sets off on holiday.
Jan. 30, 2019
60x28 60 60x28 Friday 1st February
Peter assures Abi that he and Carla are just friends. An angry Seb spills Sarah's secret to Gary. Rita learns that Norris intends to sell The Kabin.
Feb. 01, 2019
60x29 60 60x29 Friday 1st February
Peter sails close to the wind with Abi and Carla. Gemma publicly accuses Paul of stealing. Daniel finds Adam with his bags packed.
Feb. 01, 2019
60x30 60 60x30 Monday 4th February
Gemma catches Paul stealing from Roy. Jenny suffers a meltdown behind the bar. Abi looks forward to setting sail with Peter.
Feb. 04, 2019
60x31 60 60x31 Monday 4th February
Emma puts Chesney's feelings before her own. Peter lets Abi down gently. Jenny receives a visit from her nemesis, Liz.
Feb. 04, 2019
60x32 60 60x32 Wednesday 6th February
Gemma stages an intervention as the Connors face court. Rita thwarts Brian and Cathy's big announcement. Bethany uncovers her uncles' masterplan.
Feb. 06, 2019
60x33 60 60x33 Wednesday 6th February
Shona breaks sad news to Clayton. Steve grows alarmed when Liz disappears. Nick and David's staff interviews meet with opposition.
Feb. 06, 2019
60x34 60 60x34 Friday 8th February
Johnny attempts to reach out to a fragile Jenny. Shona's concern for Clayton stirs up trouble. Brian struggles without Rita at The Kabin.
Feb. 08, 2019
60x35 60 60x35 Friday 8th February
Shona refuses to go the extra mile for Clayton. Brian sweet-talks Rita into returning to work. Carla worries about Roy's latest obsession.
Feb. 08, 2019
60x36 60 60x36 Monday 11th February
Clayton's enemies get too close for Shona's comfort. Johnny and Jenny return to chaos at the Rovers. Carla finds Roy sleepwalking in the street.
Feb. 11, 2019
60x37 60 60x37 Monday 11th February
Nick demands an explanation from Shona. Abi takes the news of Peter's travels to heart. Carla recruits Brian to solve a mystery for Roy.
Feb. 11, 2019
60x38 60 60x38 Wednesday 13th February
Peter prioritizes Simon over Abi. Clayton faces the consequences of Shona's actions. Gemma attempts to show off her domestic talents.
Feb. 13, 2019
60x39 60 60x39 Wednesday 13th February
Peter's boat catches fire, placing Simon in danger. Shona keeps David in the dark. Chesney accuses Gemma of setting Joseph a poor example.
Feb. 13, 2019
60x40 60 60x40 Friday 15th February
Carla could hold the key to the arsonist's identity. Amy lies to Tracy about her pregnancy scan. Chesney springs a romantic surprise on Gemma.
Feb. 15, 2019
60x41 60 60x41 Friday 15th February
Carla could hold the key to the arsonist's identity. Amy lies to Tracy about her pregnancy scan. Chesney springs a romantic surprise on Gemma.
Feb. 15, 2019
60x42 60 60x42 Monday 18th February
Tracy refuses to let Tyler interfere with her adoption plans. The police question Carla about the fire. Mary lays on a special lunch for Tyrone.
Feb. 18, 2019
60x43 60 60x43 Monday 18th February
Amy is forced to give a statement regarding Tyler's offense. Carla's actions after the fire come under scrutiny. Tyrone puts Mary firmly in the friend-zone.
Feb. 18, 2019
60x44 60 60x44 Wednesday 20th February
Amy turns to Bethany for support. Gina longs to build bridges with a hostile Sally. Mary accepts Tyrone and Ruby's invitation.
Feb. 20, 2019
60x45 60 60x45 Friday 22nd February
Paul reveals to Shona that Clayton is being let out for Dane's funeral. Billy suggests Shona goes to the service so that she can see her son, but will she agree? There's a mix up ...
Feb. 22, 2019
60x46 60 60x46 Monday 25th February
Shona hopes to see Clayton at his father's funeral. Gary warns Carla that the factory roof is unsafe. Steve gazumps Claudia with a higher offer.
Feb. 25, 2019
60x47 60 60x47 Monday 25th February
Clayton's break for freedom has David fearing for his family. Roy asks Carla to find somewhere else to live. The McDonalds celebrate their new house.
Feb. 25, 2019
60x48 60 60x48 Wednesday 27th February
Amy ponders how to avoid attending her scan. Brian offers to help Daniel with an essay. Kevin's confession vindicates Gina.
Feb. 27, 2019
60x49 60 60x49 Wednesday 27th February
David orders Shona to pack her bags. Kevin fights Gina's corner. Billy despairs of Claudia's opposition to a new bail hostel.
Feb. 27, 2019
60x50 60 60x50 Friday 1st March
Shona begs Clayton to hand himself in to the police. Tensions flare between Tracy and Vicky. Daniel suffers a crisis of confidence.
Mar. 01, 2019
60x51 60 60x51 Monday 4th March
Shona puts her life at risk for Clayton. Seb comes to Sarah's aid when Max goes missing. The council's chosen location for the bail hostel outrages Claudia.
Mar. 04, 2019
60x52 60 60x52 Monday 4th March
Shona and Clayton are rushed into hospital. Sarah forces Gary to pay Seb a fair wage. Rana resents Lolly muscling in on her wedding plans.
Mar. 04, 2019
60x53 60 60x53 Wednesday 6th March
Seb sets his sights on Sarah for his 18th birthday. Yasmeen dodges Geoff's amorous intentions. Lolly's influence on Kate frustrates Rana.
Mar. 06, 2019
60x54 60 60x54 Wednesday 6th March
Seb fears the worst when Gary turns up at his party. Yasmeen shares her insecurities with Cathy. Chesney invites Gemma to move in to Number Five.
Mar. 06, 2019
60x55 60 60x55 Thursday 7th March
Seb cements his fate by losing control of his temper. Nick unwittingly flirts with a business rival. Geoff suffers an accident at work that isn't his fault.
Mar. 07, 2019
60x56 60 60x56 Friday 8th March
Sabotage threatens the grand opening of the barber's. Carla hires Gary to do a quick fix on the factory roof. Evelyn's dog returns without her.
Mar. 08, 2019
60x57 60 60x57 Friday 8th March
Nick and David fear their new business is doomed. Michelle drops a welcome bombshell on Robert. Geoff confesses to milking his injury.
Mar. 08, 2019
60x58 60 60x58 Monday 11th March
Carla takes charge when Michelle suffers a scare. Evelyn finds Tyrone lying in wait for her. David struggles to cope alone at the barbers.
Mar. 11, 2019
60x59 60 60x59 Monday 11th March
Michelle informs Robert that she is not pregnant. Tyrone invents a reason for Evelyn to stay. David is furious at Nick for employing Gail.
Mar. 11, 2019
60x60 60 60x60 Wednesday 13th March
Lolly monopolizes Kate and Rana's hen party. Evelyn starts work in the office at Webster's Autos. Gail finds a candidate for the barber vacancy.
Mar. 13, 2019
60x61 60 60x61 Wednesday 13th March
Lolly overhears Kate making fun of her. Natalie demands money or a job from Nick. Robert accuses Carla of creating conflict for him and Michelle.
Mar. 13, 2019
60x62 60 60x62 Friday 15th March
Nick rumbles Carla's secret plan for the factory. Kate and Rana uninvite Lolly from their wedding. Seb's resentment of Gary intensifies.
Mar. 15, 2019
60x63 60 60x63 Monday 18th March
Carla is aghast that Peter is leaving town. Kate suggests to Rana that they postpone their wedding. The disgruntled factory workers occupy Underworld in protest.
Mar. 18, 2019
60x64 60 60x64 Monday 18th March
Sally and Gina's row brings down the factory roof. Rana insists on going ahead with the ceremony as planned. Carla begs Peter to stay in Weatherfield.
Mar. 18, 2019
60x65 60 60x65 Wednesday 20th March
Sally lies unconscious in the debris of the fallen factory roof. Tim and Abi rush to the aid of the wounded protesters. Rana explains to Kate her reasons for the delay.
Mar. 20, 2019
60x66 60 60x66 Wednesday 20th March
Kate dismisses Rana's doubts about proceeding with their nuptials. Carla admits to Peter that she knew the roof was unsafe. David suspects Nick of an insurance scam.
Mar. 20, 2019
60x67 60 60x67 Sunday 24th March
Grief stalks the street following the factory roof collapse. Carla, Nick and Gary are keen to conceal their guilt. Roy is reunited with a face from the past.
Mar. 24, 2019
60x68 60 60x68 Wednesday 27th March
Michelle's praise spurs Ali into action. Wayne offers to assist Roy with his research. Sarah threatens to dump Gary if he keeps quiet about the roof.
Mar. 27, 2019
60x69 60 60x69 Wednesday 27th March
Robert returns but remains evasive about his absence. Wayne and Brian provide Roy with a promising lead. Gary finds the gate of the builders yard unlocked.
Mar. 27, 2019
60x70 60 60x70 Friday 29th March
Daniel and Sinead bring Bertie home from hospital. Gary's good fortune proves short-lived. Sarah blames Seb for vandalizing Gary's van. Wayne's questions fuel the speculation surrounding ...
Mar. 29, 2019
60x71 60 60x71 Sunday 31st March
Gary demands cash from Peter to pay off Rick. Beth and Claudia clash during Bertie's homecoming party. Gina refuses to turn a blind eye to Tim's suffering.
Mar. 31, 2019
60x72 60 60x72 Monday 1st April
Imran accuses Carla of covering up the truth. Sally thanks Gina for saving Tim's life. Sinead spots a business opportunity at the barber's.
Apr. 01, 2019
60x73 60 60x73 Monday 1st April
Robert forces Carla to come clean during Rana's memorial. Gina finally receives Sally and Tim's forgiveness. A frightening sight meets Chesney's return home.
Apr. 01, 2019
60x74 60 60x74 Wednesday 3rd April
Carla faces the repercussions of her confession. Chesney catches Gemma cheating in a radio phone-in quiz. Geoff brags about his gardening prowess.
Apr. 03, 2019
60x75 60 60x75 Wednesday 3rd April
Carla finds herself public enemy number one. Chesney berates Gemma for defrauding Mary. Rita plays matchmaker to Paul and Billy.
Apr. 03, 2019

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Season 60 Videos

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Season 60 Trivia

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