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Coronation Street (UK)

Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.

Coronation Street (UK) Season 50 (2009)

50x01 50 50x01 Fri January 2, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tyrone insists to Molly that he knew Pam was up to no good. Ken isn't sure that his son is being honest.
Jan. 02, 2009
50x02 50 50x02 Fri January 2, 2009 [Episode 2]
When Tyrone's mother shows up he and Molly are reunited.
Jan. 02, 2009
50x03 50 50x03 Mon January 5, 2009 [Episode 1]
Liz and Lloyd are nearly discovered together by Steve. Tara's plans upset Dev. When Peter continues to drink it causes him more problems.
Jan. 05, 2009
50x04 50 50x04 Mon January 5, 2009 [Episode 2]
Steve tries to dump Michelle. Joe keeps his money problems quiet from Gail.
Jan. 05, 2009
50x05 50 50x05 Wed January 7, 2009
Steve tells Becky that he and Michelle have split up. Molly deices to let Jackie attend the wedding. Joe gets a new job.
Jan. 07, 2009
50x06 50 50x06 Fri January 9, 2009 [Episode 1]
Becky calls things off with Steve when she finds out that he not been honest with her.
Jan. 09, 2009
50x07 50 50x07 Fri January 9, 2009 [Episode 2]
Peter cooks a meal for Leanne and her mother in an attempt to charm her.
Jan. 09, 2009
50x08 50 50x08 Mon January 12, 2009 [Episode 1]
Pam's latest sceme causes more problems for Tyrone. Leanne agrres to go to the cinema with Peter. Liz shares some news with Eileen.
Jan. 12, 2009
50x09 50 50x09 Mon January 12, 2009 [Episode 2]
Tyrone tries to make it to the church on time. Peter attempts to avoid the urge to have a drink. Gary tries to make friends with Tina.
Jan. 12, 2009
50x10 50 50x10 Wed January 14, 2009
Jackie gets even with Molly and Tyrone. David isn't happy when he catches Tina with Gary.
Jan. 14, 2009
50x11 50 50x11 Fri January 16, 2009 [Episode 1]
Molly and Tyrone's honeymoon is in danger because of Jackie. Tina is surprised to find out how desperate Joe is.
Jan. 16, 2009
50x12 50 50x12 Fri January 16, 2009 [Episode 2]
Gail is manipulated by Joe. Steve tries to convince Becky that it is not too late. A letter arrives for Fiz.
Jan. 16, 2009
50x13 50 50x13 Mon January 19, 2009 [Episode 1]
The Windass family plan a robbery in the local area. Fiz gets ready to hear John being sentenced. Becky is confronted by Michelle.
Jan. 19, 2009
50x14 50 50x14 Mon January 19, 2009 [Episode 2]
David is not happy when Gary flirts with Tina. Gail is shocked by what her mother has to say. Fiz is upset as the Webster family celebrate.
Jan. 19, 2009
50x15 50 50x15 Wed January 21, 2009
Joe is upset when he is thought to have been involved in a robbery. Chesney sets his sister up on a date.
Jan. 19, 2009
50x16 50 50x16 Fri January 23, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tony's confession shocks Maria. Tina tries to convince Joe to return back home.
Jan. 23, 2009
50x17 50 50x17 Fri January 23, 2009 [Episode 2]
Maria is made a fool of by Tony. Sally and Kevin discover something about their daughter. Joe attempts to say sorry to Gail.
Jan. 23, 2009
50x18 50 50x18 Mon January 26, 2009 [Episode 1]
After being interviewed by the police yet again, Maria looses her cool.
Jan. 26, 2009
50x19 50 50x19 Mon January 26, 2009 [Episode 2]
Maria is worried about the health of her unborn child. Ken becomes friends with a woman called Martha.
Jan. 26, 2009
50x20 50 50x20 Wed January 28, 2009
Maria's innocence is insisted by Tony. He also takes steps to prove her claims are wrong.
Jan. 28, 2009
50x21 50 50x21 Fri January 30, 2009 [Episode 1]
Gail's relationship with her son reaches a new low.
Jan. 30, 2009
50x22 50 50x22 Fri January 30, 2009 [Episode 2]
As he is taken to hospital, David wants Tina to say that his mother throw the first punch.
Jan. 30, 2009
50x23 50 50x23 Mon February 2, 2009 [Episode 1]
Carla visits Maria after becoming more suspicious about Tony. Tina is not happy about lying for David.
Feb. 02, 2009
50x24 50 50x24 Mon February 2, 2009 [Episode 2]
Tont is not happy when he finds out that Jed has spoken with Carla. The darts team are not happy when they find out what Eddie has been up to.
Feb. 02, 2009
50x25 50 50x25 Wed February 4, 2009
Tony is not happy with the questions Carla has been asking.
Feb. 04, 2009
50x26 50 50x26 Fri February 6, 2009 [Episode 1]
Carla comes close to discovering the truth about Liam's death. When Lloyd goes to a singles bar Liz is not happy.
Feb. 06, 2009
50x27 50 50x27 Fri February 6, 2009 [Episode 2]
Lloyd tries to get Steve dating again. Norris considers Mary's offer to go on a cruise with her.
Feb. 06, 2009
50x28 50 50x28 Mon February 9, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tina is frightened by Len. Tony is found a broken man by Julia. Ken receives a strange gift from Martha.
Feb. 09, 2009
50x29 50 50x29 Mon February 9, 2009 [Episode 2]
Joe takes desperate measures to protect Tina. Becky is jealous when she sees Steve flirting with Natasha. Maria is told by Tony that Liam only loved her and not Carla.
Feb. 09, 2009
50x30 50 50x30 Wed February 11, 2009
Tony finds it hard t deal with the guilt he is feeling. Steve fails to impress Natasha.
Feb. 11, 2009
50x31 50 50x31 Fri February 13, 2009 [Episode 1]
Julie receives an ultimatum from Tony. Graeme offers Sally his help.
Feb. 13, 2009
50x32 50 50x32 Fri February 13, 2009 [Episode 2]
Becky refuses to get back together with Steve. Tina is thankful for Gary's help.
Feb. 13, 2009
50x33 50 50x33 Mon February 16, 2009 [Episode 1]
Becky has to break the news to Jason that they have no future together. Eddie tries to bribe David. The Webster family hear an announcement from Sophie.
Feb. 16, 2009
50x34 50 50x34 Mon February 16, 2009 [Episode 2]
Michelle and Becky have a fight. Julie finds it hard being in charge. Tina is scared by Len's threats.
Feb. 16, 2009
50x35 50 50x35 Wed February 18, 2009
Len continues to cause problems for the Platt family. Ken's plans to see Martha dont go as he hoped for.
Feb. 18, 2009
50x36 50 50x36 Fri February 20, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tony receives some shocking news. Gail tries to help Joe without his knowledge.
Feb. 20, 2009
50x37 50 50x37 Fri February 20, 2009 [Episode 2]
Ken finds himself all dolled up with nowhere to go. Graeme apologies to Ashley.
Feb. 20, 2009
50x38 50 50x38 Mon February 23, 2009 [Episode 1]
Joe receives a tempting offer from Len. Deirdre plans a surprise for Ken. Tony isn't happy with the connection between Luke and his wife.
Feb. 23, 2009
50x39 50 50x39 Mon February 23, 2009 [Episode 2]
Joe hears a confession from Tina. Deirdre is upset with Ken. Tom and Maria receive a proposal from Luke.
Feb. 23, 2009
50x40 50 50x40 Wed February 25, 2009
Becky is left in charge of the pub by Liz. On Martha's boat Ken sees a face he recognises.
Feb. 25, 2009
50x41 50 50x41 Fri February 27, 2009 [Episode 1]
Nichelle upsets Becky's happiness at being engaged. Tina decides to leave town.
Feb. 27, 2009
50x42 50 50x42 Fri February 27, 2009 [Episode 2]
Becky and Steve's engagement is in danger off being off. Eileen is shocked by what Paula tells her. Luke and Tony come to an understanding.
Feb. 27, 2009
50x43 50 50x43 Mon 2 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Becky worries about the wedding. Colin has a surprise for Rita.
Mar. 02, 2009
50x44 50 50x44 Mon 2 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
A confession is made by Tina in court. Liz is suspicious about Lloyd after he lies to her.
Mar. 02, 2009
50x45 50 50x45 Wed 4 March, 2009
The court case has repercussions on the street. Norris hears a proposal from Mary.
Mar. 04, 2009
50x46 50 50x46 Fri 6 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
A stranger means trouble for Peter. Gail attempts to get Tina to give Joe another chance. Emily is worried about Norris' decision.
Mar. 06, 2009
50x47 50 50x47 Fri 6 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Ken finds it hard to deal with his deception. Peter hopes that Leanne will forgive him.
Mar. 06, 2009
50x48 50 50x48 Mon 9 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
David isn't happy with Joe. Peter tries to persuade Leanne not to leave the street. Dev's uncle from Mumbai pays a visit.
Mar. 09, 2009
50x49 50 50x49 Mon 9 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Liz and Lloyd's relationship is strained by the age difference between them. Simon and Peter are shocked by what Leanne decides to do.
Mar. 09, 2009
50x50 50 50x50 Wed 11 March, 2009
Steve does not want his mother and Lloyd at his wedding. Tina asks Gail to keep an eye on her father. Ken finds it hard not to think about Martha.
Mar. 11, 2009
50x51 50 50x51 Fri 13 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
There is trouble for Becky and Steve. Gail finds out where Joe has been sleeping. Dev is warned by his uncle that Tara is just after his money.
Mar. 13, 2009
50x52 50 50x52 Fri 13 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
The time has come for Steve and Becky's wedding. Maria finds herself trusting Tony. Gail tries to persuade Joe not to give up on them.
Mar. 13, 2009
50x53 50 50x53 Mon 16 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Steve tries to stop Becky from learning the truth. Luke and Tom both put Maria under pressure. Norris thinks again about leaving the street.
Mar. 16, 2009
50x54 50 50x54 Mon 16 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Becky informs Steve that they are not ready to be man and wife. David is not happy when Gail lets Joe move back in.
Mar. 16, 2009
50x55 50 50x55 Wed 18 March, 2009
Maria find it hard to come to a decision about Ladrags. Things between Ryan and Sian heat up.
Mar. 18, 2009
50x56 50 50x56 Fri 20 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tony receives a nasty shock. Liz is not happy when Lloyd decides to go on holiday without her. Joe's problems are answered by Len.
Mar. 20, 2009
50x57 50 50x57 Fri 20 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Tony is left devistated by Carla's actions. The gallery has it's opening night.
Mar. 20, 2009
50x58 50 50x58 Mon 23 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Tony is shocked about what Michelle tells him about Carla. Ken and Deirdre are worried that Peter is drinking again. Umed thinks Dev is making a mistake investing in Tara.
Mar. 23, 2009
50x59 50 50x59 Mon 23 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Things heat up between Tony and Natasha. Ken frustrates Deirdre. Tara is upset when there is no mention of her gallery in the local paper.
Mar. 23, 2009
50x60 50 50x60 Wed 25 March, 2009
Maria is unsettled by Tony's relationship with Natasha. Peter's actions scare his son. Fiz receives a letter in the post.
Mar. 25, 2009
50x61 50 50x61 Fri 27 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Deirdre confronts Peter about his continued drinking. Maria attempts to get Natasha and Tom together. Kirk receives some news from Julie.
Mar. 27, 2009
50x62 50 50x62 Fri 27 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Ken returns home and finds out what has been going on. Natasha is warned by Maria to keep her distance from Tony.
Mar. 27, 2009
50x63 50 50x63 Mon 30 March, 2009 [Episode 1]
Ken attempts to persuade his son to get the help he needs. Kirk's plans for the future are not the same as Julie's. Maria discovers what Natasha has been up to now.
Mar. 30, 2009
50x64 50 50x64 Mon 30 March, 2009 [Episode 2]
Peter's problems cause dire consequences. Dev tries to convince Tara not to leave. Fiz is worried when she finds out that her brother has been skipping classes.
Mar. 30, 2009
50x66 50 50x66 Fri 3 April, 2009 [Episode 1]
Ken decides that he has to tell Martha the truth. Peter feels guilty about what has happened to his son and refuses to leave his bedside.
Apr. 03, 2009
50x67 50 50x67 Fri 3 April, 2009 [Episode 2]
Julie is left feeling gutted by Kirk's annoucement. Fiz finds out the reason why her brother has been bunking off from school.
Apr. 03, 2009
50x68 50 50x68 Mon 6 April, 2009 [Episode 1]
Fiz tries to help her brother. Tony is given some frustrating news.
Apr. 06, 2009
50x69 50 50x69 Mon 6 April, 2009 [Episode 2]
Tina makes plans for the future. Norris comes to a difficult decision. Peter attempts to get Michelle to go out with him.
Apr. 06, 2009
50x70 50 50x70 Wed 8 April, 2009
Peter does not manage to impress Michelle. Joe finds himself at Gail's mercy following his injury.
Apr. 08, 2009
50x71 50 50x71 Fri 10 April, 2009 [Episode 1]
Len puts the pressure on Joe. Sally doesn't want Molly becoming involved in the garage's business. Fiz considers going to see John in prison.
Apr. 10, 2009
50x72 50 50x72 Fri 10 April, 2009 [Episode 2]
Sally clashes with Molly. Peter tries to say sorry to Michelle.
Apr. 10, 2009
50x73 50 50x73 Sun 12 April, 2009
David causes more problems for Joe. Kevin and Tyrone see just how fit they are.
Apr. 12, 2009
50x74 50 50x74 Mon 13 April, 2009 [Episode 1]
Martha hears a confession from Ken. Gary is set up by David. Anna tries to persuade Hayley to employ her.
Apr. 13, 2009
50x75 50 50x75 Mon 13 April, 2009 [Episode 2]
Audrey is shocked that Ken is cheating on Deirdre. After Teresa gets drunk she causes problems for Darryl. David continues to plot to bring Gary down.
Apr. 13, 2009
50x76 50 50x76 Wed 15 April, 2009
Audrey tries to decide what to do about what she has found out. Tony is not happy with Luke's interference at Ladrags.
Apr. 15, 2009

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