Dec. 09, 1960
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Coronation Street (UK) tv show photo

Coronation Street (UK)

Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.

Coronation Street (UK) Season 5 (1964)

5x01 5 5x01 Wednesday 1st January 1964
Laurie tells Elsie that Dennis had to go because he didn't open the office over Christmas, losing them eleven bookings. Annie overhears Joan on the phone telling Gordon she can't return ...
Jan. 01, 1964
5x02 5 5x02 Monday 6th January 1964
With a new roundabout being built, all the town's traffic is diverted down Rosamund Street. With Emily away, Myra helps at Gamma Garments. Elsie puts pressure on Dennis to get a job. ...
Jan. 06, 1964
5x03 5 5x03 Wednesday 8th January 1964
Lucille is delighted when Harry tells her she can go to Walter's concert at the Palais. Ken goes after promotion as Head of English on an extra £150 a year. Dennis gets the job at ...
Jan. 08, 1964
5x04 5 5x04 Monday 13th January 1964
Dennis starts work in the loading bay at Amalgamated Steel. After the concert, Walter has a load of screaming fans outside No.11. Lucille is furious when Jennifer Knott is photographed ...
Jan. 13, 1964
5x05 5 5x05 Wednesday 15th January 1964
Lucille is so concerned with Walter that she forgets Concepta's birthday. The fans hold fort outside No.11. When they chalk "I love Brett" over the Vestry, Ena demands their removal ...
Jan. 15, 1964
5x06 5 5x06 Monday 20th January 1964
Harry blames Walter for the tattoo. Val rows with Ken when he and Dave write to the papers over the lack of a school crossing. She tells him that if he gets the sack she'll leave him. ...
Jan. 20, 1964
5x07 5 5x07 Wednesday 22nd January 1964
With the national papers reporting the news of Walter's tour, the Street fills with screaming fans. Walter doesn't want to go as he'd rather stay with the Tanners. Laurie makes him ...
Jan. 22, 1964
5x08 5 5x08 Monday 27th January 1964
Ken is summoned to the Education Officer. Val tells Dave he's not wanted in her house. He tells her how lonely he is and they are puzzled by the fact that they are talking for the first ...
Jan. 27, 1964
5x09 5 5x09 Wednesday 29th January 1964
Susan Schofield is put on the danger list. Ken gets a television producer friend interested in the crossing story. Laurie offers £750 to Len to sort out the alterations for the club. ...
Jan. 29, 1964
5x10 5 5x10 Monday 3rd February 1964
The club is granted a license. Ken doesn't get the job of head of department because of the television interview. Dennis gets mucked around at work by the other loaders who have a joke ...
Feb. 03, 1964
5x11 5 5x11 Wednesday 5th February 1964
Dennis is threatened with the sack if he makes another mistake. Len reveals that the PPOP members are all doing business with Laurie and that Alderman Langton has sold Laurie his share ...
Feb. 05, 1964
5x12 5 5x12 Monday 10th February 1964
Frank tells Ken he doesn't blame Val for walking out. Dave is alarmed when Val tells him she should have married him, not Ken. She tells Frank she intends to stay with Dave. Len takes ...
Feb. 10, 1964
5x13 5 5x13 Wednesday 12th February 1964
Frank gives Dave a week's notice to vacate the flat - he's closing it up. Elsie refuses to ask Laurie for a job for Dennis. Frank realises Dave didn't lure Val away but Dave refuses ...
Feb. 12, 1964
5x14 5 5x14 Monday 17th February 1964
Eddie Thomas starts as Len's apprentice. Lucille falls for him. Emily has to cancel the velvets from the warehouse without Swindley knowing about them. She is too late and the order ...
Feb. 17, 1964
5x15 5 5x15 Wednesday 19th February 1964
Swindley tells Laurie his curtain order is cancelled. He will not handle Laurie's tainted money. Laurie throws him out of the club. Swindley accuses Emily of being against him and lying ...
Feb. 19, 1964
5x16 5 5x16 Monday 24th February 1964
The Barlows return from their holiday reconciled. Len is amazed to discover Joyce Lennox is a friend of Eddie's. Laurie gets hold of some cheaper curtains, to Swindley's horror. Emily ...
Feb. 24, 1964
5x17 5 5x17 Wednesday 26th February 1964
Swindley misses a PPOP meeting and is dropped as candidate for the elections. Emily is shocked when he comes to work dressed scruffily. Jerry and Eddie work in the shop as Len organises ...
Feb. 26, 1964
5x18 5 5x18 Monday 2nd March 1964
Swindley packs his belongings from the shop in the night and leaves, with the shop door still open. Florrie worries that the Corner Shop will never be finished. Emily finds Swindley ...
Mar. 02, 1964
5x19 5 5x19 Wednesday 4th March 1964
Dennis plans a party for Elsie's birthday. Emily summons Swindley's sister Hilda Barrett to take care of him. Martha agrees to clean the club. Dennis shows Elsie her present - a bath, ...
Mar. 04, 1964
5x20 5 5x20 Monday 9th March 1964
Jerry worries that Myra is spending too much money. Florrie can't open the Post Office until she has an assistant - Myra agrees to have the job. Emily asks her to be her assistant at ...
Mar. 09, 1964
5x21 5 5x21 Wednesday 11th March 1964
Florrie's new look shop/post office opens. Martha invites Ena and Minnie to tea. Ena is suspicious. Dennis finds it hard work at the shop. Ena and Minnie are shocked when an immaculately ...
Mar. 11, 1964
5x22 5 5x22 Monday 16th March 1964
Ted Ashley tells Martha she should stay with his sister in London for a visit. Eddie tells Len he did not know Joyce had stood him up. Minnie decides she wants a koala bear. Ena is ...
Mar. 16, 1964
5x23 5 5x23 Wednesday 18th March 1964
Laurie tells Len to tell Joyce Lennox there's a job for her at the club. Martha withdraws her savings for her fare to London. Ted didn't think she'd take him up on the offer. Ken tells ...
Mar. 18, 1964
5x24 5 5x24 Monday 23rd March 1964
Florrie advertises for an assistant for £5 a week. Len riles Jerry about his weight. They decide to have a walking race with a £5 wager. Whilst Jerry goes into training, Len has to ...
Mar. 23, 1964
5x25 5 5x25 Wednesday 25th March 1964
Irma Ogden is interviewed for the job at the shop. The Street turns out to watch the race. Jerry leads after the first lap. He pretends he's torn a ligament so he and Len can tie and ...
Mar. 25, 1964
5x26 5 5x26 Monday 30th March 1964
Laurie, Dennis and Elsie become preoccupied with the opening of the Viaduct Sporting Club. Martha returns from London and hides at home. Laurie is horrified as the ceiling in the casino ...
Mar. 30, 1964
5x27 5 5x27 Wednesday 1st April 1964
The ceiling is repaired. Martha admits that Ted Ashley didn't ask her to marry him and that she had a horrible time. She neglects the Rovers to clean the club. The club opens with Elsie ...
Apr. 01, 1964
5x28 5 5x28 Monday 6th April 1964
Ken starts teaching at night school to get ahead of his pupils. Elsie decides to leave the club. Rosemary tells her that Laurie has lots of other women and she doesn't mind but Elsie ...
Apr. 06, 1964
5x29 5 5x29 Wednesday 8th April 1964
Elsie refuses to listen to Laurie's excuses. He tells Dennis he's not blaming him. Myra's fitted furniture arrives to Jerry's horror. He refuses to let her take a job. Irma starts work ...
Apr. 08, 1964
5x30 5 5x30 Monday 13th April 1964
Ken starts at Granston Technical College. Emily discovers Stuart will be arriving to give his first sermon on Sunday. Myra tries to put the furniture together but bodges it. Ken finds ...
Apr. 13, 1964
5x31 5 5x31 Wednesday 15th April 1964
Ena press-gangs the residents into going to the service. Frank demands £25 for the repayment for the furniture. Stuart Hodges turns up and Emily falls for him.
Apr. 15, 1964
5x32 5 5x32 Monday 20th April 1964
Myra only pays Frank back £20. Stuart tells Emily he plans to see the Mission of Glad Tidings bursting, not close it. He wants to brighten up the Mission. Myra puts the £5 down on ...
Apr. 20, 1964
5x33 5 5x33 Wednesday 22nd April 1964
Martha goes to Lily's to look after the children and Minnie stands in for her at the Rovers and the Viaduct Sporting Club. Stuart wins Ena over by helping her wash the Mission walls. ...
Apr. 22, 1964
5x34 5 5x34 Monday 27th April 1964
Stuart and Dennis find Minnie at the bottom of the stairs, having fallen through the bannisters. Len grows annoyed as Laurie doesn't pay him for the work at the club. Minnie is taken ...
Apr. 27, 1964
5x35 5 5x35 Wednesday 29th April 1964
Minnie convalesces with Ena with her torn ligament. Jerry asks Len for a rise but Len tells him he hasn't been paid by Laurie yet. The Booth's electricity is cut off for not paying ...
Apr. 29, 1964
5x36 5 5x36 Monday 4th May 1964
Myra is refused credit in the Corner Shop. Val insists Ken buys a car rather than them going on holiday. Harry tries to help the Booths manage their money but they still can't afford ...
May. 04, 1964
5x37 5 5x37 Wednesday 6th May 1964
Jerry refuses charity from the neighbours. Elsie tells Irma she's welcome to use their bath. Jerry rows with Len when he tells him Myra wears the trousers. He asks Jack to lend him ...
May. 06, 1964
5x38 5 5x38 Monday 11th May 1964
Frank starts throwing his weight about the Street. Martha is invited to Spain with the family for a holiday - her first trip abroad. Len is sued by Minnie's solicitor. He has no orders ...
May. 11, 1964
5x39 5 5x39 Wednesday 13th May 1964
Frank sells his shop to Summitt Supermarkets for £6,000. He buys a new car, a white zodiac, and throws a party in the Rovers. Jerry finishes at the Builder's Yard and is taken on at ...
May. 13, 1964
5x40 5 5x40 Monday 18th May 1964
Swindley returns to the Street when he hears about Martha. Ena lays Martha out herself, in the Vestry bedroom. Lily Haddon and husband Wilf sort through Martha's belongings to find ...
May. 18, 1964
5x41 5 5x41 Wednesday 20th May 1964
Ena lays on the funeral tea with Emily's help. Stuart and Swindley conduct the funeral together and Martha is buried with her husband. Workmen clear out Martha's house at 7 Mawdsley ...
May. 20, 1964
5x42 5 5x42 Monday 25th May 1964
Swindley returns to Gamma Garments. Dennis is told to find Charlie digs. He accidently lets Charlie's pigeons loose. Emily realises it's leap year when a woman can by tradition propose ...
May. 25, 1964
5x43 5 5x43 Wednesday 27th May 1964
Emily feels Len is pitying her by slapping her bottom. Frank buys a detached house in Wilmslow and says his goodbyes. Charlie talks Minnie into letting her spare room to him. Frank ...
May. 27, 1964
5x44 5 5x44 Monday 1st June 1964
Minnie finds it hard to cope with Charlie's dog, Little Titch. Exotic dancer, Pip Mistral, invites Charlie to a party and asks him to supply the men. Lucille's headmistress demands ...
Jun. 01, 1964
5x45 5 5x45 Wednesday 3rd June 1964
Ken and Harry tell their wives that they're going to a Battle of Balaclava anniversary function. Swindley agrees to let Emily cook him a meal. Concepta and Val discover the men have ...
Jun. 03, 1964
5x46 5 5x46 Monday 8th June 1964
The men tell Val and Concepta about the strippers. Irma offers to help Jack out in the Rovers in the evenings with Annie away. Emily entertains Swindley to a romantic meal. She proposes ...
Jun. 08, 1964
5x47 5 5x47 Wednesday 10th June 1964
Charlie's act doesn't go down very well at the club. Emily resigns from Gamma Garments as she feels she can't work alongside Swindley. She tells everyone she's leaving the district ...
Jun. 10, 1964
5x48 5 5x48 Monday 15th June 1964
Ken gets a scooter. Annie isn't sure about having Irma working in the Rovers. Charlie has Dennis climbing onto the roofs looking for his pigeon, Sambo.
Jun. 15, 1964
5x49 5 5x49 Wednesday 17th June 1964
Concepta is summoned to Ireland when her father falls ill again. Harry and Christopher go with her and the Barlows take Lucille in. Jack refuses to sack Irma just to please Annie. Len ...
Jun. 17, 1964
5x50 5 5x50 Monday 22nd June 1964
Swindley and Emily set the date for 18th July. Dennis enroles in a hair dressing course at Gerald's Salon for £60. Swindley buys Emily an engagement ring for £25. Elsie agrees to ...
Jun. 22, 1964
5x51 5 5x51 Wednesday 24th June 1964
Val tells Dennis that Lucille could easily have lost her hair and that it'll take three hours to get it back to how it was. Elsie gets an evening job, but is mysterious about it. Lucille ...
Jun. 24, 1964
5x52 5 5x52 Monday 29th June 1964
Elsie agrees to tell fortunes at the bazaar. A lorry driver called Stan Ogden roams the Street looking for his daughter, Freda, who turns out to be Irma. Len organises a knobbly knees ...
Jun. 29, 1964
5x55 5 5x55 Wednesday 8th July 1964
Florrie finds a factory worker's paypacket in a box of goods from Ireland. Ken advises her to send it back to the factory. Elsie tells Irma that if she doesn't want to live with her ...
Jul. 08, 1964
5x55 5 5x55 Wednesday 15th July 1964
Jack gets prepared to give Emily away. Swindley has a hangover and is very nervous. Concepta, Val, Annie, Ena, Minnie, Hilda, Stan and Charlie wait in the Mission Hall with Stuart, ...
Jul. 15, 1964
5x56 5 5x56 Monday 13th July 1964
Emily isn't sure about her wedding dress. She isn't sure about the idea of sleeping with Swindley. He books the honeymoon in North Wales. Stuart tries to make Swindley see Emily would ...
Jul. 13, 1964
5x56 5 5x56 Monday 20th July 1964
Emily goes to Wakefield for a rest, after sending the wedding presents back. Three riggers, Duffer, Dan and Joss, descend on the Street trying to make trouble. When they insult Ena, ...
Jul. 20, 1964
5x57 5 5x57 Wednesday 22nd July 1964
The police aren't interested in the fight. The riggers try to get the menfolk to join in the fight. They start on Len when he has his back turned, getting Ena out of the way. Val refuses ...
Jul. 22, 1964
5x58 5 5x58 Monday 27th July 1964
Elsie refuses to tell Dennis what her job is. Hilda plans to get a job to help Stan out. Ena advises Dennis to follow Elsie when she goes to work. Stan asks Len for a job but he has ...
Jul. 27, 1964
5x59 5 5x59 Wednesday 29th July 1964
Dennis is upset that men ogle at Elsie as she poses at the night school. Ena tells him it's his duty to shame her. The residents take precautions after a lot of burglaries in the area. ...
Jul. 29, 1964
5x60 5 5x60 Monday 3rd August 1964
Ena discovers Trevor stacking twelve bags of onions in the Mission of Glad Tidings. She agrees to let them stay overnight for 10% of his profits. The Irishman writes to Florrie to thank ...
Aug. 03, 1964
5x61 5 5x61 Wednesday 5th August 1964
Trevor finds a buyer for the onions. David is surprised to find Elsie has a son his age. He refuses to let the fact to spoil their affair. She tells him not to visit the Street and ...
Aug. 05, 1964
5x62 5 5x62 Monday 10th August 1964
Harry agrees to take over Sean Riley's garage although he doesn't really want to. Concepta tells him she's going to go, even if he refuses to. David calls on Elsie at Miami Modes. Dot ...
Aug. 10, 1964
5x63 5 5x63 Wednesday 12th August 1964
Lucille plans to move into Florrie's flat with Irma. Harry and Concepta are reconciled but realise that Lucille won't come with them. Elsie tells David not to crowd her. Dennis finds ...
Aug. 12, 1964
5x64 5 5x64 Monday 17th August 1964
Dennis goes for David but Elsie stops him. He feels upset and feels that Elsie is showing herself up. Elsie tells him that she's just mothering David. Ken writes a television script ...
Aug. 17, 1964
5x65 5 5x65 Wednesday 19th August 1964
Stan has his interview at Amalgamated Steel. Elsie decides to finish with David. Ken tells Dennis that David is unbalanced and hates being crossed. Harry and Concepta say their goodbyes. ...
Aug. 19, 1964
5x66 5 5x66 Monday 24th August 1964
Lenny Phillips threatens to close the club if trade doesn't pick up and Norman Phillips tells Charlie he'll be the first to go. Stan finds the chauffering easy. Charlie thinks of putting ...
Aug. 24, 1964
5x67 5 5x67 Wednesday 26th August 1964
Charlie and Norman organise the talent contest. The residents grow concerned for Elsie's welfare. David confronts Elsie in No.11 and draws the gun on her when she tells him he's behaving ...
Aug. 26, 1964
5x68 5 5x68 Monday 31st August 1964
Dennis talks Lucille into entering the contest. Florrie starts acting strangely and being rude. At the contest at the Viaduct Street Social Club, Irma plays Hylda Baker with Charlie ...
Aug. 31, 1964
5x69 5 5x69 Wednesday 2nd September 1964
Florrie accuses the customers of laughing at her over her Irishman. Stan shows off the Rolls and gives Hilda, Irma, Ena, Minnie, Albert, Charlie, and Little Titch a ride in it. The ...
Sep. 02, 1964
5x70 5 5x70 Monday 7th September 1964
Irma clears up the mess in the shop. Florrie has to have six stitches in her arm. Albert plans to turn his yard into a garden. Florrie regrets buying the shop and wants a man. Stan ...
Sep. 07, 1964
5x71 5 5x71 Wednesday 9th September 1964
The residents are evacuated to the Mission cellar as the army are called in to defuse the bomb. Ena organises everyone and reminisces about the blitz with Albert and Minnie. Florrie ...
Sep. 09, 1964
5x72 5 5x72 Monday 14th September 1964
Tickler Murphy thanks Florrie for sending his wage packet back. He tells her he plans to stay in England until he has made his fortune. He shocks her by suggesting he moves in. Annie ...
Sep. 14, 1964
5x73 5 5x73 Wednesday 16th September 1964
Minnie is thrilled that Tickler is a wrestling manager. Len discovers someone has stolen his petty cash. The residents are surprised when Minnie starts spending money. Trevor writes ...
Sep. 16, 1964
5x74 5 5x74 Monday 21st September 1964
Ken's play is rejected by a television company. The Barlows discover money has been taken from their house. Len suspects Irma, Minnie, Dennis and Tickler. He wonders if one of them ...
Sep. 21, 1964
5x75 5 5x75 Wednesday 23rd September 1964
Tickler is more interested in the shop than Florrie. Stan is alarmed when Irma sends him a 'get well' message via a request in Housewife's Choice. Trevor overhears the residents suspecting ...
Sep. 23, 1964

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