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Coronation Street (UK)

Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.

Coronation Street (UK) Season 48 (2007)

48x01 48 48x01 Mon 1 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
Violet feels a pain in her arm whilst at work. When Violet returns home she passes out.
Jan. 01, 2007
48x02 48 48x02 Mon 1 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
Sarah helps Holly to stop crying when Jason can't. Violet is taken to the hospital where Sean, Eileen and Michelle learn that she has lost the baby.
Jan. 01, 2007
48x03 48 48x03 Wed 3 January, 2007
Liam is happy when he finds out that his brother Paul is his new business partner. Violet learns that she may never get pregnant again.
Jan. 03, 2007
48x04 48 48x04 Fri 5 January, 2007
Carla offers Kelly money to work for her. Paul and Liam aren't best pleased when they find out that Carla has been trying to tempt their staff away.
Jan. 05, 2007
48x05 48 48x05 Sun 7 January, 2007
Janice agrees to go to France with Roger. Ken and Deirdre hope that when Peter arrives in town he will help put a stop to the way Charlie has been treating Tracy. Steve tries unsuccessfully ...
Jan. 07, 2007
48x06 48 48x06 Mon 8 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
Charlie thinks that Peter is a lover of Tracy's. Jason gets Violet to babysit for him. Steve tries to get closer to Michelle.
Jan. 08, 2007
48x07 48 48x07 Mon 8 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
Charlie knocks Peter out and Tracy decides to use the situation to her own advantage. The Rover's quiz night becomes very competitive.
Jan. 08, 2007
48x08 48 48x08 Wed 10 January, 2007
Tracy finally lets Charlie knows what she is up to. Carla infuriates Liam. Steve realises that Sonny is in a different league to him.
Jan. 10, 2007
48x09 48 48x09 Fri 12 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
Tracy puts the final part of her plan into action. Ken tries to stop Deirdre from interfering in Tracy's life. Becky's lifestyle concerns Hayley and Roy.
Jan. 12, 2007
48x10 48 48x10 Fri 12 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
Everybody believes that Charlie has been abusing Tracy. Ken and Deirdre are shocked by what they find when they go to see Tracy.
Jan. 12, 2007
48x11 48 48x11 Sun 14 January, 2007
Tracy is questioned by the police about what happened. After she is released on bail she visits Charlie at the hospital.
Jan. 14, 2007
48x12 48 48x12 Mon 15 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
Claire and Gail tell the police that Charlie was a vicious man. Maria and Jason go to see Charlie and his condition worsens. Steve spends some time with Amy.
Jan. 15, 2007
48x13 48 48x13 Mon 15 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
Tracy learns that Charlie is dead. After having returned to the street Bill tells Kevin and Sally that his marriage is over.
Jan. 15, 2007
48x14 48 48x14 Wed 17 January, 2007
Jason threatens to expose all of Tracy's lies. Tracy is refused bail in court. Fiz offers Chesney a place to stay whilst Les sorts his life out.
Jan. 17, 2007
48x15 48 48x15 Fri 19 January, 2007
Deirdre and Ken visit Tracy who tries to convince them of her innocence. Les is upset when Chesney leaves to move in with his sister. Sarah helps Jason with Holly.
Jan. 19, 2007
48x16 48 48x16 Sun 21 January, 2007
Ken wonders how they are going to pay for Tracy's legal support. Peter finds himself attracted to Maria.
Jan. 21, 2007
48x17 48 48x17 Mon 22 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
Cilla returns home to the street but doesn't get the reception she was waiting for. Chesney decides to run away.
Jan. 22, 2007
48x18 48 48x18 Mon 22 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
Jason asks Ken and Deirdre for help organising Charlie's funeral. Everybody searches for Chesney. Steve gets closer to Michelle.
Jan. 22, 2007
48x19 48 48x19 Wed 24 January, 2007
It's not a good birthday for Tracy when she is forced to celebrate it whilst in custody. Ken and Deirdre decide to attend Charlie's funeral. Rita is surprised by something from her ...
Jan. 24, 2007
48x20 48 48x20 Fri 26 January, 2007
Maria isn't impressed when David makes a move on her. Charlie's funeral gets under way where Tracy faces a difficult time.
Jan. 26, 2007
48x21 48 48x21 Sun 28 January, 2007
Upset by being turned down by Maria, David tells everybody about Charlie trying to drown him. David makes a statement to the police.
Jan. 28, 2007
48x22 48 48x22 Mon 29 January, 2007 [Episode 1]
David's claims leave Tracy in a panic after she is released on bail. Chesney's return home is ruined by Cilla and Les. Liam makes his move on Joanne.
Jan. 29, 2007
48x23 48 48x23 Mon 29 January, 2007 [Episode 2]
The police ask Maria questions about Charlie. When she realises that David has been lying to the police Tracy realises that she could use him to her own advantage.
Jan. 29, 2007
48x24 48 48x24 Wed 31 January, 2007
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Jan. 31, 2007
48x25 48 48x25 Fri 2 February, 2007
Tracy is the centre of attention at the pub. Things heat up between Liam and Joanne at the factory.
Feb. 02, 2007
48x26 48 48x26 Sun 4 February, 2007
The Croppers missing car is found and when Becky's coat is found inside they realize she was involved in it's disappearance. Tracy's behaviour annoys Ken. Sonny returns from his trip ...
Feb. 04, 2007
48x27 48 48x27 Mon 5 February, 2007 [Episode 1]
Sean is shocked when he is introduced to Sonny by Michelle. Cilla's lies catch up with her. The arrival of an old friend of Rita's leaves Norris feeling left out in the cold.
Feb. 05, 2007
48x28 48 48x28 Mon 5 February, 2007 [Episode 2]
Sonny insists to Sean that Michelle doesn't need to know about the past they shared. Sean admits the truth to Steve. Tracy turns to somebody from her past when things get to difficult ...
Feb. 05, 2007
48x29 48 48x29 Wed 7 February, 2007
Tracy ends up in a romantic encounter with Steve after Blanche tries to interfere in her life. Sonny learns that Sean intends to fill Michelle in on the past they shared. Kelly still ...
Feb. 07, 2007
48x30 48 48x30 Fri 9 February, 2007
Kelly is furious when she finds out what Liam and Joanne have been up to. Tracy invites Steve to Amy's birthday party making Blanche wonder what she is up to.
Feb. 09, 2007
48x31 48 48x31 Sun 11 February, 2007
Amy's birthday party draws Steve back towards Tracy. Fiz continues to be at odds with her mother.
Feb. 11, 2007
48x32 48 48x32 Mon 12 February, 2007 [Episode 1]
Jason is frantic when Holly goes missing. Steve tells Tracy that what happened between them wont be happening again and he likes it when he sees that Michelle is jealous. Rita's current ...
Feb. 12, 2007
48x33 48 48x33 Mon 12 February, 2007 [Episode 2]
Jason realises that he isn't able to be a good father and makes a difficult decision. Steve continues to try and make Michelle jealous.
Feb. 12, 2007
48x34 48 48x34 Wed 14 February, 2007
Sarah isn't happy when Jason forgets that it's Valentine's Day. There's a surprise for Norris. Becky makes a gift for Roy and Hayley.
Feb. 14, 2007
48x35 48 48x35 Fri 16 February, 2007
Becky is the prime suspect after smoke is seen come out of the cafe. Eileen has a difficult decision to make concerning Holly. Norris believes that he has worked out who his secret ...
Feb. 16, 2007
48x36 48 48x36 Sun 18 February, 2007
After being released by the police Becky finds herself being blamed for the fire by everybody. Carly receives some good news. Becky tries to convince Hayley that she didn't start the ...
Feb. 18, 2007
48x37 48 48x37 Mon 19 February, 2007 [Episode 1]
David is able to convince Tracy's solicitor that he could be a key witness in her defense. Liz urges Steve to cool things off with Tracy but he gets himself in deeper as he continues ...
Feb. 19, 2007
48x38 48 48x38 Mon 19 February, 2007 [Episode 2]
David attempts to blackmail Tracy. Steve tries to make Michelle doubt Sonny.
Feb. 19, 2007
48x39 48 48x39 Wed 21 February, 2007
Ken and Deirdre learn that they could end up having to pay Tracy's legal costs when they learn that she isn't entitled to legal aid. Steve organizes a night out. Hayley finds out that ...
Feb. 21, 2007
48x40 48 48x40 Fri 23 February, 2007
Whilst out with Sean and Lloyd, Steve catches Sonny in a compromising position. Something in a customer's car boot intrigues Tyrone. David continues to pursue Tracy.
Feb. 23, 2007
48x41 48 48x41 Sun 25 February, 2007
Steve is happy that he knows Sonny's secret. Sean talks to Jamie.
Feb. 25, 2007
48x42 48 48x42 Mon 26 February, 2007 [Episode 1]
When Chesney finds a metal object in Ashley and Clare's garden there is panic when Eileen realises that it is some kind of explosive. The bomb disposal squad corner of the street whilst ...
Feb. 26, 2007
48x43 48 48x43 Mon 26 February, 2007 [Episode 2]
Sean isn't honest with his friends. After David pressurizes her, Tracy talks to Steve. Jason buys presents for both Holly and Beth. Tyrone decides he no longer wants his metal dete ...
Feb. 26, 2007
48x44 48 48x44 Wed 28 February, 2007
Jason's efforts to be a good father impress Eileen. Michelle believes that Sonny intends to break up with her.
Feb. 28, 2007
48x45 48 48x45 Fri 2 March, 2007
When Steve learns that Sonny has asked Michelle to marry him he shocks everyone in the pub by exposing Sonny's past. Jamie is shocked when he picks up a fare in his taxi and it turns ...
Mar. 02, 2007
48x46 48 48x46 Sun 4 March, 2007
Sean is confronted by an angry Michelle. Leanne impresses the rest of the family with her tales.
Mar. 04, 2007
48x47 48 48x47 Mon 5 March, 2007 [Episode 1]
Tracy has words with David. Ashley believes that Claire is spending too much time on her counseling job.
Mar. 05, 2007
48x48 48 48x48 Mon 5 March, 2007 [Episode 2]
Michelle is upset when Sean admits the truth to her. Tracy agrees to a secret meeting with David. Jamie isn't happy when Liam flirts with Leanne. Norris is made happy by Rita.
Mar. 05, 2007
48x49 48 48x49 Wed 7 March, 2007
As Tracy gives into David's demands she is seen going into Charlie's flat with him. Sonny wants Sean to give their relationship a chance. Leanne is interested in Jamie's house.
Mar. 07, 2007
48x50 48 48x50 Fri 9 March, 2007
Sarah demands that her brother tells her what he is up to with Tracy. When Ryan learns the truth about his mother's break up he takes Sonny's car. Liam learns that Leanne is interested ...
Mar. 09, 2007
48x51 48 48x51 Sun 11 March, 2007
Deirdre demands that her daughter tells her what is going on with David. Carla believes that Liam and Paul are hiding something from her. Sean tells Sonny that they can't have a future ...
Mar. 11, 2007
48x52 48 48x52 Mon 12 March, 2007 [Episode 1]
When Liam sacks Sean the rest of the workers go on strike. Janice returns from her trip to France.
Mar. 12, 2007
48x53 48 48x53 Mon 12 March, 2007 [Episode 2]
Liam is forced to give Sean his job back. Carla discovers the secret Paul has been hiding for years. Peter is impressed by his step sister's confidence in court.
Mar. 12, 2007
48x54 48 48x54 Wed 14 March, 2007
Deirdre realises that her daughter has been lying about what happened. When Paul doesn't return to the street Liam and Carla are worried what has happened to him.
Mar. 14, 2007
48x55 48 48x55 Fri 16 March, 2007
Deirdre finds more evidence that her daughter has been lying about what really happened. When Paul shows up Carla is relieved and promises not to tell Michelle the truth. Leanne continues ...
Mar. 16, 2007
48x56 48 48x56 Sun 18 March, 2007
A new family moves into the street. Claire reveals the truth about she really knows about Tracy and Charlie to Deirdre. Janice is happy when she manages to get her old job back.
Mar. 18, 2007
48x57 48 48x57 Mon 19 March, 2007 [Episode 1]
Janice follows her daughter to the hotel where she is supposed to working at.
Mar. 19, 2007
48x58 48 48x58 Mon 19 March, 2007 [Episode 2]
Janice is shocked when she learns what Leanne has been really up to.
Mar. 19, 2007
48x59 48 48x59 Wed 21 March, 2007
Tracy isn't happy when she sees her brother leaving Maria's flat and ends up attacking her. Janice is determined to stop her daughter working as an escourt.
Mar. 21, 2007
48x60 48 48x60 Fri 23 March, 2007
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Mar. 23, 2007
48x61 48 48x61 Sun 25 March, 2007
Deirdre and Tracy sit in the Barlows' living room the night before the trial. Neither of them can sleep. Deirdre voices her suspicions about Tracy and questions how truthful she's been ...
Mar. 25, 2007
48x62 48 48x62 Mon 26 March, 2007 [Episode 1]
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Mar. 26, 2007
48x63 48 48x63 Mon 26 March, 2007 [Episode 2]
[add summary]
Mar. 26, 2007
48x64 48 48x64 Wed 28 March, 2007
[add summary]
Mar. 28, 2007
48x65 48 48x65 Fri 30 March, 2007
[add summary]
Mar. 30, 2007
48x66 48 48x66 Sun 1 April, 2007
When Freddie has an accident, Claire leaves Casey to look after Freddie. Tracy ponders her future.
Apr. 01, 2007
48x67 48 48x67 Mon 2 April, 2007 [Episode 1]
Deirdre discovers that her daughter intends to leave town even if she is found innocent.
Apr. 02, 2007
48x68 48 48x68 Mon 2 April, 2007 [Episode 2]
The verdict is delivered in Tracy's trial. Gail receives some news from her daughter.
Apr. 02, 2007
48x69 48 48x69 Wed 4 April, 2007
Everybody is talking about the outcome of Tracy's trial.
Apr. 04, 2007
48x70 48 48x70 Fri 6 April, 2007
Following an anonymous tip off the immigration police arrive at the factory. Vernon's new career causes tension at the pub.
Apr. 06, 2007
48x71 48 48x71 Sun 8 April, 2007
Deirdre becomes emotional when she visits her daughter in prison for the first time since the trial.
Apr. 08, 2007
48x72 48 48x72 Mon 9 April, 2007 [Episode 1]
When Holly's mother shows up at the Grimshaws, Eileen is shocked by what she has to say. The factory workers blame Janice for what has happened to Joanne.
Apr. 09, 2007
48x73 48 48x73 Mon 9 April, 2007 [Episode 2]
Eileen is worried how Jason will react to Emma's revelations.
Apr. 09, 2007
48x74 48 48x74 Wed 11 April, 2007
Darryl and Mel receive a car as a joint birthday present from Jerry. The residents of the street join them for their 18th birthday party. Eileen realises that she has to tell Jason ...
Apr. 11, 2007
48x75 48 48x75 Fri 13 April, 2007
Jason has to make a decision about Holly's future now that he knows the truth and he asks Sarah for advise. Liam is concerned that Carla is pushing the factory workers too hard. Liz ...
Apr. 13, 2007

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