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Coronation Street (UK) tv show photo

Coronation Street (UK)

Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.

Coronation Street (UK) Season 17 (1976)

17x01 17 17x01 Monday 5th January 1976
Tricia thinks she's destined for fame. The Marsh's are due in court on a charge of breaking and entering. Ernie misplaces a £5 postal order for the scout's fund. Albert finds he has ...
Jan. 05, 1976
17x02 17 17x02 Wednesday 7th January 1976
Everyone advises Ken not to talk well of the Marsh's. Tricia is tired of being unemployed. The Bishops worry about their reputation. They search for the postal order. Ken tells Douglas ...
Jan. 07, 1976
17x03 17 17x03 Monday 12th January 1976
Deirdre is shocked that Blanche is selling her dress-making business. Ray advertises for a joiner. Ethel Needham is interested in the business but Blanche doesn't know how much to ask ...
Jan. 12, 1976
17x04 17 17x04 Wednesday 14th January 1976
Ray is pleased with Jill Marriott's work. Betty tells Blanche that Gordon isn't sure about selling the shop at the moment. Blanche doesn't know what to do with her corsetry business ...
Jan. 14, 1976
17x05 17 17x05 Monday 19th January 1976
Gail is bothered by anonymous phone calls. She worries about their dole being stopped because they keep refusing jobs. Dave Smith returns to the Street. Annie wonders what he's up to. ...
Jan. 19, 1976
17x06 17 17x06 Wednesday 21st January 1976
John Lane tells Gail he has to monitor her calls. She begins to be suspicious when he knows her name. Ernie calls on Gail. She introduces him to Lane. Gail worries when Lane shows no ...
Jan. 21, 1976
17x07 17 17x07 Monday 26th January 1976
Emily starts a petition against the night club. Deirdre isn't impressed by her "Uncle Dave". He is shocked to find she is married to Ray. Hilda returns from Chesterfield to find the ...
Jan. 26, 1976
17x08 17 17x08 Wednesday 28th January 1976
Deirdre tells Blanche that everyone calls Dave a villain. Bet kids Hilda into buying a magazine that gives tips as to how a woman can keep her man. Hilda buys it and tarts herself up ...
Jan. 28, 1976
17x09 17 17x09 Monday 2nd February 1976
Tricia and Gail take over the running of the shop, with Betty overseeing. Ken tackles Alf about having an adventure playground on the warehouse site but the land is too valuable. Ken ...
Feb. 02, 1976
17x10 17 17x10 Wednesday 4th February 1976
Alf acts out of character, spending more and more money and thinks of taking a winter break. Hilda spreads gossip about him being in cahoots with Dave Smith. Mavis worries about the ...
Feb. 04, 1976
17x11 17 17x11 Monday 9th February 1976
A TV detector van roams the area. Len and Rita have a date at the Gatsby. A reluctant Stan poses for Hilda as part of her art classes. Rita is furious when Len spends their date chatting ...
Feb. 09, 1976
17x12 17 17x12 Wednesday 11th February 1976
Annie pays for a new TV licence but is made to feel guilty. Rita feels that Len might fall for Donna Parker. Donna asks Len to give her an estimate for extending her Salon. Len begins ...
Feb. 11, 1976
17x13 17 17x13 Monday 16th February 1976
Terry settles into working at the Yard. Len talks Rita into showing Donna Parker the flat above The Kabin as premises for her Salon but it is a ruse to get a £500 deposit off her so ...
Feb. 16, 1976
17x14 17 17x14 Wednesday 18th February 1976
Stan informs the Rental shop that the TV burst into flames. Len tries to convince Donna Parker to rent Rita's not Blanches'. Sid Wilson, the TV man, realises what's happened and tells ...
Feb. 18, 1976
17x15 17 17x15 Monday 23rd February 1976
Apprentices Brian Jones and Pete Dawson and old boyfriends of Tricia and Gail make a play for the girls but it is their mate Keith Mills that Gail is interested in. Stan borrows Ena's ...
Feb. 23, 1976
17x16 17 17x16 Wednesday 25th February 1976
It is Rita's 43rd birthday. Derek Wilton asks Mavis out for lunch, she accepts. The girls can't stop Peter Dawson and Brian Jones having things on tick. Derek and Mavis enjoy themselves ...
Feb. 25, 1976
17x17 17 17x17 Monday 1st March 1976
Gordon arrives to stay with Betty. He calls at the shop to find the girls and boys are partying. The Ogdens enter all the competitions they can find. Gail presents Peter Dawson and ...
Mar. 01, 1976
17x18 17 17x18 Wednesday 3rd March 1976
Gordon decides to get rid of the girls. He plans to buy the shop off Maggie and give it to Betty. She is overcome. Rita is disgusted when Mavis appears to put Derek off. Gordon deducts ...
Mar. 03, 1976
17x19 17 17x19 Monday 8th March 1976
The Ogdens don't know what a delicatessen is. Wendy Nightingale does a survey in the area on people's reading habits. Mavis returns from Kendal. Her mood-ring is green for contentment. ...
Mar. 08, 1976
17x20 17 17x20 Wednesday 10th March 1976
Because Hilda has taken all the wrappers off the tins she got from the Corner Shop, Stan eats dog food by mistake. His back goes suddenly so Deirdre stands in for him and she and Hilda ...
Mar. 10, 1976
17x21 17 17x21 Monday 15th March 1976
Ken grows tired when Wendy Nightingale takes an interest in Albert's War record. The Ogdens eat caviare and chips. Emily confesses to Ernie that she's bought a new bed for £130. Albert ...
Mar. 15, 1976
17x22 17 17x22 Wednesday 17th March 1976
As the night wears on Hilda searches for Stan and fears he's dead. Albert and Stan help themselves to the beer barrels in the Rovers' cellar. Hilda fears Stan is with Clara Regan. Albert ...
Mar. 17, 1976
17x23 17 17x23 Monday 22nd March 1976
Fred Gee is made redundant from the foundry and looks for work. Richard Cresswell of the Brewery sends for Annie. Whilst Roger Nightingale is away, Ken asks Wendy out. Cresswell tells ...
Mar. 22, 1976
17x24 17 17x24 Wednesday 24th March 1976
Wendy Nightingale tells Ken she's never been unfaithful before. Fred moves into the Rovers. Hilda spreads the news that Wendy's car was parked outside No.11 all night. Richard Cresswell ...
Mar. 24, 1976
17x25 17 17x25 Monday 29th March 1976
Deirdre takes the day off work. Tom Russell moves into Carlos' old room. Bet likes him. Rita cooks Len a meal. Bet and Tom spend the evening together and she begins to fall for him ...
Mar. 29, 1976
17x26 17 17x26 Wednesday 31st March 1976
The Langtons wait for the pregnancy test's results. They're both scared of the responsibility. Len is surprised that Harry Bates has been in touch with Rita and asked her to marry him. ...
Mar. 31, 1976
17x27 17 17x27 Monday 5th April 1976
The word spreads that Deirdre is pregnant. She puts the gossipers right. Len gets a phone call to say that someone is coming to stay and gets Hilda to tidy the house in readiness but ...
Apr. 05, 1976
17x28 17 17x28 Wednesday 7th April 1976
Elsie feels at home, back in the Street. She tells Len she's having a trial separation from Alan; she didn't like looking after him. Deirdre tells Ray she wants a cheque book. Len enjoys ...
Apr. 07, 1976
17x29 17 17x29 Monday 12th April 1976
Elsie searches for a job. Ena sees that Elsie is back and tells her she's showing her age. Ena advises Elsie to move out of No.9; she's still a married woman. Wendy Nightingale's friend ...
Apr. 12, 1976
17x30 17 17x30 Wednesday 14th April 1976
Gail finds Ken bleeding in No.11. He tells the neighbours that he slipped and hit his face. Len realises what happened. Elsie goes for an interview at Sylvia Matthews' lingerie shop ...
Apr. 14, 1976
17x31 17 17x31 Monday 19th April 1976
Auntie Edie goes away for a few days and Mavis doesn't want to sleep in an empty house. Emily invites her to stay. Ernie is annoyed as it's their fourth wedding anniversary. Ray tells ...
Apr. 19, 1976
17x32 17 17x32 Wednesday 21st April 1976
Ernie and Ray return after questioning. The Gazette runs a picture of Alf with a report on the raid, including Ernie and Ray's names. Emily refuses to talk to Ernie. He blames her for ...
Apr. 21, 1976
17x33 17 17x33 Monday 26th April 1976
Ernie spends the night at Len's house. Elsie grows tired of having to flatter Merchandising Manager Roy Thornley. Stan picks 'The Western Desert' for his next round in the Superbrain ...
Apr. 26, 1976
17x34 17 17x34 Wednesday 28th April 1976
Ernie is depressed that the Mission circuit superintendent, Ivor Mortlake, is going to call on him. Ena tells him to say he was at the Gatsby to study filth and obscenity. Gail starts ...
Apr. 28, 1976
17x35 17 17x35 Monday 3rd May 1976
Sylvia's Separates holds a sale and Hilda buys a hideously ill-suited teenager's smock-top. Ray feels there isn't enough work for Terry. Everyone is too embarrassed to tell Hilda she ...
May. 03, 1976
17x36 17 17x36 Wednesday 5th May 1976
Elsie refuses to take the top back as Hilda has worn it, ironed it and scorched it. Sylvia Matthews also refuses to exchange Hilda's top. In revenge, Hilda tells her that she's employing ...
May. 05, 1976
17x37 17 17x37 Monday 10th May 1976
Renee Bradshaw looks around the Corner Shop. Gail worries that Sylvia Matthews thinks she's a thief. She decides to resign. Ken contacts Wendy Nightingale at Diana Kenton's address. ...
May. 10, 1976
17x38 17 17x38 Wednesday 12th May 1976
Betty shows Renee round the shop. Len tells Gail that someone else stole the dresses and Gail tells Sylvia Matthews. Rita is embarrassed by Fred's attention. Elsie goes for Hilda in ...
May. 12, 1976
17x39 17 17x39 Monday 17th May 1976
Alf considers resigning before he's sacked. Rita gives Fred tickets for the Gatsby. Ken shows Wendy off in the Rovers. Tricia realises she, Gail and Elsie will be evicted when Renee ...
May. 17, 1976
17x40 17 17x40 Wednesday 19th May 1976
Elsie advises Tricia to try to please Renee in order to keep her job. Wendy worries that her happiness won't last. Fred enjoys himself at the Gatsby. Mavis discovers that he danced ...
May. 19, 1976
17x41 17 17x41 Monday 24th May 1976
Ken organises a Bank Holiday Street party, in aid of the deprived. Bet and Betty persuade Fred to donate a bottle of sherry to the tombolla in Annie's absence. Ken tries to get the ...
May. 24, 1976
17x42 17 17x42 Wednesday 26th May 1976
Fred starts putting sandwiches on at lunchtimes. Bet and Betty decide he's after his own empire. Ena accuses Renee of leading the residents into temptation by opening the Corner Shop ...
May. 26, 1976
17x43 17 17x43 Monday 31st May 1976
Stan's friend Wally Fisher arrives to be the escapologist at the party. Wendy doesn't feel part of the Street's oneness. The Street celebrates with clog dancers, a barrel organ and ...
May. 31, 1976
17x44 17 17x44 Wednesday 2nd June 1976
Stan tries to get out of his chains and Len refuses to saw him out. Hilda enjoys having Stan chained up. Roger meets Wendy at a restaurant where he tells her that he needs and wants ...
Jun. 02, 1976
17x45 17 17x45 Monday 7th June 1976
Ken is surprised when Albert shows him compassion. Albert tells him he still cares what happens to him. Derek Wilton returns. Mavis is annoyed as he hasn't kept in touch but forgives ...
Jun. 07, 1976
17x46 17 17x46 Wednesday 9th June 1976
Derek is scared of Rita even after she has explained her actions. Fred tells the regulars in the Rovers about Rita's boyfriend, Mavis realises he is talking about Derek. Mavis accuses ...
Jun. 09, 1976
17x47 17 17x47 Monday 14th June 1976
Renee thinks of opening an off-licence in the shop. Elsie moves back into No.11. Surveyors look at the Warehouse. Annie is furious to discover Renee will be in opposition to the Rovers. ...
Jun. 14, 1976
17x48 17 17x48 Wednesday 16th June 1976
Deirdre wonders who Len has taken out when Elsie, Rita and Bet are all in the Rovers. Annie gives Elsie a letter from Newcastle for her via the Rovers. Derek and Mavis have a romantic ...
Jun. 16, 1976
17x49 17 17x49 Monday 21st June 1976
Terry paints over the "Clegg"'s sign. The day arrives for Gail to vacate the flat but she has nowhere else to go. Renee tells her that she to go as it's a condition of her bank loan ...
Jun. 21, 1976
17x50 17 17x50 Wednesday 23rd June 1976
Eddie and Monkey Gibbons spend the night in Elsie's living room after she chucks them out of her bedroom. Elsie threatens them with a milk bottle and asks Gail to phone the police. ...
Jun. 23, 1976
17x51 17 17x51 Monday 28th June 1976
Ken returns from holiday. Renee suspects the customers of reporting her. Ken tells Albert he's decided to leave Weatherfield. Tricia writes to Gail, telling her that she's making humbugs ...
Jun. 28, 1976
17x52 17 17x52 Wednesday 30th June 1976
The residents tell Ken that Albert doesn't encourage them to take an interest in his affairs so they don't. Albert goes off and Ken searches for him. Ken finds Albert at the allotment. ...
Jun. 30, 1976
17x53 17 17x53 Monday 5th July 1976
Eddie decides to seek his fortune in London when he can't find work locally. Ray refuses to asks Annie for the deposit back. Hilda decides she wants the living room decorated. Eddie ...
Jul. 05, 1976
17x54 17 17x54 Wednesday 7th July 1976
Only three walls are papered in No.13's living room. Eddie offers Hilda different paper for the fourth wall but she refuses it. Ray refuses to invite Eddie to the party but has to let ...
Jul. 07, 1976
17x55 17 17x55 Monday 12th July 1976
The Ogdens put the Canadian Rockies mural up, or the "muriel" as Hilda calls it. The lease on Ernie's shop is trebled. His accountant, Arnold Pettifer advises him to close the shop. ...
Jul. 12, 1976
17x56 17 17x56 Wednesday 14th July 1976
The Bishops feel it's unfair that they should have to close the Camera Shop whilst the Ogdens just sail through life. Ena tells Len and Eddie about Frank Holmes. They hide as she talks ...
Jul. 14, 1976
17x57 17 17x57 Monday 19th July 1976
Albert mourns his vandalised marrow. The Gazette refuses to take Ernie on the staff as he's not in the National Union of Journalists. Hilda spreads the news round that Ernie has gone ...
Jul. 19, 1976
17x58 17 17x58 Wednesday 21st July 1976
Bertha Lumley doesn't let Albert forget £50 of the winnings is hers. Vera tries to get Fred to skive off work. He refuses but agrees to see her for the night. Annie agrees to him entertaining ...
Jul. 21, 1976
17x59 17 17x59 Monday 26th July 1976
Emily goes in search of a job, Ernie doesn't like the idea of her working if he isn't. Fred is annoyed as Annie spoilt his evening with Vera. Roy Thornley takes Gail out for lunch, ...
Jul. 26, 1976
17x60 17 17x60 Wednesday 28th July 1976
Len asks Rita if she wants a break in the Lake District with him. She turns him down as she's singing. Elsie makes Gail stay in the shop for her lunch so Roy Thornley joins her. The ...
Jul. 28, 1976
17x61 17 17x61 Monday 2nd August 1976
Elsie worries that Roy Thornley will hurt Gail. Ernie is horrified that Emily has sold her ring for £100. She makes him see that they are not beggars. Nellie Harvey shows off her new ...
Aug. 02, 1976
17x62 17 17x62 Wednesday 4th August 1976
Terry misses the Army. Bertha apologises to Albert and gives him £10. Annie discovers Nellie Harvey had to have eighty-six lessons to pass her test. Albert is horrified when Bertha ...
Aug. 04, 1976
17x63 17 17x63 Monday 9th August 1976
Annie decides to learn to drive. Gail is angry at Elsie's interference in her life. She accuses her of being jealous of her youth. Gail walks out of the shop. Annie is annoyed when ...
Aug. 09, 1976
17x64 17 17x64 Wednesday 11th August 1976
Elsie doesn't know if she should tell Gail that Roy Thornley is married. Emily finds the hospital exhausting. Elsie tells Gail about Roy's family but she doesn't believe her. Annie ...
Aug. 11, 1976
17x65 17 17x65 Monday 16th August 1976
Rita gets Ernie a job at the Gatsby, two nights a week, but one of them is a stag night. Len, Ray and Terry do contract work on a building site, with Terry working full-time. Hilda ...
Aug. 16, 1976
17x66 17 17x66 Wednesday 18th August 1976
Ray discovers a load of plumbing stock has been stolen from the site. Len tells the contractor. Stripper, Josie Steel, goes through her routine with Ernie at No.3. Emily walks in half ...
Aug. 18, 1976
17x67 17 17x67 Monday 23rd August 1976
Derek Wilton tells Mavis he's taking her to see his mother. She is terrified at what might happen. Annie returns. Bet and Betty can't bring themselves to ask about the crash. Len prompts ...
Aug. 23, 1976
17x68 17 17x68 Wednesday 25th August 1976
Jack Barker rigs some scaffolding. Amy Wilton thinks there's something wrong with Mavis for not marrying before. Ray falls from the scaffolding and is rushed to the Infirmary. Mrs Wilton ...
Aug. 25, 1976
17x69 17 17x69 Monday 30th August 1976
Ray stays in hospital for observation. The Haggerty boys, Kevin and Jimmy, run amok in the Street. Roy Thornley doesn't know Doreen is divorcing him or that she is citing Gail. Elsie ...
Aug. 30, 1976
17x70 17 17x70 Wednesday 1st September 1976
Roy Thornley asks Gail to brazen it out and lie in court - she refuses. Stan returns the washing when he hears Jim Haggerty, the father of the boys, is in prison. Elsie decides to see ...
Sep. 01, 1976
17x71 17 17x71 Monday 6th September 1976
Gail runs away. She thinks of going to London but Rita puts her off and lets her catch up on some sleep at The Kabin. When she feels better she returns to work. Fred, Alf and Terry ...
Sep. 06, 1976
17x72 17 17x72 Wednesday 8th September 1976
Gail refuses to work her notice. Fred, Terry and Alf plan another night with the dogs as the track wasn't open the night before. Albert is in profit as he sells his vegetables to the ...
Sep. 08, 1976
17x73 17 17x73 Monday 13th September 1976
Fred keeps the greyhound in the Rovers' cellar. He, Alf and Terry can't believe they spent £30 when drunk on the dog. Fred tries to keep Annie away from the cellar. Ray does the pram ...
Sep. 13, 1976
17x74 17 17x74 Wednesday 15th September 1976
Fred, Alf and Terry search for the dog. Albert has taken Fred's Folly in. Renee starts a petition in favour of the off-licence as it will help in court. Hilda signs it "Crabtree" so ...
Sep. 15, 1976
17x75 17 17x75 Monday 20th September 1976
The doctor tells Deirdre to stop riding her bike. Betty is forced to do Annie's shopping at the Corner Shop. Renee calls Terry "Judas" for drinking in the Rovers. When the Community ...
Sep. 20, 1976

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