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Jul. 14, 2000
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Big Brother (UK)

Each year a group of contestants move into the big brother house. They live in isolation form the outside world while their every move is captured on camera and broadcast to the nation.

Big Brother (UK) Season 16 (2014)

16x01 16 16x01 Live Launch
Emma Willis presents as the fly-on-the-wall reality show returns for its 16th season, ushering in another diverse group of fame-seeking individuals who have been chosen to spend their ...
Jun. 05, 2014
16x02 16 16x02 BB15, Live Launch (2)
Emma Willis hosts the second of two launch shows, ushering in another group of housemates to join Christopher, Danielle, Helen, Kimberly, Mark, Matthew, Pauline, Steven, Tamara and ...
Jun. 06, 2014
16x03 16 16x03 BB 15 - Day 2 Highlights
After two nights of live launch shows to introduce the 16 housemates, the highlights programs begin. They follow the first lot of contestants as they wake up to their first full day ...
Jun. 07, 2014
16x04 16 16x04 BB 15 - Day 3 Highlights
Mark speaks to Big Brother in the Diary Room and expresses his concerns that everything is too happy and nice. Pauline chose Helen, Mark and Danielle to have lunch in her Power Pad. ...
Jun. 08, 2014
16x05 16 16x05 BB 15 - Day 4 Highlights
Daily round-up of highlights, revealing how the housemates are getting on under the all-seeing eye of Big Brother, featuring the latest tasks, games, arguments, laughs, diary room ...
Jun. 09, 2014
16x06 16 16x06 Big Brother: The Live Surprise
In this live show Big Brother reveals to one of the housemates that they will be up for eviction every week that they are in the Big Brother house.
Jun. 09, 2014
16x07 16 16x07 BB 15 - Day 5 Highlights
The housemates begin a two-day shopping task in which the aim is to remain positive. If they frown, moan or complain in any way, they incur a fail - which is easier said than done ...
Jun. 10, 2014
16x08 16 16x08 BB 15 - Day 6 Highlights
As part of the task Big Brother informs the Housemates that all make up and fake tan must be removed. Mark is clearly upset and Pauline tells him he needs to “stay strong.
Jun. 11, 2014
16x09 16 16x09 BB 15 - Day 7 Highlights
Daily round-up of highlights, which sees the contestants complete their shopping task. Have Positivity Police Tara and Steven managed to keep their fellow housemates smiling throughout, ...
Jun. 12, 2014
16x10 16 16x10 BB 15 - Day 8 Highlights - Live
The housemates gather on the sofas as Emma Willis hosts the first eviction, revealing whether lingerie model Danielle, customer adviser Jale or headhunter Tamara will be leaving just ...
Jun. 13, 2014
16x11 16 16x11 BB 15 - Eviction #1: The Interview Live
Emma Willis chats to the first person to be evicted, finding out how the housemate coped with life in front of the cameras 24 hours a day, why they think they have been voted out, ...
Jun. 13, 2014
16x12 16 16x12 BB 15 - Day 9 Highlights
Highlights of another 24 hours in the Big Brother house. Mark is given a task to demonstrate his mystic skills, predicting people’s answers to certain questions and saying that ...
Jun. 14, 2014
16x13 16 16x13 BB 15 - Day 10 Highlights
Daily round up of highlights, revealing how the housemates are getting on under the all seeing eye of Big Brother, featuring the latest tasks, games, arguments, laughs, diary room ...
Jun. 15, 2014
16x14 16 16x14 BB 15 - Day 11 Highlights
Marcus Bentley narrates a round up of the highlights of the latest events as the housemates ruthlessly attempt to seize power, keep it and impose their will on the others. As ever, ...
Jun. 16, 2014
16x15 16 16x15 BB 15 - Day 12 Highlights
Winston is given a secret mission in which he has to tell five different housemates five tall tales, all of which end in the same way. If he succeeds, he will win his favorite meal ...
Jun. 17, 2014
16x16 16 16x16 BB 15 - Day 13 Highlights
A new shopping task begins in which the house is transformed into a farm, with Jale, Christopher and Marlon cracking the whip as the farmers. The rest have to dress up as cows, pigs ...
Jun. 18, 2014
16x17 16 16x17 BB 15 - Day 14 Highlights
Daily round up of highlights as the housemates conclude their farm based shopping task and discover how they’ve done have the succeeded in winning a luxury shopping budget, or will ...
Jun. 19, 2014
16x18 16 16x18 BB 15 - Day 15 Highlights - Live
Highlights of another 24 hours in the Big Brother house
Jun. 20, 2014
16x19 16 16x19 BB 15 - Eviction #2: The Interview Live
This week, Secret Power Housemate Chris has been the only one nominating, as a result of which Ash, Christopher, Marlon, Pauline and Steven are all up for the chop alongside Jale ...
Jun. 20, 2014
16x20 16 16x20 BB15 - Day 16 Highlights
Housemates have become Big Brother’s prisoners for a task. In order to gain their freedom, they must peel potatoes in the garden.
Jun. 21, 2014
16x21 16 16x21 BB15 - Day 17 Highlights
Housemates are nominating for the second time today. The Power Coupleare invited to the Control Room to be told by Iris that they secretly get to veto three Housemate’s nominations. ...
Jun. 22, 2014
16x22 16 16x22 BB15 - Day 18 Highlights
The Housemates wake up to the aftermath of the mammoth row over the veto power that Toya and Matthew had as the Power Couple.
Jun. 23, 2014
16x23 16 16x23 BB15 - Day 19 Highlights
The Housemates successfully compete in a trust task. Toya tells Matthew about her troubled relationship with Marlon and says, “If he calls me a fuc*ing bit*h one more time, I will ...
Jun. 24, 2014
16x24 16 16x24 BB15 - Day 20 Highlights
Mark is told that Big Brother is unable to turn on the hair appliances following some of the Housemates tampering with them the previous night. The Housemates compete in this week’s ...
Jun. 25, 2014
16x25 16 16x25 BB15 - Day 21 Highlights
The house is still reeling from the explosive row between Helen and Matthew. Ash comments: ‘I hope today is a good day, we need a good day.’Christopher says: ‘That’s the last ...
Jun. 26, 2014
16x26 16 16x26 BB15 - Day 22 Highlights - Live
Steven’s Surreptitious Secret Mission’ which sees him use five made up words to describe the housemates whilst talking to them. He successfully completes the task and rewarded by ...
Jun. 27, 2014
16x27 16 16x27 BB15 - Eviction #3 : The Interview Live
Toya is the third housemate to be evicted. Emma Willis chats to her about her time in the house.
Jun. 27, 2014
16x28 16 16x28 BB15 - Day 23 Highlights
Winston, Chris and Ashleigh are called to the Diary Room for an impersonation task. The other Housemates successfully guessed each impersonation and are rewarded with a treat ...
Jun. 28, 2014
16x29 16 16x29 BB15 - Day 24 Highlights
The girls take over as they start the day with a a visit the diary room and are told that they have a decision to make. Half of the boys have to clean the house and half need to staff ...
Jun. 29, 2014
16x30 16 16x30 BB15 - Day 25 Highlights
For the next part of the task, the girls become ladies who lunch while the boys act as their servants. The girls have been fitted with secret earpieces and can hear everything the ...
Jun. 30, 2014
16x31 16 16x31 BB15 - Day 26 Highlights
With Power and Immunity, the five girls sit down for their deliberations. After a protracted discussion they decide to save – Chris, Steven and Marlon and leave the other 5 boys ...
Jul. 01, 2014
16x32 16 16x32 BB15 - Day 27 Highlights
The Housemates are dressed to kill and are gathered on the sofas waiting to hear about their next shopping task – Assassins. The Housemates are given headphones so that Big Brother ...
Jul. 02, 2014
16x33 16 16x33 BB15 - Day 28 Highlights
The Murder Mystery task concludes. The three secret assassins – Ash, Steven and Jale – must continue to kill off the other housemates without detective Winston finding out. The ...
Jul. 03, 2014
16x34 16 16x34 BB15 - Day 31 Highlights
It’s the day after Matthew’s eviction from the Big Brother house and Mark wakes up alone. Christopher goes to the Diary Room to be told of his new task, ‘Christmas Christopher’. ...
Jul. 06, 2014
16x35 16 16x35 BB15 - Day 32 Highlights
It’s nomination day and some of the Housemates are feeling the pressure. Mark tells Steven that he has had to choose people for “little reasons” because he gets on with every ...
Jul. 07, 2014
16x36 16 16x36 BB15 - Day 33 Highlights
Day 1 of the new shopping task – Battery Life. The Big Brother House has been drained of almost all power. The remaining power is shown on a giant battery. In order to win this week’s ...
Jul. 08, 2014
16x37 16 16x37 BB15 - Day 34 Highlights
It’s day 2 of Battery Life and the morning after another explosive nightThe nominated Housemates are called to the App Zone and all stand in front of buzzers as Big Brother explains ...
Jul. 09, 2014
16x38 16 16x38 BB15 - Day 35 Highlights
For today’s task, Big Brother has paired up Housemates up, based on compatibly tests they completed before they entered the house, to compete in a number of games The Couples: are ...
Jul. 10, 2014
16x39 16 16x39 BB15 - Day 36 Highlights - Eviction #5 Live
For today’s task Big Brother will set Steven a series of secret missions that will target his fellow housemates. In order to pass the task, housemates must correctly predict who ...
Jul. 11, 2014
16x40 16 16x40 BB15 - Day 37 Highlights
For today’s challenge, Winston must eat as many chillies as possible, Mark must put as many pegs on his face as possible and Helenmust remove as many balls as she can from a bowl ...
Jul. 12, 2014
16x41 16 16x41 BB15 - Day 38 Highlights
It’s Day 1 of the new task – Planet of the Apes. The Housemates wake up to find that the garden has been converted into a post apocolyptic world. They are divided into two teams, ...
Jul. 13, 2014
16x42 16 16x42 BB15 - Day 39 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 1 - Surprise Eviction #6 Live
Christopher and Mark discuss what happened last night. Mark says that he sometimes forgets that there are cameras in the House and Christopher reassures him that he didn’t say anything ...
Jul. 14, 2014
16x43 16 16x43 BB15 - Day 40 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 2
Then later that evening, Big Brother surprises the Housemates again by telling them that they all face eviction this week, with the exception of Helen who has a pass to the final. ...
Jul. 15, 2014
16x44 16 16x44 BB15 - Day 41 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 3
Big Brother calls the new Housemates to the Diary Room where they must read out statements about the original Housemates. The original Housemates must answer if they think the statements ...
Jul. 16, 2014
16x45 16 16x45 BB15 - Day 42 Highlights - Armageddon - Day 4
For the next part of today’s task the Housemates have been gathered in the living area for, ‘Judgement Time’. The original housemates have to guess answers to questions that ...
Jul. 17, 2014
16x46 16 16x46 BB15 - Day 43 Highlights - Eviction #7 and 8 Live
The Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the eviction announcements. First up is the eviction of the least popular new Housemate as voted for by the public. Zoe gets the most votes ...
Jul. 18, 2014
16x47 16 16x47 BB15 - Day 44 Highlights
Big Brother announces to the Housemates that they have all survived Armageddon and that Armageddon Week is now officially over.
Jul. 19, 2014
16x48 16 16x48 BB15 - Day 45 Highlights
in a task, Steven ends up shaving his hair before ending up with a complete skin head, much to the amusement of his fellow Housemates including Ash who remarks that “he’s lost ...
Jul. 20, 2014
16x49 16 16x49 BB15 - Day 46 Highlights
For today’s task, Big Brother put on its own music festival, Bruvstock, with the Housemates becoming the headline acts. Mark and Zoe are chosen as the ‘front men’ and choose ...
Jul. 21, 2014
16x50 16 16x50 BB15 - Day 47 Highlights
Ashleigh is called to the Control Room and Iris reveals that she must form a secret Power Alliance and must choose one Housemate to join her. She invites Chris to the Pod where she ...
Jul. 22, 2014
16x51 16 16x51 BB15 - Day 48 Highlights
Ashleigh’s Power Alliance with Chris and Mark is going strong and together they have nominated Ash and Steven for this week’s eviction.Ashleigh goes to the Diary Room to talk about ...
Jul. 23, 2014
16x52 16 16x52 BB15 - Day 49 Highlights
The Housemates are split into the Red Team and the Blue Team for the task. The Red team go to the Diary Room and it’s explained to them that for this week’s shopping task, Big ...
Jul. 24, 2014
16x53 16 16x53 BB15 - Day 50 Highlights - Eviction #9 Live
For the final part of the shopping task, the Blue and Red teams must take part in an endurance test – the first genuine task of the day. All the Housemates must hold their hands ...
Jul. 25, 2014
16x54 16 16x54 BB15 - Day 51 Highlights
A calm and relaxed Ash is called to the Diary Room where Big Brother reveals he must become Angry Ash for today’s task. Firstly, Ash has to get angry with Winston for wearing his ...
Jul. 26, 2014
16x55 16 16x55 BB15 - Day 52 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates to explain the next task, a street dance contest. As Zoe has professional dance training she will be the coach, her first job is to split the Housemates ...
Jul. 27, 2014
16x56 16 16x56 BB15 - Day 53 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas to tell them that The Power has returned to the house and explains that the public have The Power and have voted to give one of the ...
Jul. 28, 2014
16x57 16 16x57 BB15 - Day 54 Highlights
Winston is called to the Diary Room, while the rest of the Housemates watch from the sofas, and is told that the public has chosen him to decide who will receive letters from home. ...
Jul. 29, 2014
16x58 16 16x58 BB15 - Day 55 Highlights
For the first part of this week’s shopping task, each Housemate must record a 20 second video, with the aim of it going viral. The Housemate that gets the most ‘likes’ of their ...
Jul. 30, 2014
16x59 16 16x59 BB15 - Day 56 Highlights
The Housemates gather for the final of this week’s shopping task to see if they can match up the categories from the public poll of 30,000 viewers on Housematescompare.com. Housemates ...
Jul. 31, 2014
16x60 16 16x60 BB15 - Day 57 Highlights - Eviction #10 Live
As part of People Power week, Big Brother gathers the Housemates and tells them they will now have the chance to finally find out exactly what the public think of them. On the screen ...
Aug. 01, 2014
16x61 16 16x61 BB15 - Day 58 Highlights
The Housemates talk about Pav and agree he has lost his ‘security blanket now that Zoe has been evicted. Christopher says that the public obviously don’t feel about Pav the way ...
Aug. 02, 2014
16x62 16 16x62 BB15 - Day 59 Highlights
For today’s task, Winston, Mark and Helen take part in Big Brother’s Strongest Housemate. For the first part if the challenge, they must hold a barbell above their heads, one ...
Aug. 03, 2014
16x63 16 16x63 BB15 - Day 60 Highlights
The Housemates gather to get involved in the new, really wild task. The task sees the Housemates obey a voice that sounds like a famous naturalist. Helen reads the details of the ...
Aug. 04, 2014
16x64 16 16x64 BB15 - Day 61 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates at the sofas and reveals that they must nominate for the final time, face to face. The Housemates who will face the public vote are: Pav, Christopher, ...
Aug. 05, 2014
16x65 16 16x65 BB15 - Day 62 Highlights
Big Brother calls the Housemates to the sofas and reveals that one more Housemate will face eviction. Ashleigh, Ash and Chris all choose a gold envelope containing different monetary ...
Aug. 06, 2014
16x66 16 16x66 BB15 - Day 63 Highlights
Earlier, each Housemate was called to the Diary Room and given a dilemma: Do you want to take the extra money the House has accumulated for themselves or leave the extra money accumulated ...
Aug. 07, 2014
16x67 16 16x67 BB15 - Day 64 Highlights - Eviction #11 & #12 Live
In the next task, Christopher and Ashleigh must guess the values that the public have placed on the Housemates’ characteristics. They sit in the Diary Room and must guess between ...
Aug. 08, 2014
16x68 16 16x68 BB15 - Day 65 Highlights
Big Brother calls Ash to the Diary Room to assure him that Winston has been evicted, the same as Mark and neither of them will be returning to the house. Helen gives Ash a hug when ...
Aug. 09, 2014
16x69 16 16x69 BB15 - Day 66 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates for today’s task and tells then that they will all be interviewed to assess whether they would make a worthy finalist. For the first part of the ...
Aug. 10, 2014
16x70 16 16x70 BB15 - Day 67 Highlights
The Big Brother House has been transformed into a court room as the Housemates stand accused of being a House divided. As the key figures on both sides of the divide, Helen and Ashleigh ...
Aug. 11, 2014
16x71 16 16x71 BB15 - Day 68 Highlights
The Housemates are gathered on the sofas and they hear Emma’s voice. Emma tells them that the public have spoken and the next Housemate to be evicted is – Helen. All the Housemates ...
Aug. 12, 2014
16x72 16 16x72 BB15 - Day 69 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas to reveal the results of today’s task and says that the Pav and Ashleigh kept ‘hitting the headlines’ and made a real splash. ...
Aug. 13, 2014
16x73 16 16x73 BB15 - Day 70 Highlights
Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and reveals that for the first part of today’s task, ex-Housemates Danielle and Zoe will be giving them media training, to help them ...
Aug. 14, 2014
16x74 16 16x74 BB15 - Day 71 Highlights - Live Final
Helen Wood was crowned the Big Brother 2014 winner in a tense final. Emma Willis began to reveal the results, starting with the sixth and fifth placed housemate after ...
Aug. 15, 2014
16x77 16 16x77 BB15 - Day 73 Highlights
Aug. 18, 2014

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