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ShareTV's September Newsletter

Hello {UID}, welcome to the 3rd issue of ShareTV's monthly newsletter. An exciting issue as we're now into the Fall 2009-10 season. We've managed to get an interview with the new cast members from Heroes (read more below). And a special thanks to all members who have helped contribute to the new Celebrity Section. Over 2,000 profile pics have been uploaded so far.

The Fall Season begins now!

(This weeks' premieres)
Heroes Season 4 House Season 6 Family Guy Season 8 Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Smallville Season 9 The Simpsons Season 21
Dexter Season 4 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 10 Desperate Housewives Season 6 How I Met Your Mother Season 5 CSI: Miami Season 8 Californication Season 3
NCIS Season 7 American Dad! Season 5 Two and a Half Men Season 7 Criminal Minds Season 5 CSI: NY Season 6[More]

Will these TV couples finally get together this season?

Dr. Lisa Cuddy
"House M.D."

Dr. Gregory House
"House M.D."

  Lois Lane

Clark Kent

  Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Robin Scherbatsky
"How I Met Your Mother"

Barney Stinson
"How I Met Your Mother"

  Olivia Dunham

Peter Bishop

  Teresa Lisbon
"The Mentalist"

Patrick Jane
"The Mentalist"

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ShareTV talks with new Heroes' cast members

Robert Knepper Robert Knepper
Best Known for his main role as T-Bag in Prison Break, or his many appearances in movies such as Hitman, Hostage, Transporter 3, ...
  Ray Park Ray Park
Best Known for his iconic roles as Darth Maul in Star Wars, Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, or Toad in X-Men.

Sep. 16th, 2009 -- NBC held a special conference call with celebrities Robert Knepper and Ray Park for which I was invited to attend on behalf of These 2 stars are joining the cast this season on Heroes, which premieres Monday Sep. 21st on NBC (9/8c). Robert will be playing the role of Samuel Sullivan, a somewhat dark and mysterious leader of ... [read more]

  • We'll be holding a DVD giveaway next month. Stay tuned for updates
  • An iGoogle App has been added to the Widgets & Gadgets Section
  • ShareTV has teamed with to provide news on all our show and celeb pages
  • Many new updates have been integrated in the show pages and edit panels

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