Sep. 30, 1958
30 min.
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The Rifleman

In an unusual twist on the standard Western, widower Lucas McCain struggles to successfully homestead his ranch in North Fork, New Mexico territory during the 1880s, while raising his son Mark. The Marshall of North Fork has his hands full handling the weekly "bad guys," & it is frequently necessary for Lucas to pick up his modified rapid-action Winchester Rifle to protect himself, his son, and his neighbors.

05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Lorrie: C'mon, slow poke. I'll race you!
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Lorrie: Ha! So you beat me. Do you have to be so smug?
Mark McCain: I didn't say anything.
Lorrie: Well, you were thinking it.
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Mark McCain: Hello, Mr. Stanic. When did he fence off the trail?
Joe Stanic: I don't know when he fenced it off, but I know it won't stay that way!
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Old Tony: Anybody can pick and pluck but guitar is no good unless you sing to it. The trouble is there are no more good songs - songs have all gone to ruin like the rest of the world. There used to be good ones, pretty ones, like "Greensleeves."
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Marshal Torrance: What's eatin' you, Joe? You look like you ran into a herd of wild Commanches.
Joe Stanic: It's that Tony. I told you five hundred times he ought to be put away!
Lucas McCain: You lock horns again? Is that it, Joe?
Joe Stanic: Ever since we came over on the boat together I have endured his insults.
Marshal Torrance: Now now, calm down. Everybody knows you and Tony are feudin' again but nobody knows about what. I doubt if you do.
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Lorrie: Do you ever wonder what your wife will be like... I mean, when you get married?
Mark McCain: I suppose so.
Lorrie: Well, what would she be like?
Mark McCain: Real pretty and a good cook.
Lorrie: Oh, Mark, can't you ever be serious? You think that's all there is to marriage?
Mark McCain: No, not really. There's a lot more.
Lorrie: Like what?
Mark McCain: Well, Pa and I was talkin' about it once - talkin' about my mother. I'll never forget what he said - he said they were more than just in love... they were friends.
Lorrie: I don't think I understand.
Mark McCain: Well, he meant that she was someone he could talk to - 'bout his troubles... 'bout anything.
Lorrie: Like us, Mark.
Mark McCain: Sure, like us. We can talk...

Mark McCain: You better look for those arrowhead if you plan on gettin' any.
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Old Tony: I guess I been alone too long. I forgot how to get along with people.
Lucas McCain: You made a good start towards remembering today, Tony.
Old Tony: Kids gettin' in trouble... trackin' mud all over the house. Didn't even remember to bring the flints they promised me.
Lorrie: I lost all the good ones in the swamp, but we'll come back again - won't we, Mark?
Old Tony: Ha! So you'll be going to come back to see me, huh? I didn't even ask ya! Next thing ya know, they'll be wantin' me to take them to the fancy hotel and buy them supper.
Lucas McCain: When that time comes, Tony, the supper's going to be on me - and I hope it will be soon.

Old Tony: Hey, what are you sittin' there for? You said the guitar needed tuning. Well, go ahead - tune it up!
05x26 - Old Tony Season 5 / Episode 26: - Old Tony

Mark McCain: [finding Lorrie and Mark, Lucas rescues them both from the bog.] ...Pa, I'm right glad you showed up.
Lucas McCain: Me too, son. Me too.
05x16 - The Sidewinder Season 5 / Episode 16: - The Sidewinder

Gridley Maule: [throws down a gun in front of Mark] Pick it up!
Mark McCain: What for?
Gridley Maule: I can get even with one McCain just as good as another. Pick it up.
Mark McCain: [stalling for time] Where's my pa?
Gridley Maule: [snotty] Drinkin' coffee to settle his nerves... Pick it up or I'll kill you.
05x16 - The Sidewinder Season 5 / Episode 16: - The Sidewinder

Lucas McCain: Gridley Maule junior? You pulled a gun on my son. I don't like that, boy.
Gridley Maule: Well now... you must be Lucas McCain. I come to even up the score for my pa. So let's get outside and get it over with.
Lucas McCain: You got a big advantage in bein' young, son. Don't press it.
Gridley Maule: I ain't pressin' it Mister McCain and don't you consider it neither. You comin' out?
Lucas McCain: You're just a little itchy aren't you?
Gridley Maule: Don't stall me. I come a long way for this.
05x16 - The Sidewinder Season 5 / Episode 16: - The Sidewinder

Gridley Maule: I can shoot now, I can even shoot in the dark. And I mean to pay you back for what you did.
Lucas McCain: Did you know your pa was in the act of robbing a bank?
Gridley Maule: Yeah, I knew he was robbin' a bank.
Lucas McCain: He was running with the money. I just happened by between him and his horse. He took a shot at me. And he would have shot again - there was nothing I could do.
Gridley Maule: It makes no difference. When he was alive he was good to me. Maybe you don't understand McCain but he was my pa!
Lucas McCain: I understand... If I don't swear out the charges, will you promise to go back home and forget about this revenge?
Gridley Maule: [thinks a second] No.
Lucas McCain: All right Micah, I'll swear out the complaint now.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You heard the man, boy. Come on, get up.
Gridley Maule: You keep me in jail, McCain! You go on and send me to Washington! But I'll come back and I'll kill you.
05x16 - The Sidewinder Season 5 / Episode 16: - The Sidewinder

Lou Mallory: Do you like it here in jail Grid?
Gridley Maule: Oh sure, it's just dandy!
05x12 - The Anvil Chorus Season 5 / Episode 12: - The Anvil Chorus

Mark McCain: Why you know, I - I think that some day this street right here is gonna have buildings that stick up right to the sky. And we'll have machines that take the place of horses... like the train took the place of the covered wagon.
Lucas McCain: Machines to take the place of horses?
Mark McCain: Well?

Mark McCain: I guess not.
05x10 - Squeeze Play Season 5 / Episode 10: - Squeeze Play

Willard Prescott: He doesn't know the meaning of the word "beg."
05x06 - I Take This Woman Season 5 / Episode 6: - I Take This Woman

Mark McCain: Pa, Lou is our friend. How come we're not doin' anything about it? I mean doin' not talkin'.
Lucas McCain: Well, because I was told it was none of my business.
Lucas McCain, Mark McCain: Everyone knows he's just bleedin' her dry - buying things and payin' for 'em with her money.
Lucas McCain: That all you kids do - listen to some old women's gossip?
Mark McCain: Well, if it was me and I was a doin' friend instead of a talkin' friend, I'd saddle up and do somethin' about it!

Lucas McCain: Thanks for some good fatherly advice.
05x05 - Death Never Rides Alone Season 5 / Episode 5: - Death Never Rides Alone

Lucas McCain: He's thinkin', Johnny.
Johnny Drako: He's done with thinkin', Lucas. Now he's measuring the odds.
04x17 - The Quiet Fear Season 4 / Episode 17: - The Quiet Fear

Jake Striker: Farmin's work - I guess you know that. Makin' a farm pay and prosper - that's even harder work.
Brice Hornsby: Yessir, I reckon it is and it's what I want to see. I want to see somethin' made of this place - and I want to see how it's done.
04x17 - The Quiet Fear Season 4 / Episode 17: - The Quiet Fear

Jake Striker: Imagine going all the way to Denver just to learn how to talk with your fingers.
Mark McCain: Well, from what I hear, it's easy than learnin' to read or write.
Jake Striker: Yeah, Mark, at my age it better be!
04x11 - Long Gun From Tucson Season 4 / Episode 11: - Long Gun From Tucson

Henry Waller: Nice sound: "Waller & Son"
Jeffrey Waller: It makes me feel proud, Pa.
Henry Waller: No more proud than me, son.
Mark McCain: "Waller & Son." Gee, Pa, that makes them partners.
Lucas McCain: That's right.
Mark McCain: And that gives me an idea! Why don't we put a sign like that over our barn?
Lucas McCain: Do you think we need a sign... partner?
04x07 - Knight Errant Season 4 / Episode 7: - Knight Errant

Col. Charles Black: I'm going to watch a chess game between you two gentleman. The winner gets fired, the loser gets dead!
04x01 - The Vaqueros Season 4 / Episode 1: - The Vaqueros

Miguel: We will take everything from you - including your money.
03x27 - Short Rope for a Tall Man Season 3 / Episode 27: - Short Rope for a Tall Man

Lucas McCain: It's over and done with now Mark. Why so glum?
Mark McCain: If they'd have hung you pa, it would have been all my fault.
Lucas McCain: Now wait a minute son. Don't you ever think that way. If they'd have hung me it would have been Charlie Crown's fault. Nobody else's.
Mark McCain: Charlie Crown. Stealing his own pa's horses and then selling them to poor Mr. Schneider. Just to get money. Guess I didn't make such a good trade after all. Guess I better leave the business to you.
Lucas McCain: No siree! We're partners. Every lesson you learn makes you a better partner. Only one thing...
Mark McCain: What's that?
Lucas McCain: Just remember the lessons... Both laugh.
03x22 - Closer than a Brother Season 3 / Episode 22: - Closer than a Brother

Lucas McCain: I still want to be your friend.
Marshal Micah Torrance: Friend? Who wants friends? I don't need any friends.

Marshal Micah Torrance: This-this is the best friend I got - rides the nightmares right off the range.
03x22 - Closer than a Brother Season 3 / Episode 22: - Closer than a Brother

Marshal Micah Torrance: Sixteen years. For sixteen years, I've been living in fear... I guess you might say in fear of my own weakness.
03x21 - The Wyoming Story (2) Season 3 / Episode 21: - The Wyoming Story (2)

Marshal Micah Torrance: Dirt farming's a lot like cattle raising - a man's gotta have faith, like Miss Milly said. I don't think you've got enough, Mark - not if you've lost faith in your own father.
Milly Scott: Micah!
Marshal Micah Torrance: Keep quiet, Milly.

Marshal Micah Torrance: Mark, you're just a boy and I've seen grown men buckle up doin' what you're tryin' to do - men like Lucas, who've lost everything they have except this house and piece of land, going off and doing whatever they can to save it and comin' back and tryin' again. Now, Mark, that's faith.
Mark McCain: I tried to think he'd come back, but how much faith is a person supposed to have?
03x20 - The Wyoming Story (1) Season 3 / Episode 20: - The Wyoming Story (1)

Marshal Micah Torrance: Lucas, you never liked being called "sodbuster" did you?
Lucas McCain: I still don't.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You better get used to it, 'cause that's what you're gonna be.
Lucas McCain: What do you mean, Micah?
Marshal Micah Torrance: A cattleman without cattle is just a plain sodbuster. If I was you, I'd give this job a little thought.
03x17 - Long Trek Season 3 / Episode 17: - Long Trek

Stanley: You know, I've seen men walk in this desert sun till they thought every sand hill was a cool pool of water. It's funny, Mr. McCain. It not only looks like water, it tastes like water. I seen a man once... he started poking that dirt down his throat and he didn't even know it was dirt! They start strangling him! It's gonna happen to you, Mr. McCain. And I'm gonna be around to lend a helping hand. Old Stanley's gonna be right here helping poke that nice water dirt down your throat!
03x10 - The Schoolmaster Season 3 / Episode 10: - The Schoolmaster

Lucas McCain: Hate? Isn't that a strong word to use just because you don't agree with someone?
03x10 - The Schoolmaster Season 3 / Episode 10: - The Schoolmaster

Stevan Griswald: [to the trapped Mark] Archimedes said, 'Give me a lever and I can move the world.' We'll get you out, Mark.
03x07 - The Martinet Season 3 / Episode 7: - The Martinet

Lucas McCain: You don't really want to punish me.
Capt. Josiah Perry: Oh yes I do, there's no one else.

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