Sep. 06, 1955
30 min.
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Wyatt Earp The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

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Hugh O'BrianHugh O'Brian
Hugh Charles Krampe, known professionally as Hugh O'Brian, was an American actor known for his starring ...

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Wyatt Earp Quotes

05x18 - Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp Season 5 / Episode 18: - Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp

Thacker: You know, Wyatt, Wells Fargo should give you a gold watch.
Wyatt Earp: No, I already have a watch. You tell Wells Fargo I know what time it is and now it's time I got back to my job in Tombstone.
05x18 - Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp Season 5 / Episode 18: - Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] When Wells Fargo called on Marshal Earp to put an end to the stage robberies on the Charleston-to-Benson line, the company was putting Wyatt's reputation in peril. During the time when Wyatt rode shotgun for Wells Fargo, no road agent had ever gotten away with a dime of money shipments. But this was Arizona territory, where robbing stages was a highly organized business.
05x17 - Get Shotgun Gibbs Season 5 / Episode 17: - Get Shotgun Gibbs

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] After several attempts to get rid of Marshal Earp had failed, his political enemies decided to go after Shotgun Gibbs, Wyatt's close friend and right-hand man. By killing Shotgun, the Ten Percent Ring hoped to sicken Wyatt of his job and drive him out of Tombstone.
05x16 - The Matchmaker Season 5 / Episode 16: - The Matchmaker

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Many women had unsuccessfully set their caps for Marshal Wyatt Earp. But when his friend, Shotgun Gibbs, got the idea that Wyatt should marry, things looked very bad indeed. Dan Cupid himself never rigged a better trap. Tombstone's most eligible bachelor and Nellie Cashman, the most sought after maiden lady, would seem an ideal match.
05x15 - The Clantons' Family Row Season 5 / Episode 15: - The Clantons' Family Row

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] One of the many mysteries of the old West to amateur historians was how so many top gunslingers lived so long. The answer, as Wyatt Earp said, was simple: They seldom fought one another. When men of equal speed and skill got into a gunfight, it meant death to both of them. When Curley Brocius and Johnny Ringo rode into Tombstone to settle a quarrel, it looked as if Wyatt would be rid of two animals.
05x14 - The Paymaster Season 5 / Episode 14: - The Paymaster

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] When Wyatt had come to Arizona territory, it was wild and raw. Civilization was represented by the city of Tucson, a few turbulent mining town, like Tombstone, and a scattering of Army camps. Since the Apaches were a constant menace, travel was precarious, even for Wyatt Earp.
05x13 - The Noble Outlaws Season 5 / Episode 13: - The Noble Outlaws

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Ned Buntline, originator of the dime novel portraying life in the wild and wooly West, was a great trial to Marshal Wyatt Earp. Every time the author left New York to gather more material for a new book, he expected Wyatt to cooperate with his fantastic ideas. But when Wyatt moved from Dodge City to Tombstone, he thought he had gotten rid of Buntline. Alas, alas.
05x12 - The Fugitive Season 5 / Episode 12: - The Fugitive

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Tombstone lay in a country that had been Mexican long before it was American. Many an old family ranch was nestled near the best water of the surrounding valley. But changes of allegiance are not made easily and sometimes there is friction and the kind of trouble that involved Wyatt Earp.
05x11 - Wyatt Wins One Season 5 / Episode 11: - Wyatt Wins One

Emma Clanton: Where'd you get that?
Wyatt Earp: From a dead rancher who had also accused Geronimo of stealing.
Emma Clanton: Well, my father didn't accuse Geronimo of anything.
Wyatt Earp: You better find out just what your father did do. You want your ranch raided by Apaches?
Emma Clanton: No. Of course not.
Wyatt Earp: Well, there isn't much time. You show this knife to your father. You remind him that Geronimo kills the men - makes the women slaves.
05x11 - Wyatt Wins One Season 5 / Episode 11: - Wyatt Wins One

Shotgun Gibbs: Whew! That was sure a close one.
Wyatt Earp: Yeah, too close. They were late.
Shotgun Gibbs: Who was?
Wyatt Earp: The army. I thought sure they'd hear the shootin'.
Shotgun Gibbs: You mean you had that figured out all the time?
Wyatt Earp: Well, I hoped it would work out that way.
Shotgun Gibbs: Well, I'd sure appreciate you lettin' me in on these things. I got too much gray hair as 'tis.
Wyatt Earp: Makes you look more distinguished, Mr. Gibbs. Now lets go down and thank the boys, hmm?
05x10 - The Ring of Death Season 5 / Episode 10: - The Ring of Death

Limey Parkhamp: Marshal Earp, them Tucson boys, they shoot for keeps!
Wyatt Earp: Well, sir, so do I - if I have to.
05x10 - The Ring of Death Season 5 / Episode 10: - The Ring of Death

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Many attempts were made to kill Wyatt Earp. But Dan Priddy, with his Ten Percent Ring in Tucson, was a big time operator. When Priddy wanted a man out of his way, he acted with a scheming subtlety that not even Wyatt could penetrate. A plan to murder Earp, whose career had already exasperated the Tucson politicians, seemed foolproof and deadly.
05x10 - The Ring of Death Season 5 / Episode 10: - The Ring of Death

Wyatt Earp: Oh and Doc, promise me one thing - don't rob a bank.
Doc Holliday: You're the only man in the world I'd make that promise to. All right, I give you my word.
Wyatt Earp: Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate your sacrifice.
05x09 - Behan Prods His Hand Season 5 / Episode 9: - Behan Prods His Hand

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Wyatt's refusal of a Citizens' Posse threatened to get him into serious trouble. No peace officer on the frontier could afford to let prisoners escape. Marshal Earp had to recapture four men guarded by one hundred. Wyatt must do it alone or lead a big posse into battle with the Clanton gang. And he couldn't know that the infamous Ten Percent Ring of Tucson had ideas of their own.
05x08 - You Can't Fight City Hall Season 5 / Episode 8: - You Can't Fight City Hall

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Wyatt had only an honest judge, a good newspaper, the Epitaph, and the Citizens Safety Committee backing him in Tombstone. They were steadily outmaneuvered by a gang of political boodlers known as the Ten Percent Ring in Tucson. But Wyatt refused to believe the weight of the odds against him. You can't fight City Hall, as any politician will tell you. But Wyatt was going to fight if it cost him his life.
05x07 - The Perfidy of Shotgun Gibbs Season 5 / Episode 7: - The Perfidy of Shotgun Gibbs

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Wyatt Earp helped John Clum start the Tombstone Epitaph because he wanted an honest newspaper. His next move was to try to elect an honest judge. Wells Spicer, lately arrived from the East, was chosen to run against Judge Griscom. Griscom was allied with the Clantons and the infamous Ten Percent Ring. Beating him at the polls would not be easy. It would be a battle with fists and guns, for which the term 'dirty politics' was too mild a name.
05x06 - The Nugget and the Epitaph Season 5 / Episode 6: - The Nugget and the Epitaph

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Tombstone had two newspapers - the Nugget and the Epitaph. The Nugget was a tool of the Ten Percent Ring and hated Wyatt. But the Epitaph printed the truth and made journalistic history. Wyatt had assumed that even though it opposed him, the Nugget would be fair in routine dealings. But he learned that very few people in Tombstone were fair about anything.
05x05 - Lineup for Battle Season 5 / Episode 5: - Lineup for Battle

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Against his better judgment, Wyatt made his decision to serve as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Tombstone. In fact, as historians have pointed out, Wyatt was trapped into it by the threat of Old Man Clanton to bush whack him as he left Tombstone - and by his own stubborn bravery.
05x04 - Wyatt's Decision Season 5 / Episode 4: - Wyatt's Decision

Wyatt Earp: Well, Miss Clanton, you're a strange mixture. Your father is just about everything that's wrong with Tombstone and this part of Pima County. He's a rustler and a killer.
Emma Clanton: Stop it!
Wyatt Earp: You can't make up your mind if you're a sure enough Clanton and a you're just a girl who happened to be born a Clanton.
05x04 - Wyatt's Decision Season 5 / Episode 4: - Wyatt's Decision

Judge Griskam: And you, Deputy, you better just be a little more careful after this. Mr. Clanton and his cowboys are good, honest citizens. Just member that, sonny boy.

Judge Griskam: Sheriff, I charge this man with bodily assault!
Sheriff Charlie Shibell: You arrest him, Judge.
Wyatt Earp: I wish you'd do that.
05x04 - Wyatt's Decision Season 5 / Episode 4: - Wyatt's Decision

Wyatt Earp: Shouldn't the Clantons be arrested?
Sheriff Charlie Shibell: Not by Fred White, no. He's only a fair hand with a gun. Here's a deputy's star. If you want to arrest them, pin it on.
Wyatt Earp: Sheriff, all I want to do is leave Tombstone.
Sheriff Charlie Shibell: All right. I'll get a posse and escort you to Benson.
Wyatt Earp: No, sir. I don't need a posse.
Sheriff Charlie Shibell: That's the only way you'll get to the railroad alive.
Wyatt Earp: I can't do that and you know it. Sheriff, you're dealin' from the bottom of the deck.
Sheriff Charlie Shibell: Yes I am! The Citizens' Safety Counsel here needs good young peace officers. You're young and you're good.
05x04 - Wyatt's Decision Season 5 / Episode 4: - Wyatt's Decision

Doc Holliday: I'll help you, Wyatt, but I'll never wear a star.
Wyatt Earp: You don't have to wear the star. I'll deputize you only when there's trouble.
Doc Holliday: Me a Johnny Law?
Wyatt Earp: That's right, but you don't have to wear the star. You can keep it in your pocket.
Doc Holliday: If anybody called me Deputy Holliday, I'd kill him. Why the very sound of it just about...
Emma Clanton: Marshal Earp! Papa wants to know if you're leavin' town by sundown.
Wyatt Earp: Well, you tell him no, Miss Emma.
Emma Clanton: You're a fool. Do you want to leave in a coffin?
Wyatt Earp: I haven't ordered one.
Emma Clanton: Oh. And as for you, Doctor Holliday, you keep associatin' with him and you'll get it, too.
Doc Holliday: [to Wyatt] The star, please. You can just drop it in my pocket.
05x03 - Tombstone! Season 5 / Episode 3: - Tombstone!

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] When Wyatt Earp headed for Tombstone, he was riding toward the toughest town in the American West - a town built on one of the richest silver deposits ever discovered. In Tombstone, a miner was shot in the back for a few bags of silver ore. Immigrant miners fought outlaw cowboys on Allen Street. Violence ruled Tombstone which had but one peace officer. An effort was made to blow up the city jail as a gesture of contempt for the dirty politics in Tombstone.
05x03 - Tombstone! Season 5 / Episode 3: - Tombstone!

Dick Gird: Well, you're Wyatt Earp, all right. I'll tell my boys the fighting's over.
Wyatt Earp: [to the wounded man] Come on. You ain't hit that bad.
Doc Holliday: [to Dick] Maybe it's just begun.
Dick Gird: What makes you think so? We miners made a mistake about him, Mr. Holliday. We won't bother him again.
Doc Holliday: Can you vouch for the Clantons, too?
Dick Gird: They won't start anything without a reason.
Doc Holliday: The Deacon has the miserable character of a man who can't turn his back on evil - and Tombstone is evil.
Wyatt Earp: Well, Doc, I ain't gonna be here that long.
05x03 - Tombstone! Season 5 / Episode 3: - Tombstone!

Doc Holliday: Tombstone is four miles by the left fork... but I guess my poker game in Gaheyville could wait.
Wyatt Earp: Well, I doubt that, Doctor. Anyway, I'm goin' into Tombstone alone.
Doc Holliday: Takin' off your guns?
Wyatt Earp: That's right. You hang on to 'em or me, will you?
Doc Holliday: If you're goin' in alone, you better keep 'em.
Wyatt Earp: No, sir. I'm goin' into Tombstone as the land agent of The Earp Brothers Incorporated. I'm not a marshal any more. Anyway, an unarmed stranger is a lot safer than a fellow totin' guns.
Doc Holliday: Wyatt, in Tombstone, they don't care if a man is totin' guns or not - they just shoot 'em in the back, then they search his body and see what they can steal.
Wyatt Earp: [handing Doc his rifle] Yeah. I almost forgot that. Hang on to that for me, will you? So long, Doc.
Doc Holliday: You stubborn ox! You'll find out, and soon, when you meet up with the Clantons!
05x03 - Tombstone! Season 5 / Episode 3: - Tombstone!

Doc Holliday: Wyatt, what are you doin' - minin' or fighin'?
Wyatt Earp: I've been fightin'. Where have you been and where are my guns?
Doc Holliday: Got 'em right here. Is the fight still goin' on or did you get selfish?
Wyatt Earp: What, with three thousand miners? If you want to do some fightin', there's still plenty left.
05x02 - The Trail to Tombstone Season 5 / Episode 2: - The Trail to Tombstone

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] When Wyatt Earp left Dodge City for the Arizona territory, he believed that his career as a peace officer was finished. He wanted to hang up his guns and earn a modest income as a rancher or a miner. Wyatt and his brothers were soon to learn that Arizona had become the last stronghold of the outlaw - a terrifying wilderness to which Sheriffs and Marshals were open allies of cattle thieves and stage robbers.
05x01 - Dodge City - Hail and Farewell Season 5 / Episode 1: - Dodge City - Hail and Farewell

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Wyatt Earp's decision to quit wearing a star and leave Dodge City provoked controversy which is still discussed to this day. Dodge City knew Marshal Earp was an honest peace officer who had helped change their town from a rowdy cow camp to a law-abiding small city. But the hoodlum element and some of their descendants used profanity in slandering Marshal Earp. Therefore, Dodge City's farewell was highly charged with emotion and suspense.
04x37 - Arizona Comes to Dodge Season 4 / Episode 37: - Arizona Comes to Dodge

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narration] Wyatt's brothers, Virgil and Morgan, came to Dodge City in the fall of 1879. They wanted Wyatt to return with them to Arizona territory, where opportunities in ranching or mining seemed to be almost fabulous. But neither Wyatt nor his brothers realized that Arizona at that time was ruled by a handful of corrupt officials in league with cattle thieves, stage robbers, and hoodlums. The Earps had ample warning of this situation when Old Man Clanton and his boys stopped off in Dodge.
04x36 - Kelley was Irish Season 4 / Episode 36: - Kelley was Irish

Wyatt Earp: [Opening Narratoin] The Honorable James 'Dog' Kelley has his place in the annals of Dodge City. Starting as a saloonkeeper from the wrong side of the tracks, Kelley made his choice for law and order by hiring Wyatt Earp as town Marshal. He backed Wyatt many times when political expediency urged him to find a less uncompromising peace officer. But Kelley was a politician. As Dodge became civilized in 1878, he could indulge his hot temper by forcing Marshal Earp to resign.

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