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Jul. 27, 1997
60 min.
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Major Samantha Carter Stargate SG-1

Major Samantha Carter

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  Played by:
Amanda TappingAmanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping (born August 28, 1965) is an Canadian actress, producer and director. Born in Rochford, ...

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Major Samantha Carter Quotes

05x05 - Red Sky Season 5 / Episode 5: - Red Sky

Major General George Hammond: I thought the odds of success for this scenario were one in a million, Major?
Major Samantha Carter: Yes, sir. But I now think that we can increase that estimate to one percent.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: It's your call, General. I only understand about one percent of what she says half the time.
05x03 - Ascension Season 5 / Episode 3: - Ascension

Jack O'Neill: We brought pizza and a movie.
Teal'c: Star Wars.
Jack O'Neill: He's seen it, what? Eight times?
Teal'c: Nine.
Jack O'Neill: Nine times. If Teal'c likes it, it's gotta be okay.
Major Samantha Carter: You've never seen Star Wars?
Jack O'Neill: Well, you know me and sci-fi.
05x03 - Ascension Season 5 / Episode 3: - Ascension

Major Samantha Carter: You made it?
Orlin: You wouldn't believe the things that you can make from the common, simple items lying around your planet. Which reminds me, you're going to need a new microwave.
05x03 - Ascension Season 5 / Episode 3: - Ascension

Major Samantha Carter: And you ordered the materials online?
Orlin: Mostly. Sorry, but you're gonna have a pretty big credit card bill this month. Oh, and you're going to need a new toaster.
05x01 - Enemies (2) Season 5 / Episode 1: - Enemies (2)

Major Samantha Carter: This way, sir. It's not far.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Carter, how do you know where to go in a place like this?
Major Samantha Carter: I studied the Tok'ra specs of the ship while we were on Vorash.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: You know how to have a good time, don't you?
Major Samantha Carter: Havin' a good time now, sir.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: You go, girl.
05x01 - Enemies (2) Season 5 / Episode 1: - Enemies (2)

Colonel Jack O'Neill: I believe someone said "We're not gonna make it!"
Jacob Carter/Selmak: Sam, let's get the hyperdrive running.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying "We're not gonna make it!" I think we made it.
Jacob Carter/Selmak: I'm sorry , I over-reacted. At the time it looked very much like we weren't going to make it.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Yes, well, maybe next time you'll just wait and see.
Jacob Carter/Selmak: And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: What?
Major Samantha Carter: [grinning] Welcome to my life!
Colonel Jack O'Neill: What?
04x22 - Exodus (1) Season 4 / Episode 22: - Exodus (1)

Major Samantha Carter: This is the sun that Vorash is orbiting. It's a regular main sequence star with a core temperature of about fifteen million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for another five billion years.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Yeah?
Jacob Carter/Selmak: We wanna blow it up.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Wow.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: That's, uh...
Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson: Ambitious.
04x22 - Exodus (1) Season 4 / Episode 22: - Exodus (1)

Major Samantha Carter: I've just never blown up a star before.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Well, they say the first one's always the hardest.
04x20 - Entity Season 4 / Episode 20: - Entity

Dr. Janet Fraiser: It is a very bad burn, Sam.
Major Samantha Carter: Five minutes.
Dr. Janet Fraiser: NOW.
04x19 - Prodigy Season 4 / Episode 19: - Prodigy

Major Samantha Carter: What were you thinking breaking the nose of an upperclassman like that?
Air Force Cadet Jennifer Hailey: Swing high?
04x16 - 2010 Season 4 / Episode 16: - 2010

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Let me tell ya somthin', Carter. You wanna erase your mistakes, that's your business. My conscience is clear. I warned everybody. I threw up the red flag and everybody, including you, shut me down.
Major Samantha Carter: I'm asking you to put that behind us.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: You're not happy with the way things turned out, I'm sorry to hear that. Personally, I like things the way they are. No more savin' the world, just a nice pond with no pesky fish in it. And the single most pressing issue in my life is whether or not to get a dog.
04x14 - The Serpent's Venom Season 4 / Episode 14: - The Serpent's Venom

Major Samantha Carter: Uh, it's flashing green. Green is good?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: No.
Major Samantha Carter: Bad?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Bad.
Major Samantha Carter: How bad?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Very, very bad.
Major Samantha Carter: Dad!
04x14 - The Serpent's Venom Season 4 / Episode 14: - The Serpent's Venom

Jacob Carter/Selmak: Then enter the right combination.
Major Samantha Carter: We tried. What does Selmak say?
Jacob Carter/Selmak: Try again.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Very helpful.
04x12 - Tangent Season 4 / Episode 12: - Tangent

Major Paul Davis: Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, allow me to introduce to you Lieutenant General Vidrine.
General Vidrine: Colonel.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: General.
General Vidrine: Major.
Major Samantha Carter: General.
General Vidrine: Doctor.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: General.
04x11 - Point of No Return Season 4 / Episode 11: - Point of No Return

Dr. Daniel Jackson: I hope it's important. I was right in the middle of translating that cuneiform tablet we found on P3L-255.
Major Samantha Carter: I still have to finish recalibrating MALP 3K sensors for long-term reconnaissance on P5X-3D7.
Teal'c: I was unable to complete my Kel no'reem.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: I was just about to do something important.
04x09 - Scorched Earth Season 4 / Episode 9: - Scorched Earth

Major Samantha Carter: Question is, will they listen?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Well, the real question is, will they have ears?
04x07 - Watergate Season 4 / Episode 7: - Watergate

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Didn't you guys leave here in a submarine?
Major Samantha Carter: We, uh...
Daniel: The last thing I remember, we were being pulled into the...
Major Samantha Carter: Not really sure what happened, sir.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Here's a thought: We just exchanged hostages. It's just a thought.
04x06 - Window of Opportunity Season 4 / Episode 6: - Window of Opportunity

Jack O'Neill: Uh, excuse me, George. [hands the General some papers]
Major General George Hammond: Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?
Jack O'Neill: Handing you my resignation.
Major Samantha Carter: You're resigning? What for?
Jack O'Neill: So I can do this. [kisses Carter and the loop resets]
04x06 - Window of Opportunity Season 4 / Episode 6: - Window of Opportunity

Jack O'Neill: I distinctly remember sitting here, listening to Carter prattle on about solar activity and a... corona... something.
Major Samantha Carter: Coronal mass emissions - I was just about to bring it up.
Jack O'Neill: There you go, how would I know that?
Major Samantha Carter: Maybe you read my report.
Daniel Jackson: Maybe he *read* your report?
04x06 - Window of Opportunity Season 4 / Episode 6: - Window of Opportunity

Teal'c: Events do appear to be repeating themselves.
Daniel Jackson: Since when?
Jack O'Neill: Since we went to P4X-639.
Major Samantha Carter: We haven't been to P4X-639.
Jack O'Neill: Yes we have. [to Daniel] "No we haven't." That's what you were gonna say.
Daniel Jackson: Of course that's what I was gonna say.
Jack O'Neill: Okay, bad example.
04x03 - Upgrades Season 4 / Episode 3: - Upgrades

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Uh, General, sir? About the obviously impending court-martials, I'd like...
Major General: You were all under the influence of an alien technology, Colonel. That's a pretty solid defense.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Even so, I... I'm sorry.
Major Samantha Carter: Me too.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Me three.
Teal'c: I have no need to apologize.
Major General: Teal'c was actually following orders.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: [resignedly] Of course he was.
04x03 - Upgrades Season 4 / Episode 3: - Upgrades

Major Samantha Carter: So, has it occurred to anyone that we're defying a direct order?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Well, it's not like we haven't defied orders before.
Major Samantha Carter: Well, yeah, but that was to save Earth.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Earth. Steaks. There's a difference?
04x03 - Upgrades Season 4 / Episode 3: - Upgrades

Waitress: What can I get you?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Um, three of the biggest steaks you've got, with everything, rare, and baked potato.
Waitress: You got it!

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Excuse me... That was for me!
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Yeah, I'm gonna have three as well.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Four?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Four... Four is good, yeah.
Major Samantha Carter: Me too, and French fries with mine... oh and a diet soda!

Major Samantha Carter: I like the taste better!
04x03 - Upgrades Season 4 / Episode 3: - Upgrades

Big Guy: How the hell did you do that?
Major Samantha Carter: You wanna go double or nothing?
Big Guy: No. I think I'll cut my losses.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: [chagrined] smart move
04x02 - The Other Side Season 4 / Episode 2: - The Other Side

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Alright, I'm here two hours early. When did you get here?
Major Samantha Carter: I haven't left yet.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Didn't I order you to get a life?
04x01 - Small Victories (2) Season 4 / Episode 1: - Small Victories (2)

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Where's the fanfare, General?
Major Samantha Carter: We did kind of save the planet, sir.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Again. This should not get old, General.
04x01 - Small Victories (2) Season 4 / Episode 1: - Small Victories (2)

Major Samantha Carter: If there are still a small enough number of the replicators on board, a properly equipped team could possibly...
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Save the world?
Major Samantha Carter: Getting old for you, sir?
04x01 - Small Victories (2) Season 4 / Episode 1: - Small Victories (2)

Major Samantha Carter: We kicked their asses.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: They had asses?
03x11 - Past and Present Season 3 / Episode 11: - Past and Present

Major Samantha Carter: You realise, of course, the implication?
Jack O'Neill: [Nods] No.
03x05 - Learning Curve Season 3 / Episode 5: - Learning Curve

Jack O'Neill: Okay, uh... fun is what you do to make yourself happy, like music, games. It's whatever you do when you're not learning to be a Rocket Scientist.
Merrin: I am here to teach Major Carter about the reactor.
Major Samantha Carter: sounds like fun to me.

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